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The Overblown Kevin Garnett/Charlie Villanueva Situation

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Depending on where you stand as an NBA fan — morally, comedy-wise, or perhaps even, apathetically — the KG/CV melodrama dominated the conversation throughout the day yesterday, and threatens to continue doing so.

Garnett flatly denied Villanueva’s allegations, and Charlie, of course, stuck by his story. After that, seemingly everyone else on the planet chimed in with their own opinion on the matter.

  • Doc Rivers defended his star. Color me shocked.
  • George Karl, a cancer survivor, expressed disappointment.
  • Ray Allen thinks people need to be careful about what they say to one another, regardless if they’re in the heat of battle.
  • Brandon Jennings (who faced off against KG and the C’s last night), claimed what’s said on the court should always stay there.
  • And finally, I yawned rather loudly.
  • The next Pistons/Celtics showdown, if you can call it that, is set for December 29th. Mark you calendars!

    Here’s to hoping that both sides can come up with more creative ways to insult each other.

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    • Sam


    • Klemperer

      Will Detroit still be winless?

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      Does ANYONE really believe that “You are cancerous to your team and our league” is what KG said? Are you f*cking serious? KG could never put together a sentence that literate in the heat of battle. I’m pretty sure we’ve heard KG’s best lines: “Get that sh*t out of here, motherfu*ker”…..actually that’s that one I’ve heard the most. Doc is a moron for trying to pass off that bullsh*t too. Charlie’s a dope for that dopey tweet too.

    • Mike Mihalow

      KG not manning up to what he said? Its just like when he’s on the court.

    • http://slamonline.com Kulchakris

      Cosign what Eboy said..

    • http://www.slamonline.com Kulchakris

      What Eboy said..

    • riggs

      while i dont believe KG said that, i also dont believe he said cancerous to the organization and what not (he may have added some curses in there). I know people who know charlie in dominican republic and they can tell you that sometimes he likes to embellish.

    • http://www.slamonline.com peter

      for once I agree 100% with eBoy…how is CV cancerous to the league anyway? maybe KG thinks he actually has cancer and that it is contagious?

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      Somebody brought this up yesterday too…..does KG ever try this sh*t with a top flight guy? I can’t remember an instance where he goes nose to nose with a great player. The last guy I saw him go face to face with was ZaZa Pachulia. Two Finals against the Lakers, did he ever go head to head with Kobe? Last year, did he go head to head with Ron Ron? C’mon KG, you’re a butterball.

    • Yann Blavec

      That’s nothing compared to what Nicolas Anelka said to Raymond Domenec’h .

    • Sizzle

      I am 100% certain he said it. Eboy is right he always goes after the lower-tier players and trys to demean them in some manner. Wasn’t it a few seasons ago he got on his knees and barked at Jerryd Bayless like a Dog? Made Big Baby a Big Baby. The man is insane, wonderful talent but lately seems “in his own world” always talking to himself on the court. I know he is a tremendous competitor, but there is no need to belittle other opponents especially when you are above them talent wise already. Your lying to yourself if you think he said “you are cancerous to this team and the league.”

    • barnabusb
    • vtrobot

      Ha ha. KG should have said something even more ridiculous. “No, you see, I said that CV was the ‘annnswer’ to the L’s problems and he misunderstood me.” Yeah, you said some f*cked up sh*t. At least be man enough to own up to it, apologize, and let people know that it’s really just talk during competition that USUALLY ISN’T EXPOSED TO THE MEDIA. I feel bad for CV since he does work w/ kids dealing with the same affliction, but twitter is only for b*tches. P.S. That KG dunk last night was filthy. He looks 400% better than last year. Needs to get his emotions a tiny bit more in check tho. Bucks aren’t a 1-4 team.

    • http://www.twitter.com/chris_griff_3 Chris_Griff_3

      Eboy: Does anybody? Shaq will call out Bosh, Dwight and Ewing, but has never said a foul word about Duncan or Olajuwon. I stand by my theory that what Garnett said was “You LOOK like a cancer patient,” which is no where near as offensive as telling somebody they HAVE cancer. Ray Allen is always a class-act, though. Nothing but respect for that guy. In other news, KG got the dunk of the night against The Bucks. His explosion in the 4th quarter makes it seem like his knee is quite all right.

