Sunday, February 20th, 2011 at 9:00 am  |  42 responses

Report: Deron Williams Wants To Play For the NY Knicks

CBS Sports’ NBA Twitter feed sent out a tweet late last night that probably set off alarms throughout Salt Lake City. A week after Jerry Sloan stepped down as coach, Deron Williams may be planning his own exit from Utah:

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  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com don

    And Knick fans want Deron to play for New York.

    Get it done, Dolan.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    *Nate Dogg voice* ‘oooooohhhhh-oooooooooohhhhhhh weeeeeeee’

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    Melo somewhere sweatin bullets. Scared money don’t make money lets get it DWill!!!!

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Lol, read as: I’m jealous people are only talking about CP3 and not me going to NY.


    damn the east is gonna b a BEAST

  • JTaylor21

    Seeing is believing.

  • MikeC.

    Deron is under contract until the summer of 2012. By the hammer of Thor, can we dead this free agency speculation already?!? I’m a huge Knick fan, and I’m sick of all this bs!

  • MikeC.

    In other news, some 13 year old kid is already planning on leaving high school early to play pro overseas so he can get drafted ASAP, so he can finish his rookie contract ASAP and force a trade to New York.

  • http://zogs.com zogs

    if you read up on NBA.COM they have a story on how carmelo was having fun with the media, and sitting right next to him was deron williams, so dont be suprised if this was just deron f**king around

  • bashmo

    Wow this would be an awesome nucleus of players. Youre talking about one of the top 2 PGs in the league teaming up with the Amare and arguably the best scorer in basketball. A squad like this would be incredibly dangerous with a guy like DWill – the ability to make a play for someone else so well, and score at the same time. If this knicks squad comes together…the only thing stopping them from beasting the east is playing good defense. LOL hopefully DWill can change that.

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Now, is Deron Williams throwing Ray Felton under the bus too? Like he’s done Jerry Sloan? And, Andrei Kirilenko?

  • X

    Word. Get it done Alan Houston & Donnie Walsh.

  • EtheKnickFan

    @ Philospher I dont know about Ray but if we can get him to throw D’antoni under the bus I’ll drive it.

  • jose

    Here we Go AGAIN!!!! :/

  • jose

    Here we go again guyz, break out the liqour and league pass


    Co-sign The Philo

  • Blasphemy

    What ever happen to abiding by the contract you sign?

  • JJ

    wait a minute, Deron did not throw Jerry sloan under the bus!!!! Jerry sloan flat out straight up pulled the rug and retired!

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ speedy

    These guys should really shut their mouth and play.
    I’m tired of players that kill the chemistry in their current teams by talking to much about their future.

  • Dagger

    The NBA has to figure out a way to put a stop to this. If the future is a few teams containing most of the league’s truly great players why would the majority of us bother with our own teams?


    Agree w/speedy and dagger. These prima donnas r getting annoying. Especially deron. When u put n as many yrs as KG did b4 getting traded 2 boston, then u can say that u wanna bolt. 1st, c what the jazz do 4 u 2 keep the team competitive. Don’t hit the panic button @ the 1st sign of trouble. Like every ballet has said @ one point n time, “Just shut up and play!”


    ^ baller. My bad

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    This is becoming very tired.

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    “has informed associates.” how credible is that? could it mean that he mentioned to his friends that he wants to play for the knicks outloud?

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    could the convo have been something like, “yea i wouldnt mind playing for the knicks,” and then gets reported on twitter that he wants to join amare? did these guys hire Bethlehem Shoals to do his in other words thing?

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    could the convo have been something like, “yea i wouldnt mind playing for the knicks,” and then gets reported on twitter that he wants to join amare? did these guys hire Bethlehem Shoals to do his in other words thing?

  • Shem

    Notice Utah and Denver are having underacheiving years. Its hard to play as a team when your star doesnt even want to play for the team. Denver remained the same as last year but Utah got better but their record doesn’t show it. Shut up and play ball!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    What is this reporting on Twitter sh!t? Make an ACTUAL report, not everybody uses Twitter. How can anybody take a “Tweet” seriously?


    Oh boy, here we go….When is it gonna stop???!!!!

  • hoodsnake

    Anybody (besides Eddy Curry) who does NOT wanna play for the Knicks?

  • http://bet.com hacksawyacstrawZwballs

    The players have the right just like any other working American to make decisions about where they want to work. Carmelo didn’t stop playing basketball for the Nuggets. He’s fulfilling his contractual obligations by continuing to play every game, going to practice, and participating in mandatory team activities. Deron also is fulfilling his contractual obligations. It is his right to ponder where he wants to play when he becomes a free agent. If you have a problem with those facts, guess what: the U.S. is allegedly a free country! You don’t have to like the fact that these guys excersize their rights.

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com just bcuz

    yea hack is right, this is a free country and the players should do what makes them happy. BUT is there ANY star player out there willing to build and take his OWN team to a title?? ANYONE?? thats the guy im looking for. Whoever that guy is will go down as greater than all these other dudes. I just wanna see somebody take on the challange of building and getting his team there on his own shoulders. who knows though

  • johnny c

    as rude as new yorkers can be, i would be dying to go to NY too if i was him, being stuck in utah all these years. just ask Rodman how that feels

  • X

    There’s a lot of haters coming out the closet to bash my Knicks over the last few months…Jealousy is a female trait.

  • Groves

    i prefer felton for NYC

  • http://bet.com hacksawyacstrawZwballs

    KG tried it. Look how far it got him. They only get maybe 15 years to play if they’re lucky. Athletic careers are amongst the shortest of all the occupations we can think of. If I was one of those guys, I’d do what was best for me. The more you try to please everyone else, the more unhappy you’ll be. Not saying don’t be professional. Just saying that their happiness should be important to them seeing as how they’ll have no b ball career beyond age 35.


    question; is it possible for NY to aquire cp3 and dwill freeagency even if the get melo now??

  • Michael

    ^i dont know for sure but im gonna say no. Besides why would they want both of them? Thats just stupid.

  • http://slamonline.com GlobeTrotter

    justbcuz >>>> his name is Kevin Durant…

  • will

    ^no that man is gonna be drose i can’t imagine him leaving his hometown especially when he was so lucky they got the first pick. plus i don’t think rose is like that to sell out for a ring

  • Joosh

    i say just cut a few teams down then, get rid of cleveland sacramento… so teams can all get a bit better

  • Waskito

    So much about job security for Ray. CP3 want his job now DWill.