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Gregg Popovich: Lakers Best Team in the West

Prior to the game last night, Pop heaped praise on the Lakers, and then he went out and broke their hearts. He’s an evil genius. From ESPN: “I think they are the best team in the West,’ Popovich said during his pregame remarks before the Lakers hosted the Spurs. ‘I think the struggles are overblown by you guys and gals. They are who they are. They’ve been doing this a long time. They just won two [championships] in a row again and there’s no doubt perhaps there’s going to be some nights when it’s just not all there emotionally. We run into that now, we’ve got the best record and we run into that and we haven’t won a championship in a long time so we don’t have that excuse and it happens to us.’ Coming into Thursday’s game, the 34-15 Lakers trailed the 40-8 Spurs by 6.5 games for first place in the West. ‘I think they’re the best, I really do,’ Popovich said. ‘They’re put together the way they need to be put together. They got the experience. They know what they’re doing. [Lakers coach] Phil [Jackson is] going to be patient with them and do what he does and they’ll be there come playoff time.’ Said Jackson: ‘I’d like to agree with him, [but] my record doesn’t show that right now.’”

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  • burnt_chicken

    Pop is better at the anti-zen games that Phil is the purported master of. Evil genius indeed!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Cosign Pop!!

  • Navid

    notice that Pop and his team always compliment their opponent’s… especially in the playoffs (ever since the Horry hip-check that is). And it seems that the opposing team shows that very same complimenting nature (a.k.a Kobe’s high praise comments about Ginobili a couple years back after every post-game). This is definitely Pop’s genious at play. When no one hates you and instead respects you, they probably have some trouble getting that extra edge. This edge is something I feel some teams need to play at their highest level.

  • Stepfan

    Jedi chess match between these coaches.

  • Red Star

    Every Lakers fan in the world wishes that were true but unfortunatley for us it is not!

  • http://www.slamonline.com peter

    Pop is just smart enough to know that it doesn’t mean sh#t until someone beats them in the playoffs.

  • http://slamonline.com Caboose

    This is why Pop is my favorite coach in the league.

  • Groves

    i love how he says “haven’t won a championship in a long time”. i’d bet most teams would love to have won a championship as early as 2003 let alone 2007