    • Ugh

      I’ve seen him mouthing off at Kobe enough that they had to be pulled apart. Maybe you’ve got as selective a memory as you think KG has selective temper.

    • Ugh

      Also, I can definitely see KG saying “You’re a m###erf###ing cancer to your team and the f###ing game you f###ing weak-### m###erf###er.”, but David Stern would have fined him a trillion dollars if he’d put that in an official statement, don’t you think?

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      @Ugh….not selective memory, but talking sh*t and being face to face with a guy are two different things, IMO.

    • LeBron de Con

      KG is a douche

    • Fitzy

      Regardless boys Charlie villaneuva broke a cardinal ball sin. He f**kin snitched. He cried to the press. He fell off the face of the earth and wants back on. Big deal kg said what he said, does anyone honestly believe that’s the worst thing that’s been said? I know it isn’t. What is said during a game stays between the players not the entire world. Ridiculous of Charlie v if you ask me. Not saying it was right of kg either.

    • Yann Blavec

      Maybe he said that because Charlie Villanueva has no hair and People having cancer treatment such as chemotherapy lose their hair.

    • arjae828

      hard to call this overblown. certain things you don’t kid about…cancer claims too many lives, thus it resonates with millions. slap in the face of a lot of people.

    • Love4Humanity

      Eboy likes to hate o KG and pick and choose what he remembers. CV was mad that his team sucks and KG was diggin in him


      I’ve got no problem with KG denial, because Charlie V tweeted about it, instead of doing something about it on the court, and in the process drags everyone else into it and in all likelihood hurts other’s that weren’t meant to be hurt. Make no mistake, I’m not defending what KG allegedly said either, but in my honest opinion, Charlie V needs to go see a shrink and find some F-ing self confidence, because he’s clearly too sensitive about his condition. Man up Charlie, and be a role model for others who may suffer from your condition, don’t be a female dog in heat. And lastly, Kevin Garnett needs to be careful what he says in the heat of battle. It’s not the first time he’s made an arse of himself – just like when he talked about going to war with tech nines, pumps and ish when he was with the Timberwolves. It’s just a game, Kid.

    • izzo

      Does anybody help NBA players with PR anymore?

    • rikson

      Go easy on CV people… Maybe he thought hell leave it like that, and after the game, while working with kids (that have the same illness), he changed his mind… would be understandable to me! And to KG: Youre JUST playing basketball… Its just a game! Absolutely no reason to go that low, and make fun of something so serious!!!

    • KB2412345

      @ Yann: thanks for clearing that up…

    • fitzy

      basketball is more then a game to these guys it’s the same thing as you walking into your job every morning. it’s their career path. shame on charlie v for being a snitch. not sayin what kg did was right, but snitches lose respect.

    • http://myspace.com/rsaenz24 RoG23

      KG, once my fave nba player, has lost all my respect as a player. Words are forgivable. But last night when I saw him elbow bogut then RUN AWAY! 1 word came to my mind P*$$Y!!! And the thing I loved most about KG was his toughness. Now I just see him as a coward who picks on the week.

    • Jumper

      To be fair, CV doesnt NOT look like a cancer patient.

      Perhaps KG should have said “Charlie shares striking resemblance to an individual suffering from cancer due to his lack of hair and eyebrows”

    • riggs

      anybody else smart enough to realize that none of CV’s teammates backed him and said that KG actually said that? guess not. so hey lets assume!

    • barnabusb

      @iamorange4ever: CV doesn’t actually have cancer. He just has alopecia, which makes all of his body hair fall out. He does all kinds of work with sick kids and stuff to help boost their morale. He genuinely seems like a good dude, despite the fact that he underachieves on the court. Maybe he heard KG incorrectly, but sometimes when you’re that passionate and personally affected by something you just say, “Screw it, I’m going to tell everyone what a douche that guy is.”

    • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

      I agree with Jennings, work that out amongst yourselves. If you plan on getting the public on your side during a labor dispute, you should try to avoid having one of your own being painted as an jerk (even if its true).

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    • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

      …..Charlie V dry snitchin…period

    • http://dez@nba.com dez

      who the hell cares about CV anyways?

