Monday, January 10th, 2011 at 9:00 am  |  10 responses

Carmelo Anthony Says He’s Not Buying Into Trade Rumors

The Melo rumor mill went into overdrive over the weekend, and after an awful performance against New Orleans last night, Anthony claimed that he wasn’t fazed at all. From FanHouse: “Anthony then was asked if that’s an indication he hasn’t agreed to sign an extension with New Jersey, which many believe is the only way the Nets would deal for him. ‘I haven’t heard anything on that,’ Anthony said. ‘It’s just been speculation as of right now. Masai (Ujiri, Denver’s executive vice president of basketball operations) and Josh (Kroenke, the Nuggets president) are not even here (at Sunday’s game). So I don’t see that happening.’ Pressed for a time frame during which Anthony doesn’t believe he will be traded, he said, ‘I’m just saying I don’t see it happening right now.’ This week? ‘No,’ Anthony said.”

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  • barnabusb

    Please don’t screw this up for Detroit, Denver and NJ.

  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0

    I hope to god he doesnt goto the Nets… Knicks ok… but the nets?

  • add

    he’s gone

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    There seems to be a lot of smoke (ie. fire) but there also seems to be SO many hurdles (each team’s specific demands) that might hold this whole thing up.

    I hope the trade happens but Chauncey stays. We don’t want DHarris.

  • bakers’-dozen

    Melo has been lying since day 1. He wants out, he says he “might” stay in Denver, but he hasn’t even gone to Nuggs management to say that the offer on the table isn’t what he wants. If he wanted to stay, he would have signed by now. I’m hoping the trade happens, with Billups getting bought out and re-signing with the Nuggets again. That would be good rationale to trade Devin Harris for either a first round pick like Denver wants or else maybe for some more depth and scoring which they will need. Melo is gone, his play sucks right now, let’s get rid of him. If this trade doesn’t come to fruition, Denver should send him to the Wizards for a first round pick with no love for extension…treat him like the piece of meat he’s become.

  • Tyquez

    i gone be fye melo,billups,lopez,farmar,richard ham

  • barnabusb

    I’m serious, Denver and New Jersey! Don’t screw this up for Detroit! We’re so close to being rid of Rip’s contract………


    I can’t wait until this next Net deal collapses, because the bottom line is Melo will likely never be convinced to sign that extension to play for the Nets, then Denver will have to leak they just weren’t ready to pull the trigger on trading Carmelo. The Nuggets would be much better served working the phones with the Knicks Donnie Walsh to find a 3rd team to put together a deal that lands Carmelo in a #30 Knicks jersey. This way they get something instead of nothing. In my honest opinion, the Knicks have better assets than the Nets do right now. The only thing holding this up, is bitterness on the Nuggets part, sad but true.

  • bakers’-dozen

    I’m almost thiniking the Nuggs should hold on to Melo and let him walk. If they trade him, we lose every decent player on the team…almost every decent player. Let him walk and save the team you have now.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    He’s going to the Heat.