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Boozer: ‘D-Rose Will Be the Best PG in the League’

Carlos expects big things from his new teammate (who has his own lofty expectations). From Bulls.com: “By the end of this season, DRose,’ Boozer declared, ‘is going to be the best point guard in the league.’ Now, we know players tend to gush about their new teammates, whether serious or not, but this is a player who just finished a long run with the point guard generally regarded as the best in the league now, the Jazz’ Deron Williams. ‘No, Deron is really good,’ Boozer was saying, ‘but DRose … I didn’t know how good he was,’ Boozer marveled. ‘I’d seen him like everyone, but when I came here you hear he couldn’t shoot. He can shoot. And how fast this guy is. You see the speed and think back to (Allen) Iverson. I don’t think there’s anyone faster, and then there’s the explosion. There’s no one like that (for point guards). And then you see how hard he works and how serious he is. And now he’s got more guys to work with, to pass to.’”

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  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I think Derrick Rose could be the best SCORING point guard this year. I loved his aggressiveness last night, constantly attacking the rim. But I think to be considered the best point guard, you’ve got to do an outstanding job at getting your teammates involved. Rose has never averaged more than 6 assists a game, if he can average over 8 this year he can be in the discussion.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy


  • http://slamonline.com SpaceJam

    Yea, he’s already the best or 2nd best scoring pg. The assist will be up b/c of his new teamates. The shots were forced up yesterday. He won”t be shooting as much soon.

  • underdog


  • IHaveADream

    D-Rose had to shoot 30 shots last night in order for the Bulls to just compete against the Thunder. I know he can’t wait until Boozer comes back. Noah should average around 12 and 12. Plus Boozers 19 and 11. Rose will be able to be more efficient…22 and 8. The Bulls will be tough. Not better than the Celtics or Heat. But they will be tough.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    ….thouroughly outplayed by Russell Westbrook…=

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Co-sign Enigmatic. Although my expectations were high of him last year, I felt he could’ve got 20 and 8 last year. lol

  • IHaveADream

    Westbrook is good, but his offense game is not as polished as Rose. He is more prone to get out of control. He’s more of an athlete.

  • http://slamonline.com SpaceJam

    @ I have a dream, Amen Westbrook is oc as hell. His fieldgoal % are real low to. Rose is normallly more effective. Both have ok jumpshots. Rose has one of the best midrange games in the league.

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    For those who bashed me for saying Westbrook is a better overall player than Rose and said Rose is miles ahead of Westbrook must be feeling pretty silly after seeing last nites game.

  • andrewwht5@gmail.com

    KAP I don’t feel silly at all rose is the best PG in the league and is miles ahead of Westbrook the only time westbrook could score was when rose was out Westbrook is good but rose is miles ahead

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Not at all, Kap. Not at all. Rose is still better than Westbrook.

  • kobe24

    Boozer is smoking crack. He wasn’t even the best pg on the floor last night. And you can make the argument that in terms of all NBA games that were played, Rose was outplayed by Rondo, Kidd, Curry, Paul, Jennings, and Harris. Booz is just sour that he left one of the best Pg’s in the league to play with a selfish, ball dominating, poor shooting, no vision pg in Rose.——————————————-Rose took 31 shots to score 28 and displayed his improved shot by going 0 for 4 from 3pt territory (Where are all those who said his jumper was looking nice). He also had several costly turnovers down the stretch and his defense was poor as usual. I think he believes his own hype, because there is no way a player of his caliber should be taking 30+ shots.——
    Westbrook on the other hand got his 28 on over 50% shooting and 12/13 fts. Not to mention 10 boards and six assists. Down the stretch he took over and absolutely torched Rose. While Westbrook was perfectly running the offense, Rose would just pound the ball until the shot clock would run down and either take a bad shot or force a bad pass—————————–
    Anyone who thinks Rose is better has been drinking the cool-aid. Your boy lost. MVP candidate hahahhaha. Not in his wildest dreams.
    HYPE TRAIN DERAILED, and its only the first game of the season.

    Like it has been said many times before, Rose doesn’t even crack top 5 pgs in the league and its highly debatable whether he even cracks top 7. Dude is so overrated its sickening.

  • Jagster

    I guess Boozer and Slam could waited saying this until he had a good game.

    Rose shot 12 for 31 last night and got torched by Westbrook for 28 points also. But Westbrook took only half the shots of Rose.

    I think Rose is the best 6’1″ Off guard in the league (who claims to play point guard and be 6’3″).

  • Ronald

    He needs to learn spacing, angles and timing. He isn’t a very a good point guard. A very good basketball player and athelete. But not a very good PG. Westbrook has a better sense on when to attack and to pass.

  • Jagster

    PS: But lets hope Rose can learn to pass, shoot and play defense, before Boozer can get so optimistic.

  • Lucas

    Boozer is a kiss a s s. He said the same things about DWill while he was here. I guess anything to get a few more looks his way.

