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Video: Cavs’ Assistant Tells LeBron to ‘Shut the F*** Up’

First, a Cavs’ assistant drops the F-bomb on LeBron during LBJ’s second quarter visit to the Cleveland bench.

But the beef continued.  After halftime, LeBron went over to Mo Williams to share some love, but Williams wasn’t having any of it.  LeBron has a surprised look, then is like “whatever, I’ll just have 38 in three quarters.”

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  • johnny c

    i was at work, and on my lunch break i checked the score around halftime, seen lebron with like 18 4 and 5, and i got so pumped up. after seeing this footage, i’m so proud of lebron. f*** the haters, do your thing

  • WangChung

    That was more of an exasperated STFU. Was hoping for more emotion. OTOH, Mo Gotti just redeemed himself.

  • tRay

    LeBron put a hit on MO GOTTI lol sit you a$$b down Mo Williams what a b*tch

  • JTaylor21

    Mo Williams actually said; Bron, lets go to costa rica together and never look back.

  • tRay


  • Robb

    Lebron: “Where’s your headband?”
    Mo: “Up my @ss, watch me go.”
    Lebron: “For real??? uuuh”

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Lebron said “Dan Gilbert tell me how my a$$ tastes”.

  • ktokyo

    I wish there had been more of this. Lebron clowned the Cavs. Hate it when a game is a lovefest.

  • tRay

    Wonder why I didn’t hear too much from Dan Gilbert? Hmmmm probably cuz he was too busy with his mouth full from putting his own d*ck in his mouth. I’m glad LeBron shut him up now we can move on.

  • neaorin

    In related news, the Cavs have just found their next head coach.

  • LeBron de Con

    Hehe myself showed em.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    Mo Williams is NEVER gonna get over LeBron unless they end up teammates again.

  • neaorin

    And seriously, friends or not, you can’t start chatting with players of the opposing team which YOU ARE BUSY BLOWING OUT. Before or after the game, whatever. IF Mo joined in, I could picture Byron Scott thinking “hey look, we’re losing by 20 and my point guard is busy laughing at the other guys’ jokes”. Get a clue.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @neaorin whose that?

  • neaorin

    the assistant coach in the vid, hah

  • whoooo!

    ya, too bad nobody else on the Cavs actually stood up. what a bunch of losers to let dude walk over them like that, in an arena that’s gushing with anger. they were his lackees then, and still looked like his lackees last night. i can understand the talent disparity, but good grief they got clowned with the talking.

  • Chris

    Lerbon is such a child, look at the naive look on his face ‘He said something nasty? He doesn’t like me :-( ‘ he might as well have started to cry.

  • the truth

    LOL at all the whiney ass cleveland shirts. Those ppl need to realize they making the whole town look like crybabies

  • http://www.slam.com Martey

    Damn Man Mo Williams is soft.

  • Pugz

    Screw lebron and the heat. He’s the most artificial cocky b**ch and treats people like shit and since he’s so arrogant he thinks they should still like him. What a child, I hope miami wins 0 championshipa. Ever. Amen.

  • TexaS

    Damn cleveland disappointed last night. i was rotting for the cavs. lbj clowning them on their bench. :( damn! i stopped liking james after this summer but you cant deny he build that fan base.

  • TexaS

    if i was a lbj adviser i would tell him to shut up for the next couple of years. “my greatness ” lol. im SO glad i didnt cop his jersey last year.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Myles Brown

    Cavs Reporter via twitter: Daniel Gibson said what looks like smiles & laughs with #LeBron weren’t. Some things were said last night that hurt friendship, he said.

  • kwame

    what was lebron and jj saying?

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Damn, now I wanna know what was said

  • dave

    the cleveland fans should be mad at the owner he screwd them over…and the fan just miss lebron, they know his the best and thats why they hate him…nobody hates on a bench player or so people always hate the best players…bunch of cry babies..

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    …..if Dan Gilbert woulda even tried to land Amar’e, Cleveland wouldnt’ve had to deal with any of this. The reason Gilbert wrote that stupid letter was to deflect the attention and blame. He’s the guy who deserves the blame, and he really deserves the boot after this

  • gerardo

    Moe williams is a b**ch cause its basketball why you catching feelings? And cle fans should be grateful for having lebron for 7 years, he prove his “greatness” but ya couldn’t help him a chip so its on to the next one time to get rings boy

  • TexaS

    ^ he cant get the boot. he owns the place. :)

  • jay

    Every cavs player who was chatting up with lebron should be sent to the d-league….u know as a punishment.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    stuff was said oncourt that could hurt their friendship? what was it? where’s charlie villanueva when you need him?

  • EtheKnickfan

    @jay isnt being a Cav punishment enuff?

