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Derek Fisher, Pat Riley to Meet in Miami

Chances Fisher’s using the Heat to create leverage to get the deal he wants in L.A. From ESPN: “Lakers free agent point guard Derek Fisher has a meeting scheduled with Miami Heat president Pat Riley on Saturday, according to a source close to the situation. [...] According to a source, negotiations between Fisher and the Lakers have remained positive and the team has put an offer on the table that was stronger than what’s been previously reported (one year, $2.5 million). Fisher returned from a trip to China on Wednesday, but he’s had several conversations with both Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and Riley.”

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  • cece

    now they need to go look for their paxson and it just might be a wrap…for nxt season, cuz its not happening this season

  • Larsylad

    Derek, please don’t.

  • Overtime


  • http://www.threadsandkicks.com.au Eduardo

    Mitch Kupchak will be smiling for a long time now. He’s set to earn well over $500Mil over the next 5 years and more with Royalties that Miami Heat products will bring through endorsements, ticket sales, and becoming an international name for newcomer fans that will not know of the LeBron 1hr “Decision” embarrassing spectacle. I’ve always been a mass supporter of LeBron too. There will also be plenty of Bandwagon fans that support a team that is set to win with the odds high in favour, then jump off the bandwagon once the team loses.

    How many Heat fans were there in 08 and 09 seasons when they had D-League players besides Wade. Wade put his body and heart persisted to battle a beaten body for his team. I guess he knew it this was coming if they always had originally talked about it since they’re Olympic days if not 06 World Championship days.

  • Javy

    Fish, don’t be a sell out to win in a cheap way just like Lebron is doing.
    Don’t join the circus, they will make you pose for the cameras and give you a script.
    Don’t get a ring that is worth nothing!
    No satisfaction!
    Your home is lakerland!!!

  • http://Www.clownpenis.com Tarzan Cooper

    Fish is stayn in la. Eduardo, how exactly is mitch going to make money off the heat?

  • Bruno

    if fisher stays, steve blake’ll be the best backup PG nest season

  • http://Www.slamonline.com Eboy

    F$cking whining b***hes.

  • John Starks

    FISH DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ConeyIslander

    If Fish goes there I just wont watch basketball for 6-7 years. It will be pointless and I hear Mike Miller and Shaq are heading there now. SMH

  • http://RickyRude@hotmail.com RickyRude

    Lakers need Fish for the big playoff games. I have a feeling he will stay loyal to LA.

  • birdman

    Every1 who is hatin on lebron needs to shut up!! Lebron made a decision and its not going to change! The decision he made was wat is best for him, he doesn’t care wat people think of him, at the end of the day he’s a business man jus like every other NBA player! Its either stay in cleveland forever and NEVER win anythin or join up with 2 of the best in the league and go get gold! Yer dats rite gold cums 1st! Look at the situation with Kevin Garnett and the wolves he left them and every1 was like “good on him, he deserves it”, well now its Lebrons turn mofo’s, if any1 deserves a ring its’s him! U fail 2 succeed, the king failed @ cavs now its time for him 2 succeed!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    If Fisher leaves, he is not considered a career Laker to me. If Fisher acts like Lebron, and beg some cats to play together to win rings, he will not be respected by real Laker fans. Fisher will be public enemy number one in LA. BOOK IT!!

  • Kendrick is God

    i would actually ejaculate if he won the finals for the heat against LA

  • Javy

    Cleveland and Miami WERE NOT the only options!!
    Get it?….That’s is why he’ll never be next to Jordan ever.
    If he only had 2 options, I would understand he was TRAPPED….but he wasn’t.
    That is what makes him weak!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOsamobHeMc the truth

    hahahahahahaha kendrick, and everyone stop hatin on lebron. man wants rings and he went where he can get them. he wasn’t tryin to please anyone with his decision he went where he wanted and where he can win. get over it

  • Double J

    Wade (like kobe) has always given nothing but 100% of himself to the game, should be interesting how he perceives LeBron James after a whole season together.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    I hope Fish stays with the Lakers. This Heat/LeBron hate makes me sick. Three of the best in the game have taken pay cuts and put personal goals aside to WIN as a TEAM. I applaud them.

  • anony mous

    Fish wont leave L.A. for Miami… Not happening. He wouldn’t be that much of a sh!thead, I would assume.

  • rich

    y would he leave his established evil empire for another one, he already has a nice car, he dont need to drive a bandwagon

  • Airnest

    Do it Fish! This is your chance to one up Kobe.
    If the Heat win the chip, then he can say that Kobe couldn’t do it without him.

