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What’s My Name?

Blake Griffin needs one.

We’reBlake Griffin sure every media outlet is trying to figure out how to maximize their Blake Griffin Experience right now. We’ve committed to running a shot of him dunking every issue this season. SportsCenter producers are probably debating if they should start running a separate Top 10 each week just of Blake highlights. You know what would make everyone’s job around this task a little more fun, though? Having something to call him other than his government name. Agree? Then give us your best idea and we’ll all try to make it stick.

Whoever comes up with the the best nickname for Blake will win a dope prize from the SLAM vault and get their name in Trash Talk.

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  • v15

    the hulk

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo


  • EC

    “The Thing” + “Colossus” = B Griff

  • Tupack Shackur

    I liked the one somebody posted on the Mario Chalmers thread earlier:

    BG = Big Ginger

  • http://www.quakegriffin.com Patrick Hodgdon

    The nickname has already been chosen: Quake Griffin.

  • EC

    co-sign tupack

  • Ken

    Be liftin’ Blake Griffin

  • Jude

    ‘The Gift’

    - He has redic physical ‘Gifts’
    - Everytime he plays he gives the crowd highlight ‘Gifts’.
    - He’s ‘The gift that keeps on giving’ due to his work ethic.
    - Blake Giften

    He deserves a stand alone name. Kenny Smith’s idea of ‘Hulk’ is good. But Shaq is more ‘hulk’ like now, big, angry and green.

  • http://4point0show@gmail.com Wes

    I’m not mad at Kenny Smith for “Incredible Hulk”
    “Colossus” is dope too.

  • Taranvir

    These are a bunch:
    Bam Bam
    The Blake Show
    Blake the Quake
    Professor Griff
    Poster Child
    The Problem
    Shake ‘n Blake
    Ez-Blake Oven

  • Edgar Dominguez

    The Posterchild!!

  • Ranis

    Griffendor. Play on conquistador or Harry Potter’s school mascot.

  • http://www.conradburry.com Conrad


  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Blake Superior

  • NefRoc

    Poster Child
    The Beast
    Gorilla Blake

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    I call him, Iron Man

  • David Marquez

    a GRIFFIN strokes. The GRIFFIN Identity.
    Red Fox. Red sooner.
    RED emporer.
    clippRED. RED Stealth.

  • David Marquez

    GRIFFIN or out

  • James

    THE Highlight

  • tiquan

    venom/brock of spiderman fame

  • David Marquez

    GRIFFN 3irty 2wo

  • 2KInsider

    Threat Level: Midnight

  • AcuMarino

    The TERMINATOR!!! The dude even looks like The Govenator. Slap a pair of shades on him and you got the look.

  • j.Spadez


  • neverbroke23

    Mr. Slamadamonth.
    the poster child.

  • nobrain


  • neverbroke23

    Mr. Slamadamonth.
    the poster child.
    Prepare for blake off.

  • dahon

    Mr. Spectacular

  • dahon

    Come to Chicago, bro.

  • money makin O

    DVR because you have to rewind his dunks cuz theyre that nice

  • sumogeek

    Inhuman Highlight Reel or Inhumane Highlight Reel. I think they both work.

  • Pic

    Red Alert

  • Kyle

    Boom Shakalaka, or Kaboom. He has NBA Jam dunks

  • Ali Saadat

    Blake “The Chisle” Griffin

  • Pic

    The Elevator

  • Jer-Dawg

    “Terminator.” How can anyone do so much damage and be so oblivious to everything around him? No smile? no emotion? Well, for the most part.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    I like Proffessor Griff or that funny new one someone came up with: Big Ginger. Either way, dude definitely needs a nickname. He’s too good to be generic.

  • kuya

    sportscenter! well he always gives highlights everynight

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    Break Somethin
    Or yeah Big Ginger is cool

  • http://www.oprah.com doyouwantmore

    The Shredder

  • Danny_W_UK

    GSPN, Quarter man-Three Quarter Amazing, Ginger Thunder (’cause Darryl can give up half of his by now). How long til he breaks a backboard btw….

