Monday, December 6th, 2010 at 10:15 am  |  9 responses

Sixers Downplay Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors

With rumors and speculation swirling, Rod Thorn sort of denies that the Sixers are looking to move Iggy (OK, not really). The Philly Burbs has the quotes: “Team president Rod Thorn denied a published report, citing unnamed sources, claiming the Sixers are ‘attempting to trade’ swingman Andre Iguodala. In an email response Sunday, Thorn said the Sixers are ‘trying to ascertain the value of all of our players. Big difference.’ The Morning Journal (Ohio) claimed the Sixers are looking to move the 26-year-old Iguodala, who has four years and $56 million left on his contract (counting this season). A source in the report said the Sixers and Cavaliers haven’t had any ‘active dialogue,’ but to ‘keep an eye on’ Cleveland because it lacks a No. 1 player since LeBron James left for Miami. The Cavs own a $14.5 million trade exception they acquired for James that could appeal to some teams.”

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  • GD6

    Would be a good trade for the Cavs because they need serious help at the SF position.

    And they need to get rid of Anthony Parker right now!

  • Huami

    dont trade iggy. look at philly now, they are playing better. Just chemistry issues, that’s all.

  • LA Huey

    Why would Cleveland want to become Philly? Because that’s what acquiring Iggy would do. He’s got an awful contract. Cavs should just build through the draft.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    I understand why the Cavs would want to do this (they have no viable starting SF), but why do the 76ers want to get rid of him – is it a salary dump? It’s not like they have another player at the same spot that AI2 is holding back.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    man i wish he could end up in chi-town or orlando.. or hell even the thunder.. him and westbrook would be the most athletic duo in the leage oh and that durant guy would prolly like to have him as a teammate also.. he would be a good fit for the thunder because he actually plays d but he cant really knock down the peremiter shot consistently which is what the thunder really need most (besides a low post presence) but nevertheless if he ended up in okc then the thunder would own the daily top ten highlights lol

  • dma

    Philly has Turner and Young ready to play more minutes. They’re not going anywhere with AI2 on that roster though and it’s time they started over with their young guns. Now if they could dump Brand too. I expect to see him in a Dallas uniform because that’s where 2nd tier players being paid like 1st tier players end up.

  • Sizzle

    @Huami, they aren’t playing well. It’s become clear that Iggy is not the Answer for Philadelphia. Then again, niether are Young, Holiday, Turner, Brand..etc.. I could go on and on, Philly, like Cavs, are a bunch of role players lumped into one squad. There is no player they can look at to get them going night in and night out. Sure the starting five gets into double figures many nights, but that is not a winning formula in the L. Right now you need at least 1 Star (preferably 2) and then surround them with the right players. Now if we could get rid of iggy and maybe 1 or 2 other players and get someone like Melo (which I know won’t ever happen) then we’d be going somewhere. As for right now the Sixers will continue to be the bottom feeders especially with the Igoudala and Brand contracts. Hell, I expect them to vastly overpay Turner when the time comes as well.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^they will overpay him just wait.. tho he might eventually become a better player than igoudala and deserve it alil more but philly always overpays players for some odd reason.. maybe thru the false hope of some of them actually becoming 1st tier players.. which they havent had since iverson

  • biged

    he needs to go cause he is wasting years on a bad team. he can be a nice 3rd option on a contender. the bulls should try to get him somehow that would be nice: D Rose, boozer, Noah, and Iggy…….. everyone else on the bulls is trade-able