    • http://bugmarley.com LeoneL


      @sideeyespecial Sir Rondo, I beg of thee, stop discharging the ball of baskets from such a distance. You shall not connect.” #KGTrashTalk

      @JDGAFFLIN: #kgtrashtalk Prince Darko of Serbia, though your wealth is vast, thine game remains wretched

      @mzcutup Of the Kardashian breed, Sir Odom chose the most cockstrong and sure-footed thoroughbred mare of the stable #KGTrashTalk

      @ty_freer “Sir Bryant of the Land of Lakes, you represent the most unappealing traits of a female canine.” #KGTrashTalk

      Twitter can be fun.

    • capostat

      I had the same reaction as what Eboy described… Additionally, how can Charlie V be considered a cancer to the league? The last time i even heard anything about CV was about his getting fined for tweeting during halftime. Uh yeah, KG… you believe that a guy who barely is mentioned at all, is a cancer to the league. KG was straight tap-dancing.

    • http://twitter.com/nbatalkandkicks Eduardo

      If Villanueva had such a problem with it he should have said something then and there rather than running away not saying anything post game and then Twittering about it.

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      I think KG said “You’re a cancer mothaf*cker. Nobody likes your bald @ss.”
      And things spiraled out of control from there.

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      Also, KG mushed Tim Duncan in the face. There is no power forward in the league more top flight than Tim Duncan, period.
      I don’t understand how people don’t remember this. Furthermore, KG squared up on Anthony Peeler after getting punched, then considered the situation, and didn’t fight. It’s not like he just stood there like a shocked punk.
      I agree that KG tries to punk people he thinks are soft, but early in his career, he tried to punk EVERYBODY. Y’all are forgetful.

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      I agree with Allen.

    • Lz – Cphfinest3

      CV should have Peeler’ed him. KG is nothing but a wannabe tough guy who likes to pick on people with lesser status or size, because he know they won’t retailiate. Remember what Michael Madsen says in Reservoir Dogs (I think it was anyway): ‘are you gotta bark all day little poppy or are you gonna bite’. KG barks all day but he never bites… Never… Zaza Pachulia would have torn him into pieces a couple of uears ago, which KG quickly realised and backed out. The same thing with Anthony Peeler. Fighting should never be commended, but when a guy builds up himself being so tough and nasty but only bullies the people weaker than himself, one can only wish for somebody to just give him a good old fashion smack upside the head.

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      Allen, it’s easy to be a toughguy on an NBA court. It takes a dude like Chris Childs to take your manhood though!

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      Sigh, some of y’all sound a little dumb. I’m not defending bullies, but we all know there is a penalty for fighting. With ZaZa and with Peeler, we had an inferior player attacking a superior player. Who wins if KG fights either of them?
      What I’m saying is that if you examine his total record you will see that he’s being doing this crazy person act since forever, and early in his career, he even had fights with people as a result. Now, as an elder statesman, the crazy talk is somewhat an act, but also an attempt to frighten the weak hearted and pump himself up. He’s not truly “angry” anymore, thus it’s easier for him to not fight.
      I mean, is Bogut a punk? Is he a bum? I don’t think so.

    • http://blogs.thescore.com/tbj/author/hollymackenzie/ Ghost

      Thanks for the link barnabusb, gave me a chuckle.

    • http://blogs.thescore.com/tbj/author/hollymackenzie/ Ghost

      And I agree with Eboy, no way in hell Garnett strings together a sentence like that.

    • Lz – Cphfinest3

      *gonna not gotta, *years not uears

    • vtrobot

      The Overblown Kevin Garnett/Andrew Bogut Sitation. Pick on people of lesser size? Yeah, like Andrew Bogut. Makes sense, he’s small. I’m def not saying that the dude isn’t a d*ck, but you KG haters are f*cking hilarious on here. Also, did CV say anything to KG first? Was it something that was worthy of KG’s response? NO ONE KNOWS BECAUSE KG ISN’T A B*TCH WHO RAN AND TWATTED ABOUT IT. I miss the days when KG said “please” and “thank you.” Bogut has surprisingly recovered and I hope that all of you haters get better real soon too. F*ck me.

    • vtrobot

      Also, of course bullies bully people weaker than them. Doesn’t work out as well the other way.

    • Lz – Cphfinest3

      @Allenp: Who did KG ever fight? (not saying he didn’t fight, I just don’t recall). If he really was so tough he would retaliate without thinking about suspensions with the other guy being inferior. The real tough guys don’t take shjt from anyone no matter status. KG is a poser. I’m going to post a video-link, it might take a while to get through but just wait. Shows exactly what I am talking about.