  • Tyquez

    first he have to make his 3s and learn how to box out because russle westbrook was killin him

  • IHaveADream

    D-Rose can shoot. He just needs to get better with it which he is. Rose had to take those shots last night. Obviously, his coach told him he had to be offensively aggressive until Booz is back. He normally wouldn’t take some of those shots. Westbrook has the luxury of playing with the 2nd best scorer in the league.
    @ Jagster
    Rose is 6’3 legit.
    D-Rose isn’t overrated at all. He’s behind Chris, Deron, and that’s pretty much it. Steve Nash plays no defense. Rajon doesn’t have a jumpshot still.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Kobe24, the only smart thing you wrote was “it’s only the first game of the season”. And I’d love to see Westbrook do what he did last night if the two PG’s switched teams for a game.

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    Rose is not the third best pg in the league and isn’t even close. Nash, Billups, Rondo are ahead of that guy. He may be the best at slashing/scoring but that’s about it. I hope guys know what it means to be a PG…it’s not about scoring 20ppg either.

  • IHaveADream

    A point guard MUST play on both sides of the ball…Nash doesn’t do that and never has. Rondo can’t shoot at all. His confidence only comes from playing with the players he plays with. Being a point guard is about knowing what your team needs at all times. If you need to score, you score. If you need to pass, you pass. It’s that simple. You get your teammates involved..but what if your teammates don’t want to be involved? A few possessions last night, guys didn’t even want the ball. Rose didn’t want to take all those shots. Eventually, he had to.

  • t-sizzle

    westbrook’s shot looks better than rose’s. rose is good, but really come on.. too much hype

  • http://bulls.com airs

    okay seriously, i dont understand how people are continually failing to see that rose NEEDS TO SCORE THAT MANY POINTS in order for the bulls to be competitive. if he had the team around him that would enable him to reach 8 apg there’s no doubt that he would. we’ll see how you guys feel after their circus trip when korver’s settled in and boozers back.

  • kobe24

    @ihave a dream—The reason Rondo doesn’t shoot is because he knows how to run the point properly. He doesn’t dribble the ball for 20 seconds before deciding what to. Rondo is decisive when passing and getting to the rim. It doesn’t mean he can’t shoot. He is probably a better shooter than Rose anyways, just compare their numbers from last night. When did this myth of Rose having a mid-range game or jumpshot begin. The only reason is FG% is high is because of layups. If you were to only look at jumpshots he would probably be somewhere around 25%.

    -And secondly, Westbrook would put up even better stats if they switched teams and Rose’s stats would decline. We all say what happens (during the fiba WC) when Rose can’t be the man on his team. He loses confidence, pouts, and looks entirely lost on the floor.

    —On the other hand, switching teams would not affect Westbrook one bit, except maybe raise his scoring average. He wouldn’t suddenly forget how to rebound, play Defense, Pass the ball, or be aggressive. All the intangibles that he brings to the table, and that Rose still doesn’t understand a thing about.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Rondo a better shooter than Rose? Come on now!!

  • http://bulls.com airs

    @kobe24: seriously…

    rondo doesn’t have a better shot than rose. what was it 4 points against the heat?
    his shots come of slashes just like rose, and yes if you have watched bulls games lately rose has developed a decent 15 ft jumper. but what is this about him pouting at FIBA? cuz he wasn’t the man of the team?? what orifice did you pull that from? rode is probably the most modest, humble and unselfish dude in the nba.

    and not being aggressive? i convinced you’re not watching any of these games.

  • http://bulls.com airs

    rose* not rode

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    You are smoking crack if you think Rose is better than Nash. I don’t care if Nash can’t play D. That’s about his only shortcoming as a point guard.

  • JTaylor21

    Kap, uhm Defense is what wins games and Nash plays NONE. Him playind NO defense cost the Suns many chances at atleast making it to the WCF or Finals. Dude is a worse defender than Ginger Scal.

  • IHaveADream

    Rose right now is what AI had to be. He will continue to have to post at least 25 plus for them to be competitive with good teams until Boozer comes back.
    Rondo doesn’t shoot because he plays with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. AND because he knows he can’t shoot. Many times he’s left open and he looks around until he finally has to shoot. He knows his game, I’ll give him that. You can’t look at last night and draw concrete conclusions.
    My brother, we are on the same page for the first time ever lol

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    If you are on the same page as JTaylor then you know something is wrong…lol

  • kobe24

    ummm, I don’t think Rose plays any defense either. He is just as bad if not worse a defender than Nash. At least Nash draws charges

  • elmaar

    first of all I really think that intelligence is the thing that’s missing in roses game
    yeah he athletic and talented but he’s not too smart as a person
    many say he’s a tranquil and kinda slow person but look at tracy mcgrady, he the same nature, but he’s intelligent about the game and on the whole
    people tend to forget smarts is what make a great player
    rose IMO at this moment isn’t even top 5
    deron, cp3, nash(still)team defense is more important in team success, look what suns did when nash could guard andre miller last year, put grant hill on him and the suns won the rest of the games, then it’s rondo and westbrook who are definately ahead

  • Noel

    If either Deron or Chris injure themselves tripping over strategically placed gym bags I will be very suspicious Mr. Boozer

  • http://www.slamonline.com AllDayEveryDay

    Nash > Rose – Rondo > Rose – CP3/DWILL >>>>>Rose
    Come on now people, DROSE in the best pg debate? WTF?!
    STEVE nash on offense is significantly ahead of Rose in terms of scoring (efficiently) and running an offense and creating for teammates. Both suck on D equally.
    Rondo’s D is basically best in the league, while Rose’s D is basically worst (in terms of PG’s). Rondo runs an offense and creates/pass to teammates WAY better. He dominates without scoring. All rose has on him is a shot.
    Do I need to make points about why CP3 and DWILL are better? I can’t fathom how this cannot be clear to the entire human population.

