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Stephen Jackson: Not Sad to See Larry Brown Go

Let’s just say that for Cap’n Jack and his teammates, no longer having Larry Brown around is a welcome change. The AP has the quotes: “It’s kind of like losing a team. Nobody wanted to play no more,’ Jackson said. ‘Everybody wanted to play a different style than we were playing. We didn’t agree with what was going on. Obviously, it wasn’t working, so we needed a change. We had to figure something out.’ Brown, coaching his 13th professional or college team, led the Bobcats to 44-38 record and the franchise’s first playoff berth last season after a number of moves, including Jackson’s acquisition in a November 2009 trade with Golden State. But after getting swept by Orlando in the first round of the playoffs, things started to sour under the well-traveled Brown … ‘We’re younger and we have to play a little faster,’ Jackson said. ‘The makeup of the team is different and I think now with Paul as coach the young guys have more confidence to go out there and play basketball and not worry about coming out of the game … You can’t blame Coach Brown because we have to play the games,’ Jackson said. ‘But at the end of the day, when you make a change like that it has the domino effect of getting everybody up and loving the game. It’s definitely worked so far.’”

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  • Clos1881

    Not surprising who does like playing for Larry brown. When david Robinson hates playing for you it’s a problem. Larry brown and A.I. Were a perfect combination A.I. can’t play with talent around him and Larry can’t coach more than one talented player at a time.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    Well it’s true…

  • 3John3

    I’m no sad. I’m happy.

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    A really nice change for Jackson would be seeing him traded to the Mavericks. It needs to happen.

  • http://gmail z

    This is something i’ve been thinking for a looong time but have never had the courage to bring up in a serious setting, but i gotta say that LB is way overrated. Not as an Xs and Os coach, per se, in that regard he seems excellent. I guess this sentiment stems more from my feelin that Larry totally mishandled his relationship with the answer. I feel that if larry hadn’t always gone behind Al’s back to complain about him to the media (a media which more often than not was only TOO happy to report something negative about allen–from his coach, no less!)then allen probably woulda given larry more effort and “leadership” than he did. Thompson made it clear from day one that he had allen’s back, and i never hear about allen giving thompson anything but exemplary leadership.

  • http://gmail z

    Also, no less an authority than Red Auerbach had a credo that you never discipline a guy in a way that’s detrimental to your team as a whole. Doesn’t sound like larry’s philosophy in dealin with al. It was like larry took it as a personal insult that allen didn’t want to practice. but larry was a nonconfrontational type coach, so instead of addressing the issues with allen like a man, he carped about him behind al’s back, which to allen was tantamount to a stab in the back. all of this is just my opinion. feel free to disagree, but i gotta say, i’m really curious to get allenp’s opinion on this topic/any topic basketball related.

  • MikeC.

    Larry’s a great coach. He’s just a perfectionist and comes across as an a-hole quite often.

  • 1982

    LB could only coach one way – and it “worked” with Iverson for one season because while AI didn’t listen to him, he found a bunch of role players that did. Also, Allen Iverson was also extremely talented…but that’s just a side note. Also, so were the Pistons pre-dismantling. Hmm….

  • http://google c_cantrell

    i too am not sad to see brown leave.. this cats didnt even wanna play anymore.. they lost the passion cause they couldnt play “their” game.. everytime i watched them it always seemed to remind of the beginning of the movie glory road when coach haskins doesnt let the team play “their game”.. but lets just hope the cats can make a drastic improvement as the boys in el paso did now that they can play “their game”

  • T-Money

    i will also never forget larry for benching bron, wade, melo and stoudemire while guys like richard jefferson, marbury, etc. were makign a mockery out of team usa. larry brown is stubborn as eff. great knowledge but too rigid.

  • johnny c

    ^^they was rookies, larry brown hates rookies, so he played the less talented guys over the better ones. bad move imo

  • http://slamonline dma

    Serious, you N-people are starting to iss me off.. You cant be quiet in movie theaters, and now cant take instructions from a great coach like Larry Brown. The NBA is changing, big time, these educated white coaches are being “pushed out” While care-free brovas are replacing.. Sad, Sad, Sad..

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I’m so hoping that last comment was a joke.

  • z

    um i reeeally hope that dma is just kidding. Itd be kinda sad to know that racists frequent slamonline