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Sure Shot

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But you only need a couple to win.

Andrew Bynum

And people used to wonder if Andrew Bynum had the desire. Dude dealt with this before bravely taking the court in Game 6 of the Finals. Any idea how to explain this monstrosity he had on his leg? If yes, submit your caption to this picture. Whoever writes the funniest caption will win a dope prize from our vault and see their name in Trash Talk next issue.

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  • http://www.threeinthekey.net btyler

    “…my toe itches…”

  • Brian

    “I don’t care what anyone says. Being a robot sucks.”

  • Daniel

    Hyperbolic leg chamber????

  • k

    As long as Kobe can break the defense down, the triangle CAN still run through a one-legged center.

  • k

    “ARRRR…in three years time, there be MY picture next to Magic’s on this wall”

  • Pete

    “Why am I sufferin’ for the freak that wanted my fat @ss out of LA”

  • http://www.myspace.com/3timechamp Thomas

    I have a damn log for a leg.

  • http://nba.com Pete

    “I want some cookies”

  • k

    “ARRRR…in three years time, a further three championships hence, there be MY picture next to Magic’s”

  • Hurricane

    “Someone call Dr. Dre, he’s a real doctor, the doctor who put this thing on my leg is a fraud, these Beats By Dr. Dre are dope too”

  • http://none Ryan

    Andrew Bynums uses NormaTec, the new leg cast that gurantee’s you win an NBA Finals, even if you don’t play!

  • rob stewart

    Frankenstein II

  • Ben

    Get legs like Chuck Norris with Nor-Matec

  • Ben

    Bynum receiving leg and brain treatment

  • http://www.lifein1984.blogspot.com william syms

    “Shrimp Gumbo, shrimp salad, shrimp gravy, pretty much anything with shrimp”

  • mandeep sidhu

    “wow, man i still can figure out why they call this thing the Norm – matec,its anything but normal”

  • Oli

    “i can’t believe they put my leg into a body bag”

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    “Man, these are not the kind of breakaway pants I had in mind for shoot-around tonight.”

  • http://gibbons323@aol.com Tier Gibbons

    “I wonder If I plug my head phones in my cast will it play the Stanky leg?”


    Good thing the legs i bought on eBay arrived in time for the start of the Finals!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    “Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely,
    I have nobody for my own.”

  • Joel

    “Man, I really hope ski bags are considered carry-on, or this is going to get EXPENSIVE.”

  • 919BW1LL

    this penis pump looks nothing like the picture in the magazine.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    I know the leg’s dead. Phil usually comes back here to start the voodoo zombie ritual about ten minutes before tip-off.

  • dub31582

    “After resigning Derek Fisher, Derek, Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant touched Championship rings together and with their Awesomeness combined have transformed Derek Fisher.” LA 2011 NBA Champs!

  • lakers3peat

    weeeeell, looks like i wont be playing soccer anytime soon

  • tomtom

    since yao ming is MIA andrew bynum helps himself to the chinaman’s socks…

  • Ben

    “You jinxed me again Seinfeld. Break a leg…”

  • http://slamonline.com JL

    i can’t see the future of my career like I can’t see my leg. but at least we’ll win this one. And good thing I signed that 10+mil per year contract!

  • Kent Kanada

    To beat the Celtics, I’m going to have to resort to some extreme ass-kickin.

  • Ali Saadat

    Drew: Half man, half robot, completely unstoppable…if I had 2 good knees.

  • Ian S

    This is what the 6 million dollar man went thru…man i’m worth at least twice that

  • Ry

    Duane Causewell + Sam Bowie = Me, that’s what i’m sayin’!!!

  • http://banthony131@gmail.com bryan

    Dang, Kobe crossed me over in practice and know my foot looks like a black mamba.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/06/sure-shot-34/#comment Troy

    I bet my leg is bigger than Nate Robinson.

  • Jose

    The Andrew Bynum begins it’s healing process by surrounding itself within a pupa…..