  • Idrees

    hollywood nightmare

  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    The Next Episode

  • hendry


  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Monsoon – He reigns down jams.

  • gani

    “Throwdown Thunder” because whenever he throws down a dunk you can hear thunder.

  • http://Slam Nate

    Shake and Blake

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jordan


  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Im with jordan, wasnt blakezilla already established?. ….. Prof griff is nice. …. Big ginger is good, but too goofy.

  • DeeJayNOLa

    Prof. Griff e.g. Mr. S1W via Public Enemy.

  • logues

    Earthblake, cuz when he dunks the whole place rumbles

  • Delano L, Williamson

    Blake Griffin’s name should be “iRobot” like the movie because he can’t be human…

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore


  • carlito

    Blake “Mo’ Money” Griffin

  • hirardu

    brief-in! Lol

  • JD

    Id go with The Terminator

  • D Mason

    Blake Identity
    Blakeasarus Rex
    Big Bang Theory
    The Nightmare Man
    Dunk Man X
    Red Dawn
    Blakenight Storm
    Clear and Present Danger

  • D Mason

    23 Second Assassin

  • lockon

    juggernaut or the dominator- the way he destroys everything in his path with his dominance

    the notorious BG

  • http://slamonline.com GlobeTrotter

    I’m going for a little something different…..
    The Destroyer
    The 2nd Coming
    The Anti-Bron (coz he’s gonna deny LBJ all those rings he wanted)
    Big Red
    His Majesty
    Tenacious G

    …and check this ish out – http://www.eaudrey.com/myth/griffin.htm ….love the bit that says “Moreover they tear men to pieces”! That is Blake Griffin the Mythical Flying Lion!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis

    the highlight

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis

    the bing bang
    or the bing dunk

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis

    mr top ten

  • David Marquez

    The Human Highlight. “BG” Lake Griffin

  • Tyquez

    highlight real

  • t-sizzle

    Blake “The Posterizer” Griffin

  • Pic

    The Great Red Hope

  • http://www.quakegriffin.com Patrick Hodgdon

    I say again… it’s already been decided. Contest. Over.


  • Jordan Kirby

    blake the snake

  • Jer-Dawg

    L.A. BLAKER is what local media guys are calling him. I wouldn’t want all the credit if I win a prize from SLAM.

  • Joe

    The Big Boss Man

  • Ness

    I second “Hellboy”



  • PC from GA


  • Drew Buffaloe

    The Flying Clipper

  • Dan

    The Human WMD (weapon of mass destruction) as he destroys rims and opponents every game.
    Too bad Nique already has the Human Highlight Film. Very fitting for Blake

  • Brandon Phillips

    Thee Explosion


  • Tommy Rothman

    Earth Quake Blake,
    cause he rocks the arena and the floor when he throw it DOWN like he do!!

  • Tommy Rothman


  • Chance

    “Dunk” Griffin

  • Daniel Nunez


  • BJ

    El Diablo
    The Gingerbread Man

    Pick one. ;)

  • BJ

    El Diablo
    The Gingerbread Man
    Pick one. ;)

  • Taylor


    …every time he scores you can say “two points for Griffindor!”

  • Jeff

    Espn has been calling him the poster child for awhile now.

  • http://www.aol.com Martin Fenn

    “Highlight Clip,” had to use team name somehow

  • Caleb

    He is the Elminator

  • Caleb

    He should be called “The Eliminator”

  • James Wrethman

    “Fastbreak Blake” >>> because this is a player who will never EVER be stopped when he’s on a fastbreak.

  • JD

    Jump Jet

  • JD

    Jump Jet

  • rob stewart

    Captain Crunch

  • rob stewart

    Arm & Hammer

  • http://yahoo.com Coach_Ada,s

    I would say The Barber of Griffin street!

  • Scott Carter

    Griff Starr

  • Scott Carter


  • Hugo

    BLADE Griffin

  • Aaron


  • Louis Waldman

    The Sooner Doomsday Dunkaholic

  • Louis Waldman

    The Nightmare On Blake Street

  • Dustin

    the human jet pack.

  • Dj Ramos & Victor P.

    The Dictator – Because he rules the game.