    • Lz – Cphfinest3
    • http://shinefluid@aol.com CHICAGO SAID IT YUP


    • vtrobot

      @Lz: But KG’s not taking the sh*t. He’s giving it. It’s the CVs/Zsa Zsas/Boguts who appear weak. This “poser/b*tch” is getting in your face and you’re going to do nothing about it (except maybe safely tweet later)? If what everyone is saying is true, I’m shocked that it’s taken the whole league so long to go at KG and expose him for the punk that he is. Someone should do that soon.

    • http://shinefluid@aol.com CHICAGO SAID IT YUP

      if you dont like something someone said or did to you. you have 2 choices…as a MAN..you let it go and say whatever OR you go confront that man and handle it accordingly. you dont tweet to try to get sympathy. thats so SOFT and lame. you had during the game and after the game to confront this man and let him know how you felt but u back down. CMON SON!! i guess im old skool but if you got something on your chest come see me and GET IT OFF

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      Well, as I’ve said many times, he mushed Tim Duncan in the face. He’s also had several shoving matches that I’ve seen when he was younger, which I guess can count as fights.
      And BS on the idea that “if he was tough he would retailate without thinking.”
      Charles Oakley, Rich Mahorn and Sheed are considering “tough” guys. When can you remember them actually getting into a fight on the court?
      Hell, MJ only got into one or two fights and those came early in his career.

    • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

      I don’t think KG called CV a “cancer patient”, most likely said something like “you look like a cancer patient” Either way he’s wrong for going that route. I certanily don’t believe the story he’s telling now. In the heat of competition a lot of stuff is said, but some things should a) remain on the court and b) should be considered out of bounds. I think KG knows he screwed up by making whatever comment he made – hence his lame attempt to ‘cover it up’. I’d prefer he acknowledge what he said, say I’m sorry to not only CV but all cancer patients and then make a big donation to cancer society. Outside of that, KG is still a competitor and has gone at it with Kobe, Duncan and others. Typically stars don’t go at stars because of respect for each others talents. It only makes sense to me to go after second tier players and get in their heads because it’s likely to work a lot better on a CV than it is an LBJ. On the court take advantage of the vulnerable and that puts more pressure on the stars. So I have no problem with KG or any star having ‘verbal battle’ with second and third tier players.

    • arjae828

      Shocked at all the people defending KG…are yall serious? get off his d*ck. this goes beyond basketball. and Allen P…he mushed Duncan. Is Duncan a tough guy? He tried to punk everybody back in the day? Not So. Cedric Ceballos anyone?…nobody on C.V.’s team acknowledged that they heard K.G.? Nobody on K.G.’s team came out and denied having heard him say it. and he DID NOT want it with Bogut. He threw a cheap elbow at him (trying to bait bogut into getting a T) he got caught, Bogut stepped up and K.G. put his hands up and excepted the shove. He already knew he was getting a T, so why not get his moneys worth? Because he wanted NO SAUCE. K.G. is a punk. he’s real tough on the court, especially when his team’s ahead, but don’t let his antics fool you. “loudest one in the room is the softest one in the room.” and it’s not about fighting. When Zaza stepped up, K.G. stepped down. You don’t gotta throw hands but K.G. always backs up. He don’t do that screaming stuff w/ Shaq. Never did it with C-Webb or Sheed…lost a lot of respect for this site. ya’ll and some sack riding idiots.

    • chazz michael michaels

      the funniest part about this is that CV said he wanted to step into a ring with KG. honestly, that’s your biggest mistake right there, because we are all aware that KG is an insane m*****f*****! he would even destroy shaq in a fight no doubt just because he is that crazy, the only other person i dont see KG losing to is another crazy dude, Ron Artest. lol who agrees?

    • http://slamonline.com nbk

      Do any of you that are defending KG watch Celtic games? The dude is unfiltered. On opening night clear as day, right on camera you can see KG calling Bosh a “f*cking b*tch” repeatedly. Last year or two years ago during the playoffs he was telling a fan in the stands he would “f*ck him up” – even when he is by himself on the court, after a wide open made basket he will run down repeating the phrase “mother f*ckers” Calling Charlie V a cancer patient is right down his ally, this is just teh first time the guy he was directing his filth at felt like fighting him and gave his reason for it.