  • http://www.nba.com Alf

    I think this speaks volume about why ‘Bron doesn’t have a championship. Reggie/Steve/Albert discussed it at one point during the telecast but the guy is too buddy/buddy with his opponents on the court. Seems like a missing “killer” instinct or that F-You mentality that is truly needed to get to the top.
    They even indicated that none of the current Cavs maintain contact with him today except boobie gibson (even he gave a little smack back ‘Bron’s way)…so why is LeBron being so friendly?
    Take Kobe, the guy intentionally seeks his enemies during the offseason (Raja, Matt) and tries to recruit them to the Lakers. Kevin G. and Paul are probably known as the guys in the NBA with the least amount of friends on Facebook…
    Difference? Those guys have at least one ‘chip and Bron doesn’t have one.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    You didn’t make much sense their son.
    Oh, and see Earvin Magic Johnson for somebody who was friendly with opponents and still got five rings.

  • Scott

    Loser’s always make excuses. lebron is a winner and didn’t want Dan Gilbert or Cleveland to stand in his way of being a champion. Lebron signed a contract and made millions for Gilbert and put Cleveland basketball on the map. They were horrible before his arrival; remember Cleveland had the first pick in the draft to get LBJ. Go Lebron Go Miami…….

  • http://slamonline.com kobehater

    lebron should have punched that guy in the mouth!!!!!!!!! what a ass Go miami go lebron.plus KOBE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Clyde

    Hahaha, I like how that guy doesn’t make eye contact with LeBron as he runs his mouth. Tension like that makes games alot of fun to watch though.

  • Playboy23

    Man f$ck Mo Williams , no wonder Lebron lefted.

  • http://YAHOO.COM Mark James

    i don’t blaim Mo Williams,yeah i’m a big Lebron fan but that was a discraction to Mo Williams and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I’m not so sure the guy said STFU, but yeah… And also we don’t know what happened between Bron and Mo, so… Anyways, Hickson seemed to be pretty friendly with Bron, no?

  • http://YAHOO.COM Mark James

    i saw Bron bein friendly with Antawn and Jamario Moon

  • Gabe

    Maybe Mo Williams just needs closure. Re-opening such emotional wounds can be difficult. He and Lebron should get some coffee and work things out.

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    Damm The Three Amigos Showed What They Really Have Yestrday Night!!! And Theres That 2 Time MVP LeBron James!! I Thought It Was Pretty Harsh That His Former Team Had To Treat Him Like That He Wasnt Doing Anything Bad?!?!?!

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    Also Cavs Needs To Get Over The Move The Team And The Fans Didnt You Hear Yestrday Idk If It Was Charles Barkley Or Who But Really There Being Lil Whiny Babies And It Gets Old Cause Now The Only Who Is Complaing Bout Bron Is Them So Just Get Over It.

  • http://nba.com Aladdin

    Meant To Be? <3

  • http://YAHOO.COM Mark James

    I agree with u.They were angry every since July 8,2010 and now the month is December.They are really taking this too serious.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Jasmine has a unique way of wearing out caps lock. Theres no way that happens automatically. …….

  • Coggie13

    the only way cavs could have hurt lebron would have been by smashing him on the court, losing by copious amounts will just make the decision to leave cleveland so much easier, 38 points and he wasnt even working hard.

  • Blackphantom

    Last night showed how weak the Cavs are, if I was on that team getting blown out, I wouldn’t have some dang on friendly convo while it’s happening, that’s pretty soft, letting him run all over you like that

  • ethan


  • JoeMaMa

    Alright, I’ll say it: wackest boos ever. People were making this out to be the ultimate boo fest, and it was NOTHING compared to my fellow Raptor fans laying into TMac and VC. Shoot, we even booed HEDO harder than the Cavs did to LeBron. It says a few things, namely: LeBron crushed that city alot harder than people think, and Raptor fans don’t like weak minded players. I could even wager than we’ll boo VC harder THIS YEAR….(though I’m over that and think that that episode is WAY over)


    Lebron proved a very important point last night. Mo Williams could never be that second man like pippen was to jordan. He is too inconsistent, especially in playoffs. Lebron did the right thing and left Cavs, otherwise he wouldn’t have won anything besides scoring titles and MVP trophies.

  • Feez22

    Game ended as I thought it would… Cavs Lose by 30, lebron scores 50(ya he scored 38 by that was in 29 mins if he could have just played the 4th). To the ppl saying the cave should have smashed lebron down, cmon… That wasn’t their nature before why would it change now? As I said last yr the cavs players quit on bron just as he quit on them. No one believed me. Believe me now? It’s no damn coincidence that Jamison and mo didn’t show up yesterday in a PLAYOFF ATMOSPHERE type game yesterday. They did that in the playoffs last season and mo has done it since he got to Cleveland… See cavs fans, quitness as u say is in every cavs player on the roster even without lebron… Ironic

  • jufu

    soo…why is lebrick visiting their bench anyways? these childish displays of ‘competitiveness’ are NOT the ways to win. i agree with alf. ‘bron has the talent, but he has a horrible attitude. jordan was cut from his high school team. magic had a devoted mother. shaq’s dad made him lift and hold textbooks at arm’s length and eye level for half an hour straight if he misbehaved. larry played for a small school and came from an small town in indiana. these guys were straight competitors and that’s why they won. lebron had a lot going for him. he was offered a goddamn HUMMER in high school for endorsements. and even if magic was friendly, NONE of these players mentioned above, including magic, had any friends on the other teams during a freaking GAME.

