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Mark Cuban Loves Mavs’ Chances Against Lakers

Cuban thinks the defending champs will be in trouble when they face off against Dallas next season. From SRI (via KRLD in Dallas): “On if the Mavs could beat the Lakers: ‘Hell yes. That’s it. Hell yes. We’ve got the size now. We’ve got the depth. We’ve got a lot more depth than the Lakers. It’s not even close there.’ On expectations on the Mavs after nine straight 50-win seasons: ‘I’m excited about it. We’re going to continue our streak. We’re going to have a great team. I think we have the depth, experience and are younger and more athletic to kind of fill some holes we had last year. We are going to be better. This is a really, really special opportunity for us. We’re going to have the deepest team in the NBA by far. I think our second unit, J.J. (Barea), Jet (Rodigue Beaubois) and probably Shawn Marion or Caron Butler switching back and forth with the second unit with rookie Dominique Jones playing the three, Tyson Chandler playing the four and Brendan (Haywood) or Ian (Mahini) playing the five. Our second unit could beat a lot of first units. We’re going to have so much depth that it’s really going to give us an advantage this year. All our guys are coming in with one focus only and that’s to win a championship. That’s the goal.’”

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  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    I’m betting that the Mavs will once again underwhelm and underperform come playoff time. It’s their identity.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com zee!

    I see he’s still drinking the tequila turtle introduced to him.

  • lalala

    hahahaaha FUKK I wanted to say the same thing and zee!



  • larrylegend

    if chandler is the answer to the lakers domination…well, good luck (poor dirk).

  • Omar3

    The problem isn’t beating the Lakers. The problem is beating the Spurs. They need to beat the rest of the West before they can get to play the Lakers.

  • Purple Reign

    Message to Mark Cuban. Tell your team to show up and not CHOKE like they usually do in the playoffs. Finals 06 up 2-0, 07 1st round against Golden State when they had the league’s best record. Last year in the 1st round again to the Spurs. Oh yeah Mark you still have no answer like the rest of the league for stopping the Black Mamba.

  • Robb

    yeah Mark, sure.

  • Jer Boi

    cosign zee!

  • http://google J-RO

    Maybe the Mavs need to worry about other teams before getting to the Lakers.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Can they even beat the Thunder?

  • http://ijustwantmynametolookbig.com Chukaz

    cuban likes his team’s chances against the lakers, some ppl like to cut themselves. we all have our fetishes. my guess is cuban likes to get disappointed

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    He must of forgot they always lose to Lakers bc they have the guy who put 62 pts against them in three quarters and outscored the entire team leading up to the fourth quarter.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Cosign M Cho.. Mavs roster looks good on paper, and I believe Chandler was the missing piece, not so much performance-wise, but the Mavs have been too soft for years and Chandler will bring some toughness and imtimadation for when things get scrappy.. Mavs will still probably fall in the first or second round. (again)..

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    Chandler was the lone 7 footer and only true center on the US team but he couldn’t even hardly get playing time. So how is he the missing piece for Dallas? Last time I checked CP3 wasnt in Dallas.

  • SchW

    Avion is the key;))

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    What else would you expect him to say? On paper they do look pretty good, and he’s prob just hoping that if he sounds confident about their chances, then maybe the team won’t choke. If the Mavs loose in the first round of the playoffs, that wouldn’t surprise me. However, if they went all the way to the finals that wouldn’t surprise me either. They have solid talent, just not sure if they have enough talent or the heart.

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    They always look good on paper. The year they had Finley, Antoine Walker, Antawn Jamison, Steve Nash, Josh Howard, and Dirk they lost in the first round.

  • bambe

    jet is not rodrigue beaubois. We might not beat the lakers but I still love my team. GO mavs.

  • SWIFTboy

    MAYBE the Mavs #9 and #10 guys are better than the Lakers’. You’re in trouble if that’s what you’re counting on to beat them though.