  • J-RO

    “no matter what happens….I will never take off this uniform”

  • blkmamba

    Let’s see KG talk tough now that I have that chick from Grindhouse’s gun leg…

  • alexz

    i wonder if i have to play with this on?

  • http://gibbons323@aol.com Tier


  • traylor

    nba where” not playing, wins you a championship” happens

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com zee!

    Now THIS is an inhaler!

  • alexz

    Bynum stares in silance after being accidently called Kwame…

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Why in the heck, did Kobe want to trade me for Kidd, not LA fans want me traded for Bosh. Man playing injured should say something?

  • fernando oyarzun

    DAMN kobe!!! just cause i didnt score 10 you cut off my leg.. get me the hell out of L.A.!

  • Andrew Wu

    If i kid-nap nate robinson, i can hide him in here.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/03/paul-pierce-and-the-celtics-hearing-boos/ L

    “Really boot?? I’ll play a full season next year?”

  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    “This must-a-been Kobe’s before cuz it says MVP on it. Damn I’m hungry. Hope that girl doesn’t call the cops on me.”

  • sample

    can someone help me? i aint coming home with this,

  • http://slamonline.com rommel bequillo

    ” i believe i can fly” coz he ‘s listening to music by R. KELLY LOL!

  • roybot

    dang it, i knew i should have gone with surgery instead.

  • http://www.twitter.com/notebooknick NotebookNick

    Damn that Willis Reed, raising expectations for us big guys. . .

  • The Philosopher

    I wonder what Rhianna’s doing…

  • sample

    dang, how can i turn this thing on?

  • Jacory

    Yo I can’t believe it. My game is too smooth and sharp… I’m tall, dark and handsome…I’m even Lamar’s favorite teammate! How could this happen??? I mean, what kind of corny name is Miles Austin anyway.

  • benny

    Yup…this will fit Perkins just fine.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    “greg oden aint got siht on me, mines way bigger”

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    “greg oden aint got nothin on me, mines way bigger”

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    cool, now the first one wants to appear…”greg uses xxxl rubbers, what he know bout this? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl trojans!”

  • Aristotle

    Now how do you get that other leg in there?

  • hendry

    “Im so lucky i didnt play for the golden state warriors or the phoenix suns….”

  • http://gibbons323@aol.com Tier

    Whoa… when the hell did I get asthma ?

  • Drolfe

    ‘Normatec? More like Ab-normatec! Right doc?’

  • Drolfe

    Andrew Bynum, already jaded by that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, woke up to discover another reason not to trust Lakers team doctors on his right leg.

  • http://www.slamonline.com jumpman3224

    After this, ya’ll better not trade me to Canada for RuPaul.

  • http://realgm.com Ryan

    I wonder if they’ll need to put one of these on my legs too…

  • Josh M

    One.Be.L.O (initials L.O)

  • Josh M

    ^wrong one

  • DDB

    “Guitar case, Ha! Imagine how many guns Delonte could fit into this thing!”

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    Why did Mr. Vitti put my leg into Muggsy Bogues sleeping bag?

  • mgballer

    “i’d do anything to have Kevin Garnett’s Leg right now…”

  • http://slamonline.com Estevan Longoria


  • http://4Aitkenroad,Hamilton,ScotlandML37YA Hambone

    “these new i-pods are a bit big”

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    *Andrew Bynum to his knee* ‘Hey man I’m ready when you are’ ….lol

  • Nova

    By cutting of my real leg and putting on this robotic one, i am now a cyborg that wont get hurt and acually reach my potential!

  • Nova

    Theyre calling me Bubble Boy now…

  • http://www.rogers.com Alf

    Bynum: “No Monta, I didn’t do this off a moped”

  • Dylan P.

    ” If this is Ron and Kobe’s idea for a welcoming present, I wouldn’t mind getting traded.”

  • Dimao Brasi

    “First directive: Serve the fans of LA Lakers.”

