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What’s My Name?

Marc Gasol needs one.

Marc GasolMarc Gasol doesn’t appear to have the body of an NBA star, and big bro Pau was always the more highly touted player. Quiet as kept, though, MG is looking like he’ll be a big-time player for a long time. He and the up-and-coming Grizzlies are showing some staying power, so it’s time we get Marc a nickname to match his skills.

Whoever has the best nickname will win a dope prize from the SLAM vault and get their name in Trash Talk next month.

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  • http://www.davidsparks.me David Sparks

    el Matador

  • http://tonimesa.wordpress.com/ Toni Mesa

    “Big Mac” Gasol

  • Big Rose

    Gaso-lina…thats the name of a hit Reggeaton song by the spanish artits Daddy Yankee. im sure ya remmember. lol

  • paul allens spaceship


  • Arnis J.

    Big Bear!

  • Klav

    grizzly G or BEAR GRILLZ

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    “Not Pau”

  • http://twitter.com/DMNGZ Edgar Dominguez

    La Bestia

    The Beast in Spanish

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Spanish Fly

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Gaston. LOL.

  • melizzle

    baby jesus

  • connor

    macy gray

  • t-sizzle

    The Beast of the Paint.. the Spanish Demon.. the “Mark” of the Beast

  • mcfresh

    Cram (his first name backwards)

  • Jay

    Natural gas.

  • Jay

    Gas lite.

  • http://bugmarley.com LeoneL

    Baby Jesus I think is fine. Dwight gave him that and who are we to argue with Dwight?

  • Hammer

    El Conquistador

  • http://www.nobrain.dk omer urundul

    the bro

  • peter

    El Marcador (it translates to someone who scores in a game) or The Marcsman

  • Gino G


  • Jose

    Grizz Marc-G…

  • Ali Saadat

    Marc “Lil G” Gasol

  • jack boutchard

    i Saez

  • http://www.slamonline.com Kevin

    The Tank

  • estoniandude


  • DDB

    Gas-Guzzler. Dude is like a F350 in the paint.

  • Kent Kanada

    Grizzly Adams. Have you seen Grizzly Adams?! Google that shit. He balls for the Grizz Im telling ya

  • Miguel

    Mosquetero english means Musketeer! Believe me!

  • Chiizy

    El Oso (means bear in spanish)
    or Oso Pardo (grizzly bear)

  • Andrew

    Marc Diesol!

  • http://hajrazigic@yahoo.com edi zigic

    Spanish dynamite

  • Jon Riggs


  • http://www.danchamb.com.br Lz – Cphfinest3

    The Yeti

  • Sarah boutchard

    Grizzley bear

  • Akshan


  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis

    Bull rider

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis


  • Chris Chavez

    “The Marc” he’s right on “The Marc”… Get it!?

  • Daron

    cuz his brother is Pau

  • Hamish

    Marc Garizzle

  • http://POBox1405Lytle,Texas Ivan Fernandez

    The Big MG Grizzly

  • Alexandre Costa

    El Tauro (the bull)

  • rob stewart

    “Bear necessity”


    Marc “Blue Steel” Gasol

  • Jens Christian Auken

    The Forgotten Big

  • Roger Bracy

    “G2″ like gatorade, he will always be the second Gasol

  • John Rosenfield

    MG Grand

  • Caleb Crow

    Good Vibrations

  • lockon

    the sequel
    beast 2.0
    the bulldozer

  • ampd

    i’ve been callin him it for years: marc “the lumberjack” gasol. not only does he look like one, but like a lumberjack he does work and never complains

  • matt

    el segundo
    big elvis

  • amro manaa


  • chase

    Bam Bam. Because he’s Pau(Pow)’s little bro.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth


  • Najee Fareed

    “The matador.” He teases bulls( the media)with signs of greatness but never really effective to his teams losing problem.

  • Nick D

    hermano del lil (lil brither)

  • Nick D

    hermano del lil (lil brother)

  • Jennifer

    Papa Bear

  • Jake Rothman

    Grizzly Grandes (Big Grizzly)
    Hombre Experto
    The Chosen Spaniard

  • wolfang37

    Gas bomb

  • rinalds

    marcy marc

  • kesef

    Gas Man


    Marc Gas-ALL The Way

  • http://manning.s@insightbb.com Steve Manning

    2nd fiddle

  • JayChau

    The Junior Fundamental

  • k


  • k

    (like little Gasol, but more awesome)

  • k

    (like little Gasol, only more awesome)

  • lowell amparan

    la pequeña (spanish for the little one)

  • David T. Smith (aka Motor City Smitty)


  • Nemo

    “Ballsier than Pau”

  • Christian “crangel” Rangel

    MGD lite
    Marc Gasol Defense
    and lite since his brother Pau is the superior of the two

  • James Lotz

    MG2 (Squared) Marc Gasol/Memphis Grizzlies
    Reign of Spain
    Spanish Armada

  • Estevan Longoria

    big BAD bangger

  • andrew

    little bro

  • andrew

    better bro

  • Christian Haack

    Bo Bo (Referring to a bear name because he is on the Girzzlies).

