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Nuggets Saying No to Knicks for Carmelo Anthony

Denver isn’t interested in what New York is peddling for ‘Melo, but as the NY Times reports, the Rockets could use the Knicks’ former assets against them in the pursuit for the disgruntled forward: “The Denver Nuggets are lending an open ear to N.B.A. suitors clamoring for Carmelo Anthony, a potentially distressing development for the Knicks in their efforts to land the three-time All-Star. In preliminary conversations, the Nuggets have told the Knicks that they do not possess the assets they are seeking if they decide to trade Anthony, according to a Knicks official. The official did not want to be identified because he was describing private conversations between the teams … And in a twist that will make the Knicks and their fans even more frustrated, the Houston Rockets are one of the teams aggressively pursuing Anthony. The Rockets are doing it in part by offering at least one of the draft picks they acquired from the Knicks last February when, in a three-way trade that also involved the Sacramento Kings, the Knicks cleared Jared Jeffries’s salary off this year’s payroll and landed Tracy McGrady’s expiring contract. The Rockets obtained the right to swap first-round picks with the Knicks in 2011 in the deal, which allows them to offer whichever pick is better to the Nuggets. They can also offer the Nuggets the Knicks’ 2012 first-round choice, which they also obtained in the trade … Houston, meanwhile, is prepared to offer a package centered on the shooting guard Kevin Martin and the Knicks’ draft picks, according to an N.B.A. executive who has had discussions with the Nuggets.”

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  • JTaylor21

    HATERS but the rockets will have a CHANCE to beat the Lakers if they get Melo.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    So much for not trading Kevin Martin… But then again, it’s Melo. If I could trade Kevin Martin for Melo I’d do it.

  • abaci

    New york is such a non factor yet they get so much pub

  • MikeC.

    Unless Melo wants to play in Houston, and agrees to an extension before the trade, it won’t matter. If Melo is intent on playing in NY, he’ll end up there. No team is going to give up what it takes to get him unless they’re locking him in. Denver would be better off being patient and waiting to see what kind of 3 or 4 team deal NY can put together. The value of Eddy Curry’s massive expiring contract can’t be undervalued. Some team is going to want that to cut payroll, which could open up some kind of crazy trade where half the league changes teams.

  • BK Chris

    Honestly the Nets with Melo isn’t a top tier team in the east. If Melo really wants to win right away why sign an extension with the Nets and waste his prime? Despite being a true Knicks fan from birth, They would still be a Key piece away from (seriously) contending with Melo.

  • The D Train

    Come on Knicks fans…lets see some more comments about laughing at the perceived lack of assets for the Knicks to make a trade for Carmelo…

  • MikeC.

    @ The D Train – if Walsh was just dialing whoever is in charge of the Nuggets these days and asking about Melo’s availability, I could see the Nugs saying “Nope, you guys don’t have enough.” Since Melo has put on the pressure and asked out, it’s not like Denver is operating from a position of strength. I think Melo goes wherever he wants since nobody is going to gut their roster for a one year rental.

  • The D Train

    Not sure how it works, but don’t the Nuggs have some leverage since it is probably in Melo’s best interest to sign the extension? If he doesn’t agree to a sign-and-trade, he’s leaving money on the table, with no idea of what the new CBA will bring. That would be ballsy. Couldn’t fault him for it, if he’s got his heart set on a team, but it would take some brass balls. So I don’t think the Nuggets are simply going to be forced to trade him wherever he wants to go since they hold the extension card. Seems like both parties would be looking to maximize their return, and that means working, at least somewhat, in concert.

  • http://swagteam.org Breeze

    I co-sign mikeC….if melo has his mind set to be in ny …he’s gonna end up there..he will take the money before the lockout… And word to the wise there will be no contenders no matter who gets traded sign or created to contest with the lakers for the next 3 years..BOOK IT!

  • rikson

    Nobody will offer much more for melo, as its a risky game. His contract expires and none of the mentioned teams are sure to keep him – except maybe orlando… But still its risky!


    @MikeC I AGREE. The Denver Nuggets are DELUSIONAL if they think they can just trade Carmelo Anthony to wherever they want to without his stamp of approval! Without Carmelo signing the extension, no franchise will trade away a bunch of assets for the Denver Nuggets problem of not being able to re-sign Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo holding off on that extension acts as his very own no-trade clause. Carmelo can kill any deal that doesn’t have him in a Knicks uniform – I believe he wants the big challenge on the big stage in the Big Apple. That’s the bottom line. Hopefully the Nuggies’ brass WAKES UP, and just accept Donnie’s offer, and honestly they can’t refuse it, because if they do, they get NOTHING! Take something or take NOTHING. It’s really that simple. *SMH* I must confess, I’m in a New York state of mind.

