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Reggie Miller Leads 2011 HOF Candidates

The Hall of Fame nominations for the next class are officially closed, and a certain ex-Pacer seems to be the best bet from the new group to earn an induction. Mark Jackson, Bernard King, Don Nelson, Chris Mullin and Dennis Rodman are also possibilities. Via NBA.com: “Reggie Miller, the face of the Pacers for a generation — a shooter for every generation — heads the list of candidates for the Hall of Fame in a likely year of change that could mean new hope of enshrinement for several hopefuls with a history of coming close. Nominations closed Tuesday with Miller, in his first time on the ballot, the best bet for induction among players or coaches with NBA ties for the Hall that celebrates every level of basketball. An 18-year pro who only played for Indiana, Miller set league records for 3-pointers made (2560) and attempted (6,486) attempted. The five-time All-Star also included five seasons of leading the league in free-throw percentage and won gold medals in the 1994 world championships and ’96 Olympics. Since retiring, Miller has served as a NBA analyst and commentator for TNT.”

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  • T-Money

    One of the most overrated player ever. Career averages: 18-3-3. 5 all-star teams. 3 third All-NBA teams. Word? I mean that’s good but is that even HOF-worthy if you take out the persona and the games at the Garden?

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    He’s no 1st ballot HOFer but he should get in one day. He deserves recognition but had his notable performances not come against the Knicks, almost nobody would give a ish.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey


  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    T-Money: Yeah, same about MJ, just take the shooting, the dunks, the clutch and whats left?

    Pff overrated I say.

  • Sparker

    bernard king. for being awesome and starring in the movie “fast break.”

  • Miss Johnson

    I hope Dennis Rodman makes it. Bump Reggie.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    BK should be in. Maybe Rodman one day too. I love Reggie so I hope he gets in as well. I agree TMoney. when you look at his hard numbers, not a HOFer, but idk. everyone looks at him like a HOFer. most 3′s all-time will help his case too.

  • http://screwjams.tumblr.com cramzy

    is he overrated?…maybe…are his numbers unimpressive…i guess…but he’s Reggie…miller time…the knick killer…come on!

  • Hammer

    Reggie will get in. 1st ballot worthy. Wether people like it or not

  • Hammer

    And as much as I luv the worm,I don’t c him gettin n this yr. King will go n b4 the worm does

  • reald1


  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    People who don’t watch the games, will hate his eventual induction.
    18ppg and little else!? Those aren’t HOF numbers!
    It’s about impact and contribution to the game. And arguably, he has one of the greatest individual collection of playoff moments in the history of the game.
    Perhaps not first ballot, but he belongs in the Hall, no question about it.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    good list. but wheres Mitch Richmond and Charles Oakley?

  • http://bulls.com airs

    i agree with tealish. though his numbers might not scream HOF, he has left a permanent mark on the NBA. He’s hit big shots, influenced a generation of shooters, brought an anti-jordan persona to the NBA that created ratings and is notorious for all of those things. i think he’ll get in for sure, if not now.

  • tavoris

    look past the averages and at the TOTALS. dude dropped 25K career points. 18 at a time.
    how many people have scored more than Reggie? THIRTEEN. In the entire history of the NBA. who’s overrated?

  • dma

    To me, Reggie doesn’t have the “it” factor of being great. But there’s no way some scrawny kid with one of the ugliest shots (yes i said it) should have scored that many points to begin with.

  • http://Egotastic.com Michael

    Reggie will get in first ballot easy. He upped his scoring average 4 points in the playoffs. He scored 25k points. He’s like the Robert Parish of gaurds.

  • http://www.slam.com Martey

    Based on how people talk, there should only be 10 players in the Hall of Fame. Just ten statues. MJ-Magic-Bird-Kareem-Dr.J-Bill Russell-Wilt Chamberlain,and soon Shaq-Kobe-Lebron etc… but the NBA is more than that. REGGIE is a FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER AND SO IS DENNIS RODMAN, instrumental in 2 Pistons championship and 3 Bulls championships.

