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Lakers are Big Fans of Blake Griffin

They couldn’t contain him at all last night, and all came away impressed (and most seemed to give him the edge in the Rookie of the Year race). The only person who was let down was Ron Artest, who wanted Griffin to yam on his head. Oh, Ron. From the LA Times: “Taking for granted that all the Clippers would back Griffin, I asked several Lakers who they’d choose before the game. And the winner, to this point, conceding the possibility of geographical bias, is … Phil Jackson: ‘Blake Griffin obviously has a big impact in a game right now and Wall looks to me like he’s still searching. He had a good game last night but he looks to me like he’s still searching for what his game is. Blake looks more mature than Wall at this point. Ron Artest: ‘Blake Griffin can still get rookie of the year? Oh, Blake. Blake is a human highlight film. I haven’t even had a chance to study his game because I’m too busy looking at his dunks.’ Lamar Odom: ‘Kid next door. Explosive. Very explosive. The way he gets it, he’s very entertaining. Fun to watch.’”

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  • basketblogger

    so when does blake get traded to the lakers?

  • http://www.diimemag.com Royal

    Ron-Ron was playing good D on Blake last night, Lamar ,on the other hand was getting man-handled

  • TyMo

    They couldn’t contain him at all? He went 6-17 and had 4 TOs. Not exactly a dominating performance.

  • JTaylor21

    When was the last time a rookie was double-teamed on every possession when playing a team as good as the lakers? It goes to show just how dominant dude is already in his first full season.


    I have never seen a double team on a rookie specially by the Lakers. Its only to show that I don’t know what they will do when the 3 headed monster comes to La La Land soon. good luck

  • Lakers gang

    I feel bad for Blake, he has so much talent and he will probably be Rookie of the Year but he plays on one of the worst teams in NBA history. How can he as a player show his true talent if he is on a team that’s not even on his level?

  • Bruno

    and caracter went down yesterday damnn

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Wall is rookie of the year right now. PERIOD!!

  • r2j

    I put this on the twitter account and here’s my say on it. By the time half the Lakers roster is gone. Griffin will be a major problem in the L. Kobe, Fisher and co.should count their blessings.

  • Bruno

    say what

  • michelle

    @Tymo: Blake had 3 fouls in less than 10 minutes (one which was definitely NOT a foul) which impacted his overall game. I think he did awesome especially in 2nd half. The clippers played with a lot of heart, but in the end, the world champions were able to do what they’re best at…closing games. I think Blake Griffin is definitely ROY

  • Chazz Michael Michaels

    lol i saw where BG laid his sack all over Lamar’s bald a** head on a ridiculous dunk.

  • Chazz Michael Michaels

    lol i saw where BG laid his sack all over Lamar’s bald a** head on a ridiculous dunk last nite. ROY

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    Fact: Writing “Period” or “BOOK IT” at the end of your sentence dosnt make it any more true, or less stupid.

  • DEO707

    @MUBWAR only 2 monster bruh

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Like a midget at a urinal the Clippers always come up short.

  • Jer dawg

    Yep, Blake got screwed because he’s a rookie. That loose ball foul should’ve been let go and that damn delay of game technical because he hoisted a shot at the rim after a missed free throw was bull crap! Cost them 1 point! Welcome to rookie initiation 101 by your Los Angeles Lakers. F that! I’m putting that over the back follow dunk over Pau & LO on my FB so let all Laker fans know Blake ain’t nohin’ to be f’ed wit!

  • Hammer

    I’ve said it once,I’ve said it twice. Matter of fact I lost count. But I’ll say it again. Griff IS the ROY. It’s his award since opening night! And wall-e is just eva compared 2 him. Those of u w/yung uns know what I’m talkin bout

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Blake’s the sh*t! That’s bout all I can say about that…

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Why is everyone so excited about steve blake?

  • Hammer

    Tarzan has hit his head swinging on 2 many trees

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^the seed..
    your stupid gtfoh retard