  • JTaylor21

    The seed you need to wash your mouth out with soap from all the kobe man juice you’ve been gulping down. BOOK IT. Wasn’t kobe begging and pouting for the franchise to trade for better players or he will take his crazy wife and all his mistress on this site and leave. All kobe fans are extraodinary di*k ridders that they fail to state that facts when talking bout their slave master and lebron.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    I love DFish and think he’d be a great veteran move for the Heat. Having said that, though, I would rather see Derek end his career in L.A. It only seems right. Mitch better do what he has to do to keep him.

  • Jose

    As nice as it would be to get him. I don’t think Fisher is one to bounce like that. Besides, he went to LA for his daughter’s sake when that went down. He’s just gettin leverage like the article says

  • Yesse

    Lakers or the Heat. Would be almost the same. He would still be in the finals, except with Lakers he has the chemistry and if he goes to Heat, it will be there or not. I still personally hope this isn’t going down.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Kobe did pout, other great players have pouted to, because their was not talent around him. So what cat. I would get mad to, if my starting lineup had Smuush, Walton, Odom and Brown. I would have threaten management not go on radio shows. Lebron did leave to go play with friends to chase ring. RIGHT. Lebron wanted to be around his so called friends, which if anyone knows, friends always wear their welcome out at some point. Also Fish is stupid if he signs with Heat, he will be hated. Lebron did this to himself cat, because the BULLS WAS THE BETTER TEAM TO GO TO. BULLS had a mini Wade in Rose, A defensive center, Gibson and Deng as role players and Boozer who can post up ten times better than Bosh. So you tell me if Miami was better than BULLS——-NO, BOOK IT!!!

  • hardwood classic
  • Hurricane

    @ JTaylor21- You are the d*ck riding f*g on here bi*ch, you are always the one who brings Kobe up, so you must love him or something. Kobe is the G.O.A.T.

  • robz

    mind ur own business people

  • vtrobot

    wow. the lakeshow think that fish is only worth $2.5/yr? that would be one of the bigger insults in the L. he is huge for them and it would be a big deal if he split.

  • http://Badnewzb8ller Badnewzballer

    @jtaylor21: Kobe didn’t leave! Sooo stfu!!

  • BostonBaller

    DFish is worth way more than 2.5 for 1 year, too bad he will not get insulted and jump ship and come to Boston. lol. If he left it would be strictly business and no one should blame him just like LBJ should not be vilified for leaving The Cavs. I think LA should reward DFish but it’s a business in the end.

  • AT33

    Can the Heat pay him more than 2.5MM after paying the trio? I mean an NBA team has like 15 guys and they gave 95% of the salary cap to James/Wade/Bosh.

  • Stop ir

    Jus quit wit all
    d bs and comparing. Quit riding on em players D**ks. Kobe wade
    lebron are extraprdonary players.. Never quite live up to jordan… and bosh jus aint in the same
    conversation. All deserves a ring at some point. Many of u pointed out that nobody wins a ship without other stars. True! Pls dont ell me that mj could win his ringswithout his role players specially pippen and rodman. kobe however ia better than lebron or wade. Jus book it. At the time many great forwards wer thriving. jobehad shaq and pau. But none cud win without the other. So quit
    suckin n jus enjoy the nba drama.

  • skywalker

    he won’t go miami , this guy actually cares about his teammates and his honor

  • Erika Badu

    as a Lakers fan, I am cheering like hell for Fish to go to the Heat.

  • JTaylor21

    Skywalker you sound like a star wars geek. he cares about his honor. making it sound like his some 18th century japanese sumuari. the irony thing is that u kobe ball boys have no honor when you guys take turns gulping down the black mamba.

  • rainman10

    @ Hurricane…you do know what G.O.A.T means, right?

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    AT33: All three took paycuts, and then Mike Miller only signed for half the money he could have gotten. Hypothetically, the Heat could offer Fisher up to four million a year.

  • zop

    D-Fish should stay in L.A. He actually has a bigger chance of winning a ring!

  • Mike

    For everybody hatin’ on D. Fish. If the lakers really wanted him back they would have already offered him a deal by now. It seems to me you need to direct your anger to the owners instead of him..

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    My gosh. Don’t make this Faustian deal, DFish.

  • ciroqobama

    Reading The Seeds comments makes me wanna swallow a KNIFE….

  • Lakers 2010 champs

    No way on God’s green earth the Lakers should let D Fish go. I would almost have the same feeling in my gut as when they let Shaq go to the Heat!

  • Lakers 2010 champs

    By the way, why are people acting like Steve Blake is some kind of saviour? I’ll take D Fish any day of the year over him!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Fisher left the Lakers to sign with the Warriors in 2004, what’s stopping him from leaving the Lakers again?