    The Rim Master – Self Explanatory.


    Air Griffin.

    Mr. Over the Top

    The Rim Monkey.

  • Grant

    The Walking Hightlight Reel!

  • Joshua Dantzler


  • Manuel Huerta

    High Griffinition

  • Will E.

    Double-Take Blake
    – Every time he dunks the ball, you’re going to double take.

  • sumogeek

    The Sooner of Attention

  • Ryan


  • steve

    The Force.

    (but i do like one dudes suggestion of Ironman. If some media already call him Quake, that’s not too bad either.)

  • Ryan

    Heir LA

  • Dominique Raval

    So Fly

  • John Holtz

    Clippers season ticket holder here: I called him a BEAST day one & at every game since but if u don’t think that’s good enough he is our Saviour n we r in LA so Blake Angel works!

  • Dave

    “Have your Blake and eat it too” because the Clippers defied the old proverb by actually getting the best of both worlds. They not only filled a much needed big man position but got a guy with huge amounts of talent and daily highlight reels, and gave the loyal Clip fans something to care about again.

  • http://slam brad williams


  • Todd Blumenthal

    City of Griffin
    The winged monster
    The Mythical one
    The Myth
    The Solution
    Ball Break Blake “triple B”.. sounds sort of gay, i know

  • Jesse

    MR. Sprite. Thats it.
    MR. Sprite

  • Idrees

    high griffinition

  • SuperMan

    The Situation, Blake Skywalker, The Delimma(for th opponent), Dr. Doom, Grandmaster Facial, and Sir Dunks-A-Lot. Oh, and for kicks, California Love.

  • kobe_guard

    rim stuffer

  • Anand


  • Anand

    heartbreak blake

  • Sergio Rodriguez

    The Juggernaut!

  • Baller

    The highlight reel

  • Robballa

    Blake the great

  • will

    ‘The Blacksmith’ or ‘the Blakesmith’ because he bangs out the steel that is the rim.

  • Ben Agredano

    Griffendor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Domingo QuekQuek

    ‘fly like a G6′

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis

    the jungle boy

  • Kevin Henry

    The Big Boom or The Blake-Anator

  • Sam Stanhope

    Blake Superior

  • Zogs

    Notorious B.G

  • Willsto51

    The Blakin (Blake Griffin) he’s like a mythological beast

  • Jill

    it comes down to two:
    the highlight
    poster child

  • Casey Roblin

    Dunkasauras Rex

  • Jasmine

    Beast Griffen

  • http://BonnitaR.Grigsby Bonnita R. Grigsby

    He is the Clint Eastwood of BBall!

  • http://BonnitaR.Grigsby Bonnita R. Grigsby

    Pale Rider cause he is the Clint Eastwood of bball!

  • http://PaleRider Pale Rider

    Yeah, da whole message didn’t print
    He is the Clint Eastwood of BBall

  • gmcbride

    FILTHY………his game is
    GOODNESS………from goodness blake,goodness sake
    WTF…….everytime u see him dunk you know you say or think it

  • Chalmers Brown

    Blake “Sledge” Griffin
    The Sledge
    either one of them

  • jordan

    mblake (money blake) or gzilla (griffen zilla) or i dont know!

  • Jonathan Leake

    Blake Griffin’s nickname should be “Blake Ops”

  • http://slam.online iwaggs

    big bird

  • Howard

    HG (High Griffinition)

  • Malcomn Elijah

    Blake “B-Nasty” Griffin

  • Josh


  • Liam (In Australia)

    Has to be Shake ‘n’Blake. The rest of these all suck.

  • mcfresh

    - The judge (because he he dunks like he’s banging his gavel to end a trial)

  • Aidan Devlin

    Blake “The monster above the rim” Griffin

  • David Marquez

    blake dunk champion
    bLAke Show
    red white and blake
    air up there
    if you throw I will dunk

  • jack boutchard


  • Player

    Blake “The Human Dunk Fest” Griffin

  • Reid

    Here are a few possible nicknames for Blake:

    1) Blake Superior (Lake Superior)
    2) The Oklahama Jama
    3) Great Bear Blake (Great Bear Lake)
    4) Shake ‘n Blake (shake ‘n bake)
    5) The Griff Jumper (cliff jumper)

    All right, I’ll stop there. I gave it a shot. Long-time reader and subscriber – keep up the good work!

