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Wait, the Knicks really re-hired Isiah Thomas?

by Lang Whitaker | @langwhitaker

One day after the Knicks announced they were bringing back Isiah Thomas as a consultant, it’s still hard to figure. For once, reactions in this morning’s New York papers seems to mostly be unified.

Mike Lupica in the Daily News

Here is what happened the last time Isiah Thomas was an employee of Madison Square Garden: A jury decided he sexually harassed Anucha Browne Sanders in the workplace and that when Browne Sanders complained, James Dolan – owner of the Knicks and the Garden – fired her.

Thomas and Dolan still blame that on everybody except themselves. BP is more accountable than they are.

Harvey Araton in the Times

But Dolan’s affection for Thomas seems to have no bounds, despite the sludge that had to be swept under Pennsylvania Station two years ago. And Knicks fans setting their eyes on the “He’s back” headlines can’t help but feel as if they have stepped inside a “Friday the 13th” movie or a time capsule back to the days when George Steinbrenner never tired of Billy Martin sequels.

Marc Berman in the Post

Knicks owner James Dolan and Thomas remained friends after he left the organization for FIU following his demotion to advisor. On the surface, Dolan appears to be helping out a desperate compadre seeking an NBA return. But the public-relations damage of giving Thomas a position and paying him is a sickening blow to their loyal fan base still reeling from the LeBron James loss and who detest Thomas for what he did to the franchise.

The Knicks claim not to read anything more into it, that he is not on a fast track to supplant president Donnie Walsh or become his GM. Walsh has one guaranteed year left on his contract and his health has become an issue this summer after neck surgery placed him in a wheelchair.

But when The Post reported two weeks ago Thomas visited the Garden’s offices at 2 Penn Plaza for several hours to meet with Dolan and others, the club denied it was a job interview. So with Dolan, anything’s possible.

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  • http://hoopmixtape.ning.com/ Simon S.Y Lawy

    maybe Isiah hold a photo or something which belong to YOU KNOW KNOW

  • http://hoopmixtape.ning.com/ Simon S.Y Lawy

    sorry!!! ‘WHO’

  • Cool Dude

    I think that is the most plausible explanation. I mean Isiah fails as both a coach and a GM. There is no way he can keep getting million dollar contracts without blackmail.

  • Cool Dude

    Or maybe Dolan and Isiah are friends with special “benefits.”

  • Cool Dude

    Or maybe Isiah and Dolan are friends with special “benefits” for each other.

  • T-Money

    Heres the problem with this uproar: the knicks would not be worse right now if they had kept zeke. They were terrible tgen and they terrible now. And after all the hype about free agency, their starting 5 right now is felton/kelenna/chandler/gallo/stat. That doesnt eveb get you 40 wins


    Right now, today, with the Knicks roster constructed as it is, I see at least 45 wins and a playoff spot. CASHING David Lee in (a stroke of genius by Donnie) for Azubuike aka Bookie, Randolph, and Turiaf, along with the signing of Felton and Mason, will have Donnie Walsh getting the last laugh while tapping a long cigar ash in the proverbial mouths of his critics. Yes, I am in a New York state of mind. Go Knicks!!!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I can’t get over the thought that with Isaiah coming back into the fold, and as a current UNIVERSITY coach no less; he may have already crossed the lines with the NBA head office: “However, the hire could violate league rules that forbid college coaches from having jobs with NBA teams, which aren’t allowed to have contact with players who aren’t yet eligible for the draft.
    “We are reviewing the agreement, in consultation with the Knicks, for compliance with league rules,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.


    I think Isiah and JD make a cute couple. lol jk

  • Str8inITout

    Dolan probably saw the same thing in the last few drafts that every real Knicks fan has seen…nothing. Donnie & NoD’Ant can’t draft for shyte. Isiah Thomas got the job off his draft performance and every NYK fan worth his weight in salt should agree. I’m sure every newspaper writer covering the Knicks is thrilled to see Isiah back in NYC headlines cuz they sold a ton of their otherwise worthless gossip rags while he was at the helm. And y’all can take that to the bank. Y’all been straightened out like Pete Rock & CL Smooth said it. Peace!

  • ClydeSays


    Will the Knicks EVER get it right?

    Sure Isiah can draft. When he had a pick to draft. He traded away more current and future Lottery picks for washed up vets than any GM I can remember. Who did he take when Rondo was still on the board, Hill?
    Oh, and that whole sexual harassment case. From a high profile executive. Incredible.