  • anti-crust

    Mark Cuban,

    My response on what you could do to show a bit of class. Go to Super Cuts, get a haircut. Go to the mall, buy some new clothes from stores other than The Gap, and Old Navy…even Banana Republic would be upping your game. Go to your doctor, ask him for a benzodiazepine to relax, and an SSRI to organize your thoughts into a rational pattern. Re-evaluate your statement about the Lakers. It’s not always about size. It’s more about style and class, show some. Better yet, blow a vessel in your brain, because that’s how you always seem to be on the verge of.

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    Cuban should ask the Heat and Cavs of years past how it goes when your opponent has 4/5 players when you put everyone on the floor.

  • unrel

    the mavs tend to beat themselves in the playoffs.. so who cares if cuban thinks they can beat the lakers..

  • Love4Humanity

    anti-crust: What? it seems you have already blown a vessel in your brain

  • Bruno

    The Lakers own the Mavs just check the stats Cuban

  • http://twitter.com/pdxgaybball dma

    you can’t help but feel sorry for Cuban. he’s made an nba career of playing 2K.

  • ab40

    Memphis Grizzlie 50 win teams all over again. good luck

  • JTaylor21

    The MAVS are probably the team with the BEST chance of beating the Lakers out west because they have a in my Larry Davis voice Prrrety Good starting 5 and a good bench. Their problem is that they can’t seem to put it all together come playoff time and always end up losing to team that they are supposed to crush.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    @ Kap.. Im talking about his toughness.. He doesnt mind letting the elbows fly when things get heated, Teams have been str8 taking the Mavs lunch money for years now, now they have a guy to stand-up to the bully.(so to speak).

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    ^ lets say they do beat the lakers in the playoffs, i wouldnt give all the credit to Chandler, the team has a lot of talent and experience, but adding Chandler fills their need for toughness, which is quite important.. “Every contending team needs a pit-bull”- Charles Barkley.

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    Dallas is Kobe’s B*tch and always has been. That’s the key to the whole matchup. I do like the additons of Haywood and Chandler particularly their defense but Haywood/Chandler/Dirk is still inferior to Bynum/Gasol/Odom. I do get your point though BossTerry and agree

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    A Mavs/Heat finals rematch that features Lebron and Deshaun Stevenson is something i could live with. I dont want either team to get their unless they face the other, but i would love to see that.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    I dont see a single scrub on the Mavs roster tho. Not saying Cuban is right, but i can understand why he thinks he invested his money wisely; because he did.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Thanks Kap.. Dont get me wrong, I dont think they are gonna beat the lakers unless Kidd finds the fountain of youth, but I also dont think other teams are gonna beat them up so much either..

  • http://thacorner.net/forums Kevin

    You gotta beat San Antonio first

  • The Philosopher

    Mark Cuban is a pioneer.

  • mavs own lakers


    MAVERICKS 2011 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    laker fans cant handle the mavs getting better every time they lose in the playoffs the lakers had very little improvement over the past few years but now its over no more rings for kobe


  • mavs own lakers

    didnt the mavs already own lakers in their games together in season?

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    As a Lakers fan, I feared two teams last year the Nuggets and the Mavs. The Mavs always play the Lakers tough, but Kobe always gets off, but the Mavs have to win their first and maybe second round matchups to get to the Lakers. Mavs have improved and I think the Mavs will have the second best record in the West, so the Mavs have to win games in the playoff to get to the Lakers, but Mavs always find a way choke. BOOK IT!!!

  • http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/olybb/news/story?id=5493184 Jackie Moon

    Mark Cuban is a good owner.

  • http://gmail.com Cole


  • http://yahoo ddub

    Mark Cuban,is he ths one that let Steve Nash go,and gave Eric Dampier all that money?DAMM!!!! That was stupid!!!

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    People seem to forget about my Blazers.. Had we not been cursed last year with injuries, we woulda got past Phoenix, and gave LA a run for their money.. (knocking on wood) Look out! (and trade Fernandez and Dre Miller) for a starting point.. Conley?

