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Miami Heat the Best Team According to Mark Cuban

Despite his own team’s rampage through the League early in the season (to say nothing of his position on the Heat), Cuban tabs LeBron and co. as the NBA’s best squad. NBA.com reports: “During a visit to San Antonio this past weekend, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said the Mavericks were probably the best team in the league right now. It’s hard to argue that opinion, given the 10-game winning streak the Mavs took into tonight’s game against New Jersey. I brought this up with Mark Cuban as he pounded away on the Stairmaster. Surely, he has to be pleased with the progress of the hottest team in the NBA, one that battling San Antonio for the league’s best record. But are the Mavs, in Cuban’s biased opinion, the best around? ‘Miami is the best team in the league right now,’ Cuban said simply. Really? The 15-8 Heat? Yes, Miami has rolled off six in a row to climb to third in the Eastern Conference. I asked Cuban to elaborate and he stuck to his guns that Miami was the class of the NBA.”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Sure, we believe you Cubes.

  • kudos

    Considering Mavs would be an expected answer, i don’t see a problem.

  • rich

    idk if theyre the best team but when miller comes back and if haslem does they will be very hard to score points on in the playoffs, especially on the perimiter

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Thank You, Cubes more motivation for my Lakers.

  • 2k champ

    He cant make up his mind. First he said they were to little to battle and now tht theyve lost haslem he considers them the best team?

  • bashmo

    I’m a Magic fan…and I have to admit that the best eastern conference team rite now has to be the C’s, let alone the Heat. The Heat are getting better, and the wins will keep coming from this point on. They are now actually running halfcourt sets and screens, and their defense has gotten better. And as Rich said once their key bench players return, more noise will be made.

  • http://www.diimemag.com Royal

    MIA Championship

  • vtrobot

    total sh*t talk. MIA is currently not a better team than at least: BOS, LAL, SAS, & DAL.

  • tRay

    ^^agreed lol
    true they are playing better ball than the earlier months but to go on a limb and say what he said is straight ludacris. Until they can at least compete with the elite teams they will not be one of them.

  • JTaylor21

    Do you know what grinds my gear; when fans say “My Team” or “We” when referencing a team. Do you own any stocks in the team? Do you own any percentage of the team? Do you personally work for the team in any capacity? So how is it your team?

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It’s all part of the delusion.

  • http://yahoo.com Big O.

    Mark Cuban is full of sh*t. He’s trying to get the Heat feeling over confident so when his Mavs play them, they can have an advantage. But this heat team is a veteran squad and they are not falling for it. He’s starting to sound like Phil Jackson

  • fruizm

    that’s right Mark, put some pressure on them.

  • tRay

    @JTaylor nice Peter Griffin reference and I totally agree

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    “Surely, he has to be pleased with the progress of the hottest team in the NBA”….”No I’m not pleased…and don’t call me Shirley!” Sorry, couldn’t resist. (RIP Leslie Nielsen). And JTaylor, I say “my team” or “we” when I talk about my Bulls, because that’s what I’ve done since I was 4 years old and ain’t about to stop now. Jerry Reinsdorf and company may not know I exist, and you and AllenP and others may not agree with it, but like Jay-Z might say “I used to give a f*ck/now I give a f*ck less”, that’s still my team. And happy Friday, y’all!

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ha cuban is just saying this to suck up to lebron.. he still hopes that lebron will play for him some day so ya know he is going to kiss ass as much as possible.. that is all this amounts to

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    My first comment came off as angry and defensive. My bad, it ain’t like that at all. And I’m not buying it from Cuban either.

  • Sarah

    That’s because he’d go to his grave before admitting the Spurs are scary.

  • http://Badnewzb8ller Badnewzballer

    Lol Dude just being a smartass…. Duh!

  • JTaylor21

    Enigmatic, I feel ya because you’ve actually been a fan of said team since day one, so you kinda have a right to say that because you supported them through the bad years and I take it that you’ve been to some bulls games, right? but some people just began supporting their team when they recently got good, so they don’t have any right to say “We” or My team.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    No one wants their team, (one that has underachieved in the past, mind you) to be the favorites. So throw that onto the Heat.
    Mavs are straight killing it though. Dirk is a beast, nothing more to it. Should be the leading candidate for MVP at this moment, but nobody will agree with this and I won’t be surprised. That’s just how the guy’s career has always been.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I see what you mean, JTaylor. Yeah, I agree with that. Kinda funny how so many people call the Heat “their team” now when they couldn’t name any of the players besides D. Wade last year. But yeah I been down since the late 80′s when I was a youngin’. I actually only ever been to one Bulls game – Bulls Vs. Celtics, the double-overtime win in the ’09 playoffs. But I watch as many games as I can. I bought League Pass so I could watch my dudes. Got me a mini-shrine with all the Bulls stuff I piled up over the years, highlighted by my Bulls cap autographed by Steve Kerr back in the days, and my autographed Derrick Rose jersey too. Bet I’m the only dude in Alaska that has one of those…

  • desir

    Cuban knows what he is talking about. The first month of the heat season is irrelevant. That was their preseason considering wade was during the real preseason. When he came back, he was not in tiptop shape and rythm. He was making adjustment playing with bron and bosh. All the hooplas talking about the heat don’t do well against elite teams, that’s a bunch of bolonies. Again the first month of the season was a feeling out process for the heat. Even then they were able to compete with the elite teams. A couple of plays here there they could have won a lot more games against the elite teams. Answer that questions: how many times an elite team has blown out the heat where the heat had no chance to win starting in the fourth quarter. The answer is zero. Remember too the elite team has a core nucleus of stars that has been playing for years. Its pretty remarkable that the heat were able to compete against them. The big three in miami are going to be a living nightmare for any team comes january. Cuban is not trying to be sly; he knows what he sees now. The heat are the best team in the league now. Let’s see how the elite team fair with them comes january. Your worst nightmare has come true. Two unstopable force coming at you full force on a fast break with bosh trailing not far behind. Good luck.