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No Sixer Has Winning Record as a Professional

Via the Philly Inquirer’s Kate Fagan, one of the most talented writers on the NBA beat: “Yes, it’s early. Yes, the Sixers have played two very good teams and a decent team on their home court. Yes to all of that. The team is playing hard, which is very nice and at times is easy to fall back on, but essentially this whole thing should be about winning and figuring out a way to build a team that will win. In that vein, Sixers coach Doug Collins offered this statistic after the game (which he said he shared with his team as well): No player on the Sixers roster has a winning record as a professional. That actually struck me as quite amazing. Obviously there are the mainstays that you know don’t have a winning record because they’ve been with the Sixers their entire careers (Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams, etc.), but to think that even the added veterans and transplants (Andres Nocioni, Tony Battie) don’t have winning records is amazing. It’s a statistic that is common sense once you think about it, but still quite representative of the uphill battle this team faces.”

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  • ggfgfs


  • rob

    haha ‘theres a lot more work to do here than i thought’ sounds about right

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    lol. That’s not good.

  • The Philosopher

    They used to get on Derrick Coleman about that…

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Sign Adam Morrison, that’ll change that!

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Thats what happens when a franchise sucks

  • hangtime Hec

    Last years Nets are this years Sixers. Hello 60+ loss season!

  • robb

    man, that’s pretty funny, terrible but funny

  • jawjack

    Laugh at Morrison all you want, he still has TWO rings.

  • jawjack

    They traded Sammy D for Hawes & Noch? They should have held on to him and gotten something much better then Zip n Dip.

  • Young C

    And Lang has them as the 7th seed in the mag. I dont know what he was smokin but I want some. Way to put unrealistic expectations on probably the worst team in the conference. He had the Knicks lower than the Sixers! They at least have an all-star to turn to. What do the Sixers have? Nobody over 7ft tall thats what they have. And no Spencer Hawes doesnt count.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    The 76ers miss Sammy, if they had him, better defense/rebounding and maybe a win.

  • KingLames

    doug collins is an idiot the 04-05 sixers with A.I. and A.I.2 had a winning record 43-39. hes a good for nothing idiot who is gonna drive the sixers right into the ground. they should get rid of him and that dumbass GM ed good for nothing stefanski. andre nocioni is a POS and they should have never got rid of dalembert, how stupid was it to trade his defense and expiring contract for that POS nocioni and whiteboy HAWES.

    they should hire me to run that team…first order of business…bring AI back from Turkey…hahahah

  • DDB

    KingLames….I think he meant for their career. Not for one season.

  • ClydeSays

    Oof. Really? Didn’t Battie play on winning Celtics, Cavs & Magic teams?

    As much as I liked Brand as a player on the Clips, his signing really seemed to handcuff Philly…

  • http://punchthispilot.com MrDangDang

    All I ask is that my boys play hard, and so far, although they’re winless, they’re not giving up on plays. They still have a lot to learn about fastbreaks, transition defense, taking good shots, and a lot of other stuff, but Dalembert was not going to take us anywhere. Hawes will be a better center than him, and Nocioni is a very good team player you can move the ball through and spread the floor with. This franchise has made a lot of changes, even the commentators and sideline reporter, I mean, they are literally starting from scratch this year, turning a new leaf. This team has no basement this year, so I’m just going to focus on the positives, and hope Turner, Young, & Hawes continue to improve. Gotta give Collins a chance, it’s a looonnnnggg season.

  • Fat Lever

    I think the worst team in the conference is a battle between Toronto and Detroit. Philly will be fine. Collins is still trying to find his most consistent lineup. Jrue has been underwhelming(that’s an understatement). As Jrue goes, this team goes. They’ll be somewhere around 33-35 wins and another spot in the lottery. It’s a down time for us Sixer fans, but I think we are building towards something. Collins is the right hire. Anyone who can’t see that is the real idiot.

  • KingLames

    you’re a real idiot Fat Lever. If you look at collins track record you’ll see the guy is good for nothing. Apart from moderate success with Jordans bulls in the late 80′s, every job he has had since then has been a failure. He will come in, improve our record for one year, and then they will stink even worse the next. Just look at his history