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What’s My Name?

DeMar DeRozan needs one.

DeMar DeRozanThe Raptors, in sum, are not exactly must-watch material this season, but some of the parts are pretty fresh. Perhaps the most exciting baby dino is DeMar DeRozan. An In Your Face subject last issue, DeMar’s next slot in this mag figures to be a feature…or Slamadamonth. One or both of those will be a lot more fun to write—and read—if dude has a nickname to spice things up. Agree? Then give us your best idea, and we’ll all try to make it stick.

Whoever comes up with the the best nickname for DeMar will win a dope prize from the SLAM vault and get their name in Trash Talk next month.

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  • Riggs

    DeRaptor cause he damn sure looks like one

  • Jdizzle

    DeMar DeBust

  • Gladiator

    - The Chosen
    - DeRo
    - DareDevil

  • http://buyaw360.blogspot.com Buyaw


  • http://yarock.tumblr.com YarocK

    DeMar DeRazor DeRozan

  • Richard Bauer

    DeMar “Half-Vince/Half-Amazing” DeRozan

  • Adam Wyville

    -King DeDE


  • PapaBearATL


  • Tony Lang

    DeMar “Dino” DeRozan –Flinestone’s pet Dinosaur
    “Godzilla” DeRozen

  • http://slamonline.com james ellis jr

    dede/double de/dezan/

  • Allan

    De De Dunk on em!

  • http://twitter@ERZEN ERZEN

    DeMar DeFire DeRozan

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Mr. Uppercase (per one of the SLAM online writers)

  • bravo

    DeMar DeRozan is from Compton and his jersey number is #10. So why not COM10 KID?

  • Jose

    De Squared

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    @bravo, I think that’s why he chose 10 in the first place.

  • Migs

    Bust (Double D’s, get it?)… just playin :)

  • 6marjons

    Dee Doctor

  • Bravo


  • http://www.nba.com Gman

    Currently I keep hearing. “Kid Dynamite”

  • KJ

    Demar DeRozan.
    >> DaRZA << (like the wu tang member)
    because of his razor like quickness and slashing to the basket.
    Or even change the pronunciation to sound like The Rise-a because of his amazing jumping ability. hes always good for a posterizing dunk.
    take it how you want it.

  • hoodsnake


  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    DeMar ‘The Razor’ DeRozan

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Because he cuts down defenders with his dunks. *Now say it real fast.

  • hops


  • Josh m

    Super Demario

  • Josh m


  • logues

    “The other” D Roz

  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton


  • Balher

    Demar DeRizan

  • Vance F

    D to the power of 10 (D10) Refering to his Initial & Jersey number. (DeMar DeRozan, Defense, Dunk.. etc..)

  • Vance F

    D to the power of 10 (D10) refering to his Initial and Jersey number & style of play.. (DeMar DeRozan Dunk Defense Drive… etc)

  • ryan teeter

    Flight 647

  • ryan teeter

    toronto’s area code

  • wikileak

    the ugly truth

  • Somedude

    De-we picked this guy over Brandon Jennings?-rozan

  • bobcats95

    Demar the rim rocker Derozan

  • bobcats95

    demar da rim rocker derozan

  • Kobe fan

    -Drive and Dunk (DD is his initials)
    -Air Canada (reffering to his dunking ability)
    -Air Diesel
    -Bull Dozer
    -Air Compton(because hes from compton)

  • Sam J

    - Dee Dee
    - Dee Dee Ramone
    - DeWar of DeRozes

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/12/whats-my-name-39/#comment_form Mccoy

    the teradactal

  • George R


  • rome23

    DeMar “Dunkasuarus” DeRozan cuz he be throwing down some dino-mite dunks for the Raptors!!!

  • Ryan

    DeMar “Dr.Dunk” DeRozan — reference to his compton roots (Dr.Dre)

    DeMar “Dudley Dooright” DeRozan — canada reference… eh?

  • estoniandude

    i´d go with baby dino.