  • Reid

    Okay, I’ll offer one more:

    6) The Oklahammer!

  • RG

    The Oklahammer!

  • RG

    How about: “The Oklahammer!”

    or possibly: “One Take Blake” (like Jay Z, he only needs one take)

  • RG


  • Will E.

    (Soaring High And Dunking Emphatically)
    (Soaring High And Dunking Effortlessly)
    (Soaring High and Dunking Our World)

  • Erik

    The Hammer
    Dunk You Very Much

  • Daniel J


  • Walker Aspinwall

    High Griffinition

  • Jojo L


    … nuf sed !!!

  • http://jbaxter9658@yahoo.com Joe Baxter

    C.R.E.A.M. [Crashing Rims Errwhere Around Me]

  • nikel

    b quakin’

  • Jordan

    Blake “The Rim Reaper” Griffin, cuz he lays rims to rest with his nasty DUNKS!!!

  • joseph

    mr. griffinbomb

  • Travis Smith

    I have two nicknames. Blake Griffin reminds me of Shawn Kemp when he was in his prime. Kemp’s nickname was the Reign Man, obviously to do with the fact he played in Seattle but also because he reigned down dunks on people’s head. I know that Blake Griffin’s father is an African American and his mom is white but Blake Griffin looks white so my first nickname would be “White Reign” since he is the white version of Shawn Kemp.

    My second nickname and my personal favorite is play off of Dominique Wilkins’s nickname ‘The Human Highlight Film’ To make it modern day Blake Griffin nickname should be “The Human Youtube Video”

  • http://slamonline dkeeper89

    Star Destroyer
    Rim Shaker

  • Jer-Dawg

    Ghostface Clipper.

  • Joel Lynch

    HI-DEF!!! It says it all.

  • http://jbaxter9658@yahoo.com Joe Baxter


    [Crashing Rims Errwhere Around Me Aight]

  • http://jbaxter9658@yahoo.com Joe Baxter


  • Erik

    The Savior
    Thing 1 and Taylor could be Thing 2

  • Muggsy

    The Sprite guy (cause he will win sprite dunk contest)

  • Patsy Ramsahai

    Whats My Name !!!!
    1. Sky King Blake
    2. Vocanic Grif or Vocanic Blake

  • skillet forilla

    The Son of SLAM

  • Ralph & Gordon

    Flight B.G.
    Flight Commander
    cloud 9.. hows it down there on the court.?

  • http://hajrazigic@yahoo.com Weapon E

    griff griff or Mr. tomahawk

  • Eric

    he’s got DUMB BUNNIES, his heirness

  • jack boutchard

    superman jr

  • joey benedicto

    major pain
    tower of power
    the jackhammer
    pocket rocket
    the catapult
    the ultimate warrior

  • KP

    Blake the “Cali Quake”

  • Terryn

    The Big Bang

  • skillet forilla

    Red Hulk

  • http://jbaxter9658@yahoo.com Joe Baxter

    S.L.A.M. [Simply Launching Awesome Missles]

  • Ben Gantt

    “Shake and Blake”

  • Wan LaFon

    the blake depression

    west coast love “g-thang”

  • Wan LaFon

    the premiere

  • Joe

    B.R.A.K.E Griffin (Busting Rims And Keeping Elevation)

  • Giuseppe

    Blake GrifFREAK
    The GrifFreak
    Break N’ Blake
    Board Breakin’ Blake(Triple B)
    Rim Brakin’ Blake
    The GrifREAPER

  • Giuseppe

    B.R.A.K.E. Griffin(Busting Rims And Keepin’ Elevation)
    Blake GrifFREAK
    The GrifFREAK
    Break N’ Blake
    Board Breakin’ Blake(Triple B)
    Rim Brakin’ Blake
    The GrifREAPER

  • John Graham

    Considering his defender-eating dunks and penchant for gnawing on his mouthpiece as if it were the bones of his recent kill – I mean opponent – I’d give Blake the nick of ‘Jaws’.

