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Andray Blatche on Why He’s Been ‘Terrible’

Flip Saunders didn’t mince words when it came to his big fella’s play last night, so Blatche called into a radio station to defend himself, and tried to explain what’s wrong with the Wizards (some of it, according to Andray, is the lack of true fan support.) SB Nation has the quotes:  “Always I give 100 percent effort.  I’m the person that nobody ever says ‘Well, this is what’s bothering Dray today.’ Nobody knows that I’m sick. Nobody knows that my shoulder is really messed up. Nobody knows that my knee really is bothering me. Nobody is paying attention to what’s wrong with me. Everybody just cares about, well, ‘Why is he playing so bad?’ There’s a reason why people play bad.’ … He did start to get annoyed when presented with the fans’ criticism of his effort. In fact, that caused him to share a conversation he had with Gilbert Arenas, in which the mercurial, divisive outgoing star told him ‘You’re next.’ ‘We had a discussion, and this is what he said to me. ‘Just as fast as they turned on me, it’s going to happen to you.’ I took it as a joke, but I actually see what he’s talking about. Everybody is looking for someone to blame, and I feel like I’m turning into that person just like Gil.’ … which then led him to defend his effort again. ‘If you come to any of the home games or road games, you can see. I don’t know what you watch on TV, but I give it my all. I try to give it my all. I don’t go out there and play lackadaisical.’ … which led to the natural crescendo: Blatche extolling his philosophy on how fans of a team should conduct themselves. He expressed frustration with fans who were happy about his performance last season, but have changed their minds this season. ‘If you’re a Wizards fan, that means you cheer for everybody. That doesn’t mean you’ll come to a game and you shout ‘Trade him!’ If you’re part of a Wizards organization fan group, that means you cheer for the team.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com zog

    just wait he will be a future all- star

  • Detroit Davd

    Full of talent, someone needs to tell him to lose weight. Is it me or does he always look like tired.

  • Randy Brown

    “Nobody knows about all these excuses I’m about to make”

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    ^^^ agreed, he certaintly has all the talent to, and he brings up a good point here- We typically don’t ask ourselves whats ailing Dray Blatche? lol But all in all he hasn’t played as terribly as he says, there is just an extreme lack of offensive continuity in that line-up. They find themselves just letting Nick take all the shots and hoping they go in. Flip Saunders, as I have continued to berate for the last 3 years, should have never been hired. You don’t fire the architect….If Eddie Jordan wasn’t fired I doubt the Gil gun incident would have even occured….nother topic for another day…anyways as a Wiz fan I’m happy with to see Mustapha Shakur on the court. John has been great but he can’t buy a bucket some nights, Mustapha has one of the purest strokes in the world in my opinion so now we can generate some offense from more than one backcourt guy……….ahhh, it sucks being a Wizards fan lol…or a DC sports fan in general

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    btw, I was agreeing with @zog rather than the typical hater

  • Coolstorybro

    No one is going to deny his talent….He just makes bad decisions off and on the court…which why people give him that perspective…He just needs try and learn from his mistakes..and let this fuel his game…he has lots of potential, but if he doesn’t make the right decisions he just be “andre miller…basic game”

  • Dubli

    you will NEVER see Jordan or Kobe say what this man said. It has nothing to do with his physical attribute. His basketball IQ is just not there compared to someone like Gasol. Shooting ridiculous shots.

  • http://slamonline.com Yknot

    He’s right. There were so many Celtic fans at the game Saturday that it felt like a road game. He does have a million excuses. I thought he was going to get better as the year went on. He said his eating habits and lack of conditioning were holding him back.

  • Jeff H

    I don’t go out there and play lackadaisical. He takes some crazy shots. He is a player in the Tyrus Thomas mode where you always are thinking to yourself what is he doing?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    F*ck With Dray Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Hmmm, kobe makes tons of excuses to. The difference is everyone is all in his face about whats ailing him. My finger, my knee, my shot, blah blah…… Wizards have a long hard road to eeven get to mediocrity…..


    Man! Is it me or have there been sum really b*tchy whining by the players lately. Eric “I don’t know what to do” Gordon,deron and now Andray “I got 2 many injuries” Blatche. Just “callate la boca” like jay say and play. D-ZAM!

  • MikeC.

    If the Washington fans don’t cheer for him, maybe he should bring some unloaded guns to the game and ask the fans to pick one.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Mikec fails

  • http://sdjfklf.com Jukai

    No way, MikeC wins so much

  • Sam

    mikec fails

  • Clement

    He makes some dumb decisions. His defense has been atrocious, his shot selection on offense has been terrible. He always tries to create off the dribble like a guard instead of being the legit low post threat that he is. He should’ve gone back to what he was doing last year. You may be playing hurt Dray but that doesn’t give you license to play dumb.

  • Yesse

    He is an ok player and definetly has his part on the organization. However i think he should have just proved that he can play on the court and not in the radio.

  • http://www.slamonline.com THE REAL RIGGS

    His team is terrible so of course he’s going to be terrible. He played great against the celtics but then again so did the team. So who’s fault is it exactly?

  • Jersey

    Everybody’s injured ! anyone who has ever played ball knows that. The only thing I could compare the league to is my AAU days or my days at St.Ants. Back to back games. 2 games a day. everybody was injured. Same with the NBA. Everybody’s sore. Nagging injuries become more prevalent. It’s just natural. That’s not an excuse. He’s out there then he’s fit to play. Period. And who does he think he is to dictate how fans should behave? I went to college in D.C. Idk about now, but those tickets weren’t cheap a few years ago. If the so proclaimed star is dogging it then why shouldn’t they boo? Fact of the matter is, he’s soft. His post game is suspect and he hardly every uses his size to his advantage. He’s not Lamar Odom or Kevin Durant. His biggest asset is his versatility. He’s not versatile if he’s playing on the perimeter every set; he’s predictable. And his I.Q. sucks! Somebody teach these kids the fundamentals !

  • First & Foremost

    Come March 12th I’ll be watching in person to see what physical ailment he chooses as the reason Blake beat him down the court and caught a reverse 360 alley oop from 1/2 court.

    Just because you can play hurt doesn’t mean you should. I’d rather have my players at 95 to 100% than guys giving it their all at around 70% If you need to sit out a week or two, the team will manage. No need to carry around nagging injuries.

  • http://www.runninglikwidworks.com MrRLW

    It’s time for him to move on. He has all the talent in the world, but absolutely no drive or focus. There’s no reason that after all of these years in the league, he hasn’t bulked up and gotten stronger. He has a weak core and base, which shows in how few of his buckets are finished strong around the rim. And he has absolutely no upper body whatsoever, which is why the majority of his buckets come on jumpers or fade aways. He settles for those shots, because he doesn’t have the strength to get anything better. The dude is frustrating, because he has crazy talent for a big. But along with not having any strength, he’s never in shape. He’ll have one great game and a couple solid games, then fall off. And we won’t even discuss his off the court sh!t. The good thing for him, is he’s still young, so he still has time to turn it around. But I think he needs to be on a veteran squad, that can help get the most out of him.