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Nate Robinson Wants the Nets to Love Terrence Williams More

TWill‘s best bud wants his employer to shower him with a bit more love, which they are unlikely to do. Fear not though, Nets fans, because Nate Robinson will keep loving him. The NY Daily News has the hilarious quotes: Avery Johnson said he’ll announce his plans for Terrence Williams Friday – and whether or not the 11th overall pick in 2009 will wear a Nets’ uniform again – three days after he placed the versatile shooting guard on the inactive list and left him home for two games because of “repeated violations of team policy.” Although Johnson refused to divulge specifics about the violations, a source indicated the root of the problem is Williams’ punctuality, or lack thereof. But while Williams’ transgressions trace back to last season when he was benched for missing the team bus, the 23-year-old’s best friend in the league, Celtics guard Nate Robinson, said the Nets are just as culpable for not helping out a young player still trying to get used to the daily grind. ‘That’s not what real teams do. I’ve known him since he was seven years old,’ Robinson said. ‘For me, all I can do is talk to him the best way I know how – talk to him and be that brother for him. Because I’m going to love him regardless. I’m going to love him at his worst and I’m going to love him at his best and I feel the Nets are not doing that. Whenever somebody has a problem you’re supposed to pick them up no matter what.’”

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  • http://bugmarley.com LeoneL

    Why is that hilarious?


    and the Nets need Williams. Garbage point guards like Farmar and Harris need someone to pass the ball too.

  • Fat Lever

    Are these guys men or children? Time to grow up and act like a man. Tardiness, really? It’s pretty simple, show up on time, get PT.

  • Mike

    Just like the Knicks helped you out, Nate? How’d that end again? Thanks for being a total D-bag so we could trade you for Bill Walker and clearing up room for t-Douglas

  • T-Money

    Waaaah waaaah. Get there on time, just like everybody else. Actually, the real professionals are there waaaay early for games and practices.

  • tRay

    Loved TWill at Louisville but c’mo bruh gotta be on time cuz get it together man.

  • rich

    did someone say harris is garbage? check ur stats and say it again

  • riggs

    @mike: d-bag? are you effin kidding me? nate was the only good part about last season. f outta here.

  • Mike

    @Riggs why was he benched for 10 straight games last year then traded? He was a cancer to the team. All the talent in the world but couldn’t keep his mouth shut or act like a professional. Knicks much better w/o him

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Nate is right pick TWill up! Pick him up an alarm clock!

  • mike

    sent to the D-League…

  • ShadiestBen

    Nate did pretty well in the play-offs and is doing pretty well as a back-up and part time starter now. So maybe he could of done it for a far far far worse organisation in NY???
    It’s not always the players fault, and Nate was a total pro last year even when D’antoni wouldn’t play him, showing up early working out hard before games he new he wasn’t going to play in, then lighting up ATL for 43 when he got the chance.
    NY weren’t a good enough team to give him a role as he was too good to come off there bench yet that is what he is most suited for.

  • flipnoyce

    So what happened to the Knicks last year again? Oh, I know, they couldn’t make the playoffs. Their organization has more stats on drama than the actual game itself. I never did like Nate as a NY Knicks because he’s always acting up, but boy can he not put on a show. I was more than glad when he became a Celtics, now you can see the difference when he is surrounded by talented players. And thats all he’s asking from the NETS org about his boy. Give him some kind of support and maybe this kid could turn around and be successful. And that is the type of support the KNICKS couldn’t provide for NATE. Its everyone for himself in that organization.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Cmon twill, get there early! U aint got shtt else to do

  • B-E-Z

    Last time I checked this story had nothing to do with the sorry bum knicks. Knicks fans always try to make it about them cause they know when it comes to on court performance they suck. It’s funny how Nate leaves the knicks and gets under control…yet the knicks…are well still the knicks lol

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    Give him support? The best support the Nets could give him is the disciplinary action they did. That would teach him well. Should the Nets/Avery tolerated his actions instead..? wtf..

  • http://ohlaglambam.blogspot.com Zabba

    Nate was too much of a professional for the Knicks to handle. Which is why he is undeniably thriving as a capable back-up with the Celtics, a team much, much more professional than the Knicks. Which is one reason why they keep winning rings, unlike the Knicks.

  • dsleepy

    co-sign Fat Lever