Thursday, July 15th, 2010 at 1:05 pm  |  18 responses

Golden State Warriors: Sold

Larry Ellison was surprisingly outbid for the rights to the Warriors. Report CNBC and CSN on the record-setting sale: “The price for the team is $450 million, beating the previous NBA record—$401 million, which was the amount Robert Sarver paid for the Phoenix Suns in 2004. Lacob and Guber beat out rival bidder Larry Ellison, chief executive officer of Oracle  Lacobs bought a share of the Boston Celtics in 2006. The sale was brokered by Galatioto Sports Partners, which has been involved in the recent sale of the Charlotte Bobcats and Chicago Cubs. The Warriors franchise, which was bought by Chris Cohan in 1995 for $119 million, was valued at $315 million by Forbes in December of last year, but the Warriors’ location in the Bay area undoubtedly added more interest and thus a higher price.”

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  • sample

    so wht if your first? are gonna be a player for the new owner of the golden state warriors? get a life man!

  • http://www.twitter.com/kevinchung Kevin

    about effing time.. don’t really know if David Lee at that price is that much of an upgrade over Azubuike (sp?), Randolph and Turiaf, but i’m sooo looking forward to the season i think Steph Curry is about to have.

  • http://yousuck.com mj

    yo sam bowie, up there ^^, let the man be and shut up.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    If the owner’s are losing so much money why would someone buy a poor team for a record price?

  • LA Huey

    Yes! Let’s just wait out Nellie’s contract and it’s on!

  • AT33

    Damn, thats a lot of cheese for a team located in Oakland the worst city in the world. Move the team to San Fran already right next to the SF Giants!!!

  • http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/south_king/fwm/sports/40923478.html daddyfedway

    move em to seattle!!!!!!!

  • WM

    WOW… $135 mil more than it was valued by Forbes for one of the other three teams in Cali that no one cares about. Good luck to the owners justifying their financials to the Union when they have one of the worst franchises selling for record amounts.

  • Nate C

    you all are so stupid man, all it takes one good year, look at the Thunder (Sonics), Hornets, Nuggets, all former doormats now all on the cusp of being upper echelon teams, just wait it out, the Warriors will be a contender sooner than later.

  • AL29

    Why would anyone buy a team when a lockout is all but guaranteed after next season?

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    because the bay area is a huge market.

  • heartlandG

    $450 MILLION!?….Pay ME in bud!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • c_cantrell

    ^nate c..
    thats right bro they can only improve now and seem to be riding a rode similiar to that of okc.. now they jus need to get rid of nelly

  • http://www.hufsf.com Waylonakolipse

    The Warriors got the best fan base….well we’re in the top 3. Why? Because we always sell out and we cheer hard even though we’ve only had 2 winning seasons since 1995. There’s no other NBA team can say that.

  • WM

    @AL29… there may be a lockout next year, but they won’t be locked out for ever… it’s to no ones benefit if they don’t work it out at some point… So you pay too much for the team, complain that you’re losing money due to they way the CBA is currently structured while paying superstar money to roll players… sounds like business as usual in the NBA.

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  • http://bethmahoney.com Beth Mahoney

    Maybe someone can bring some new life to the Warriors. The Lakers have stolen all the thunder in Cali. They need to open their wallets to bring the talent back..