    • unrel

      i have a question for everyone… who really cares?… KG is one of the best PFs in history.. and i’ve always had the opinion that he’s a mouthy idiot.. just the same as i feel about LbJ and his spoiled acting self but being one of the best talents today.. and kobe.. and whoever.. but i’m a basketball fan.. not a TMZ/Twitter/GTFOH fan.. B.Jennings is right.. leave it on the court..

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      I like arjae828

    • Ali

      KG talks more than a little shi* on the court, he talks to himself, under his breath, he yells, he slings elbows, he’s an emotional guy. We all know this, nothing new! GP has said things way worse to guys. The media age of 2010 and beyond is getting or has already gotten outta hand. F*** going at in the official route in boxing ring man. Go Anthony Mason on em’ right then and there!

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      @ chazz…..Udonis Haslem would light his pipe cleaner a*s up.

    • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

      I’d put my money on Stephen Jackson and JO too.

    • BE.water

      you all sound like b**ches when you say… “oh he shouldnt have said this…”

      guess none of yall have bagged with your friends before.

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      ACtually, with Bogut, KG crammed on him, Bogut hit him with a little elbow, KG retailiated with a bigger elbow and then Bogut shoved him as KG tried to pander to the refs. Watch the video again. The contact is initiated by Bogut who puts his forearm on KG after the dunk, which Garnett takes issue with and flings his chicken wing at the Aussie. It wasn’t like KG just dunked and started throwing bows.

    • dma

      Let’s pretend they’re not NBA players and think they’re your coworkers. If your coworker said you were a cancer patient in a derogatory manner, you’re telling me you wouldn’t tell your boss or HR?

    • arjae828

      @ BE. it’s one thing to clown with your homies. completely different to diss someone with a disease and belittle cancer, when you know the world will hear.

      @ allen p. we have diff interpretations of the vid. I don’t see Bogut initiating anything. K.G. boofed, then put his arms up( pretending to be celebratory but intentionally getting his elbows in Bogut’s Vicinity) then Bogut retaliated. then K.G. acted like he did nothing to deserve getting shoved into the first row.

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      So, are we extending this players compared to real people analogy further?
      How does getting traded fit into that model?
      Or being forced to work four years at a depressed wage regardless of where you would like to play?
      Or having to deal with a supervisor you can berate you using derogatory language, and punish you physically?
      I mean, if we’re going to compare players to regular people and regular jobs, let’s go ahead and be real about it and line up all the ways things are different.

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      Watch the video again. KG booms, he turns with his arms outstreched, Bogut comes down on his arms on purpose, KG throws an elbow, Bogut shoves him.
      Bogut initiated it, but KG still overreacted and tried to get Bogut in trouble.
      Watch the action right after KG dunks on the video they have on this site. You can see Bogut come down on KG after the dunk is over and KG is turning to run up the court.

    • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

      I’m with Allenp on this one. His points make the most sense, especially the part about what KG really said. It was probably just something like “You’re a cancer!” and could be interpreted different ways by the listener.

    • vtrobot

      @ arjae828: i think a lot of us “sack riders” aren’t saying that KG isn’t a straight-up disrepectful *sshole, he’s just not the fleeing b*tch that many like accuse him of being. Calderon! Calderon! Bayless! Bayless! they’re sooo small and weak! are we really to a point where trash talking has to be PC? let me explain something: IT’S F*CKING TRASH TALKING! THE POINT OF IT IS TO GET SO INTO YOUR OPPONENT’S HEAD THAT IT DISTRACTS THEM FROM HAVING SUCCESS AGAINST YOU. you’re SUPPOSED to say the most over the line sh*t that you can. sometimes that backfires and the dude makes you eat your sh*t-talking, sometimes is works and the dude head-butts you and gets red-carded out of a World Cup finals game. sometimes dudes head home and flex their twitter muscles. there is far more blind KG hate on these boards than there is sack riding. @ Allenp: Thanks for actually watching what happened during that video and posting intelligently.