    Then, when he’s coming down the court full-steam with a defender about to be devoured, the DJ would finally have an apt use for the ‘Duh-dum, duh-dum..duhdumduhdum…’ effect.

  • D2L

    “Alley-matic” (play on automatic) because it’s almost an automatic oop anytime you throw it up there

  • http://powerman John Savage Jr

    like the throw back marvel super hero of the 70′s.luke cage power man. thats the name for blake

  • http://powerman John Savage Jr

    didnt know if i did this right,but the name i chose for blake is power man

  • http://powerman John Savage Jr

    like the onl 70′s marvel super hero luke cage power man.power man is the name

  • Sean Ransom

    “THE GRIFFIN” Whats a Griffin? A big flying beast!, a mix between a lion and some sort of bird. So his last name is his nickname, it gets no easier or more perfect. That boy be flying and he’s a 6ft.10in., 260pnd. beast, a big flying beast! I Sean Ransom dub Blake “THE GRIFFIN”!!!!!!!!!!

  • patrick beville

    The Beast

  • Sean Ransom

    How could I explain this any simpler? “THE GRIFFIN” A Griffin is a “Mythological”,”Unstoppable”,”Big”,”Flying”,”Beast”! Blake seem to good to be real “mythological”! He’s “Unstoppable”! He’s a “Big” 6’10″ 260pnd.”Beast” of a man that be “Flying” through the sky! How perfect is that? This man is the perfect definition of his last name. He truly is by definition “THE GRIFFIN”

  • gabriel g.

    Blake Superior!

  • Pietro

    Shake & Bake Blake

  • alex z

    blake ”beast mode” griffin

    griffin runs like a damn gazelle during the game and out of nowhere, just switches to this level that is not on humanly proportions.

  • http://www.thefreshnes.com Nes

    RED OCTOBER. Big Red Blake Griffin will always be ready come October…’Nuff said.

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis


  • LakeShow

    How about bLake Superior?

  • LakeShow


  • LakeShow

    Carrot Top
    The Okie Doke
    The Bee-Gees

  • LakeShow


  • LakeShow

    “No Griffvity” cus there ain’t no gravity around this guy.

  • LakeShow

    He’s good for a double-double every night.

  • LakeShow

    Hanging on rims in a B-Town near u, much respect.

  • Terell Oliver

    Red Alert!

  • http://facebook.com nicknasty

    Shake ‘n’ Blake

    Bang time

    Blake the snake
    hammer time Blake griffin

    no gravity

    blake sky walker

  • mvpitzki

    Blake “Off the Ground” griffin

  • http://slamonline trav

    White chocolate

  • LakeShow

    Blake “Hurricane” Griffin

  • LakeShow


  • http://slamonline.com Daniel

    blake gryffindor cause them dunks he does are magical!

  • Andy F.

    The Hailman

  • Andy .

    Kid Crush

  • http://slamonline Luis

    Blake “White Man Can Jump” Griffin

  • http://tyonntyler@yahoo.com west philly


  • LakeShow

    GRIFFITI cus he’s gonna be on everyone’s wall soon.

  • Sam Stanhope

    Blake Griffin The Defying Science Guy (instead of bill nye the science guy

  • Fred

    The Finisher (Where do I collect my prize)

  • JOE

    Blake “Boss” Griffin

  • joe


  • Steven

    blake the snake griffin

  • Matt

    Young Moses. No further explanation needed.

  • trout

    The Highlight of the Night or Big Nasty

  • Reo

    Lebron is King James so Blake should be Emperor Griffin

  • flight8403

    Full Clip

  • TruPlaya

    Blake “Tommy’s Boy” Griffin
    Bangin’ Blake Griffin
    Blake Flight School Griffin
    Blake TruPlaya4Real Griffin
    Back to the Future Griffin
    The Blake-inator

  • TruPlaya

    B-32 BOMBER
    The Jump Soldier

  • Thomas Hwang

    Cross-Continental Colossus

  • Thomas Hwang

    Cross-Court Colossus *

  • trout

    He’s the white Darryl Dawkins so how about Vanilla Thunder

  • Connor

    B-Double (Blake-Double Double)

  • StanMelton

    Now i know it is not the most original but it is the most fitting.. Blake “The Franchise” Griffin. Since the moment i saw this boy i said that is what u build your franchise around..THE FRANCHISE. POINT BLANK PERIOD..