  • http://www.oprah.com Doyouwantmore


  • hoodsnake

    Teradactyl sounds cool MCcoy

  • christian


  • Migs

    Heir Canada – Flight 416
    Kid Raptor

  • rob stewart

    D-Murder (like C-murder from No Limit records) Remember he’s cool with P and Romeo.

  • Jonathan Lai

    Demar “DaRising” DeRozan.

    Refers to his rising stock as a player and jumping ability.

    Rising could also refer to the Canadian dollar against the USD dollar as this point.

  • Vincent Roseman

    I think his nickname should be Double D’s because of his initials and it rimes

  • George Roseman

    Double D’s is a great nick brother.

  • sideburn2go

    -Demar “Defying Gravity” Derozan
    -High Rise

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis


  • jack boutchard

    demario dozer

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis


  • Brandon Schroeder

    Off the Heezy DeReezy because he is just amazing and does amazing things that are off the heezy

  • Adam Wyville

    I came up with with King DeDE and D-Rex, don’t make a living off someone else’s fortune guys, just sayin.

  • dave

    D with the scientific 2 above to the right, so d squared

  • Sergio Rodriguez

    “Sidewinder” his baseline dunks & the way he explodes to the rim..he’s like a missile that no one wants to get in front of.

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    How About DeSlamin Or DeRawr!!

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Not Vince.

  • Max

    Defiance, because he never settles.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    Upper Case

  • Airee

    De-Boom, cause he’s always rockin the rim by throwin down them monster slamma jamma’s

  • Myron Simms

    DeMar DeRozan has crazy hops! He has “Rise” to the second power! I call it “Rise Squared”. So the name I came up with is…

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis


  • Andrew

    DeNightmare DeRazor

  • Andrew

    DeNightmare DeRozen

  • Taranvir

    Air Rozan

  • Taranvir

    Double D
    Heavy D
    Air Canada

  • M.Bloxton

    Ugly Dunkling

  • Devin Dixon

    Demar”Straight Out Of Compton” Derozan

  • Nate


  • Dustin McCloskey


  • Jordan kirby

    -Double dee
    -Dee Dee
    -Derozan the chosen

  • http://twitter.com/BlackStallionRa Rakim Watson

    (demolition) DeMar-Lition!

  • http://twitter.com/BlackStallionRa Rakim Watson

    DeMar-Lition! (demolition= completely destroying something) DeMar looks like he tries 2 destroy rims when he dunk! Thats why the ball always hits him back. Anyone eva notice that? lol

  • http://P3A6A3Sudbury,Ontario,Canada Brandon Schroeder

    Off the Heezy DeReezy i forgot to put my mailing address so i posted it again.

  • http://P3A6A3Sudbury,Ontario,Canada Brandon Schroeder

    Off the Heezy DeReezy I forgot to put my mailing address so I posted it again

  • Drew B.


  • Dan S.

    Dr. Drerozan

  • Matthew H.


  • Ben Weiner


  • http://slamonline.com Justin

    Demar “Da flyer” DeRozan

  • jewboy

    Demar Dedaaiiuum!!

  • Cassandra D

    Demar “D-Rez” DeRozan

  • Menachem Litenatsky

    DeMar “DeAnkle Breaker” DeRozen

  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Northern Exposure

  • Travis Arenas

    DeMar ” The Risen” DeRozan,
    MR. D’s

  • j.wheeler

    soldier slim

  • SuperMan

    Straight Outta Compton

  • Mitch McClure

    D baby

  • Mitch McClure

    Demar “Poster Boy” DeRozen

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    DeMar “Silky Smooth” DeRozan

  • http://www.cruzem.com Joe King


  • RaptorzFan

    -Compton Kid
    -Air Compton
    -Air Comp10
    -Heir Canada
    - Air Canada 2.0