    • Heals

      Yeesh, this is the sports world we live in nowadays, great… Ticket probably said what Charlie said he did, but meant the PC version that was later released. C’mon it’s hoops stuff happens fast and trash talk is even faster. Oh yeah and all you lemmings talking about how Peeler beat his a$$ please youtube the altercation, last night with Bogut was more intense than his beef with Peeler. If Charlie wanted a fight he had his chance on the court but didn’t, so he tweeted his beef instead. I guess to let the media/public carry out this attack, pretty weak in my opinion.


    • http://futureprobe.blogspot.com Future Guy

      Speaking as someone who’s lost a few beloved friends and family members to cancer, I’d just like to say this to Charlie V:

      Man up, Nancy-boy!

      Yes, KG is a bully! Yes, he talks crap! So did MJ, Larry Bird, and Gary Payton, but nobody ever cried to the press about it. After game 3 of the ’84 Finals, Larry Bird complained that the Celtics had “played like a bunch of women”, but nobody flew into a self-righteous hissy fit because of it.

      All Charlie Villanueva has done is announce to the world that he’s soft. The Kobes and KGs of the league that feast on that kid of weakness are going to eat his lunch night in and night out now. He may be a wonderful human being, but I doubt his playing career will be any more memorable than Loy Vaught’s.

    • arjae828

      @vtrobot…i’m glad you concur, you’re a sack rider. two, trash talk is ruthless. sure LeBron will hear Delonte West jokes until he dies…cancer though? heart disease, aids, cancer…we all know someone who has died from one of the three, or complications and on the day a legend dies from cancer? resonates with too many people, too serious to be written off as trash talk or athletes will be athletes. naah…you can’t get that off. cop out and you know it, but whatever you need to tell yourself.

      @allen p…i guess i’ll eat that. Bogut does give him a bit of a forearm, K.G. def escalated the situation with the elbow.

      let it be known that I’m no K.G. hater, quite the contrary actually. Think he should be in the discussion with Tim Duncan. Also,def agree that what’s said on the court should stay there. But, I think this crosses the line, even on the court. IMO. If i were court side at a game and heard it I’d be just as offended and disgusted.

      in any event…abject, indefensible, douchery…

    • http://slamonline.com Allenp

      I think that if KG said “You look like a cancer patient” he was a dead wrong.
      I think even if KG said that, Charlie V is a punk for Tweeting it and talking about fighting.
      And I think people who hate KG, and people who like him, are going to see his actions differently no matter what he does..

    • http://slamonline.com tealish

      Some of you all are just too literal.
      NO, there’s no way he said “You are cancerous to your team and our league” verbatim.
      But that’s his official statement. You don’t think he’d give you what he said word for word, expletive by expletive, do you?
      We don’t know what was said, but perhaps this:
      ^CV takes it as “Cancer Boy” = Cancer Patient, while KG means it just as his statement reads — that CV sucks and is a cancer to his team.

    • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

      @ Chazz – James Johnson would whoop him too.

    • http://slamonline.com JL

      wow I don’t think what KG did was right, but overblown this really is. KG needs to man up and apologize and not give that corporate BS. It’s just like Lebron’s “decision”. Say you would have done it differently and move on. Instead this is like a joke cuz he won’t man up. Come on KG.

    • chazz michael michaels

      in the end only KG, CV, and God know the truth…

    • tRay

      First off they’re both punks cuz KG should have owned up to his comment and CV is a punk for putting it on tweeter. CV should have confronted KG like a damn man.

    • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

      “Excuse me sir, I wish to inform you of the fact that our battalion will physically dominate your forces and that we will do so in an unorthodox fashion. I shall repeat such sentiment until you are irritated by my presence.”



    • capostat

      Uh, no. I don’t buy that mix-up of “cancer, boy” and “cancer boy”. If anything, you’ve described some kind of freudian slip. Let’s not pretend it was co-incidence that CV and cancer find themselves associated with one another. The word “cancer” just came out of the blue? “You a cancer” no matter how you slice it, was a derogatory remark to CV. KG new what he was hinting at, with the image of CV. Even if he didn’t actually say the diplomatic version of his explanation, he meant “Cancer-looking” boy, or whatever…

    • capostat


    • BRAVO


    • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton


    • vtrobot

      @ arjae828: i concurred? which players do you enjoy watching? can i imply that you want to enter into some homosexual relationship with them? you kids on these boards are amusing. what grade are you in this year? whatever i need to tell myself? you think i need to tell myself things about what kevin garnett said to charlie v.? i don’t give a f*ck about that and i’m shocked at how much so many of you care this deeply about what one NBA player said to another during a game. i enjoy watching KG play dominating basketball. that’s it. i don’t give a f*ck if he is nice dude. i don’t care if he holds doors open for old ladies. i don’t care if he goes to church. if that equals sack rider, i guess that’s me. peace.


