Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 at 8:25 am  |  25 responses

Polladaday: Best Pure Scorer?

The term “pure scorer”—as in a player who can get the ball in the hoop, whenever and however necessary—has been used to distinguish certain guys the past few years. Who do you feel most fits the bill?

Who's the NBA's best "pure scorer"?

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  • james

    wow, no lebron.
    and carmelo is a totally uneffective scorer. as is kobe at times.
    durant is easily the best scorer in the league, height and strength to beat smaller players, speed to beat taller ones, and can shoot from outside or finish inside with contact.

  • http://bugmarley.com LeoneL

    “a player who can get the ball in the hoop, whenever and however necessary” Nash?


    Carmelo “King” Anthony baby! I can’t wait to see him in that #30 Knicks Jersey! I am in a New York state of mind!

  • Joe

    Gotta be The Truth.

  • DreJayAre

    Kobe has more was to score than anybody ever. Can beat you outside, in the post, from the line, from 3, driving the lane, mid-range. He can do it all.

  • Jer dawg

    Just give this title to Carmelo. He’s got nothing else to go by. Those other players are all around players that elevate the play of others. Let’s forget about the hiccup with Miami for a second. Individually, Wade & James do everything for their squads when they were alone. Durant has open the space for people on the Thunder. Think Westbrook can do what he does if Durant wasn’t getting attention? They are playing better now after slow start and see their record now.
    Kobe is Kobe. He has toughened Gasol, Derek Fisher is still starting point guard, Ron responds to Bryant’s intensity, Odom has finally GOT it, Vujacic doesn’t back down. Kobe’s personalty has made the Lakers tougher and this season he’s totally unselfish. Only seeking everyone elevating their play. Wanting championship is totally unselfish because it’s a team victory.
    Melo can keep that “Pure Scorer” title. Who cares. Mired in mediocrety

  • JTaylor21

    Kobe and KD are overrated scorers, Wade can be a great scorer at times but he also has kobitis and Bron doesn’t have that shoot every time down the floor menatality. That leaves Melo as the best scorer in the L, hands down.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    ….suprising….but then again…

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    Durant. His ability to get lots of free throws counts.

  • Jer Boi

    @DreJayAre What on that list can’t Melo do? Melo can do it all and most of it better than Kobe. Kobe has a better 3 even though Melos shooting a better percentage this season. driving their equal however Melos better after contact and stronger in my opinion. Melos the best pure scorer. Kobe and Durant after.

  • unrel

    what exactly is the difference between a ‘pure scorer’ and a ‘scorer’

  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0

    Melo… the strongest, the smoothest jumper, the effortless range… kobe n durant are close second though

  • http://www.ballislife.com/profile/StephonFields Stephon

    Definitely Kobe until he retires he’s the NBA’s purest scorer.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    well seeing as how lebron put up 2 a game last year along with almost assists tells me that if he wasnt so busy dishin the ball all the time he would be scoring at a ridiculous pace

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    @ James – please explain how melo is an “uneffective scorer” because you sound pretty foolish spouting off ish like that…

  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0

    ^^ cosign, i’d love to see how u’ve come up with that conclusion

  • miG

    MELOOOOOOO all day

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Jer dawg needs to ask boston about westbrook without durant, and green. Basketball is 5 on 5, not 2 on 2. Westbrook is a beast on any team. Rondo? Not so much. …. And melo is the best scorer, by a mile. Kobe and durant are slightly better 3pt shooters, but melos midrange is as money as anyones. And going to the hoop and finishing with contact is something melo does just as well as bron if not better. Where melo sets himself apart, is in the post, he can do it all in the post. Melo is the best scorer.

  • wtf

    post up, footwork, first step, mid range, 3 point, GAME WINNERS(ask lebron, ask kd too), finishing at the rim, cross over, right in your face, Melo best pure scorer. he and kd’s games are almost identical, Melo just has it mastered

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    ^^^no, theyre not identical. durantula doesnt have the post up ability, or the strength around the hoop like melo does.

  • rich

    ill go with kobe and melo a close second. im not really sure how you can pick between the two. both guys are really unfair even when the defense loads up on them. ill throw ginobli in the mix here as well cuz i think hes a better scorer against good defense than lebron

  • ShadiestBen

    Durant doesn’t shoot a good percentage, which is why I would go with Carmelo. He’s literally a bully on a basketball court. Also he can do more than just score he’s becoming a better passer and he’s a very good rebounder (9 per game).
    Durant is a volume shooter.

  • ShadiestBen

    Agree with Tarzan Cooper that there games are not identical, not even similar.
    Reason I mentioned Melos other skills is because someone said that he can only score.


    Carmelo won this poll in a landslide. lol

  • wtf

    i said “almost” identical. and yes, they are. kd is like a younger melo, just skinnier and taller. they can both shoot, both use the jab step a lot, both get past there defender, doesnt play much defense and shoot first