  • Jb

    DeMar “DeFreak” DeRozan

  • http://p.o.box550 Cody Schuchard

    De Man

  • Malcomb Ross

    Demar “The International Flight Doctor” Derozan

  • http://www.twitter.com/justinniles Justin

    DeMar “Roswell” DeRozan

  • http://p.o.box550 Shoes


  • meagan

    Tarzan demarozan lol

  • http://www.twitte.com/GOTathletes Patrick Lee

    Compton Crusader

  • http://slamonline.com nate

    Mr.Finish it or Air Canda 1.0 lol

  • jonny

    DeBest Outta Compton

  • Frank

    Heir Canada

  • DatKid

    He already has a nickname its
    Com10 (Compton) Kid

  • Sixto torres


  • Idan


  • Pat


  • TC

    Kid Comp10
    DeComp10 Derozan
    DeMonsta has entered the building
    Dexplosion Derozan

  • GL3NN

    Calfornia Cid
    Cid Compton
    The Future
    For him and Sonny – destructive 2
    Flight 10

  • thead

    plain and simple and coming to you in….


  • GL3NN


  • Furyami


  • Furyami

    DeMar Darnell DeRozan

  • Danny Takla

    Demae Derising

  • reach

    Compton Prodigy
    Air Compton
    Double D-ttack
    Air Raptor

  • reachdatruth

    Compton Prodigy
    Air Compton
    Double D-ttack
    Air Raptor

  • Pmonz

    Demar “Docta”
    “Executioner” D.E.D

  • vinsanity

    demar,sonny, and amir
    demar and his delicates

  • DannyTanner

    DeMar DeThrone Derozan
    DeMar DeAssasin Derozan
    Comp10 Comeback (back to LA for allstar weekend)

  • Pmonz

    Demarr “RED ROCKET” DeRozan

    This should be the winner

  • Pmode

    Demarr “RED ROCKET” DeRozan

    This should be the winner … Fits him being in the T DOT !

  • pmode

    Demarr “RED ROCKET” Derozan

  • Jude

    Air Compton

  • Danny

    DeMar ” kid flight” Derozan
    “Air DeRazor”

  • da0ne

    Demar “da 0ne” Derozan

  • http://twitter.com/taylorgipple Taylor Gipple

    DeMar “Da Man” Derozan

  • SaferH2O

    Flight 416
    Comp10 Kid
    DeMar DeRozan DeRisen (Leads NBA in capital letters)
    Heir Canada
    Air Compton
    Air Canada

  • Darryl G

    “DeMoralizer or DeMaralizer” cuz he demoralizes who ever is guarding him after he dunks on em!

    Dictionary.com definition -

    [dih-mawr-uh-lahyz, -mor-] Show IPA
    –verb (used with object), -ized, -iz·ing.
    to deprive (a person or persons) of spirit, courage, discipline, etc.; destroy the morale of: The continuous barrage demoralized the infantry.
    to throw (a person) into disorder or confusion; bewilder: We were so demoralized by that one wrong turn that we were lost for hours.
    to corrupt or undermine the morals of.

  • Capricha Are


  • david


  • Anthony


  • BJ

    Kid Dynamite
    Heir Canada

    Pick one.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/12/whats-my-name-39/ Mark

    Da Carter II

  • trace


  • Clarence Hung


  • Idrees

    T-dot rex

  • John

    DeMAIR Flight 10

  • Saleh Mbamba


  • Alex

    DeComp10 Kid
    The Doctor

  • Furyami

    DeMar D. Derozan = Three dimentional

  • peter

    DeMar DeRim Rocker

  • Ali Malik

    Demar The Diminisher!!

  • Andrew Gregory

    De-Com10 DeRozan

  • Kamar smith

    Prehistoric Assasin

  • Pugz

    Hes not the raptor hes DeRonosaurus Rex.

  • ParkSmith


    because he is with the Raptors and can explode the game

  • Jon Riggs


  • Jake Rothman

    Young Gun
    He is part of a crew with him, Sonny and Amir which is Young Onez

  • Devin Luna

    DeMar DeFROZEN. For the cold weather above the boarder in Canada. Also for the frozen camera shots he gets when he’s making a poster outta someone. And it must get cold when he plays that high above the rim.