  • MF

    I cant wait till ray ray breaks his 3s record

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Reggie is my guy. His clutch games alone make him a HOFer in my book. The funny thing is that he’s not even the best baller in his family. LOL. And BK definitely should get in.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    yes he averaged 18 a game but also over an 18 year span.. im pretty sure theres not a very big list of players who have done that and he is also a top 15 scorer of all time.. yes he deserves the hall of fame followed by rodman followed by king

  • unrel

    reggie is a HOF’r.. not sure if he’s first ballot.. but can’t say he’s not, either.. there’s no way he’ll ever be a first-team NBA playing in the MJ era.. and 18ppg isn’t crazy special.. but TAVORIS said it right.. his career total numbers are amazing.. considered one of the best shooters.. one of the best clutch shooters.. etc etc etc.. he’ll be in the hall.. the same way ray-ray will be in the hall..

  • The Philosopher

    Co-sign c_cantrell.

  • http://www.slamonline.com NickthaQuick

    Can’t wait for Reggie to get into the HOF as an announcer/NBA analyst. The man brings THE TRUTH on air. Pretty sure we all look back and fondly remember how many highlights we’ve seen with the Reggie calling the action and how much he just enhanced that highlight.


    Do the right thing, and induct the REAL KING!

  • http://djflkf.com Jukai

    Two facts:
    -Yes, Reggie Miller is vastly overrated
    -Regardless, Reggie Miller is first ballot hall of fame

  • http://www.slam.com Martey

    ^ actually these are the very definition of Opinion. Especially the second, as it has not happened yet.

  • kobesBESTfriend

    Indy has always produced overrated sports figures…Bob Knight,Reggie Miller,Peyton Manning,and now Danny Granger

  • Hammer

    Reggie IS a gr8 player. That is not opinion. It is fact. As comparison,a tribe called quest is undoubtly 1 of the gr8 hip-hop groups of all time. Just cuz they didn’t reach the accolades,recognitions or longevity of say wu-tang clan or outkast, doesn’t diminish their status of all time gr8. Same can b said bout reggie. Reggie didn’t get much all-star selections,any 1 all-nba team selections if I’m not mistaken,only 18 ppg. But he left his imprint on the game as few have done, much like atcq. I know reg has a lot of haters,but dam! That shouldn’t b a factor when deciding who is hof worthy or not

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Bernard and artis

  • http://bassbesteck@wordpress.com Bassbesteck

    worm needs to go in the hof NOW!

  • DaHolyKarron

    Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, Bernard King, Don Nelson, Chris Mullin and Dennis Rodman that is a nice core of basketball that should be in the hall of fame hate Reggie all u want but he has put a dent in this game and Rodman is a teacher of how to rebound come on now plus Mullin come on son a pure scorer

  • reald1


  • reald1


  • MikeC.

    Reggie had some big moments against the Knicks, but his rep as “Knick-killer” is a bit much since he rarely got past them in the playoffs. MJ and Pip were the real Knick killers. Rodman better get in. All-defense selections, leading the league in rebounding, 5 rings, permanent residence inside Karl Malone’s head. All HOF qualities to me.

  • lockon

    reggie, rodman, king and mullin. very deserving hall of famers, but seriously under appreciated.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    None of these guys make it on stats alone. I like BK a lot but 22.5 ppg/3.3 apg/5.8 rpg and a 4 time all-star doesn’t really say HOFer to me either. Of these candidate I’d most like to see Dennis get in, although he was somewhat 1-dimensional with his 13 rpg. I guess I’d really just love to see his HOF speach.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    IF JOE DUMARS IS IN THE HALL OF FAME, Reggie and Rodman should be first ballot Hall of Famers. BOOK IT!!

  • Michael

    @T money, yeah right and stats are the be all end all when it comes to reviewing someones career. GTFOH with that ish, i dont even like reggie much but seriously the dude had a HOF career IMO.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I love it when kids still living at home asking their dad for an allowance each week come up with ridiculous notions such as, ‘take away their entire reputation as one of the leagues identities’ for an entire generation long before they even knew what basketball was and see how plainly they don’t deserve to be in the HOF is as woeful as Wade and LeBron playing on the same team in Florida.

