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Lorenzen Wright Investigation Update

In the three weeks since Lorenzen Wright was tragically found dead, a police investigation has taken many interesting turns, none more so than the latest one. The AJC reports: “The ex-wife of Lorenzen Wright has told police he left her house the night of his death with a box of drugs and an unknown amount of cash, the Commercial Appeal of Memphis is reporting, citing court records. Sherra Wright told detectives that Wright talked to someone on the phone before he left with the drugs and money. ‘During the conversation with the unidentified individual, Sherra Wright told Det. Young she heard Lorenzen Wright say he was going to flip something for $110,000,’ a police affidavit obtained by the newspaper says. Shortly after that call on July 18, Wright left the home in a vehicle driven by an unidentified person, Sherra Wright told police.”

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  • http://thacorner.net/fourms Kevin

    Not surprised

  • horsey

    terrible. i really want for the people that did this answer for it but i would rather not know lorenzen was involved in drugs/might have brought it on himself. he seemed like such a good, hard working guy…

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    I’m a Memphian, do not believe this for a minute. Ren grew up in the toughest area in Memphis and was never a gangster and didn’t run with those crowds. Now all of a sudden he decided to hustle? I sold sneakers at the barbershop where he got his hair cut, if anything the cops need to start there. I stopped going up there after some crazy stufff happened there, he should have too but probably didn’t know about it because he was in and out of town. Don’t think the worst of Ren, this is suspect as hell.


    Ex-Wife/suspect trying to smear him now? Wow

  • jay23

    The ex-wife is looking more and more suspect to me…

  • BG

    “Flip something”?? Sounds too simple of an answer to me. Really does sound fishy. Guaranteed her story changes later on in the investigation.

  • slamfan4life

    thats what happens when you get involved with drugs

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    I hope it’s not true, but you never know. How much $ does the ex get from his death? The fact he got killed and kids are losing a father is sad enough. Now if the mother was involved or drugs were involved just makes it that much worse.

  • total scrotal implosion

    Very strange. She has made herself a person of interest. Wtf is a box of drugs anyways? Very conv how she heard all that

  • Coney Islander

    This sounds like a bad episode of Law and order.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ The Promise

    This makes it quite clear, sounds like it was nothing more than a drug deal gone bad. Its really sad, how people let that stuff destroy their lives..

  • KING

    Dis woman has changed her story so much since da investigation started

  • JTaylor21

    Come on who talks about “flipping something” while mentioning money over the phone in a city where the “super” cops ride all day. This b*tch is tryna make it seem like he was involved in some kind of shady business just to take the pressure away from her. That h*e lying.

  • gally

    I am wondering why there has not being a lump some of money as a reward to lead to his killer or killers.

  • gally

    I am wondering why there has not been a lump some of money as a reward to lead to his killer or killers.

  • wahda

    My prayers goes out everyday for those heartbreaking children.

  • Unknown

    you know it ashame that people cant tell the truth about something. how come this woman cant say exactly what color the car was that she claim Renzo left in, how come shes telling so many different stories, whats wrong scared??? What was she burning in her back yard(says her neighbors)?? She knows something and i pray the truth sets her free before somebody else does

  • Delta Lady

    Funny that until he was murdered there were NO rumors linking Lorenzen to drugs AT ALL. Then once he’s dead all of a sudden these rumors pop up. Also funny is the fact that each and every drug rumor out there about Lorenzen can be traced back directly to the only person in this world who stood to profit from his death. Memphis is like a small town in that rumors get around really quick and if there were rumors of Lorenzen and drugs prior to his death – we’d all have heard them long before he died.

  • http://anggehutch@yahoo.com Angiein GA.

    I have continue to follow this case sense it happened back in JULY, it is now SEPT.12 and I too wonder why have there not been a $REWARD$ for information leading to the person or persons who took this man life,there has not even been an update sense or has it? like I said I’m here in ATLANTA and I check for updates every time I think of LORENZEN’s children and his body just laying there in that field, I just hope that this case will not GO COLD, it is just so sad that as much as he met to your community and to the NBA, NO ONE HAS EVEN POSTED $5 towards a reward. SO SO SO SO SAD