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Dwight Howard Has Impressed Hakeem Olajuwon

The master likes what he’s been seeing from his pupil. Just don’t tell Stan Van Gundy about it. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “One of the greatest centers in basketball history attended the Orlando Magic’s 118-104 victory over the Houston Rockets on Saturday. Hakeem Olajuwon liked what he saw from one of his most accomplished pupils, Magic center Dwight Howard, who scored 22 points and collected 14 rebounds. ‘He can do so much more,’ Olajuwon said. ‘It’s so easy. You can see the potential that he can do so much more. Unbelievable.’ Last June, Howard spent three days working with Olajuwon in Texas. Howard attributes the improvements in his game to being a gym rat. But Howard says those sessions with Olajuwon did boost his confidence … Olajuwon said that of all the big men he’s worked with, Howard has done the best job of putting the lessons into practice. Olajuwon said: ‘You see all the moves that we worked on, the steps and the recognition of what they’re giving him. He had 22 points, but he could easily get 30 or 35 easily. I saw opportunities that were just missed. With time, it’ll just get better.’”

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  • http://www.google.com Tristan Warneke

    he has the potential to average, like, 30 something points and if he grabs every rebound he touches, could easily get about 20 a game.

  • Kid Dynamite

    In other news SVG kidnapped Olajuwon after the game and is holding him in an undisclosed location…..but won’t take “credit” for it

  • T-Money

    I don’t care if Hakeem or Jesus himself taught him how to post up but saying that Dwight doesn’t have any post moves is just not true anymore. I’ve watched 5 or 6 ORL games this year and the man goes to work. It was a valid criticism then, but it’s not anymore. The only thing holding him back is the fact that SVG doesn’t believe ORL can win consistently when Dwight puts up 30 or more (his words).

  • First & Foremost

    The amazing thing is that after the trade he has found a way to stay out of foul trouble. Yes he has fouled out once but without a back up he is still doing a great job playing cautious.

  • jimmythesaint67

    .. “don’t tell Stan Van Gumby” .. as he’ll have to fire Ewing! Saw Howard play in BOS last week and he has transformed ..

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nicolas Fleming

    I want to buy a Sonic and add a Dream Shake to the menu.

  • slamfan4life

    Howard just doesn’t want to get better…….thats my awesome conclusion


  • Towelie

    I’ve been seeing Howard’s potential for 3 years, yet he hasn’t shown it. I agree what Olajuwan said, he can easily average 30-35 points and 20 rebounds. I think Howard just needs to stay focused.

  • bob

    Coming from Olajuwon, this means a lot imo.

  • Bravo


  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I agree. What is Van Gundy’s rationale for that belief?