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Meet the ‘Unstoppable’ Darko Milicic

Yes, you read the above correctly. And yes, your entire life as an NBA fan has been a lie; Darko actually matters in the L now as more than just a punchline. The Star Tribune reports:  “You know things are starting to change some when the national media in just a little trickle might be willing to admit that the Wolves’ signing of Milicic to that four-year deal isn’t the dumbest personnel move since the New Orleans Jazz traded the draft pick that would become Magic Johnson to the Lakers for creaky old guard Gail Goodrich. That’ll happen when you follow a career 23-point, 16-rebound, 6-block, 5-assist game against the Lakers with a 21-point, 4-rebound, 3-block, 2-assist game that overshadowed Kevin Love’s 24-point, 17-rebound night. Kevin Durant afterward called him unstoppable, which he was until those final six minutes when the Thunder took him away from fronting him with Serge Ibaka and went off on a 22-6 run that ended the game. OKC also did a good job taking away a two-man game the Wolves tried to get going with Darko and Luke Ridnour. ‘We just got to find a way to finish off these close games,’ Darko said afterward. ‘We know this is a good team, a playoff team. We still got to find a way to finish up. We were up 5 or 6, we couldn’t finish off the game. I think we’re going to get there. I think we’re going to get there soon.’ He almost smiled when asked about his night, which had the Wolves bouncing with joy when he took over the game for a chunk of the fourth quarter. ‘Last time I felt like the last time I played in Serbia,’ he said.”

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  • Nick

    unstoppable? ahahah

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Perhaps an overstatement, but he is making a case for the MIP award. He’s looking quite good out there.

  • Drew

    If he can finish the season averaging 20+pts, 8+ rebounds, and at least 1.5 blocks, then I would say he lives up to his draft #.

  • MikeC.

    When Darko and Ridnour are your main threats in the 2-man game, you’re…well…you’re the L-Wolves.

  • PJF

    Unstoppable is probably a bit much, but most certainly improved… dude was looking like a deer in headlights out there early on in the season and shooting an atrocious 19% (a few 0 fors in there). He has worked that up to 40% on the season (still not good for a C, but a huge jump). Looks like he’s finally settling in and getting comfortable. Now, consistency has to be the main focus.

  • Cizzo

    Big up Darco!I remember the article claiming how the T’wolves were on Crack for signing you…. now your showing up….

  • Sparker

    ridnour gets zero respect, but the teams he plays for always seem to get better. and when he leaves, they get worse.

  • http://codyanderson.blogspot.com donnycersado

    He’s been great these past two games, but assuming that he’ll keep up the pace is ridiculous. Being a Wolves fan, it’s great to see him playing well. However, if you’ve followed the Wolves, you seemed to have forgotten how Milicic started the season, shooting an awful percentage (less than 25%). The MIP talks are also premature, considering how he started the season. Any mediocre player can have great back-to-back games. I did watch the OKC vs. MIN game last night and he was fun to watch, especially in that second half. I don’t think we can expect him to continue on this pace, but if he can be a consistent 15-10 guy for the Wolves, he’ll no longer be a joke in this league. Durant said himself that he was one of the best centers in the league at the end of the game last night, let’s hope he can live up to that and be a consistent threat.

  • TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon

    coign mikeC.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/32JSE Yesse

    Only 2 good games so far. Will see if he can keep this up. I’m not expecting much.

  • http://Slamonline.com BK Chris

    @ Drew. Darko will never live up to his draft # considering who he was picked ahead of.

  • http://pointingnofingers.wordpress.com/ twinparadox


    Good thing to know that they’re getting SOMETHING out of the moves they’ve made…

    Just Trade Rubio’s right’s already

  • http://pointingnofingers.wordpress.com/ twinparadox

    agreed with BK Chris…Darko would have to get an MVP and a championship to at least come close to living up his draft pick…
    Shame on you Larry Brown

  • A.

    @twinparadox: Darko already has the Chip, was the first one in that draft class to get one. Detroit in ’04? Granted he didn’t do anything, but he has a ring. Now he just needs to get that ever elusive MVP.

  • ab40

    hey darko played better than D-Wade last night

  • 80

    Joe Dumars didnt do Darko any favors by drafting him into that Detroit logjam. Who knows how good Darko would be if he played in the first year. Watching the all star centers list in todays NBA, Darko still has potential to be a very good center, but he needs to play consistently. Luke is a great player, totally underestimated, but that gives him chance to surprise everyone

  • donlaker

    memo to joe dunars….. get darko back
    let me see darko or ben wallace

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Does he still have that bobblehead collection?

  • donlaker

    you know his family bought up every detroit badboy 2004 bobblehead package they could find i bet the darko and elden cambell bobblheads are worth some good yen or is that rubbles….@tarzan

  • max

    darko and rubio!!! sounds (literally) kinda awesome.

  • olddirtyphil

    wouldnt it be crazy that if the next 5 years the heat bomb and bosh wade james all fall short to expectations and the wolves with darko and beasy go off on the league that would be sweet

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Toni Kukoc



    Chad Ford is waiting for him to stay consistent so he can come out with an article and say “I told you he would change the game”

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    @ olddirtyphil – that would be AMAZING! Particularly if they get there by trading the rights to Ricky Rubio for steve nash and Nash and the T-WOLVES get to the finals THIS YEAR.

  • Clydesays

    He’ll have to that for about 4 more seasons to justify his draft placement. It would be funny if Dumars traded to get him back…

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Wow, okay I’m glad I wasn’t alone in my impression of Darko in last night’s game. I’ll just paste what I wrote in the post up:
    I never thought I’d say this about him, but Darko CAN PLAY. He really has a nice feel for the game–he can post up, face up, hit the short jumper, and his PASSING is one of the best in the league for a big man. Last night when the Wolves were getting him the ball down low he was creating plays for his teammates–HE was the reason they even stayed in the game. Darko and Kevin Love will make a kick @ss front court–that is, if Darko can keep this up. His rebounding is good but he obviously will not pull down as many as he normally could with Kevin “Glasscleaner” Love going Moses Malone on everyone’s @sses.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Beasley is a nice player–with All-Star potential–but last night he took way too many ill-advised shots. Several times he just put his head down and completely missed Kevin Love on a wide open cut. Wolves need to play through their bigs; that’ll actually make Beasley’s life so much easier too.

  • SpamsLots

    I still think the biggest reason for Darko’s struggles all these years was that first horrible experience under Larry Brown. Larry Brown never changes how he coaches EVER, and he just could not accommodate this young kid who was alone in a foreign country with no support.

    Not everybody comes to the NBA at the same place in their lives and part of a coach’s job is to work with these kids. Larry Brown’s approach works for some (like Tayshaun) but sucks crap for others. He destroyed Darko’s confidence and did nothing to help the guy improve.

  • Klemperer

    Best big man passer since CWebb.

  • KING

    @ab40 who has had a hall of fame career? Wade or Darco? Go home ma dude

  • Mike from Spain

    Beasley just got to that team, Darko is still finding his game…Kevin Love is looking excellent…Rubio or whatever they get for Rubio’s rights still has to arrive but things are looking up! I like this Timberwolves squad