  • http://www.slamonline.com AllDayEveryDay

    Also Westbrook = Rose

  • IHaveADream

    If you’ve never picked up a ball or played at a competitive level, I think you should leave the basketball talk to those of us who have.
    You must not watch D-Rose play at all. He’s not the best defender, but at least he puts in the effort. And with his new coach being a defensive mind, he will get a lot better. Nash has never played defense and never will.
    Intelligence missing in his game? Not too smart a person? You’re taking personal shots at him now.

  • B-BallMaestro

    @ I have a dream.

    Rose is not a legit 6’3″. Who told you that.

    NBA draftexpress has him listed at 6’1″. Check it.

    Also, I’ve watched him next to other players and he’s shorter. He’s even shorter than Rondo. And there listed at the same height.

    If you watched the game last night, which I’m sure you did. You would of heard Jeff Van Gundy (not a tall man in any room), tell his co-host” that guys 6’3; no he’s not” when he was standing next to West brook at 6’3″. Van Gundy said that there’s no way that Rose is the same height as Westbrook. Can’t you see that?

    Don’t believe the hype?

    PS: Rose has no jumper either and Rondo is working on his, just like Rose. But Rondo is a better floor general, passer, defender and re bounder than Rose already.

  • Jagster

    Hey I have a dream

    How can you also bring up defense and Rose in the same sentence to knock Steve Nash?

    Are you kidding me?

    I think someone above already said that Rose can’t shoot either, can’t pass, can’t lead and plays no defense. Yes he can get better at all things. But let’ see. Yes we know, he’ll never become a natural passer, floor general and rebounder. But you can always learn to shoot and play defense (though I feel he lacks lateral quickness, though he’s fast when running). But he doesn’t seem like a willing defender at this point. Pick and rolls, continue to confuse him as well.

    He’s a work in progress and not a natural or true point guard. And he’s certainly not 6’3″. That’s part of the hype (his height).

    We’ve all been down this road before with undersized point guards that play like off guards in NBA history.

  • IHaveADream

    D-Rose has a better shot than Rondo, period. And Rondo has been “working” on his shot for years and where is the improvement? Opponents still hang off of him. It’s just that there are people who love the pass first point guard and dislike a point guard who maybe isn’t traditional.

  • IHaveADream

    I’m not knocking Steve Nash. Facts are facts. He’s never played defense. Whoever says Rose can’t shoot simply does not watch him play. That’s all. Whoever says he can’t lead, he led the Bulls to the playoffs twice. Once as a rookie and then last season. As a rookie, he led the Bulls and took the Celtics to Game 7. How challenged can one be to say that he is not a leader? It took Rondo a few seasons to become a leader. This is a guy who was about to get traded a few seasons ago because KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen couldn’t get along with him. No one would follow him. With his new coach, as I’ve already said, Rose will become a better defender. And he is a point guard. Not an off guard. He has led from the time he stepped on the floor his rookie season and he continues to lead. The Bulls are without question, his team.

  • Billy Sunday

    Steve Nash is one of the best help defenders in the league, he draws the most charges out of anyone. Derrick Rose cant play defense for how athletic he is and russell westbroke outplayed him last night and is probably just as good if not better

  • Jagster

    Good Point I have a dream.

    Rondo doesn’t take bad shots, cause he has other shooters on his team. So does Rose. The difference is, Rondo knows how to find those shooters open and/or set them up

    Contrary to what people think. The Celtics are old. They can’t really create offense on their own, or at least for a full game the way younger players can. Rondo takes care of that. He gives the Celtics a whole lot more easy baskets than they could get on their own (whether it’s the big three or the bench guys). And when their tired, injured or playing back to back games, Rondo usually scores more.

    Now his shot is not as bad as people think it is. And I’m sure if he didn’t play with the big 3, he would shoot/score more. It depends on the game and the situation.

    But I would like to see Rose be more deliberate sometimes, set up his team mates, and not always drive to the hole so much from out top to score. And if he doesn’t play good D with coach Thibs. Then I guess we can forget about him ever becoming a good defender anytime soon.

    He’s a work in process/progress. We’ll see?

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    Whoever says Rose can shoot does not watch him play. When people say shoot they mean when he is in the screen and roll game and people go under the screen he should make them pay. Instead he drives to hole and hits those floater, leaners, and pull ups. Those does not make him a good shooter.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hoops-in-view/ Diesel

    I can’t believe the nonsense I’m reading from you Kap. Westbrook is better than Rose and we’d know that after watching last night’s game? Rose was the most dominante player on the court last night. He had 20 at the half. I’m not even going to touch your Steve Nash nonsense. There’s a reason he’s telling people the Suns aren’t going to make the playoffs. He’s on the decline.

  • Jagster

    @I have a dream.