  • http://kb24.com jbn74sb

    What a joke. When I go to the beach, sometimes I get tar on my feet. Little bit of baby oil, and that sh-t comes right off. A little annoying, but not a problem in any way. OKC is tar on the Lakers’ feet, at least until they get a front line and a bench. Dallas? They’re just f-cking sand.

  • http://Www.dimemag.com B-More Mike

    Cosign Seed: as a laker fan I was definetly a little shook of the mavs especially after they got The Butt(Caron Butler) but for some reason they can’t put it all together when it counts. If this was my team I’d probably feel the same way but on the other hand if we had past failures like they have I would STFU!!!!! Like E-Boy said “can they even beat the Thunder”?

  • float_world

    ‘The Jet’ is Jason Terry. C’mon Slam….ya’ll should know that.

  • http://zoran_dakovic@hotmail.com RickyRude

    What else would you expect the owner say about his time, really.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    In a related story, Raptors like their chances against the Heat..

  • Blackphantom

    Hell, Kevin Durant would run over the Mavs. Kobe doesn’t have a problem leading his team to bowl them over. I’m sure “Durantula” would probably pull it off as well

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Flashback

    Dallas is going to beat the Lakers next year for sure… beat’em off realy good.

  • Clay

    Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Webber, Payton, Iverson. Dirk Join the list Homey

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Payton won in ’06.


    I wish Cuban said BOOK IT! That would have been perfect.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    He’s right, you know. Whether you want to admit it or not, the Mavs have one of the deepest teams in the league right now. Of course, they don’t always show it come playoff time–but… If they play together as a cohesive and tough unit they can do it.

  • Quantumphysix

    Well, they`re older … is that a good thing? Marrion, Kidd, Terry, Dirk, Butler etc are all past there prime… Good luck Cube boy!

  • http://jericho_artuz@yahoo.com MARK CUBAN

    i was just kidding!!! we really cant beat the lakers!!! what im saying is just for promotion! LOL!!!

  • Yesse

    Ohh im sorry… What chances is he talking about again?

  • http://www.dontevenreply.com total scrotal implosion

    Spurs, improved jefferson, very fit timmy, rested and healthy tony and manu, add tiago. Champs

  • Anthony

    Cant wait to watch Kobe destroying them. Durant will destroy them also.

  • Morgan

    Any of the top 4/5 teams in the West could comfortably beat the Mavs in a 7 game series so a 50 win season and second round exit is all you should be excited about Cubes. Like the Magic they are stuck until someone other than their Franchise Player takes it up a notch (Butler and VC we’re waiting on you)

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Comes down to a few things for Dirk’s team: coaching (Carlysle messing about with Butler/Marion/Haywood/Beaubois minutes in the playoffs was beyond stupid). Jason Kidd, 4th quarter bench player (rather have the undersized but better on Offense Barea/Beaubois combo in late to keep the D honest and less Double teams on Dirk & Butler). Tyson Chandler returning to form as a shotblocker, low post defender and good rebounder. The Chandler/Haywood center combo is admittedly injury prone but more than capable of handling all 5′s in the L right now. And last but not least: JET (get your head outta your ass, Terry. 2 years in a row you’ve bombed in the playoffs!! If Cubes made a mistake this summer, it wasn’t Chandler, it was not finding a way to unload Terry for someone else)

  • dsleepy

    no matter how many good players you have, you can only play 5 at a time. and LA is also the more COMPLETE squard. Not even close. i got nothin’ but love for cubes, but he sounds plain crazy.

  • data187

    The problem with the mavs is that they do not have anyone that can break down a defense 1-on-1 consistently. Dirk spends most of his touches on the elbows, shooting jumpers. This means that it forces the guards to give up the ball and go to the corners. If they double dirk, guards get 3balls. If they don’t double dirk, everyone else struggles.

    Dallas’s guards are also a big problem. The guards are either too small or too slow to d-up opposing guards. Their guards do not pair well together for favorable matchups.


    Honestly ever since mavs lost in the finals to heat i doubted the mavs will reach the finals again they just are lacking something to get them to that point