  • Taranvir Sandhu

    This thing is actually….comfy!

  • jae

    damn my legs are long….

  • Tim W

    So, it’s come to this…

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Darth Vader voice; “How.. is Raja? Is he.. alright? We didn’t sign him?! I KNEW we signed him! I FELT IT! NOOOOOOOO!!”

  • Juaneezy F. Baby

    NormaTec. The black mans’ fleshlight.

  • Samuel K

    This Portal to pandora seems to only fit my leg, oh yeah i play center in the NBA!

  • EJ

    Yeah that’s right, I use Earl Boykins’ body bag as a condom.

  • Jarvhitz

    i wish they had two of these legs warmers in my size!

  • tsolman

    MJ said that if i could fit in here i will be just like him!

  • http://upandfresh.fr frednetick

    God damm it i ordered a lebronleg not that black scum bag !

  • Tommy Rothman

    Bynum: “whens the BYNATRON 17 goin up on this wall?”

  • Tommy Rothman

    BYNUM: “if im gonna guard kendrick perkins, i gotta put myself in his shoes.”

  • Tommy Rothman

    Bynum: “time to terminate”

  • Tommy Rothman

    “yo Willis Reed, ima let you finish, but my playing tonite is gonna be the greatest feel good story of all time!!”

  • http://Slamonline Maxim Dickieson

    Bynum thinking “Does this mean I have to have surgury”

  • http://Slamonline austin

    kobe: *faceplam* come on bynum stop listing to music we have a championship to win,…..willl at least i do (since bynum can’t play)

  • hitman

    bynum: I wonder if Dr.Dre could give me some fresh beats. After all I am on the Lakers. If only he was a doctor he could fix my leg- oh, right.

  • snuff

    bynum: this sucks more than being decapitated by shaq when i was a rook


    ‘Well seeing as Gary Coleman’s remains were cremated, they had to use his body bag for something…’

  • Trevor Karnofski

    I asked for a foot massage and next thing I know, I’ve got a bionic leg like Luke Skywalker’s arm.

  • http://3410tularosaaveelpasotx79903 jtrhyanes@gmail.com

    i spent all my savings on this mvp leg! now i can kick phil jackson in the head to give me more playing time!

  • Patrick Hafel

    And all they wanna talk about is Kobe’s finger…

  • Zach C.

    Andrew Bynum: Am I going to have to play with this on ?!

  • Zach C.

    Bynum: I fell asleep for one minute, how the hell did they get this on so fast?!

  • LeftyLee

    I wonder what song he’s listenin to. Walk it out??

  • http://kraintz@uoregon.edu Stew Kraintz

    “The funny thing is that most people think thats my leg in there…. And they thought Greg Oden was well hung!”

  • simon white

    “The sleeping bag don’t fit…”

  • Oleg S

    DAMN. What was i thinkin’?

  • Brandon Harrison

    Thinking: “…so this is what happens if you don’t say Queensbridge!”


    Andrew:I Wonder if the saying “Break A Leg” Counts In Basketball?

  • Ryan Hamilton

    I wonder if this’ll finally give me a leg up on the competition?

  • eshawn

    wow good thing im not playin soccer

  • eshawn

    wow good thing im not playing FIFA

  • Sande

    “We all gather here today to celebrate the life of Patella…..”

  • Sande

    “I shouldn’t have signed with Normatec for a shoe deal”

  • Ray

    “I shouldn’t have signed a shoe deal with Normatec”

  • Corey Kiefer

    Damn, that playgirl was heavier than I thought… Look at me now.

  • Timothy

    Dang Part RoboCop part Justin Beiber Fan

  • brando commando

    “With this bionic leg made by NASA, I will be able to play in the finals and jump higher than Pau!”

  • Ruben Pacheco

    Why did Mbenga want me to stick my leg in sulfuric acid?