    I don’t have a problem with non-traditional point guards. I just have a problem with point guards that can’t see the court(or play defense), whether they can score or not.

    Yeah. Rondo came into the league with 3 Arrogant future hall of famers and had to earn their respect. Who did D Rose have to impress?

    He was handed the position and no one to challenge or improve him.

    And obviously Rondo was correct; cause he has Doc Rivers/the Big 3′s total confidence and even call his own plays and defensive sets. He’s the proverbial coach on the floor.

    D Rose is not that great a shooter and I don’t think you can really argue the two. Maybe Rose is a little better shooter at 18ft than Rondo. But neither excel at long distance shooting (though Rondo hit a couple last night).

    Rondo knows every teams offensive and defensive sets on the floor and frequently directs/changes the scheme on the fly when on the court.

  • PapaBearATL

    All of this anger is based on a statement made by a guy who injured himself tripping over a bag? smdh, when did Boozer become the expert on talent at the PG position. Have this convo at the end of the season…

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    Lol @ Diesel…I’ve been saying Westbrook was better since last years playoffs and the Team USA experience. Not just last nite. I don’t call 12-31 and only 4 free throw attempts dominant especially when the guy he was guarding had the 28 10 6 with 15 FGs. We must of watched two different games because Westbrook looked much more dominant than Rose.

  • Jagster

    Sorry/continued @Ihaveadream

    Yeah Rondo reportedly knows every teams sets.

    He has a very high basketball IQ and sees the game in slow motion despite his super athleticism.

    I think one of the criticism’s of Rose is. He’s still more of an athlete than a point guard/basketball player. And his skill level, subtlety, feel and basketball IQ can still be vastly improved (whether he has a shot or not).

    I do agree Rondo should utilize his mid-range game more and that’s what Doc Rivers wants him to do this year. Utilize the 10-18 ft shots.

    He did have a three pointer and a 18ft last night and shot 8/14 from the floor with 9 assist and 3 steals (though Boston lost).

    We’ll see!

    Lastly. The reason why people criticize the “non-traditional” point guard (beside the obvious); is because when their not scoring, their usually not helping their team or making their team mates better.

    A excellent traditional point can have great impact on the game and not even score a point.

    But of course, we’d all like to see our players have a combination of both.

  • C.B

    chill guys its just the first game

  • JTaylor21

    Kap, please stop with the 50 tyson act, DRose is one of the best mid-range shooter in the L and will only get better with time. He’s a better athlete, shooter, finisher, and leader than Westbrook and doesn’t have the luxury of having a scorer besides him like Rus does. Rose>>>Russ end of story.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hoops-in-view/ Diesel

    I’m convinced that why you’ve never actually watched Bulls games. If you did, you’d see why your comment about him not shooting the mid range jumper when people go under the screen couldn’t have been further from the truth. As for last night, again, if you actually watched the game instead of the stats, you’d see that Rose was torching Westbrook(along with whoever else they sent on the double team) the entire time he was in the game. Favorable officiating for the home team got Rose into foul trouble so a majority of Westbrook’s points were NOT against Rose.

  • IHaveADream


  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    JTaylor…the Derrick Rose that plays in Chicago? Hell no. You must be talking about someone else because if not you are wrong in my book.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hoops-in-view/ Diesel

    Also, you’re conveinently overlooking the fact that Westbrook just happens to play with the most dominant player in the league right now. So while Rose is playing against double teams, westbrook has the benefit of 1 on 1 all game.

  • Jagster

    @ Jaytaylor.

    I respect everything you said and the spirit of it. But I’m not sure if Rose is a better athlete than Westbrook.

    Russell is considerably taller than Rose. They have similar NBA combine 3/4 sprint speeds. And Russell had a full 1 sec advantage in the lateral test (11 to 12 seconds), according to Draft Express. That test shows Russell is quicker, can change direction and stop and start faster (though he has a bigger body than Rose). Rose just takes shorter strides than Westbrook when running.

    Westbrook has more explosion when jumping to the basket; but Rose seems to hang a little longer. But maybe that’s because Rose goes underneath the rim frequently and hits defenders a little softer than Westbrook, who seems shot out of a canon when he leaps to the basket?

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    When did Durant become the most dominant player in the league? Is this the twilight zone because you guys are tripping today. Yall need to leave that Sherman Helmsley alone. So what’s the excuse for Westbrook outperforming Rose on Team USA??? I also was referring to the long range jumper that he lacks.

  • IHaveADream

    Last night, the game turned around only when Rose went to the bench. That’s when the Thunder went on a run and the Bulls never really caught up.

  • JTaylor21

    Jagster, you may be right but I’ve seen DRose do some dunks that no other PG even Russ has ever done. Just go and watch some of his high-school highlights on youtube and you’ll see.

  • B-BallMaestro

    Hey Diesel

    When did KDurant become the most dominant player in the league?

    Did you see the playoffs last year? He shot 35% vs the Lakers (while forcing a lot of bad shots)? Durant still has a ways to go vs statistics and actual develpment.

    He also is not a great rebounder, passer or defender, though I know he’s working on them.

    I’d still take Wade, Lebron, Dwight Howard, Carmelo and maybe Kobe over him (I put Kobe here because of age and injuries).

