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Evan Turner to Lose Starting Gig?

The rook’s play has been less than impressive of late, and Doug Collins may bring him off the bench. From the Philly Inquirer: “Over the past four games, he has made only two of 14 shots from the field, and totaled seven points and eight rebounds. He has struggled mightily in the starting lineup since Andre Iguodala returned from an Achilles’ tendon injury and soon might find himself among the reserves. Asked yesterday whether he would consider removing the rookie from the starting lineup, Collins replied: ‘I would. I talked to Evan. I think, right now, he just wants to do so well. He puts so much pressure on himself. The last four games, in [81] minutes, he’s gotten eight rebounds. That’s the thing I was talking to him about. Even [Andres Nocioni] talked to him a little bit about going to Chicago his first year and he couldn’t shoot, and his focus was on how many rebounds he could get. I think Evan is trying to find his way with that [starting] group. Definitely, I will consider [removing him as a starter].’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    It’s okay kid, all rookies have their slumps. But boy did I have high expectations of Turner. lol

  • Morgan

    Off the wall question here: does Blake Griffin get to play for the rookies or sophmores at this years AS Weekend? Apart from Wall, this Draft Class has little-to-no hope against the Sophmores if the Sophs get Blake. Turner, Cousins..they are all playing a bit sub par at the moment.

  • Drew

    I was expecting Turner to really be the 3rd best rookie this year.

  • T-Money

    This is more than a slump. I’ve watched 3 Sixers games this year (don’t ask) and dude can’t get in the lane at the pro level and his playmaking skills are not needed since Iggy is an excellent passer from the wing. He’s useless out there, shooting contested mid-range jumpers. Never saw this coming.

  • burnt_chicken

    Ego check: rise up.

  • Mike

    @T-Money: I’ve watched probably 80% of the Sixers games this year. Iggy is not an excellent passer, and he is a major reason why Turner has been struggling lately. The Sixers and Turner played well without Iggy and they will be better off once they finally trade him. Turner is going to be a good pro, it’s just going to take him a year or so to figure things out. Even Jrue Holiday is still figuring it out and he has a year under his belt. Give the kids a chance to grow. You guys expect too much too soon from every rookie.

  • add

    Turners good he dropped 16 in his debut against the heat, he’s just used to having the ball in his hands.

  • KoBynum716

    Cousins would have been better for the sixers. They had no reason to draft ANOTHER guard behind Jrue, Louis, and Iggy, and freshly traded Dalembert to Sacramento for Spencer Hawes. Hawes is not worthy of starting in the f*cking D-League.

  • T-Money

    @add: see that’s the thing, he’s not special enough as a swingman to have a team run its offense thru him. that’s reserved for playmakers like bron, wade, kob, brandon roy, etc. regular 2-guards need to learn to play off the ball.

  • rich

    he could become a much bettter athlete with training, and his J needs to improve. if he does that he has a chance to be the best player of the draft

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    @mike: Not EVERY rookie. Only those taken as top 5 draft picks. EVERY year. Every top 5 draft should be capable of playing at the next level. Thats WHY they are a top 5 pick. Why should anyone get millions of dollars to do a job they can’t actually do??

  • Jos