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Phil Jackson Wants Kings to Stay in Sacramento

Jackson, who has a history of antagonizing the Kings and its fanbase, doesn’t want the team to get relocated. From the LA Times: “The Sacramento Kings have until Tuesday to file a request with the NBA to move to Anaheim, though there’s already some public resistance from a fairly important neighbor. The state capital seems like a perfect place for the Kings to reside, according to Phil Jackson. ‘I think we’d like to see them stay there,’ the Lakers coach said Wednesday. Naturally, neither the Lakers nor the Clippers want to split their lucrative corner of the NBA pie with another Southern California tenant. Both Los Angeles teams would get a small share of a relocation fee paid by the Kings’ owners, but it wouldn’t be as financially sound as maintaining an absolute grip on sales of pro basketball tickets and merchandise in the region. Even though Jackson said Los Angeles was not a ‘saturated town’ because it still lacked pro football, he said three NBA teams would be ‘a little bit overdoing it.’ The Kings have struggled financially in recent seasons and have been unable to secure funding for a new arena. Jackson wasn’t completely unsympathetic to their plight. ‘You don’t want to see a franchise go under simply because they can’t support themselves,’ he said.”

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  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    If they moved from Sacremento, all those memories of old playoff battles wouldn’t quite be the same…neither would this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKhP3PnB_xM

  • http://google c_cantrell

    nobody gives a sh*t about what phil wants

  • Lou

    Duuhhh ofcourse he wants them to stay if they move they wont be in the same division and then there goes 4 easy wins

  • Eric Ruggles

    There you go Phil.

    The Maloofs need to stop being jackasses. I don’t even think they’ve set foot into Arco Arena (Not Power Band Pavillion). Yeah, it’s a small arena, but a completely new Arena is definitely not necessary.

    Replace the wood floors, replace the seats, update the HD screen to something actually HD.

    Arco arena is a FANTASTIC arena. It has that classic feel to it the moment you step into it. The arena may not be as modern or innovative as Orlando’s Amway Arena, but Arco has history. Lots of history.

    A move is completely ludicrous. How about creating higher ticket sales by signing a couple of Free Agents, and not relying on lottery picks to acquire good talent. That has not worked with Spencer Hawes, and it’s not working that well with Tyreke Evans now. We have all these trading pieces, but never do anything with them.
    Oh, yippy, we acquired Marcus Thorton by getting rid of Carl Landry..

  • Brion

    Hey phil, where were you when we lost our Sonics.