    Too much hype on him this year (though I know that wasn’t your intention). I’m glad Mark Jackson and Van Gundy cleared that up last night during the OKC vs Bull game.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hoops-in-view/ Diesel

    Rose shoots 45% from mid range. So you’re wrong there. Westbrook outperforming rose on team usa: there’s a reason rose was starting and westbrook was coming off the bench. I don’t know what you were watching where you saw Westbrook outperforming Rose. You must have seen something all the coaches didn’t. So you’re wrong there again. As for Durant, please tell me who’s more dominant than him in the game today? Lebron or Kobe? Kobe’s on his way down and Lebron doesn’t have half the skills. Regardless, I don’t want to get in a debate about that with you so I’ll modify the statement to suit your craziness. Westbrook plays with a top 3 most dominant player.

  • JTaylor21

    Sure Bron doesn’t have half the skills of a guy that shot 35% in the playoffs and wasn’t even the best player on his team and Kobe is on his “way down” after winning a chip and finals MVP. Great observations there Sherlock.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hoops-in-view/ Diesel

    BBall – if you’re going to call out player’s weaknesses do it for the guys you’re putting ahead of Durant. Melo doesn’t defend, pass, or rebound either. Wade isn’t a great shooter. Kobe is great, but he’s on the decline. Watch game 7 and tell me he’s still the same guy. And Lebron has to omany weaknesses to list. He just masks them al with his freak athleticism. But like I said, that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point is that Rose doesn’t have a player even close to that on his team. So he’s the one that ends up getting double and triple teamed.

  • http://slamonline.com SpaceJam

    I live in chicago and watch Bulls games 24/7. I have to say Rose is just as if not more athletic than Westbrook. Rose torched him and he took so many shots b/c everybody except Noah was off and they don’t really have a 2nd option to create offense. He has very good vision but his teammates have never finished plays consistently for him to rack up assist while Westbrook plays with the NBA’s leading scorer. So the 6 assist from Rose is deceiving while he is under control most of the time and as I said earlier, Westbrook is oc as hell. The defense is ok and getting better. He won’t be the best, but he’ll be in the discussion. All you haters keep hating and watch him shut all of you up.

  • Jagster


    Though I normally don’t include anything from high school (I’m not sure if you meant in or out of games). I hear you. He’s a great athlete! But so are so many other 5-9″-6’3″ guys.

    Unfortunately dunks during high school games don’t count.

    A lot of guards that can jump out the gym; learn to calm that Sh*t down when they come to the NBA or when they improve their other skills.

    You know Nate Robinson’s NBA combine 3/4 time vs Rose was 3.05 vs 2.96 (Nate’s speed).

    But how often do you hear people talk about Nate’s speed? And we know how well he jumps as well (Nate). Shoot did you know that Jordan Farmer, formerly of the lakers and now the Nets, has a 40″ vertical according to Draft express? Yeah he does. But who would know it?

    There a lot of NBA point guards like that (though I haven’t found anyone to match Nates speed in draftexpress). Note: Rondo didn’t run the combine though Doc Rivers claims he can run it under 3 sec (like Nate).

  • IHaveADream

    Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to comment on basketball topics…smh.
    Who in the league has D-Rose’s body control when he’s in the air? Westbrook is a better leaper, but he’s going straight up every time most likely. He’s not going to contort his body and finish like Rose.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hoops-in-view/ Diesel

    Jtaylor – you’re an idiot so I refuse to debate anything with you.

  • B-BallMaestro

    Hey Diesel.

    Thanks for the response. But you listed everyone else faults and not K. Durant.

    What’s his? Please tell me? I can list a few.

    The reason why I said that those guys were better, was because were all great scorers like Durant, but do many things better than he does. The one you can argue is Carmelo.

    And I agree Kobe is on the decline. But Durant is certainly not better than Wade or Lebron. And if you remember I had Kobe fourth best on my list. Though I would still have him for a big game over Durant.

    Everybody’s talking about Durant’s world championships and how young he is. Well Dwade was the leading scorer on a Olympic team with the NBA truly best players. That was impressive do to do!

    Dwade also won a championship and completely dominated it in his third year. Do you see Durant doing that this year?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose


  • http://bulls.com Harry Twatter

    Am i the only person that noticed how frustrated Westbrook got at times while trying to guard Rose? You can look at the “box score” all you want but the truth is Rose was DOMINATING Westbrook until Rose got in foul trouble. Once that happened Rose hit the bench and Westbrook started to score and got his numbers going. Then in the 3rd quarter again I seen Westbrook getting killed and he got pissed but really couldn’t do much.

  • http://Slamonline.com Kap

    Where did the madness of Kobe on the decline come from. U bring up one game from playoffs when he had like eight straight hames of 30 points and scored 23 straight against Celtics? So many people make comments who shouldn’t.

  • chazz michael michaels

    hit em with that nine n****, lil rondo

  • B-BallMaestro

    Hey Kap.

    Kobe shot 35% in the entire Oklahoma playoff series as well as 35% in the entire finals.

    The last game was just the cherry on top (6/24).

  • IHaveADream

    Hey B-BallMaestro,
    Kobe hit ridiculous shots against the Suns in Game 6 of the WCF to close them out. Shots that no one else in the league can make.