  • John Holtz

    Stewey Griffin because he’s about World Domination!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1469266333 Matt LEACH17

    The notorious B.G.

  • Rob Murrie

    Bam Bam (from the flintstones young with amazing strength)

  • Steven

    blake the great cake griffin

  • James Lotz

    1. Megablast
    2. Right’n the Ship
    3. The Cannon

  • James Lotz

    Red, White and Boom!

  • Ian Erickson

    “Sooner Than Later”

    “Sooner Than Later” because he was an Oklahoma Sooner, and he is this good of a player earlier than any fans or analysts thought he would be.

  • LakeShow

    “Bank” or “The Bank” cus he’s money on the court.

  • LakeShow

    “Money-Man” Blake baby!

  • LakeShow

    “HORSE” or “The Horse” cus no-one can do what he can on the court.

  • Shaun Jenkins

    Mr. dunk’n donut

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Giggity Giggity… or Cinderella Man.

  • LakeShow


  • http://yahoo.com l-t

    In two words:”BIG RED”

  • http://yahoo.com l-t

    ……or “READY RED”

  • peter

    “Shake and Blake” only becaus blakes a great player and talladega nights is a great movie…

  • lane mills

    how ahout B-WOW!!!

  • http://1122smainadaok74820 lane mills


  • Garrett


  • cody mills


  • Adam Green

    Mr. Highlight Reel

  • Fernando k.

    He’s half human half basketball god. I, call him “HERCULES” Son of Basketball God..

  • http://280poplarrdkingstreesc29556 Aquarious Mcfadden

    Here is the winning nicknames Blake “Posteboy” Griffen or HD(human dunk) or HD(High Def)

  • Anuroop Kumar

    Blake Griffin Nickname….
    “THE BlakeQuake”

  • LakeShow

    Bruiser Blake Griffin
    BWA (Blake With Attitude), west coast thang

  • LakeShow

    Slow-Mo cus you wanna see that sh*t again.

  • LakeShow

    RE-PLAY you know why.

  • http://751SapphireDr.BolingbrookI.L. Hamzah Bennett

    Here are some; Dunkenstein, Mr. frog, Froglegs, Shake Griffin, Leapster, Airborne, Slam Griffin, Blowup, Finale

  • Najee Fareed

    The Highlight Clip

  • http://www.jseverns.wordpress.com Jordan

    After having season tickets and watching Blake Griffin go above and beyond his competition, literally, I think I have the perfect nickname. The Man-Child. He is a boy, but he plays like a Man amongst Boys. His intimidating size is Hulkish, like a bullying Big Brother. His youth, his age, and his experience in the League still make him a Child.

  • Connor Stewart

    Slow Motion beacuse that is the way you watch his dunks

  • Manuel Huerta

    “Must See B.G.” like Must See T.V.

  • Liam

    The B-Lake Show.

  • Fernando k.

    Blake “The Prize” Griffin

  • Spenny

    Blake MR.SLAM Griffin

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis


  • Fernando k.

    Blake “The Savior” Griffin. the Clippers has been waiting for so long.

  • Fernando k.

    “The Book” of Blake Griffin.It’s a start of never ending story of his greatness..

