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J.J. Redick Wants to Start in Orlando

Redick knows it likely won’t happen this year, but he knows that with Vince Carter entering the last year of his deal, his time could soon be at hand. From the AP: “The former Duke standout is getting more than $19 million for the next three seasons to remain with the Magic, the same team that once benched him. Now with Vince Carter signed for only one more season, Redick will likely have the opportunity in the coming years to be a starter. ‘I think I can start on a lot of teams. I don’t think I’ll start on this team (now), and I’m OK with that,’ Redick said Monday. ‘I’d be lying to say that I don’t want to start at some point.’ Redick has maintained since the season ended that he wanted to return to the Magic, where he’s become a fan favorite — included to Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. But it’s also a place where, for now, he’ll have to come off the bench. ‘The way I look at it is we have Vince Carter. Vince has caught some flak, I mean, he still put up good numbers,’ Redick said. ‘He’s not the player he was when he was 25, I don’t think he would argue that. But he’s still a really good shooting guard.’ Next year will be a big season for Redick Carter is in the last year of his deal, and it’s unlikely Orlando — a franchise deep into the luxury tax — will keep him. So that gives Redick a chance to continue to improve, with the opportunity that he could be more than just a reserve.”

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  • Sam

    The only team that would consider Redick to be their starter is the Pacers. He’s not good enough to be starting. He averaged ten points a game last season….which is not good for a bench guy that wants to start. Jason Terry is a bench guy that should start. If he keeps complaining…sign and trade him if they can.

  • The Philosopher

    Jeff Hornacek Jr… without the point guard skills.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    I have a weird feeling they would play Q.Rich and Pietrus together before starting Redick…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    What did Eddie Murphy say back in the day “Give the N**ga a rope and he wanna be a cowboy!” Dude get’s a new deal, now he’s a starter????!!!! What a fu*king idiot. The Best Shooter In The World must have hit up the Better Basketball tapes and got drunk on Rick Barry’s over-praising.

  • T-Money

    I like JJ and all but he’s their 4th swingman. Chill out, man.

  • Mike

    Come on guys, read the article before you try to kill the man. He´s not demanding anything, in the context of the interview just stated he would like to start. That´s the kind of player you want in your team, someone not satisfied and willing to work to earn a bigger role on his team.

    I know his stats are not mindblowing but keep in mind he´s playing for one of the deepest teams in the NBA, getting his shots behind Dwight, Rashard Lewis, Vince, Jameer Nelson and even Mickael Pietrus. In any case, given the minutes he was productive and outplayed Vince for big chunks of the season (which is not saying a lot right now) but he has become a solid player.

    So Eboy, SHUT THE F UP, read the reality of the thing before judging someone.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    I don’t have a problem with him wanting to start. As long as he’s not making demands or being a disruption I’d hope he’d want to start. Maybe he doesn’t need to say it, but it seems like he understands his current role behind Vince.

  • unrel

    he better step up his handle.. cause i can’t see him starting at the 2-spot.. can you see him playing starters’ minutes against kobe, ray allen, dwade, etc, etc.. etc.. etc?..

  • rich

    vince should hold a press confrence to announce he wants to ba 6th man then b like “psyche“ gotcha b*t*h

  • Overtime

    Co-sign Mike, would u prefer if he said he wanted less minutes, or jus got ‘injured’ nd got paid

  • WangChung

    Looks like he’s leading the get-Vince-out-of-town campaign. Surely Orlando players, fans and organization haven’t forgotten his woeful performance in the East finals.

  • luv2ball

    Redick could average 20 in Phoenix or with FC Barcelona… Easily

    I always thought if JJ went overseas he would be a beast, he is a prototypical Euro Two.

  • http://www.clownpenis.com Tarzan Cooper

    Adam morrisons chester stache

  • orl.chris

    Absolutely JJ should start. Anyone who thinks otherwise obviously doesn’t watch a lot of Magic games. He’ll never be a guy who creates his own shot, but he’s developed into a mean pick n roll player which is Orlando’s strength anyway. Starting lineup should be Dwight Bass Shard JJ Jameer with Gortat Anderson QRich Pietrus Duhon off the bench.

