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Dwight Howard: ‘We’ve Got to Play Defense, That’s it’

The L’s most dominant defender is growing increasingly frustrated, and would like some help on that side of the ball from his teammates, namely the guys on the wing (*cough* Vince Carter *cough*). From the Orlando Sentinel: “The frustration level is rising in the Orlando Magic locker room. That includes superstar center Dwight Howard. Howard grew tired of seeing Carmelo Anthony drive to the hoop again and again with meager resistance from Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter as the Denver Nuggets beat the Orlando Magic 111-94. Anthony scored a game-high 35 points on 14-of-21 shooting.’We’ve got to play defense, that’s it,’ Howard said at his locker. ‘It’s got to be everybody. Our wings got to do a better job not allowing their man just to get to the rim every play. It puts a lot of pressure on the bigs. It’s hard for the big guys to really help like we want when a guy takes one dribble and he’s at the rim. It’s very tough. I like blocking shots, but if a guy is one dribble in and the ball’s up, and I’m over on the other side, I can’t fly over there. I don’t have a cape in real life.’ Asked if the problems on defense stem from a lack of intensity or whether guys are just a second late, Howard responded, ‘I just said you can’t be a second late when a guy’s taking one dribble and he’s at the rim. That has nothing to do with being a second late. We [the bigs] can’t help on that.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Cheryl

    uh oh. mr. happy is mad.


    First time Mr Smile is unsatisfied. Get used to it, especially now Bosh and the King are your neighbors.

  • Sizzle

    Excuses Excuses D12. Your teammates rely on you to help out by the rim which is why they often allow players to slip by them. Your bigger concern should be on offense. Good luck getting anywhere if the team has an off shooting night. The diagram to beat this team is simple, don’t help with Dwight and let him try and beat you. Those other players can’t do anything but shoot threes. BLOUSES

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ok if anyone else besides me hates vince carters lack of d leave a comment


    VC is not the same as he once was. Melo just left a big dump in his shoes the other night. I think it might be time for him to hang up the sneakers.

  • T-Money

    D12 has been throwing his teammates under the bus for a minute now (and justifiablys so). He said after the Portland game that Orlando just folded. Where’s SVG btw? He’s been quiet for a min.

  • TheTruth

    VC has never been known for his D so why he’s acted shocked is pretty funny.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Seriously, Dwight is the only guy who plays defense on this team. I will give Jameer, Redick, and Bass credit because they actually try (they just don’t have the size) but there are no excuses for Rashard and Vince. Not to point blame directly, but the reason the Magic are losing is directly because of Rashard “Spot-up shooter who can’t shoot” Lewis and Vince “If I get the ball, I’m shooting a 3″ Carter.

  • D12FSU

    TRADE VC OR LEWIS. otis smith, find a way please, ive watched this team for way too long in this is the worst stretch theyve ever played since SVG came along, and its mainly the 2 players mentioned. Lewis is averaging like 11pts, and all he does is shot 3′s. I’d even settle for a VC Agent9 swap, i think arenas can still carry an offense, unlike vince who only plays well against the bottom feeders.

  • D-Block

    Lol at Caboose’s comment. Truth.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Cosign D12FSU, anything to get rid of those two. Vince and QRich for Beasley and Webster? Lewis, Pietrus and a 2nd Rounder for Stephen Jackson, Mohammed, and Diaw? Lewis, JWill, QRich, and a 1st Rounder for Kevin Martin, Kyle Lowry, Jared Jeffries, and a 2nd Rounder? What do you think?

  • biged

    I like what Caboose said.

    I would propose a Rashard Lewis for Arenas. The money cant be a problem cause Lewis is making the most money in the NBA behind Kobe (or something like that???)

    they not gonna beat Miami and/or Boston with that roster and Dwight knows it that’s why he is Frustrated. Another year or two of this and he’s gonna wanna be traded, but you can’t blame him cause he has stepped it up this year and his team took a step back.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    your tryin to hard bud

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    I’ve been looking at trades like that for a while now Cantrell, it’s just fun to see.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    hey if makes ya happy go for it lol dont let what i think stop ya haha

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Haha it’s all good, just one crazy Magic fan here upset that the improvements of Dwight and Bass are offset by the sheer awfulness of Vince and Rashard.