  • http://slamonline.com mike

    Boozer continued, “…once Rajon Rondo retires.”

  • B-BallMaestro

    Hey I have a dream.

    Thanks on Kobe.

    Yes he did. And I hear what you’re saying. That just means he had a up and down playoffs. Cause he shot 45% in the Utah and Phoenix series. And he shot 35 % in the Oklahoma and Celtic series.

    Kobe had a interesting playoffs. And he got bailed out by his team mates in two series. If that didn’t happen and he didn’t win the title, Kobe would of been the goat. Don’t ya think?

    Combine that with his 15 years from high school, , combined with his recent injuries and concomitant play, you can under stand why people are saying that?

  • IHaveADream

    The only thing Kobe has lost is some explosiveness which is natural. 14 seasons, a lot of playoff games, Finals appearances, two summers with Team USA. That has definitely gotten to him. But the explosiveness is only for the highlights. Will he be dunking on Steve Nash and Dwight Howard anymore? No. But skill wise, he’s still the man and hasn’t lost anything. His skills have grown as he’s gotten older. So I don’t think anyone can say that he’s losing it. I wouldn’t say that his teammates bailed him out. It’s a team game…they just did what they were supposed to do. Especially when your second best player is perhaps the most skilled big man in the league.

  • Reflex

    I can’t believe that anyone who genuinely watched OKC v The Bulls last night can say Rose had a better game than Westbrook. RW was so composed, deliberate and purposeful in his play. Rose, to be blunt, was jacking shots. Furthermore, he was making passes to teammates who were heavily guarded or simply didn’t want the ball (Hey Korver). His jumper was poor while Westbrook’s was reliable. I like Rose, don’t get it twisted, but he’s become really overrated, he’s on a par with Westbrook right now, let’s not sleep on the small market team. The only thing that Rose has on Westbrook is finishing at the rim, but for everything else, playmaking, jumpshooting, defense, rebounding, Westbrook has/had his number.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/hoops-in-view/ Diesel

    Westbrook is good, but he’s not as good as Rose. I’m not making anymore comments on this. They each scored 28 so obviously they’re both good. Rose got the majority of his points again Westbrook. Westbrook got the majority of his points against CJ Miles. You make your own decision. Obviously everyone is going to see the game they want to see it. I literally laughed out loud in the first half because of how dirty Rose was doing the Thunder.

  • IHaveADream

    Rose was “jacking shots” because he has to until Boozer comes back. If I was playing with Keith Bogans, Luol Deng, Tahj Gibson and Joakim Noah, I would put up 30 shots too. Rose is not overrated. He’s just scary good and as his shot gets more consistent and his defense gets better, he will be even scarier. There’s a reason why no one was crying when Chicago didn’t get LeBron or D-Wade.

  • Jagster


    “There’s a reason why no one was crying when Chicago didn’t get LeBron or D-Wade.”

    That’s the problem with Chicago fans. Derrick Rose is a freaking point guard (and some would argue not that good of one), not a Off guard or Small forward (though many would say he plays like/thinks he’s an off guard).

    How could you not want Carmelo, Wade or Lebron and then continue to make excuses that Rose has to pass to T.Gibson, Noah, Bogan’s and Deng?

    That doesn’t make any sense. Bulls fans can’t have their cake and eat it to. You guys are destined for mediocrity if you don’t want any players better (or on par) with Derrick Rose.

    What are you guys afraid of. I would of chucked Noah in a NY minute (though I know why you guys wanted him).

  • IHaveADream

    LeBron is a point guard in a power forward’s body. He needs the ball. Derrick Rose is a point guard who obviously needs the ball to create for his teammates and himself. D-Wade is a ball stopper at times as well. So I don’t see where Chicago fans are at fault there. And those who argue that Rose isn’t a good point guard have never played the game or just don’t watch him play. Carmelo is another story. They need a player like him. But not LeBron or Wade. I never said that Rose had to pass to Gibson, Noah, Bogans or Deng. I said that I can see why Rose has to take so many shots now while Boozer is out because those guys are not consistent scorers. Right now, he has to be a scoring guard because he’s a better scorer than his teammates until Boozer returns. And Noah isn’t easily replaceable. That’s why the Bulls gave him an extension. They will have to part with Deng though if they want someone who can score on a consistent basis.

  • Joblo

    Don’t get it confused about drose being a superstar in the nba. This was the first game of the year plus if he stayed out of foul trouble he would’ve had a huge night cuz he never got a chance to get in a groove. Who really cares about his height, cuz it obviously doesn’t matter. All u haters just wait he’s gonna do big things this year

  • KB8toSG8

    Uhhh…..no. As long as CP3 and Deron are here, D-Rose can wait in line like Rondo. I’m surprised Boozer actually said that!

  • Jagster

    Regarding your comments on Lebron and DWade.

    Didn’t they say the same thing about Earl Monroe and Walt Frazier and they won a championship with the Knicks?

    Couldn’t Lebron replace a lot of what Noah brings to the table, along with his other skills?

    If Lebron went to Chicago (I mean he actually went there) do you think he’d really want to control the ball from Rose. Why would he want to play point guard with Rose there, unless he felt he was a better passer?