  • http://www.youtube.com/tripledouble Triple Double

    Jasmine… the only excuse for typing like that is if you are 12. F’ck outta here… Anyone who disses Mo Williams is a d!ck for real, he should be blanking Lebron, dude left so f’ck him… Hickson was talking smack and all power to him… Anyone who thinks this is some kind of ‘turning point’ read Myles Brown… Pleeease, it’s a definite watch but do not give the Heat props for winning a game they should never lose… f’ck outta here… Oh, and espn only knows how to operate when they riding the sack, so, as Monch would say – ‘what it is, what it is’.

  • Justin

    Byron Scott should have told his players not to be joking around with Lebron like they were. Barkley was right at halftime when he said that Scott should have been pi$$ed off.

  • Tweaks

    lebron james is NOT a High-IQ player !!!!!!!! It’s so obvious on his dumb face. He’s just like the puppet in the comecrial…fo’real

  • Towelie

    Not a Lebron fan…but poor Lebron.

  • JD

    I think the cavs players and coaches overeacted, i mean LeBron did what the best thing for himself was, and i’m sure any of the cleveland players would jump at the chance to join miami, and at the end of day its only basketball i can understand the fans hating on LeBron but the team were his friends and something like this isnt worth makingg such a big deal about


    It was the media who escalated this for usual reasons. Towely : Poor LeBron ? Cmon man look at it from a basketball point of view now & i hate to break this down to you but Miami Won, while Bron went in there Business as Usual like EPMD. Choked the haters The F Up with the effortless greatness that the man posseses. Strictly Business like. The nice thing is if they try this ish again he’l just have to play 4 quarters. Give em’ the NY treatment. :-) Its lovely like the spanking Bulls got from Boston last nite. I like the Bulls but not B Crawfish hence the wee jab. I’m just pushin him to write better articles while he swingin from my ….icles :-)


    moderate ? yes ? hmm , hmm?

  • McAy

    Just pathetic
    cavs behave like fat little kids

  • hoodsnake

    I know they got them back but this squad beat the damn Celtics and Dan Gilbert sure as hell visited the Cavs locker room before the game and dangled a couple of incentives rite?

  • Dagger

    I’m glad Mo Williams used last night to show Lebron how much he left behind.

  • Eboy

    Coo coo pee pee

  • Rainman

    No wonder u a LEBron fan…you fit the average IQ.

    “no wonder he lefted”


  • http://vihoops jayga

    screw the lebron haters and cleveland idiots lebron is a quiter yet u still wanted him to come back after all dat name calling burning of jerseys yall still want apology true clowns king james all day
    and how he shited on the cavs yup it was his greatness yall will find anything to hate on this man the reason of his departure lebron wanted rings and the whole of cleveland as a state made money of lebron he was the only source of consistent income getting a good team was never there goal

  • paul

    Lebron was just playing the old game of getting in their heads. They need to wise up.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Thank You, New Cavs coach and Mo “Gotti” Williams. It was reported later that Boobie Gibson stated him and Lebron friendship is on rocks in the way he was acting. Lebron is a douche bag. Its too bad fans of him, think he has some killer instinct or something. If my favorite player ever punked out like that, I am no longer his fan. He will let the city of Miami down and when he ends his career as the greatest regular season player ever. I will laugh and laugh, because he will not have any titles. BOOK IT!!

  • the nerve

    ayo seed kobe tried 2 punk out but l.a. wouldn’t let him. but i fee u. Lebron is a b!tch @ss cornball.


    dont be so ana1 nerve . Times Up ! Like You lack the minerals and vitamins irons and the niacin
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  • K.r.G.

    LeBron: Want me to score 38 points?
    Williams: Phhh Scumbag..
    LeBron: I accept that as a yes.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    CRUSTIFICATION IS NEAR ! Posted: Dec.4 at 4:50 pm

    What’s in the future for the fusion in the changer?
    Rappers are in danger who will use wits to be a remainder…. ………. YOU BITING ASS HO!!!!!!!! I KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THAT FROM……STARSHINES!……….BITING SCRUB GTFOH


    Lebrons an idiot for going there n taunting or watever its like you wouldnt go to your old gfs house with there family n friends are there with ur new gf and show boat your new attire and girl this guy is hungry for that for some reason but wat can u do when that stuff happened in clevland with his momma he wants to say F u cavz but not the cavz fanz so now hes stuck in a world of hate which is pretty whack both parties need to move on…….atleast clevland had mark price pure shooting and bone thugs .. and the drew carey show lol LET GO CAVZ FANS YOUR ORGANIZATION FKED WIT THE HOMIES MA THATS WHY HE LEFT WOULDNT U IF THEY DIDNT TELL U WATS GOIN ON COME ON SON

  • CRUS-T jalepino included

    Tarzan , your’e swinging from mine. I dig in the crates while you dig in ur chutney bunker. I was just testin’ who know the REAL HIP HOP dikfa(e ! D.I.T.C. 4 Life Bilznich !!! Back up off my tip.
    p.s. It’sobvious You DO lack the minerals & vitamins CRACKHEAD !!

  • CRUS-T jalepino included