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Hakeem Olajuwon Tutored Rashard Lewis in the Summer

Judging by his crap-tastic start to the season, Rashard — the second Magic player to work with Dream this past summer — needs to get back in the hoops classroom (or at the very least, start putting Hakeem’s lessons to use). From SI: “You got a little help over the summer in that effort from former 12-time All-Star, Hakeem Olajuwon? What did you work on with him? Lewis: ‘We worked on footwork, which is where a lot of his moves came from. We also worked on post moves, facing up and isolation plays. But it was mostly about the footwork, how to make those moves. He showed me a lot. I haven’t necessarily used it a lot yet; usually when practice starts you’re working on a lot of team concepts and not individual stuff. But I’m still working on it when I do get a chance. I’ve been playing a little bit in the post and have tried to add [some of what I learned] to my game.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com peter

    Rashard Lewis: Second highest paid player in the league.

  • Cheech

    I don’t recall The Dream being an overpaid buffoon, missing three pointers consistently.

  • Jer dawg

    Hmmm… Interesting. I guess I can’t be mad at that. He tried, I guess, to get better. But isn’t he really THE 2nd option on the Magic? He’s playing like he’s the fourth option behind D12, VC, & Jameer. Wth?

  • Kas

    why? he’s never been in the post. never

  • elmaar

    what’s best they have a guy named ryan anderson who does the same exact things and earns 14 times less

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Kas has just outed himself as a know nothing parrot. Shard plays very well in the most, as a small forward. His contract is crazy, but he didnt write it. And he is the fourth, fifth option on offense. He just gets in where he fits in. Hes not very aggressive. Dwight has to see the ball, jameer shoots whenever, vince shoots. Pietrus comes in and shoots, bass looks to score. In seattle, when it was just him and ray, shard was aggressive and effective. Beautiful basketball to watch those two shooting alot. Now, with so many other scorers, hes not looking to break the offense and just go score for himself. Hes in a bad spot. Ppl kill him for not playing up to his contract, then when he has a good game, ppl kill him for trying to score and /or not doing it enough. Its ok, hes over halfway thru the contract right?

  • kc

    do you really need someone to teach you moves? This reminds me of people buying p90x and thinking that because they have a dvd they will suddenly be in shape. Learning moves from the dream will do nothing if you don tirelessly work to perfect them like he did.

  • elmaar

    poor shard, he doesn’t get the shots he needs and he’s just almost in the middle of 118 mil contract that the most complete retard in the universe by the name of Otis Smith generously gave him
    and I know there are many bright examples of how players are playing up to their money, but please…even at that time, giving that load of money to Rashard 5rebs a game Lewis
    and now the owners are talking bout cutting players salaries and sh1t, that’s pathetic

  • http://www.nobrain.dk omer urundul

    they couldnt keep the roster which made the finals because of this contract. what a waste.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    elmar, Otis Smith is a pretty dang good GM. He built a team around Dwight so well that, even with nothing remotely close to a go-to scorer, made the Finals. While he tends to overpay players (Lewis, Gortat, Redick) he does what is necessary to win. I’ll bet 90% of teams wish they had a GM like Otis.

  • Will Lee

    thats for leisure only right? lewis lives outside the 3pt line

  • dma

    Gortat and Redick are only overpaid because they’re on the Magic. Stick them on Dallas and Chicago and suddenly they’re considered steals. Rashard maybe overpaid in hindsight, but he definitely earned that contract in Seattle.

  • mike

    2 years ago NBA finals. Last year #1 record in the east, 2nd best record in the league. Eastern Conference finals. Seems like Otis an the magic have been doing well the past couple years. Only 1 team can win a title. despite rashards contract, the magic have been contenders ever since they got him. period. end of story

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    “Only 1 team can win a title.”
    That’s very true, and this Magic roster will never do it. Period. End of story.
    I almost think the Magic would be better off hiring Hakeem to play the 4. At least he’d be cheaper and consistent.

  • elmaar

    caboose, almost any gm in the league would do the same if not better if he had a player like dwight in the middle, but otis did it the expensive way, so let’s clarify what he did, dwight and hedo already were on that team, cos otis became the gm in 2006, which leads to that the only decent signings by him were mikael pietrus, brandon bass, gortat and to some extent nelson, and that’s in a 4 year span, otherwise all he did was grossly overpaying for shraight up shooters
    that being said mr.smith better get melo to town somehow

  • riggs

    @kc: horrible analogy, as someone who has brought p90x and used it, it does exactly what it says it can do.

  • EJ

    Now that Kobe had success with Hakeem, everybody thinks they’ll be Kobe when they work a little with him. You gotta practice it A LOT by yourself, you can’t just go play with Hakeem for a while and the do nothing. That’s why Kobe is Kobe and Rashard is Rashard.

  • donlaker

    rashard : i hope u can help me in the post
    the dream : if you leave the steroids alone, and u ignore prima donna vince carter’s concern about you making more money than him, and please dont give him my cell number

  • http://dez@nba.com dez

    hey, i have that p90x, and havent even pressed ‘Play’. High five, Rashard!