  • itzbilly

    “I hope my foot doesn’t stink up the court”

  • thecoolnerd


  • http://23lemuel@gmail.com thecoolnerd

    oh hey i was just tryn on the body bags of the Boston Celtics “Old 3″

  • thecoolnerd

    oh hey i was just trying on the bodybags of the Boston Celtics “Old 3″

  • Sizzle

    “I wonder if Detox will ever drop…?”

  • James Herincx

    Damn… An this sleeping bag was a LARGE!!!??

  • adrian

    katy perry blastin the headphones, “Man, i wish i was a California Girl..”

  • adrian

    katy perry blastin the headphones, “Man, i wish i was a California Girl..”

  • adrian

    katy perry blastin the headphones, “Man, i wish i was a California Girl..”

  • Lagac

    “Damn, last year’s brace was a lot smaller.”

  • http://SLAMonline zanerr

    “I am so getting Artest back for this one”, but for know ill have to let my leg regenerate.

  • http://SLAMonline zanerr

    I told them it was just the flu but nooooo ahhh well at least i have katy perry on the ear phones

  • Timothy

    “Part RoboCop……Part Justin Beiber fan”

  • Timothy

    “Look Ma Imma TriPod!!!!”

  • Mike D

    maybe i should tell my mom to stop sending my winter socks because it ain’t that cold in LA

  • http://idrinkhaterade.wordpress.com/ Phillip K

    dead or alive knee, you’re coming with me

  • Cam

    “Does this come in yellow and purple?”

  • Lagac

    “Hmm, maybe that contract extension can afford me a new leg”

  • Lagac

    “Surgery isn’t such a bad idea, I mean it’s only the Finals”

  • Lagac

    “I definitely should have got surgery, I mean its only the Finals”

  • Lagac

    “Man this treatment never works, I guess Mbenga’s gettin’ some minutes tonight”

  • Lagac

    “I hope this doesn’t mean I’m getting traded next season”

  • jeff

    Drew: “I heard Wilt went through thousands of these.”

  • http://www.cmoney116.blogspot.com Cyrus Mehrfar

    Hey at least I didn’t do it snowboarding, I can always count on Vlad “Space Cadet” Rad to make me look good

  • Michael

    Um doc, I have to use the bathroom.

  • Neil Barry

    “Man these new headphones are dope, but I don’t know about this new Ipod charger.”

  • http://aim.com Noah

    ” I wonder when the league’s gonna find out about my robotic leg”

  • http://slamonline ben mou

    my leg make me fill like bynenatorrrr

  • Aviel Shirian

    I could use a hamburger right now
    I’m so Dam Hungry

  • Dillon Faulkner

    Crap, i think i’m gunna need a bigger sleeping bag but hey, look at the bright side, at least my classical music is relaxing.

  • Dillon Faulkner

    Where am I? Why is my leg in a bag? Why am i listening to opera? What are all of these weird machines and wires for?

  • http://Slam? RayRay


  • Jordan Nafekh

    “These beats are great, now if only i could get this itch…”

  • http://www.WetheroleTV.com Kris Fernandez

    Damn, and I thought Greg Oden’s was big…

  • jeff

    hopefully kobe doesn’t see me with this on…these are his headphones

  • gary

    Has it been four hours yet?

  • zion davis

    i wonder how i’m going to play with this

  • Christian Espiritu

    “Paging Andrew Bynum, Tiger wants his 9 iron back.”

  • Ian

    “if your condition persists for more than 4 hours……..”

  • Nima Novin

    Young Andrew takes the phrase “We’re shipping you to New Orleans for Chris Paul literally” and begins packaging himself for pick-up.

  • Nima Novin

    Young Andrew takes the phrase “We’re shipping you to New Orleans for Chris Paul” literally and begins packaging himself for pick-up.

  • http://slam k slay


  • Tyshawn Stout

    “Darth Vader ain’t got $%&@ on me!!!”

  • Joe Guthrie

    Herman Monster transforms into NBA center

  • Joe Guthrie

    Oh….and I haven’t smoked in years!