  • Elvis Freshly

    If reggie gets in then Ray is a dead on pick…

  • http://sdfklfds.com Jukai

    @Martey: Actually all my opinions are facts

  • Justin

    I’m with The Nupe. Dennis is very deserving of getting in but the NBA and David Stern will be so scared of his acceptance speech. You can bet the guy on the sensor button will be working overtime on this one. lol

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    T-Money drinks stat kool-aid…his comment about Reggie being overrated doesn’t surprise me at all. Such limited understanding, it’s sad.

  • rikson

    @Dacre: Please stop the “youre young and Im much older, so all I say is right”-argumentation! This has been a cancer to this site since I first got here… If anything that makes you look too young. So please… If you mind. And Ive seen Reggie play, so IMO hes definitely a HOF lock… Great Playoff-moments and a great GREAT competitor!

  • T-Money

    It’s funny how some fans think they’re purists because they dismiss stats but get swayed by “moments”. Stats are not everything but they are part of the picture. Especially for someone that did little else besides getting buckets. Reggie was an excellent shooter and very clutch to boot. But as a shooting guard, he had zero handles, couldn’t create for himself and others, and was a defensive liability.

  • rikson

    Miller couldnt create for himself..? Man, you never seen this guy play!

  • T-Money

    rikson: i’ve watched A LOT of pacers games when they had jax, rik smits, derrick mckey, the davises et al. reggie miller has never been a 1vs1 scorer. the guy can’t dribble. incredible stamina and know-how to get open off screens and cuts, but you couldn’t give reggie the rock on the wing and tell him to ‘get buckets’. no way.

  • JeZ98

    if reggie gets in that means ray gets in? you cant compare ray to reggie ray was descent in mil and seattle but if im correct only lead his team past the second round once and thats was with another legite allstar helping him out in rashard, reggie was puttin em on his back evry playoff game

  • rikson

    TMoney:He didnt have the best ballhandling, but was still able to get his shot off against anyone… Hell, he did it against the best of his decade! Miller wasnt a player who looks for the 1-on-1 situation though.

  • starky larky

    Reggie Miller is a great player. Sure, stats won’t back him up, but seriously, in his tenure in Indiana, the Pacers were relevant. After he left, everything just fell off. 25k points, 18 per game? heck, there are hundreds of players that cannot score 18 in an NBA game. Steve Nash will be a Hall of Famer for sure, and his numbers are way smaller than Reggie’s. Its not about what you’ve done for yourself, its more about what you’ve done for your team with regards to winning and putting them on the map.

  • Joey

    That ridiculous article title is a perfect example of how the media has turned Reggie into a superstar that he NEVER WAS!!! It’s actually infuriating to a real basketball fan such as myself. He was never even close to the players Bernard King or Chris Mullin were in their primes. Dennis Rodman, for all his weird antics, has a far superior hall-of-fame resume than Miller, who has had neither the team success (no rings) or the stats (18, 3, 3) to warrant consideration. Those numbers are close to Glen Rice or Dale Ellis than someone with legit credentials. He’s a historically good shooter, but couldn’t even create his own shot off the dribble. He flopped and got away with more horrid calls than anyone from his era. Never a good ball handeler, rebounder, or defensive player, one would assume with the praise he hets that he must’ve averaged 30 a game or something. It simply makes no sense. He made 5 all-star games in 18 years, a ridiculously low number for someone with his reputation. I wouldn’t care so much if it wasn’t a guarantee that he’ll get in. He would not have my vote

  • Tim

    Joey, if you really watched the NBA playoffs during Reggie’s time in the NBA you would not doubt his greatness. He was possibly the single greatest clutch performer all time, behind Jordan or a select few. But If I was down three you would be dumb to not want Reggie on your squad. Also, Reggie played his ENTIRE career in an small market city in a league dominated by large markets. If the famous Knick Killer were a Knickerbocker his career, then there is no doubt he would have gotten in first ballot. Boom baby.