  • MikeC.

    I hope NY gets Melo for next to nothing, but I also think it would be interesting if Denver just said “eff this guy, he’s not in charge!” and let his contract run out, renounce his rights and let him take a massive pay cut under the next CBA.

  • k

    @niQ, I’d trade Martin for Melo, but I’m not sure about Martin plus two KNICKS first-rounders, given what the Knicks’ record will look like this year with them not getting Carmelo. Those picks could be two impact players whose rights they’d control at a reasonable price for at least the following 3 years.

  • The D Train

    Exactly, MikeC. If Melo doesn’t work with Denver, and tries to force their hand, they can just withdraw the extension. “Have fun with the new CBA terms, buddy.” That’s why I think it’s delusional to think that he can simply force his way to NY because the Knicks fans were left holding a giant bag of fecus in the Lebron situation. When you have little-to-no worthy assets, you have to hope to be able to sign guys outright when they are FA’s, because it’s going to be hard to trade for a superstar with Galinari and Eddy Curry as your main chips.

  • The D Train

    And I can start to see why Eboy threw so much venom at Bulls fans during the Lebron free agency. It is quite amazing to see/hear/read from fans who feel like they are entitled to a players services simply because they want them.


    Top 10 players will still get paid like they do now in the next CBA. I’m going to book it.

  • bnets

    melo has a better chance winning in houston than in new york if he wants to compete for a ring and be top in the west, they got way better pieces there and more trade assets for denver

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    IF Melo really wants to go to NY then he’ll just wait til his contract runs out. He ‘knows’ that under the new CBA he won’t make as much money, but 1) It’s not life changing money where his standard of living would change significantly, and 2) he will likely be able to make up for the salary differnence with endorsement deals that come from the NY market exposure. From a financial standpoint it’s still a risk because anything can happen between now and by time his contract expires (e.g. a torn acl or other injury). He has insurance for this sort of thing, and I’m NOT wishing that upon him, but it’s something that would have to be on his mind. Personally I’d like to see him get traded to Orlando (who have trade assests and with him can win the East). Honestly his talents would be wasted in NY because Melo/Amare tandem isn’t going to beat Boston, Miami, Orland or the Hawks. They may get lucky and get CP3 next year, but that’s not guranteed either. I’m sure his wife wants him to play in NY or maybe even LA so that’s another thought in his process I assume. Bottom line though, Melo hasn’t said anything and I think that’s smart of him. Like so many other player say, he’ll make the best decision for him and his family and what factors in and how much we may never know or understand.

  • bakers’-dozen

    Denver would take less to make a point than to send Melo to NYK for a bunch of fodder.

    they could get a first rounder from any team in the league right now plus a big for the rest of THIS season. Nothing major, but better than taking on a bunch of non-factors to make a malcontent happy.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Melo has made it clear he won’t sign a contract extension with Nets…

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I’m surprised not to see my dude Teddy-the-Bear all up on this. He’s the cat that’s been pushing a Melo to Rockets trade the most on here.

  • Will

    Melo will be traded to… Denver. He is not going anywhere

  • bnets

    @niQ where u find this that melo made it clear he wont sign with the Nets. Bad move for Nets anyways if the Nets are goin to trade half their bigs or young core plus draft picks for just Melo

  • bnets

    Next up, Atlanta Hawks pursuing Melo. Just a guess no reports yet but they do have one of the better trade assets that could include Jamal Crawford, Marvin Williams, Josh Smith maybe haha

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    @bnets. It’s everywhere, lol. Try googling it. But I first noticed it on RealGM.

  • Rikson

    This is getting really stupid…^^

  • MusketeerX

    Well, no one said rebuilding was easy. The Knicks bet the bank on Lebron, and it didn’t work out. This is life. We sill have a decent team and who knows what can happen when CP3 or D-Williams comes to market.

    Who knows how Gallinari, Randolph, Douglas, and Chandler may develop too. It should be a fun season, Melo or not.

  • http://7starvalet.com zee

    melo, brook, scola , healthy yao , can run for the champion ship .

  • n2go43

    go rockets!

  • MusketeerX

    Looks like Jersey at this point, but I think that is ridiculous. Houston would be a better choice for him.

  • MikeC.

    @ zee – a healthy Yao is pretty unpredictable at the point. But that would be a scary team. I imagine Denver will want Scola back too. Not sure about salaries, but martin and scola for melo and birdman sounds plausible.

  • wottywo

    Houston would be a better fit for Carmelo, but the only question that remains is can Houston convince Carmelo to sign a extension with them? Only time will tell.