    I think he could of integrated with Dwade as well.

    Carmelo was a no-brainer and you guys should of got him. You can always find energy/effort guys like Deng (as Mark Jackson & Jeff Van Gundy echoed Weds night). But strong, 6’8″ skilled guys are a lot harder to find.

    I mean with Carmelo there, you’re not asking the big to do anything buy rebound, block shots, clog the middle and score with the scraps.

    You would get a whole lot more for your team that way. But there were many Bulls fans, who I heard say they didn’t want to see Carmelo become the leading scorer of the team. Huh? Is Rose a point guard or a off guard?

    Why would that even be important, if you’re trying to win. I can see if people said that, after they got him. But I heard some Bulls fans who were really relieved that you didn’t get Carmelo or have to trade Noah.


  • The D Train

    It really pisses me off when NBA players try to voice their (biased) opinions, especially if trying to promote a teammate. What the hell do they know? It’s much easier to sit here upon our high-horses and tell them what is what. They should listen to some of the experts instead of spouting crazy rhetoric.

  • str8 from samoa


  • chibulls

    @kobe24: ur an idiot. if u watched rose play at all last year, youd kno that he has one of the best mid-range/pullup jump shots in the league. his mid-range shot was almost at 50% for the year. all of his 20 and 30+ point games last yr were usually more than half jump shots. all of y’all who are rippin rose are haters. u guys don’t know jack and need to stfu

  • r dub

    Combine numbers? Questioning his IQ level? After one game the most hated on basketball player in the game has become shorter than Rondo less athletic than Westbrook and people fail to realize that Rose is supposed to be an incomplete player, he’s 22!!!!8 new teammates this year and the most important newcomer hasn’t suited up yet and people have closed the book on Rose’s improvement. Westbrook is my boy but let’s stop being prisoners of the moment. Deron Williams is looking horrible the first two games because he has 5 new teammates, so no matter how good you are there’s an adjustment period when adding new piecesEvery NBA team when game planning for the Bulls focuses on stopping Rose that’s it, but when gameplanning for the Thunder stopping Durant is the central focus.Nobody gameplans on stopping Westbrook so he succeeds in being the second fiddle, no exceedingly high expectations so when he has a good game people blow it completely out of proportion

  • rikson

    Westbrook is at the same level as rose. But only Rose is hyped and bc of that overrated… Nash is better than both at this stage, not even a contest! And Diesel is stupid! Thats all…

  • bashmo

    Here are the top 5 PGs in the game: CP3, DWill, Nash, Rondo, Rose

    Rose is a great player…but to say that he will be the best PG in the league? First of all the dude averaged his numbers on a terrible offensive bulls squad, who’s second best scorer was luol deng, at 17 ppg. They didnt have any other real offensive threats. He is not a three point shooter, not a great passer, and is not a defensive threat…you wanna know who is ALL THAT?

    Chris Paul…enough said. Rondo has great athleticism but is a better passer and defensive guard then Rose. Thats why he’s better, at least IMO.

  • tavoris

    It’s easy for Westbrook to get his with that Durant guy stealing 95% of the defensive attention.

  • IHaveADream

    @The D Train
    NBA players know more than those who most likely have never picked up a ball and will never play at a competitive level. So if anyone’s opinions should be listened to, it’s the players and the coaches who see these players in every game and every practice. So you ask what the hell do they know…well what the hell do you know? lol. Never stepped on an NBA court and you think you know more than these guys? Whatever you’re smoking, please put it away. The experts are the players, coaches and GMs. Not the fans.
    Nash doesn’t play defense. He’s a one way player. He can pass and shoot, that’s it. Great PGs play at both ends. Period.

  • Feez22

    Pfft marbury had better courtvision than rose did at this point of his career… i’d call rose a poor man’s stephon marbury without all the crazy antics and all the unsportsman like “me not WE” play. is that hating? or is that actually being realistic and far sighted? This highlight culture that we live in now is so damn short sighted it forgets about ANY player that isn’t marketable anymore.We act as if we have never seen a PG jump out the gym… like rose is 1 of a kind… HELLO we have seen it before we just haven’t seen it materialise to our wanting. just keep that in mind. keep it in mind that marbury avg 17-8.6 his soph. season and had a much better understanding of the game than rose did in his 2nd yr. just keep that in mind. as far ahead rose can go he can also go bad we have seen it a million times.

  • Feez22

    anyways to the task at hand… if you want to talk about TALENT at the guard spot OF COURSE rose is a top 3 guard. however Since rankings on PG’s actually include skill he is NOT a top 3 pg. can rose shoot better than cp3/d-will/nash? can he lead better?(look at nash’s team right now in the west compared to the others… can you say NO DOMINANT POST PRESENCE?) can rose pass better than those 3? does rose have better b-ball I.Q. than those 3? how do we know rose isn’t a LOOTER in a RIOT (putting up numbers on a subpar 8th seed team that would have been out of the playoffs in the west?) does rose see the floor like those 3? The answer to all of those questions is clearly NO. now u guys will say “nash is old” and “nash can’t play defense” and all this crap. LISTEN. Nash is 36 yrs old and is still a 50-40-90 player that floor generals the court better than any pg in the east not just rose. if we are talking about the best pg’s in the game i REFUSE to take nash out bc of his age. so to go from that your 2nd yr to best pg in the game? listen… cp3, d-will showed their B-Ball I.Q. EARLY on in the nba. their numbers may not show but they showed us that their b-ball iq is beyond most. Nash won MVP’s into his 30s. if you asked me rose is STILL more of an athlete than he is a PG for all the reasons i outlined up top. disagree with one of em? get @ me w/ that. lets have a debate. i don’t care.

