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Tim Duncan: ‘We Don’t Get That Respect’

The San Antonio Express-News has a terrific Q&A with the Spurs’ Big Three, and while covering a number of topics, they discuss the reasons why their group seems to lack the proper respect (and historical ranking) among the greatest teams of all-time: “Where do you think the three of you should be regarded among the great trios in NBA history? TP: ‘Yeah, that’s a GREAT question, because I’m watching the game last night (Miami’s Big Three had played its preseason opener the night before) and it shows all the best Big Threes — Chicago, Boston, the Lakers. After that, there’s a hole and it goes straight to Miami. I don’t know why they never put us on that list. It’s not like it’s gonna bother me, because I have the rings and I’ll sleep well at night. But they just don’t want to put us up there.’ TD: ‘That’s how it always is. Even in the midst of us winning championships every other year, every year we started we’d be like the No. 5 team on the list to win it. That’s the way it is in San Antonio, for whatever reason. We don’t get that respect.’ TP: ‘I always say if we did what we did in New York, we’d be gods right now.’ TD: ‘It would be crazy.’ TP: ‘I think the fact that me and Manu are international players, I don’t think we get the same respect. Because we’re not from America, I think that’s why we’re not considered up there with the Bostons, or the Lakers or Chicago.’ TD: ‘It’s a conspiracy theory.’”

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  • smooth

    he is right they dont give any kind respect to them even when they win championships

  • Yann Blavec

    I hate conspiracy theories. If they did that in Milwaukee, it would be the same.

  • IHaveADream

    I like what Tony said…”I have the rings so I’ll sleep well at night” lol

  • danmcdirty

    i dont think that it has much to do with manu n parker being foreigners. olajuwon had all the love back then as a nigerian migrant. its more about the market i think. a problem that kevin durant should face one day if he ever wins a ring with the okc thunder.

    so as a knicks-fan i just want to state this one: dear tony parker, dear tim duncan, its not too late to force a trade to the knicks :D

  • Ganchan

    I’ve never heard of these players, who are they again?


    Tony Parker wants to be in New York.

  • Benjamin Stone

    BTW, keep this in mind: The conspiracy theory line was likely dry sarcasm on TD’s part.

  • Anthony

    Players and coaches around the League have a huge respect for SA has accomplished, but i dont feel the same respect from the media or people in general. But maybe im wrong.

  • http://ohlaglambam.blogspot.com Zabba

    I see Popovich’s dry wit is rubbing off on his players. They are right, though. If this was New York they’d be so big right now that Tony Parker would be buttf**king Halle Berry and not Eva Longoria.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Zabba – If these boys were winning it all in NYK, spike would be giving PARKER the business!?!

  • Trout

    The Spurs never get respect ever since the days of the admiral patrolling the paint. But like Tony says at the end of his career he has rings which is more than a chosen few can atest to.

  • Noel

    Maybe it has less to do with Tony and Manu being foreign and more with Tim being a robot. Robots deserve respect, too!

  • MikeC.

    @Noel – while it is true that robots deserve respect (mostly out of fear that they may rise up, overthrow humanity and rule us, literally, with an iron fist), does Tim Duncan care? Doubtful. He’s programmed to do his job, then go into a storage unit at the Spurs’ practice facility to have his joints oiled and his batteries charged. I’m surprised that after all this time, the Spurs couldn’t find anyone to correct the programming flaw that causes TD to shoot so poorly from the FT line. Unless that flaw was intentional to keep us off the scent of his robot-ness.

  • http://hoopcoach73@aol.com Hoopcoach

    Duncan and Parker are great players, but nobody recognizes Manu Giflopli for the fraud that he is, which is why San Antonio doesn’t get recognized for having a “big 3″.

  • vtrobot

    it’s more about who they are than it is about the market. LBJ seemed to get noticed in CLE. none of these three are the type who little kids want to emulate and they’re not going to get that over-the-top love from the media. french accent/bald spot/robot doesn’t equal mcdonalds commercials. in the mid 2000′s manu was probably the most underrated player in the NBA for a couple years. all respect to TD. one of the true greats of the last two decades.

  • Exile

    Good pointed, dry humor on their part. I agree with them on many levels, but that was almost part of their game. They are a low drama, “keep striking that stone,” type of team with all three of their stars buying in. The only hollywood aspect of that team is Mrs. Parker.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Yo, thanks for posting that because that was a great interview. Made me laugh and smile.

  • Brian

    It is because they never were a classic Big 3. They won with David Robinson et al prior to Ginobli and Parker arriving. By the time they came around the Spurs were thought of as a championship team led by Duncan.

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  • http://bulls.com airs

    amen. hell i forget about them all the time until theyre in the finals. but these dudes are cool

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    TP: ‘I always say if we did what we did in New York, we’d be gods right now.’ TRANSLATION: ‘I’m off to the Knicks next season. DUECES!’

  • whoooo!

    Enigmatic, that’s totally what it sounds like! one of the mags had an interesting cover a few years ago, of a “what if” the Celtics had gotten the #1 pick for TD. dude didn’t even lose a game to that team till ’08. but ya, if he had ended up there, he’d be in the realm of basketball gods, not underappreciated.

  • B-BallMaestro

    I always considered Tim Duncan underwhelming and very fortunate to had landed in a good situation at San Antonio and not having to play Center & missing the Era of the big boy (Centers to boot)in post expansion NBA.

  • http://elchinas.wordpress.com El Chinas

    Even in their so-called decline, the Spurs are still competitive from year to year. You, Mr. Duncan, are underrated.

  • BBaller

    He’s right, even when the Spurs defeat a team by 20 points, all the highlights are about the losing team! They obviously have no high flying explosive 2 or 3 guard like the other teams do but the offense has its entertaining moments, the Parker teardrop, Manu’s unorthodox style, and when Tim takes over, i prefer Blair to do lay ups
    ( for health and longevity )

  • 210blood

    Manu a fraud? You must be a wack ass Phoenix Suns fan. Haters always hate when their team gets beat…especially by foreigners. Hater. Manu is a genius, and you’d want him on whatever team you cheer for. Hater.