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Nets Pull Out Of Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has told the media that his organization will be cutting off all conversations with the Nuggets, ending their involvement in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. SLAM’s Kyle Stack was on the scene:

Carmelo Anthony

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  • Bana

    about time

  • Jer-Dawg

    And don’t come back dirty Nuggets! Move on Jersey. So glad this crap is over!

  • Pharoah

    Prokhorov wants to pursue Alexander Ovechkin instead

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    WOW. So the 20+ stories (and probably 100+ tweets) that speculated Melo going to the Nets was… A complete waste of cyberspace? This trade crap is starting to get really annoying. So annoying that I have to annoy myself even further by telling you all how annoying it is.

  • Jer-Dawg

    The Owner loves basketball and won’t be screwed anymore. They were more than generous to offer as much as they did. Way to go, Jersey. Melo, you ain’t getting your money and Denver you are (bleeped)!

  • el_larsen

    cold war

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Lol @Teddy-the-Bear.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Might be a bluff. If not, looks like it’s Chicago or New York for Melodrama.

  • In-Da-Denver-Hood

    Melo wants to call his own shots – Nuggets be d@mn3d. Trade was never in HIS plans. Play out the season, then shop. Denver gets to rebuild because they never really put a team around him.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Very smart decision by boris. …… Melo will sign with ny as a fa

  • http://www.boogiewillaims.com Boing Dynasty

    Wow,somebody finally got the hint! Jersey you are the ugly chick in the club.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    wait, nuggets never put a team around Melo? veteran point guard with champion leadership? check. capable low post big man? check. active defensive big men? check. defensive wing with dependable long range? check. instant offense off the bench? check and check. the nuggets has a better team than Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. dude wants to be home in NY and that’s where all this drama came from.

  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    Time to clean out the internet tubes.

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    Mikhail: “The f*** with Melo” – NBAOffseason

  • barnabusb

    What albie1kenobi said. Carmelo is a marginal star at best, not a stuperstar to build your team around.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Prokhorov is right. It just got ridiculous. So freakin’ over this whole situation.

  • Waters

    What about all those people who stashed Troy Murphy in their fantasy league. C’mon Russia, have a heart!

  • Overtime

    Never put a team around him? Wow. Thats like the get out clause isnt it? People just chuck that phrase around. Couldnt do much more than the Nugs did, on paper they are championship contenders easy

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    @Waters: Murphy is ordered to stay at home until they find a team to trade him to. Won’t be Detroit.

  • http://yahoo.com The Ambassador

    I have a feeling Melo had something to do with the pullout of Prokhorov and the Nets. Dont be suprised if melo is in one of Jay-Z’s future songs.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Melo is just outside the top 10 for me… he’s in that 11-13 range.

  • monkeyball

    Glad that Vladimir Putin won’t let himself be intimidated by Carmelo and the Nuggets.

  • jose

    Prokhorov just wants Kirelenko more than Melo, it’s obvious. . . .

  • http://slamonline.com Yknot

    Too bad Baltimore doesn’t still have a team so we could call Melo a trader for claiming NY as home.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Trader, traitor, whatever.

  • AusBaller

    what russian says goes, strong move for a new owner in the NBA!

  • fizzrocket

    Nugs never put a team around him? B**ch please. They had Iverson, K-Mart, Birdman, Chauncey, JR Smith, Nene, Al Harrington, Andre Miller, and a plethora of good role players and a good bench. Dude has had all the tools needed to run for a chip, but he’s never gotten there.

  • 2KInsider

    And they compared LeBron and Melo to Bird and Magic when they first came to the NBA. LOL

  • http://slamonline.com niQ

    Good move on Prokhorov. Melo didn’t even want to go this “meeting”. Prokhorov was tired of Melo’s sh!t.
    On another note, the person who posted “The Indecision” on the other thread really fit this.lol

  • bakers’-dozen

    Melo says no meeting was ever arranged. Yeltsin is saying that the meeting was scheduled for tomorrow, but now it’s off. Here’s a brain tickler: why fly from Russia to Jersey and THEN say it’s too expensive? He’s trying to save face and place the Nuggets at the heart of the issue. The reality is that he probably heard that Melo did not want to sign the extension. Instead of HIM looking bad, he pushes it back to the Nuggets. Why else would you cancel the meeting ONE DAY prior? Even if you think it’s too expensive, you have the meeting to see if you can have a chance at him at all. My bet is that Melo told him that he didn’t like hockey or something, and that ticked off The Dictator.

  • L

    The heat is on the Nuggets now.I guess they won’t be able to trade him at all or will have to bargain him to the knicks for Danilo Gallinari, Eddy Curry’s contract and a 1st round pick from NY (if NY can get one through trade)..L

  • tavoris

    excellent negotiating ploy. The Nuggets are gonna have to give him away for anything they can get now.
    Prokorov got tired of the Nuggets acting like they actually have leverage in this.

  • http://allanzuss@yahoo.com Mendel


  • http://slamonline.com THE REAL RIGGS

    holy crap at some of the stupidity in this thread. melo is a marginal superstar at best? get the f*ck out of slamonline, seriously.

  • barnabusb

    @The Real Riggs: I didn’t say he wasn’t a superstar, he’s just not the one the NBA wanted him to be. He’s a Chris Bosh, not a LeBron James.

  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0

    The Nuggets never put a team around him capable of wining. They Had ONE year were the team actually was capable of winning and they just lost to the better team: Lakers. All the other years were filled with injuries to big men and ball hogging/ un-organized playcalling in the iverson era

  • http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/olybb/news/story?id=5493184 ENDSwing

    Mendel its Word is Bond

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nicolas Fleming

    Well the thing that really was holding this up was that Prokhorov was trying to unload Snookie’s contract. The nuggets were willing to take on Pauly D to be their DJ on home nights and employ “The Situation” as a trainer, but the risk of Snookie’s STD’s and poor influence on the roster was too much for the Nuggets to handle.

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