  • IHaveADream

    Rose is a lot more athletic than Marbury and doesn’t have half the ego that Marbury had. That’s realistic. I figured you had given up basketball talk because you need to. You are clueless when it comes to the game. A true great point guard plays at both ends, I don’t know how many times I have to say it. The season just started and you call Nash a better leader as if the Suns have already secured a 5 seed in the Western Conference. As a rookie, Rose led his team to the playoffs and within a game of the second round. Those MVP awards Nash won were questionable especially the second one. And if you want to talk about early on in their careers, Nash was on the bench in Phoenix the first go around.

  • The D Train

    @IHaveADream: my sarcasm apparently did not translate well. I figured the line about “sitting on our high horses” would have given it away, but I digress.

  • Feez22

    a true great pg plays at both ends? why do i find that funny? bc the pg on this chat that people are trying to call the 3rd best pg in the game today DOESN’T PLAY GREAT DEFENSIVELY and on top of that is SUBPAR offensively (he scores ya but his midrange, 3pt, ft shots are truly subpar). literally relies HEAVILY on athleticism. we use that criticism on lebron what it doesn’t apply to rose? as i said before, is rose a better leader, passer, shooter than the 3 guards i outlined? is he a better player in the clutch, does he have better b-ball iq than people i outlined? the answer to those 5 questions is NO. btw nash’s 04/05 mvp was legit he took a team that won 29 games w/o him to winning 60 w/ him no questions about the 1st one. the 2nd one? not so much. and talk about different points in diff careers. SO WHAT if nash rode the bench early. he was backing up JASON KIDD for christ sakes any rookie pg in the game rose, cp3, rondo, d-will ALL OF THEM would ride the bench behind jason goddamn kidd in his prime. Kobe rode the bench in his early yrs wth does it matter when you win an mvp and are considered a top 10 great? Nash rode the bench early wth does that matter if he is a 2 time mvp and is still a top 3 pg @ 36? just bc rose is getting sig minutes and leading a team in the EAST to the 8th seed i aint gonna just grant him top 3 pg status chris bosh once led his team to the 3rd seed in the east lets go ahead and anoint him the best PF in the game… btw to the rose sentiment he played well his 1st playoffs. clearly he had ben gordon helping him plenty. not like he carried them through the slugfest rondo went bonkers on dude as well.

  • IHaveADream

    @The D Train
    I saw that and I was wondering whether it was sarcasm or not, but I wasn’t sure lol. It’s kind of hard to discern someone’s intent just by looking at letters on a screen sometimes. My fault. No disrespect bro.

  • IHaveADream

    No use in arguing with someone who’s clearly not on a respectable level with his basketball knowledge. Some people just aren’t articulate with this subject. But I respect your biased opinion. You harbor some sort of dislike for Rose and some sort of love for Nash.

  • IHaveADream

    Rondo and Rose played each other to a stalemate. Both were spectacular. You clearly harbor some sort of dislike for Rose and a love for Nash. You’re in the minority with your views on Rose.

  • Ronald

    @Diesel: CJ Miles must be pretty good to be able to mark Westbrook all the way from Utah.

  • Jagster

    @I have a dream.

    Derrick Rose was not “a lot more athletic than Stephon Marbury”.

    What world do you live in?

    Do you think athletic point guards just dropped in the NBA for the last 4-5 years?

    Marbury was incredibly athletic. He just chose to not jump into the paint all day like Rose. But he did on occasion. And he was taller than Rose to.

    PS: Probably the most skilled point guard offensively in NBA history (I said skilled guys, Magic was just bigger), Isiah Thomas had incredible athleticism.

    Everyone once in a while he’d remind us by dunking on peoples heads. But he was smart enough not to most of the time, because he was a incredibly skilled dribbler, passer, faker and shot maker.

  • Luiyo

    Good player, awful point guard

    He is a PG with a SG mentality, if you watched the OKC vs. Bulls game, nearly everytime he went to the Pick & Roll with Noah he looked to score even when Noah rolled alone, there’s NO excused to take 31 shots,it’s not coincidence that they were losing when he went to the bench, all of the sudden they tied the game and went he came back, the Thunder opened the game again… Maybe it was the first game and he was trying to prove something…

    If you say the best PG in the league is gonna be such a bad passer, with poor court vision, bad jump shot, averaged defender with good handles, great speed and quickness then the league is in trouble…

    I think Rondo, Westbrook & even John Wall are gonna BE (not are) better than him…

    But because he is from the Bulls (Big market team) they wanna crown him already as the best young PG and future best at the position but I think is a bit premature to do so… That he can be? Yes he can, but in my humble opinion I do not think he will be the best in 5 years

  • hooper520

    ok now…………….who still thinks hes not the best pg?