      @barnabusb: I know what condition Charlie has, and never did I think he actually has cancer…smh. I’m just sayin’ he’s too sensitive about the way he looks is all, and he needs to man up, and shut up instead of stirring the pot and making a bigger issue about this than it had to be. If it bothered him so much, why not get in KG’s grill, and get a tech, and get his team fired up. Instead he does nothing but tweet about wanting to get in a ring with KG. It’s ironic, Charlie’s own actions made him look worse than anything KG allegedly said about the way he looks.

    • TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon

      KG is a vagina, some real tough guy should punk him like a b1tch, that wouls be priceless



    • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno


    • vtrobot


    • vtrobot

      “PEOPLE” might more sense there instead of “PLEASE”. sorry. i’m an *sshole. i’ll go now.

    • tRay

      ^^ME EITHER

    • Rich

      Of course it’s been blown out of proportion. It’s highly probable that Villanueva wasn’t overtly offended by the remark, but wanted to thrown KG under the bus for being a complete prick with an arsenal of poor taste one-liners. That said, KG has made himself look like even more of a prick with his ‘miscommunication’ story. “Hey, Charlie! It occurs to me that you’re a cancerous influence on both your team and, moreover, the league as a whole!”
      Man up and apologize for making a poor taste remark, KG.

    • tRay

      Tweeter is for pu**ies

    • Sam

      Yes, I’m pretty sure Allen used to have a twitter, and GARNETT HAD ONE TOO. AND JENNINGS STILL HAD ONE.

    • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

      LOL @ Anton’s 3:52 comment

    • tRay

      What ever happened to people talking it out in person than pot shots on twitter

    • MusketeerX

      This was not overblown. It was dead wrong — no matter which version is true.

      Smack talk is fine, but the word used should not have been used… ever.

    • The Philosopher

      Garnett ate Shareef Abdur-Raheem’s food too, verbally.
      Garnett also was accused of kicking someone’s ass when he was a teenager. He got ran out of town for that one.
      Garnett is a man’s man.
      Charlie? Well…

    • The Philosopher

      Reminds me when Nas asked Jay if he was abused as a child, scared to smile, and if they called him “ugly”.

    • Hammer

      Luv the “Anchorman” reference wayno. Hilarious! Hahaha

    • Hammer

      Bottom line is that it’s all “he said/she said”. Who knows what was ACTUALLY said and n what context. Who gives a f**k anyways…

    • http://slamonline.com mason eberle

      KG was out of line, october just ended, and doest villanueva have cancer himself!The leage should fine him

    • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

      106 (107 now) comments on this insignificant banter. All started because CV is a sore loser. Sweet.

    • http://twitter.com/nbatalkandkicks Eduardo

      Twitter seems to be the worst PR for the NBA these days.

    • http://hajrazigic@yahoo.com edi zigic

      shame on you… kg

    • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

      I miss the days when dudes just went back to the gym, worked on their game and then went hard at the guy when they got insulted. Even a scrub like Eric Dampier knows the proper way to respond when taunted.

    • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

      Also, this is gonna just backfire on Charlie V now. Every player who trash talks him on court is gonna be using this as something to get in his head.

    • hambone

      who cares really?? it was trash talk.it happens…what you look like and your mother are fair game,afterwards have a coke and smile and shut the fck up..if chris rock said it you`d be pssing your pants..book it!bake it!stick it in the oven!im here all week!try the fish!

    • Michael

      who cares

    • JalepinoSausage

      I don’t give 2 phux i Hope K.G. gets cancer.

    • mike

      i hope KG loses endorsements

    • http://google c_cantrell

      man some of yal are jus stupid lol

    • arjae828

      @ vtrobot …indeed, you did. enjoy watching alot of players. including K.G. How are you surprised when someone belittles cancer? I guess you find jokes at the expense of aids victims hilarious?…sack riders are annoying but tolerable. idiots be gone…this means you.

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