  • ConeyIslander

    The Bulls were his ticket out of mediocrity. He’s gonna be an assistant coach in NO TIME!

  • unrel

    @orl.chris.. i don’t watch a lot of magic games.. but a starting back court of jj and jameer seems small.. kind of like mo willie and bron’s step father..

  • JoeMaMa

    The question with Redick isn’t his shot but his defense. If he wants to start on an Eastern Conference Championship team, or an NBA championship team, he now has to prove he can guard the best. I love his fire; any coach wants players who want to get minutes and hold them with quality play. But until he shows that he can D up, he won’t start. With or without Vince.

  • orl.chris

    @unrel well Vince only has 2 inches on JJ, and JJ plays with a lot more hustle. I’d rather have an active JJ than a washed up no defense VC. We haven’t gotten to see JJ defend the premier 2s around the league like Kobe and Wade too much yet so the jury is still out on how he would do against them. If he isn’t up to it we can always give Pietrus more minutes against those teams with that style 2 guard.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    I dunno, didn’t he play much better than VC over pretty much the entirety of last season? Start or not, he should get more minutes.

  • jedi420

    @JoeMaMa – Well I suppose they will go with their big defensive stopper VC instead lol!!! If you watched the playoffs this year, it was pretty obvious that JJ played twice as hard as Vince on the defensive end.. Whether he can maintain a solid level of play for starter minutes, who knows, but if I was SVG I would prolly start to consider starting JJ over Wince..

  • EJ

    Is he vinsane?!?

  • rainman10

    dude averaged 13 a game in his starts last season. He has shown that he can D up, showed that in the 2009 playoffs against the Celtics. He would start on more than 10 teams in the NBA, just not the Magic right now.

  • D12FSU

    JJ is actually a really good team defender now, if this came out 2 years ago, i would have laughed it off, because back then JJ was nothing. But he has really turned himself into a good player, and you know what, i agree with him and he should start. This is Vince’s farewell season in Orlando, this time next year you will hear JJ’s name over the speakers during introductions.

  • roman

    the way Vince played in the playoffs, I would consider it. Vince got exposed- would not want this dude on my team.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    JJ should start after vince leaves and should get more minutes than vince this season honestly

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Vince choking in the playoffs, left room for Reddick to feel he could start. The Magic, actually played better with Reddick in the game.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    I’d start him over Carter all day. Vince is a fraud. I much preferred Orlando’s lineup when Redick was out there. Actual effort on D, not a ballstopper, not pouting after turnovers, spreads the floor.

  • hobbes

    Magic is going down faster than the 2000 Kings. They lost to LA because of lack of experiences n coaching, why the f did u change your team? Trade away Turk for VC now Qrich?! Impatience and mismanagement.

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    JJ’s could be 6th Man of the Year on a great but I can’t see him ever being a starter on a team with legit title hopes.

  • Ronald

    Wow, what’s with the hate on JJ? Nevermind. I forget he’s from Duke. But the guy has been playing well when he gets the minutes. Starting him at the SG position might actually be a good thing. Both for starter production and for bench production. And, it’s not like there’s a clear cut starter for SG even when you count Vince who has been playing awful. I wish Magic never traded Courtney Lee away.

  • http://twitter.com/darrellma dma

    JJ Redick gets too much hate because he’s a Dukie. And white. And looks douche-fratty. And has a wifie. And plays basketball for a living. If Wince Harder doesn’t do anything significant within the first 2 months of this contract year, Mr. Redick will be starting.

  • http://www.google.com gmZ

    No chance! I’d rather have Pietrus start over Redick!

  • rainman10

    Courtney Lee is no better than Carter or Redick. People talk about all these problems with the Magic, it’s a distraction put in place by Otis Smith to make people forget that Rashard Lewis is the 2nd highest paid player in the entire NBA.

  • NBA kid

    people, watch the 2009 playoffs versus the celtics; jj locked down ray allen, chasing him around screens, giving 100%. so don’t say redick isn’t a good defender. he should start. 1: meer, 2: jj, 3: vc, 4: shard, 5: dwight

  • Robb

    VC’s mind is weak.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    just when i was starting to like JJ, he overrated himself again.