  • http://twitter.com/zibala37 Zibala37

    Not claiming credit for it myself but ‘The Poster Child’ is my favourite by far

  • Brett

    You can’t ignore the way he plays on the court. He is fast, powerful, and ferocious.
    So reminiscent of a bull. I’d go with Blake “the Bull” Griffin or Blake “Bullhorns” Griffin

  • mike morris

    dunkalicious or dunk nasty or dr. dunktastic

  • http://www.twitter.com/Rakeen_Abdali96 Rakeen Abdali

    “King Blake Da First” or “The Blaked Wonder of The World”

  • Mohamed

    Mr. Showtime or Showtime

  • goingnomad


  • jepeh

    shake and blake
    the blake show

  • Quran Mustafa Hall

    1. The Falcon
    2. Blake Flight
    3. Fake Griffin
    4. Blake Galaxy
    5. Raise The Rim

  • Sean B

    Blake “Brain Blast” Griffin

  • Cassandra

    Blake “Brake the Lane” Griffin

  • Gsmoovestl

    Blake da Rim
    OK Assault
    Sooner Boomer
    Blake the Barbarian

  • Omardelle Pough

    I would just call him Kid Dynamite!!!!

  • ryan s

    Blake “The Post Man” Griffin

  • Gannon Rust

    The Revolution

  • Logan Camillo

    Dunkledore, Headmaster at Slamwarts

  • Stefanie

    *dunk head*
    *Hard core slammer man*
    :D i love Blake griffin!

  • http://ggmd@mail.com greg

    Blake “The Great” sounds good.

  • jb

    the Beast

  • Jasmine

    “The Great White” Or Just “Great White”

  • Brittanie Fitch

    B32 Bomber. Yes, like the WW2 bomber, also nicknamed “dominator.” Coincidence?

  • chedda robertson

    The Blakenator

  • http://2658LaurettaAveBaltimoreMD21223 teresa Barnes

    The Beast

  • Dan D.

    Slam Man since you will be running photos of his dunks every issue. Plus if the name sticks, the magazine will be mentioned indirectly.

  • eburonson

    “32 Flavors”

  • Joe Madrigal

    Blake “BIG GAME” Griffin

  • Jacob Victorine

    The Red Hammer…cause he hits heads harder than the KGB.


    Gravity…cause what goes up must come down.

    The Monstar…cause the last time I saw someone dunk like that was in Space Jam.

  • quran mustafa hall

    1. The Falcon
    2. Blake Flight
    3. Fake Griffin
    4. Blake Galaxy
    5. Raise The Rim

  • http://www.royalqpythons.com Charlie Q.

    Blake “Give them a Break” Griffin
    Blake “D Crusher” Griffin
    Blake “Cool Whip” Griffin

  • rory

    The Drop.

  • http://slamonline.com Petros Stavrakis

    Blake dreamin

  • Aristotelis Themelis

    Nickname 1: Blake “Juggernaut” Griffin –

    Juggernaut: any large, overpowering, destructive force or object.

    Nickname 2: Blake ” Apocalypse 2KX” Griffin -

    Apocalypse: Lifting of the Veil or Revelation. Blake kept us waiting for a season with the injury so it’s like the lifting of the veil. And he has also been quite the Revelation and the 2KX is for the same as Y2K but 2K and the X as the Roman numeral for 10 since the season he started was 2010.

  • Ruben

    Blake Dynimite

  • Ruben

    Blake Dynamite sorry lol…(like the movie)

  • scotpeirson

    Only one nickname makes sense…

  • Jeremy Mc

    The Blakenator

  • James Nickson

    The Poster Child

  • http://Edogg1998@gmail.com Ethan Krygier

    “The Comeback Kid”

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2011/01/whats-my-name-40/ Marcus Piva

    Rimgazor Griff

    Grillin Griff

  • LakeShow

    The Red Sea cus he parts the lane.

  • LakeShow

    Brickhouse Blake Griffin

  • LakeShow

    Red Devil
    Red Dart
    Scarlet Fever
    Red Rooster
    Little Red Griffvete
    Red Panda

  • Brad

    Blake “Oh My” Griffin… Because I catch myself saying “Oh my…” or “Oh my God!” watching his highlights. Or you could go with “Blake OMG” for short.

  • Yatah Zama

    B-Griff or Sir-Dunk-Alot

  • sumogeek

    Rim Intruder

  • MistahCee

    mocachino milkblake

    The Neanderthal

    The Gorilla

    The Silverback

  • Xav

    Blake Grifflyin’

  • Daniel

    “The Big OOOOOOO” i mean that’s what everyon says after he finishes sum epic move