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New York Knicks: NBA’s Most Valuable Team

According to Forbes’ annual ranking of NBA teams’ fortunes, the Knickerbockers are now the L’s most valuable team (overtaking the Lakers.) To the shock of precisely no one, LeBron James has been very good for business in Miami, and conversely, very bad for business in Cleveland: “The average NBA team is now worth $369 million, 1% more than last year. But several of the league’s 30 teams have not fully recovered from the recession, and as a result values are still 2.6% below the $379 million peak average they hit two years ago. No player in the 64-year history of the National Basketball Association has come close to having the immediate and profound impact that LeBron James had when he bolted the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat this summer. The King’s move accounted for both the biggest gain and drop in team values: the Heat’s worth increased 17%, to $425 million (seventh among the NBA’s 30 teams), and the Cavaliers plummeted 26%, to $355 million (15th). The Heat sold out their season ticket inventory for the 2010-11 campaign after four straight years of attendance declines. Ticket prices are going up next year and ratings for Heat games on Sun Sports, the Fox-owned regional sports network, have doubled this season. Meanwhile, after winning more than 60 games each of the past two seasons, the Cavs won only eight of their first 45 games this year and owner Dan Gilbert recently announced that prices for Cavs games would be lowered next season. The New York Knicks replace the Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA’s most valuable team, worth $655 million, up 12% from last year. Signing Amar’e Stoudemire has been a big help both on the court and with sponsors. The Knicks sold out their full-season ticket inventory for the first time since the 2001-02 season. The Knicks’ parent company, Madison Square Garden, Inc., signed a sponsorship deal with JPMorgan Chase in September that’s worth at least $30 million a year over 10 years.”

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    The King

  • http://rsaenz21@aol.com rog23

    if stat helped ny that much, i wonder what addin LeBron wouldve done……….?????????????

  • dako24

    Think of what Melo will do for NY. I hate hearing about the guy but seriously now. New York teams = Most expensive but best investment.

  • http://rsaenz21@aol.com rog23

    melo would be great, and somewhat of a hometown hero. but in NYC they hate lebron, and thats theyre ultimate sign of respect and envy

  • http://rsaenz21@aol.com rog23

    if melo does or doesnt sign with the knicks they still wont be title contenders. something lebron brings instantly.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Coney Islander

    STAT has woken the garden up. His personality matches the city’s personality quick and aggressive. LeBron ended up in the right place, south beach is known for their Diva’s.

  • http://rsaenz21@aol.com rog23

    @ Coney Islander, dont forget that stat also really brings out the Elite scoring talent, with the below average defense and rebounding, that the knicks are all about!


    Simply put, the New York Knicks are the CROWN JEWEL of the NBA! Forget about it! Once we get Carmelo, they’ll be worth more than the Yankees, Cowboys, and Lakers combined! Fuggedaboutit! In other news the Nets are trying to sell tickets for fitty cents. lol


    Simply put, the New York Knicks are the CROWN JEWEL of the NBA! Once “we” get Carmelo, they’ll be worth more than the Yankees, Cowboys, and Lakers combined! In other news the Nets are trying to sell tickets for fitty cents. lol

  • http://rsaenz21@aol.com rog23

    LeBron is my fave player, but i wish he wouldve stayed in cle. because the nba is continuing to become even more TOP heavy. i used to be able to point out a player on every team who i thought could be an mvp candidate. but that really aint the case anymore… Cle? Tor? Charlotte?

  • bashmo

    Well at least Charotte has an all star. Teams like cleveland, toronto, and new jersey are looking for a real leader to guide them through games. And its unfortunate, but toronto is not exactly the most desirable location for many of the futures free agents, and of course cleveland isnt. Both franchises will have to wait for their players to emerge as stars.

  • zoom

    @rog23: The Knicks are a piece or two (and a new coach) away from contending. No one claims that they’re currently contenders Captain Obvious. Sounds like a you’ve got a lil bit of hate in your blood. Most valuable franchise after only one good player joins? Let me guess, your team is one of the organizations losing money.


    Toronto has future star Demar Derozen. Ed Davis is improving slowly but surely. And after the stink bomb we put out this year, hopefully Toronto will get a top 3 pick. Money left behind for CB4 and a lot of cap space. Future looks amazing for the raptors once we ship that failure fist overall pick who cannot rebound and defend.

  • http://rsaenz21@aol.com rog23

    @zoom: i have zero hate. i would prefer if everyteam had a legit shot to win a title. but that aint the case. i am just a basketball fan period. lebron is my fave player. and i have many others who i like and respect. btw, i would have loved to see lebron in nyc. but oh well, thats the business

  • MikeC.

    ^^I was fiending for Lebron in NY all summer, but I’m kinda glad the Knicks didn’t end up with him. For how long dude has been in the spotlight, he seems a little media-retarded at times. If he started to rub any of the NY media the wrong way, they’d eat him alive and he seems a little sensitive about that kind of thing.

  • Gman

    Raptors are 10th on the list LOL WOW!

  • Gman

    This week Forbes also reported that the Raptors are one of just 10 teams in the NBA that rakes in more than $1 million in gate receipts for every home game.