  • Stepfan

    @ MUBWAR “I think it might be time for him to hang up the sneakers. ” It’s been time for Vince to hang it up….and his cousin too (Tracey McGrady was my favorite player back when he was healthy.)Oh and why was Vince checking Melo anyway. Vince 6’6” vs Melo 6’8” aka bully ball aka best small forward with the best footwork in the game. That was just a mismatch. If I was Vince I tell Rashard Lewis to earn his 20 mil this year by checking him smh. Man he has a great agent cause he definitely not earning his paycheck.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    i hear ya man.. it is trully upsetting.. i still wanna see cp3 with the magic.. man can you say unstoppable?

  • TheNightWatch*8*

    If Any Would Should Go It Should Be Rashard Lewis.He Hasnt Been Productive.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    I’d love it Cantrell, though it’d be a thing of beauty to have Steve Nash running the break with Dwight.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    yeah but i dont see that being a reality.. would be amazing tho.. and also if they could somehow manage to pick up melo n dump vc off somewhere then i would love the heat magic matchups all the more

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Haha we’re both dreamers buddy.

  • PlanetAsia14

    @Mubwar: Honestly? LeBron I understand, but Bosh? Bosh is a joke. Every time he goes at Dwight he gets man handled… And actually, Dwight’s offense has been quite good as of lately, he’s done a lot more than just dunking it. It’s his wings that need to step on defense, Melo just breezed by them without being bodied up or anything.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    yeah i know man lol

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    They dont have enough players who are good at defense, its that simple. Vince is 33, right? Shard never played good d, q neither. Jameer tries, he just doesnt have the tools. Pietrus is a streaky defender. Bass, redick, and gortat try. Orlando has to make some moves. Theyre not a title contender now, and they dont want to look back in 3 yrs and see wasted time.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^the biggest mistake they ever made was letting hedo slip thru thier fingers

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Cosign cantrell again, the Orlando system was perfect for Hedo. They had the money to keep him if they didn’t extend Gortat or match Redick. A lineup of Jameer, Vince, Hedo, Shard, and Dwight would look much better because Hedo was a legitimate creator in the Magic offense.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    And @Biged, Vince, Shard, and a 1st Rounder for Gilbert, Hinrich, and Yi?

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    in orlando’s defense, duhon, richardson and pietrus didn’t play and they’re decent defenders. of course carter and lewis were having trouble, they shouldn’t have been asked to guard melo in the first place.



  • ClydeSays

    I mean, he’s right but Lewis and Carter are never going to be stoppers on D.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Chiqo, but Chris Duhon just sucks.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    And this is why the Magic aren’t serious contenders.

  • D12FSU

    @caboose, i like the one where we get stephen jackson, i think he’d bring a toughness and attitude that barnes brought to our team, and a solid, if not stellar 2 guard. But we’d have to give em gortat in exchange for muhammed

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Where’s Petrius in all this mess? Injured? He was the only remote ‘stopper’ they had on the wing. When Vince was trying to defend Carmelo he was just getting out muscled straight up. Rashard Lewis would benefit by having a good old look in the mirror – ask himself what his contribution to the team is/needs to be.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    yeah D12FSU, just swap out Pieteus for Gortat and that’s a slick deal. I like what you said about the toughness he’d bring; Dwight would really appreciate it too.

  • http://Www.slamonline.com B-more Mike

    @c-cantrell= I fell you. You ever notice how Vince always scowls @ the wizards & 76ers but gets hurt & disappear against the heat & celts? Just wondering.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Nah, the biggest mistake they made was signing shard. They were smart to let hedo go. Jameer is nice and all, actually a very good 4th qtr scorer, but thats not what they need at pg to mesh with dwight.

  • http://yahoo.com Eboy

    You know what they say the magic live by the three and die by the three. I never thought they were title contenders there offense is predictable and Rashard and Carter are bums. I think the Magic would be way better with a more traditional power foward

  • KoBynum716

    If they’re looking for a wing defender, they should immediately trade vince carter for caron butler. Makes the most sense, considering neither is as offensively powered as they used to be, butler is a much better defender, but carter can still space the floor for dirk a little better than butler.

  • D12FSU

    @Eboy, theyve been starting bass @PF recently, and hes been playing great, so thats not really the problem. The problem is only Dwight, Bass, and Nelson are playing great, while JJ, Gortat and some nights Pietrus are playing at the level expected, while everyone else is really underachieving.