  • Terryn

    De Rozan One

  • Ken

    If this is still open, I like “DeMoralizer.” Cause his dunks do that to the other team.

  • Dave Masi

    DeMar “High Riser” DeRozan

  • Eugene G.

    DeAirozan or De Air Rozan…
    Nuff said.

  • Justin

    The Daredevil

  • http://www.thingsaboutmyworld.blogspot.com Eemeli

    Mr. Dunk of the Day

  • john swan

    DEDE after the character from “Friday” because he attacks the rim like a crazy eyed man child. And both rep Cali.

  • john swan

    or… DeMar’s Rising…fits with his name and…well…when the man jumps he just keeps rising….or DeRozan Potion cause the way he leaps begs you to wonder if he’s got some kinda of magical potion…since good things come in 3…Frozen DeRozan, cause he makes the defenders seem frozen when he skies over them..and it sounds good

  • http://hotmail.ca Cameron

    DeRocious…… his dunks are FeRocious

  • http://hotmail.ca Cameron

    its cameron i made derocious but my email is at .com sorry made a mistake

  • http://hotmail.ca Cameron

    this sounds crazy but i was right the first time it is .ca

  • Ryan

    DeMar DaFinish
    Young dunks

  • http://pointingnofingers.wordpress.com/ twinparadox


    you have to press shift to spell him name right…4 times!!!…
    and the shift button has an up arrow next to it too!!…how fitting… for how high he can go

    I wanted to go with “Caps Lock” but couldn’t find a way to make any sense

  • http://pointingnofingers.wordpress.com/ twinparadox

    …and I never got the prize for “what’s my name” a while ago can’t remember who…will look it up. Plus my subscriptions haven’t been coming though and the post office can’t trace them. Help me here

  • Rondaish Worley


  • nathan “Scooby” lewis

    hands down this guy should be known as
    DeMar “DeHops” DeRozan

  • nathan “Scooby” lewis

    Demar “DeHopz” DeRozan

  • http://slam.com daniel ”newera” richardson

    here’s DeMar’s nickname

  • http://slam.com daniel ”newera” richardson

    hand’s down the best nicknames

  • http://slam.com daniel ”newera” richardson

    here’s some sweet nick’s for bady dino
    -Reptar or Raptair

  • mario boatwright

    DeMar Air Bourne DeRozan

  • Lance Thompson

    1. The Rubberband Man
    2. Baby Plastic Man

  • Kian

    risen dunk

  • Gabriel


  • Gabriel

    DeMar “DeStroyer” DeRozan

  • Manu


    sort of like ‘demolition’, the way he leaves baskets after a rippin slam
    but also like ‘the martian’, as he sometimes seems to fly out of this world
    and a bit like ‘demarrer’, which is french for ‘speeding up/taking off’

  • Connor


  • King-David


  • Joe


  • http://gazettessports.com Tyler Hendrickson

    What about:

    The DeMaralizer (like demoralizer)


    DeRozen Bloom (like rose in bloom)

  • J_max_15@hotmail.com

    Dr. Dunk

  • Luis Mendez

    What about DeMar “Magnum Force” DeRozen…

  • JKryptonite

    DeMar “VelociRaptor” DeRozan.

  • JKryptonite

    If not my original choice of “VelociRaptor”,
    then at least something that characterises DeMar as a force to reckon with.

    DeMar “Dinomite” DeRozan,
    DeMar “Com10 Kid” DeRozan,
    DeMar “Daredevil” DeRozan,

    I saw a recent post that works as well: Dr. Dunk (by J_max_15)

  • http://CEDTVinHD.com CED

    I like the DeRizer because kid can get up!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for all the entries. A winner has been chosen. Look for the winning entry in SLAM #145, on sale in early January.