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LeBron Not Worried About Safety Vs. Cavs

When the Heat visit Cleveland next week, LBJ expects an intense, but not dangerous, environment: “James said he felt the Cavs and the NBA would take measures to keep all the players safe from what is expected to be an emotionally charged crowd at Quicken Loans Arena. ‘I’m not concerned [about safety],’ James said. ‘It is a good league and they do their best to try to make sure the players and the fans have a good time.’ During his seven years with the Cavs, James was used to having numerous friends and family courtside for each game. That included his two sons, who are living with James’ girlfriend in his hometown of Akron. He said he’s still deciding whether any family or friends will attend the game. ‘It would probably be a good idea to keep my friends and family away,’ James said. ‘But it might be hard … they want to see it too. We’ll see.’”

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  • Alphamale1

    I wish in this CBA meeting Stern would just do the contraction and get rid of the Clippers and Cavaliers…..nobody needs these two teams. LA already has a championship team and Cleveland…….well just like Noah said “who the hell goes to Cleaveland”

  • kb24mj23

    Yeah… as messed up as it is that it is an issue at all, his family should stay away. It wouldn’t be much fun to read about Lebron’s child being hit by something some stupid drunk fan threw.

  • http://psp2423@yahoo.com Eboy

    I think the Heat might lose to the cavaliers. Lebron might choke and get lost in the crowd.

  • Kelly

    I sure hope the fans in Cleveland have more decency than to try and hurt LeBron and/or his family. 25 or 26 is still relatively a young person; and in hindsight probably realize that the one-hour “Decision” wasn’t the best way to let his decision be known. As I’ve stated before, being a free agent, he had the right to do it how ever he wanted to; but having the right to do something is not always the right thing to do; and sometimes young people don’t appreciate that right away, but will learn as they grown. People need to leave this young man alone, and try to remember when was the last time you made a decision that was not popular. Also, I live the saying “Those that mind, don’t matter; and those that matter, don’t mind.”

  • Exile

    Eboy: I don’t think LeBron will be the cause of Miami’s loss (if they lose). I think he will show up, but I don’t know how the rest of the team will react. Wade has a hard edge, but big Z, Bosh and numerous others on the team might let the emotion cow them, rather than use it to elevate them.

  • LD

    Has LeBron gotten a triple-double yet this season?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Fake Eboy at 6:44p is as lame as his comment.

  • http://psp2423@yahoo.com Eboy

    Why do people think im the fake Eboy im just being sarcastic other Eboy stop trying to impersnate me.

  • vp

    Ya. They lost that game.

  • LD

    LeBron isn’t worried about safety.
    LeBron is not panicking about the 9-8 start.
    LeBron didn’t really get dunked on by Jordan Crawford.

  • http://ohlaglambam.blogspot.com Zabba

    I think a fake Eboy will show up that night.

  • bill breedley

    Wow!!!! I knew the heat were all hype , but their record this early was not excepted. Never seen a “superstar” suck this bad with this kind of backup. Chris bosh and dwade. What more does this team need?

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    The only enemy Lebron will be facing here is himself. But dont worry, he is packing a couple extra tampons just in case mother nature’s gift happens to happen its way upon him.

  • rainman

    yeah definately keep the friends and fam away…

  • The Philosopher