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NBA Will No Longer Help Kings Get a New Arena

The L has basically told Sacramento’s ballclub that they’re on their own when it comes to building a new home. It’s yet another ominous sign for team’s future (or lack thereof) in the city. From the Bee: “Four years after the National Basketball Association commissioner announced he’d personally help get an arena built in Sacramento, the league issued a terse e-mail Tuesday saying it’s no longer taking an active role in local arena efforts. The statement came days after the Cal Expo board closed the door on an NBA-backed plan to move the State Fair to the Arco Arena site in Natomas to help finance a new downtown arena. ‘On the heels of the disappointing – but not surprising – action (or inaction) of the state and Cal Expo board, it is fair to say that the NBA has ceased its activities on the Sacramento arena front,’ league representative John Moag said in an e-mail to The Bee. ‘However, we will continue to monitor and respond to the activities and options of others that might reasonably ensure the competitiveness and viability of the Kings’ franchise.’ The now-defunct arena proposal, championed by local developers Gerry Kamilos and David Taylor, would have leveraged revenues from the sale of the Cal Expo site to help finance a new State Fair in Natomas and a sports and entertainment complex in the downtown railyard. The plan, called Sacramento Convergence, was chosen in April by the Sacramento City Council from among from seven responses to Mayor Kevin Johnson’s appeal for ‘out of the box’ ways to build a sports and entertainment complex. The complicated plan evolved in recent weeks into a proposal to privately finance and manage the State Fair as part of a year-round entertainment center in Natomas to be run by VisionMaker Worldwide, a resort and entertainment venue company headed by former Disney and Universal Studio executives. Cal Expo officials rejected a request to study the idea further, saying it was too speculative, and that the Arco site was not suitable for a State Fair. Johnson said he called NBA Commissioner David Stern on Sunday to talk, and that Stern was ‘not enthused’ by Cal Expo’s decision.”

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  • http://Myspace Shanoooooo

    The Maloofs should move the team to Las Vegas

  • http://yahoo.com Rudy

    Help us Kevin Johnson, you’re our only hope

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    Back to Kansas City…?

  • 2k11

    seattle kings


    Las Vegas Kings. BOOK IT!

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Seattle has proven they wont support a team, key arena is ancient too, vegas? Hahaha. Back to kansas city!!! Its happening!!

  • http://www.acb.com Alan

    Las Vegas Kings sounds just perfect

  • abaci

    Why does David Stern hate me ? I have lived in Sacramento and was born in Seattle. The kings and sonics were my teams. (with seattle getting the top spot) Im giving my mom, girlfriend, and dog, pictures of the commissioner… and a warning.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Abaci, stern doesnt hate you. He recognizes kings time in sacto is over. Arco is dropping sponsorship, no new arena will be built, landswap deal wont work. Its done. Kings are leaving, maybe after this season. Esp since arco is done sponsoring after this season. Seattle fans dont financially support the team, and key arena is hella old. Stern would never allow an nba team in vegas. Kansas city is getting the kings back! Its been 25 years. Reke havoc!!!

  • NJ4Life

    Newark Kings 2012

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    The NBA will no longer help the Spurs beat the Suns, the Lakers acquire stars in lopsided trades or be concered about keeping AI in the league….a source added.


    Hope is still alive. kc is not happening, neither is vegas! KINGS BELONG IN SACRAMENTO!!!

  • NDP

    Vegas will never get an NBA team after the 2007 ASW.
    St. Louis would be a city to consider that has long been rumored to be interested in having a team, but I just REALLY hope they can keep the Kings in Sacramento.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Dacre, spurs didnt help and didnt get help. Amare and boris effed up, thats it. Besides, what happened the rest of the series? Right.

  • reking some havoc

    lets bring to stockton.. we got the stockton arena..

  • angelito jr

    @tarzan it was td that did all the work..
    No, not tim duncan, tim donaghy!

  • TheTruth

    Austin kings make it happen!

  • dotdotdot .

    name change to Tropics
    and go to Flint, Michigan !

  • canada


  • Domenico


  • Carole

    Stern and the Maloofs have put a lot of work into their goal of the demise of the Sacramento Kings. Robbing them of championships, giving away great players and getting little in return, one terrible decision after another, providing little support, it seems they have been hell-bent on destroying the Kings. I love the Kings, and have always been a huge basketball fan, but Stern has killed my love for the sport.