  • Matt

    I wish this time chamber would take my knee back to how it was before this season…or last season, I forget how many times this has happened..

  • Kyle Kampling

    What you can’t see in the picture is that Andrew’s right leg is hanging off the other side of the table.

  • Nate C

    Tracy Morgan signs one-year deal with Lakers: pending physical

  • Ed Martinez

    Andrew Bynum receives some high-tech treatment before game six of the Finals. Somewhere Willis Reed is snickering.

  • Erik Misleh

    I am really straddeling the table.

  • http://slamonline.com Erik Misleh

    “I am really Straddeling the table”

  • http://jordyb12@embarqmail.com jdogg23

    This is so much more fun than it looks like

    P.S. ” This is so boring “

  • Chris Chavez

    “I can’t feel my leg…..but I can taste that ring.”

  • rey vanegas

    “try to gettt the last shoootttt” I was measuring it the whole time, I knew I had too knock it downnn”

  • kk

    Man I better be getting rings and a payday for what I’ve gone through… O wait

  • Lagac

    “I bet Willis Reed wishes he had one of these bad boys”

  • Inferno

    So, this is what a magnum feels like!

  • rc4

    “Magic Johnson Looks Hurt,And So Am I”

  • James Nelson

    Man, this is the last time I buy shoes online!

  • James Nelson

    Having a signature shoe is way Harder than I thought it would be!

  • Ricky Murrell

    I AM IRON MAN!!!

  • http://www.google.com/mail Ian Kellogg

    I wish Taio Cruz coulda told me he was only gonna, “break break my break break my leg.”

  • brandon hughes

    Thanks shaq for letting me borrow ur leg

  • Ben Makowski

    If I keep this up, ima be walkin like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.

  • Lagac

    “Now I know what they mean when they say the Lakers have some serious length”

  • Shon Kuhn

    you know im only wearing this because it looks cool

  • NBA Kid

    (Looks around at all the wires) I shouldn’t have taken that damn red pill…

  • str8 from samoa

    andrew by’anotherleg

  • Lagac

    “Um, can’t we just use Phil’s Zen stuff?”

  • http://chadlhunt@yahoo.com Chad Hunt

    Bynum- Man, now I got to pee.

  • hitman

    bynum: Yo, Dre, my ipod needs to get charged! Dre? Is he with kobe again?! Fine! I’m taking off his headphones! Wait. Eminem’s with tayshaun, 50 cent with amar’e. Oh Mr. Nicholson!

  • Terrance Lewis

    Maybe Kendrick could use this when i’m done.

  • vincent

    sasha is no longer “the machine”

  • david


  • Josh

    “It’s times like these I wish I had a Quarter Pounder meal.”

  • Cammeron Neely

    “dang i wish someone would have warned me ron was doing a re enactment of his brawl at the palace”

  • Tim

    Dwight Howard can be Superman all he wants, I’m Optimus Prime in this piece!

  • KB8

    There’s no rabbit coming out of that hole. Kobe lied to me.

  • Chad Belprez

    That new female trainer looks a whole lot better from behind…

  • the Dude

    “Kobe told me to relax and now my jersey’s all wet. Oh well, no use complaining- it’s all about team.”

  • Ryan

    Bynum: Ooooh Santa came early this year, I can’t wait to unwrap my new leg!

  • Alex B

    The true Black Mamba of L.A.

  • Dave Marr

    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic NBA center. Andrew Bynum will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

  • M.$.TEEZY

    damn how is this gonna compete with rondo’s hyperfuse if he goes hard in the paint

  • http://yahoo.com j.wheel

    “hey man kg only got 1 leg and look where it got him. im good!”

  • http://wellamiwrong.com Dan Passarell

    “I never should have trusted Kobe when he said this shoe deal was a slam dunk, especially after the “Kobe II’s,” and “Crazy 8′s.”

  • http://wellamiwrong.com Dan Passarell

    “I never should have trusted Kobe when he said this shoe deal was a slam dunk, especially after the “Kobe II’s” and “Crazy 8′s.”