  • Bill Zimmerman


  • Ronald

    The Beast from Beauty and the Beast..

  • Justin

    Geico “The Caveman” Gasol

  • http://twitter.com/ Shawn

    Pau Gasols little brother

  • James Payton

    How about Marc the Great? Or the Great Gasol?

  • Joseph Riesland

    Mr “Post”man

  • Justin C

    Poder which as far as google will tell me is the spanish word for power.

    The Bear is another good one.

  • http://www.bloggersodear.com Martin Rickman


  • M Timo

    The Inquisitor (from the Spanish Inquisition of course!)

  • Zacharyseibert

    “The Marcsman”

  • Brandon

    Solido Grande (“The Big Solid”)

  • http://sputnikbasketblog.blogspot.com/ Jacobo Rivero

    The ‘Toro’

  • Stevie W

    The Spanish Post-position

  • Jp gacula

    Marc Gasol aka Chubby Bunny

  • Trevor Pridie

    The Barcelona Bulldozer

  • http://twitter@_turtlejuice tello welch

    Gaszilla or Gazilla

  • JER Dawg

    Grizzly Warrior.

  • mschoony

    the bro

  • Jdizzle

    The Other

  • AP

    “El Torro”!!!!!

  • Gladiator

    Dirty Sanchez

  • http://twitter.com/snapbackthat joey soumphonphack


  • Adriano ESP

    El Cid (great hero of the spanish history)

  • Josh

    “The Gas Man”

  • Brandon

    The Second Coming

  • http://aol.com RJ

    Pau’s panda

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    El Tanque

  • Josh

    Marc “Gasino” Gasol

  • kristin

    My vote’s for “¡GASOLINA!”

    (see k above for the prize–LOVE IT)

  • scottie_k

    The Great Beard

  • christian

    Marky Marc and the Grizzly Bunch

    Hermano Menor

    Big Brother


    Natural Gas-ol

    Gasol Station

    Nerve Gasol

  • Trevor Pridie

    The Spain Train

  • Tarique

    MGG Marc Gasol is a G (G standing for Grizzile)

  • Chris

    The Spanish Yetti

  • KT

    “second to none”

    cuz tho he’s the lil bro, he still has his own game goin on.

  • DD


  • MrHyperfresh

    EL Matador!

  • Mike

    The lumberjack

  • http://tvalikodath@gmail.com Terryn

    The Pain of Spain

  • dshawnfields

    spain slain

  • http://Securityea.com Antblanco

    Marc-Oso (Bear in spanish)

  • http://mikecinco5@yahoo.com Michael Cinco

    Marc “New Diesel” Gasol

  • http://mikecinco5@yahoo.com Michael Cinco

    New Diesel

  • Gladiator

    - the spanish onion
    - the conquistador
    - Pau Lite
    - Seven foot fever

  • Tim


  • rey1982


  • rey1982


  • rey1982

    Gas the Shelby

  • http://5vemics.com eli porter


  • Chinadian123

    The Second Gasoling

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    Big Ballin Gasol

  • Jason Litton

    Marc “the other” Gasol

  • Jason Litton

    Marc “not Paol” Gasol







  • Alejandro García

    Big Trademarc

  • http://Slam Steve D.

    Marcy Mark and the Grizzlie Bunch

  • Aaron

    Lil Spain

  • Mykah Horrell

    “Little Big Brother.”

  • LTproductions

    Here’s my pick all the way from Barcelona:
    The Bruise Brother

  • flipnoyce

    Just call him “The Spaniard” just in case he gets traded he could still keep the name.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    El Cortez

  • Eric yee

    No brother’s keeper

  • Eric Playa

    Quiet upcoming

  • hitman

    bull runner. a reference to the running of the bulls

  • hitman

    or Alano Español, which means spanish bulldog

  • slamin slamo

    marky mark and the grizzly bunch

  • Niky Ledent

    Gasol 2.0

  • shaun jenkins

    Mr. Ga- saw ya shot so i blocked it

  • patrick beville

    Brother Bear

  • Ryan turner

    The Spanish Slammer

  • Chris Cummings

    “The Spanish Conquistador” aka Marc Gasol, when teamed up in Spain with his brother they are the “Spanish Conquistadors”.

  • Fernando B.

    marc is “Kane” from the bible

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis

    young brother

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis


  • http://slamonline.com jude

    el terrible

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for the entries. Look for the winner in SLAM #144, on sale next week.