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Report: Knicks Ran Illegal Workouts of College Players

This explosive Yahoo! report is not exactly the kind of thing the NBA (or the Knicks) needed to see published on day 1 of the regular season: “Knicks director of East Coast scouting Rodney Heard coordinated and conducted the sessions, three players who were involved in some of the workouts told Yahoo! Sports – including one May 2007 session that resulted in a devastating knee injury to Kansas All-American Brandon Rush. A tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in Rush’s right knee forced him to withdraw from the 2007 draft and required surgery plus six months of rehabilitation. In addition to the Rush session – which was an apparent violation of NBA bylaws forbidding teams from working out players before the annual predraft camp – Heard may have broken more rules by conducting predraft workouts with additional players during restricted time periods in 2007 and for excessive sessions in 2009 and 2010. League sources with knowledge of the workouts said Heard trained forward Wilson Chandler for multiple weeks before the 2007 predraft camp. The Knicks went on to draft Chandler with the 23rd overall pick that year. DePaul’s Dar Tucker said Heard led two-a-day workouts for him and other players for multiple days before the 2009 draft. NBA rules limit teams to two total workouts spaced three days apart. Heard also helped oversee multiple workouts in 2010 for a group of players including Baylor’s Ekpe Udoh and Notre Dame’s Tory Jackson, said Jackson and a college coach who was present at the sessions. The workouts also are an apparent violation of NBA rules limiting the time teams may spend with players before each draft.”

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  • Fat Lever

    But yea Dolan, keep putting up those billboards to counter the Nets marketing! You won, Jimmy!

  • MusketeerX


  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Dar Tucker??? Did they really think Dar freakin’ Tucker was good enough to risk running illegal workouts for??? Awesome.

  • neaorin

    Was that wrong? Should I have not done that?

  • whoooo!

    it’s always funny to hear about cheaters who still suck despite their illegal efforts

  • http://slamonline.com mike

    You know…because if anybody told me that kind of stuff was frowned upon I would definitely not have done that

  • Hammer

    When it comes 2 the knick org,nuthin is surprising anymore

  • unrel

    can we blame zeek for this too?

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    How the hell do the find out this information? I mean, if you’re going to pull something like this, wouldn’t you (and whoever’s involved) keep their mouth shut?

  • MusketeerX

    I’m curious as to what this actually means? Fines? Penalties? Lose your draft pick for the upcoming year??? Oh wait, they don’t have one.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    So he was doing this under Isiah and Donny? Crazy. This dude was wilding.

  • http://sdjklff.com Jukai

    So THAT’S the secret to the Spurs succe… wait… did that say Knicks? Huh?

  • MikeC.

    This is going to come down to whatever settlement Dolan offers the scout to get the scout to fall on his sword and take the entire blame. A “generous” severance package could get the scout to say it was all his idea and he ran the workouts without the knowledge of management and ownership. Then dude gets fired, cashes in his large check and lives richly ever after. I’ll need a few minutes to find a way to blame this on Isiah though.

  • PapaBearATL

    And what exactly was the ‘upside’ for the Knicks? Go big or go home, if you violate shouldn’t you have something to show for it?

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    I remember rushs injury occured under somewhat suspicious circumstances. An illegal workout for knicks? Why? Oh well, it led to him coming back and ku winning the title against no one. Because memphis didnt have a team that year.

  • http://thetroyblog Teddy-the-Bear

    And all the Knicks got from it was a couple nice draft picks for other teams (Noah), and Andy Rautins. Way to show’em how you recruit talent, Knicks!

  • http://www.iowsports.com/ Blue

    Now we get to find out how you reprimand an organization that already sucks and has very few (if any) 1st round picks in the foreseeable future. I’ll give the Knicks Organization this. When it comes to negative publicity and idiotic personnel moves, they strive for excellence…

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