  • http://wellamiwrong.com Dan Passarell

    “I wonder if Kwame Brown ever wore one of these.”

  • Chris O.

    I think my ears are broken too, I can’t here my music.

  • Benjamin Gordesky

    (Thinking) …They say I am a warrior for doing this, but I am a Laker…Same state…wrong team…WHOA…Nate, get out of there!

  • Benjamin Gordesky

    I don’t care if that was Shaq’s nickname in Cleveland. I am the real Optimus Prime!!!

  • Benjamin Gordesky

    Oh shoot…these are Ron Artest’s headphones. My leg isn’t the only part that’s going to need repairing.

  • ron paper

    They wrapped the wrong leg (wait to Phil heres this)

  • http://slamonline.com james h. ellis jr

    man i hope this has a full charge on it..and i hope no one finds out i have a bionic leg!

  • ms Georgia Red

    “And people think Kobe’s a hero because he plays with a broken finger.”

  • ms Georgia Red

    “I’d like to see Kobe play with this on.”

  • Brandon

    So this is what it feels like have a leg like optimus prime

  • Amro Manaa

    Damn, I’ve listened to every song on Eminem’s album recovery and my knee is not getting any better

  • Amro Manaa

    It hurts so good

  • http://yahoo sean

    not only will i not play in the finals but my leg looks like a robot but at least i got tunes

  • http://www.twitter.com/devante_star DeVante

    Damn, I go through all of this and Kobe doesn’t even pass the ball to me.

  • James Reman

    “I knew Shaq had big shoes to fill but DAMN, this is ridiculous…”

  • Rinalds

    Damn,that leg will really killing me…

  • shaun mcdonald

    Damn, all I asked for a massage and to get taped up and this is what they do to me?!?

  • shaun mcdonald

    I wonder if they’ll let me bring a golf cart on the cart for warm-up?

  • DraeLaurent

    “With all this free time I wonder if I can try to date one of the Kardashians!”

  • DraeLaurent

    “Do these come in purple in gold?”

  • DraeLaurent

    “with so much drama in the NBA, it’s kinda hard being Andrew on today,
    shout to Kendrick Perkins he thought I would not play, I ain’t sittin on no bench,
    I gotta earn my pay!”

  • kash6

    “i got the magic in me.. “

  • Tim B-H Johnson

    “You stand corrected.. that is his Third leg.allways wear protection ,, Defense Defense Defense”

  • rey vanegas

    follow meeeeee ,2pac voice

  • Zach Newcomb

    “What the hell? Kobe! Kobe! This shit ain’t funny man get this thing off me!”

  • J.Spadez

    Andrew Bynum wants something special in his stocking this Christmas…a good knee.

  • http://spawnofchaos10@hotmail.com david mackin

    Man,i can’t wait for christmas…..

  • Philip Moss

    The Lakers needed something special for the next game, so Jackson authorised… Operation Bynumator!

  • http://slamonline.com thaiceman

    I sure hope this boot will help me kick some bootayyyy…….

  • http://slamonline.com thaiceman

    I wonder if jordan makes a dope pair of these……..

  • Sean McIntee

    ‘Atleast I can live up to Shaq in one way now …..shoe size’

  • DJ McAllister

    takes a long time for the vibrations from these headphones to reach my big foot

  • KB8

    That aint a leg cast, and I’m straddling the table. That’s right ladies, I’m “blessed”.

  • Montrose

    “Patience, Andrew.. after this, it’s just one more leg and two bionic arm replacements, and I’ll finally be just like Tim Duncan.”

  • http://gmail.com Wiz Qadar

    It looks like me and yao have one thing in common… LEG INJURIES

  • Raymond Owens

    “Man, is this 50 pound boot really worth a 2 pound ring… as long as them celtics dont get it.”

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for all the entries. Look for the winner in SLAM 142, on sale around Sept. 20.