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Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade Are Not Happy

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there is this professional basketball team in Miami, with really famous players on it. And yet, somehow, they’re not doing too well of late. Crazy, huh?

The Heat lost to Portland at home last night, Miami’s fifth consecutive defeat, leading to more scrutiny and pressure on the team.

Though LeBron James and Erik Spoelstra both insist that they must stay the course and that things will eventually turn around, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade sound less than convinced about the current game plan.

Wade publicly questioned his coach‘s rotations, and Bosh (after playing horribly in the loss) complained about a lack of touches in the post. ESPN has the quotes:

“It is common sense, we can talk about it, but I think it’s evident,” Bosh said. “I just have to get it where I’m effective. I’m a big man. I can shoot the ball but I’m a big man. So I have to get it where big guys get it. Then I feel I can start helping out this team more.”

The team’s rotation changed recently with the addition of point guard Mike Bibby, who signed last week. “Hopefully guys can be aggressive and contribute more,” Wade said. “There are guys on the bench that can help us, no question about it. That is all on coach. We’ve had guys like Eddie [House] help us win games and James Jones, etc. He’s going to have to decide whether or not people are on the floor.”

DWade may have a point when it comes to giving different guys a chance to play. As for Chris Bosh, things aren’t that simple — back in October, he told the world that he doesn’t really like bumping and grinding in the post. Whoops!

Things don’t get any easier for Miami, as they host the Lakers tomorrow night, the defending champs and the NBA’s hottest team. Yeah, good luck with all of that.

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Cheryl

    This is not a good look. I support my team through all the wins and losses, but something’s got to change. Bench the starters and start the bench. Or let one of Wade/James/Bosh come off the bench. Or let Rothstein call plays and design strategy. Just try one thing new and see what happens. Man, this is getting hard to watch.

  • memyselfand9

    i’m not a heat fan but i’d love seing them stepping on the lakers again.
    would switch all the media hype in the other direction again lol.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    good to see that the team’s chemistry is coming together for the upcoming playoff run.

  • KC

    Bosh needs to get his soft ass down under the basket and make an impact. He needs to be rebounding and blocking shots not taking 15-18 ft jumpers All Nba Champions and every good team in the league have an inside presence. The heat have no presence inside what so ever. Wade and Lebron taking turns going one on one isn’t going to work either. What type of offense is this team running? All I see is a bunch of people standing around watching while James and wade take turns going off the dribble.

  • Morgan

    Miami’s biggest problem isn’t where Chris gets the ball or what DWade thinks of the rotation – its the bench and supporting players. Everyone knew coming into this season it would depend on the role players stepping up and nobody has done that so far. This mini slump was to be expected – 3 guys can’t be expected to carry a team over the course of a season…it takes 5. Easy lakers win tomorrow.

  • k1dd_J3e2y

    I feel like this was Riley’s plan the whole time. Sorry Spo u about To get SVG’d.

  • http://twitter.com/BrettMadden Brett Madden

    “Bosh needs to get his soft ass down under the basket and make an impact. He needs to be rebounding and blocking shots not taking 15-18 ft jumpers”

    Good luck with that. As a Raptors’ fan, he simply would not go to the basket enough.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    Chris Bosh doesn’t know what he wants, maybe he needs to make more shots 1-18 Bulls, now 3-14 or something? You’re getting enough shots when you consider he plays with Dwade and Bron, he just needs to make em. Like this article said, he doesn’t want to bang in the post, and when you watch the games he only shoots jumpers, so what do you want chris?

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    They need to work their butts on D, that’s the difference between Boston and them, the big three in Miami all they care is about getting shots.

  • MLK4Life

    I see the Lakers blowing them out tomorrow. They’re weak. Lakers are rolling. The worse thing for them is seeing Kobe, Pau and Bynum. I knew before the season that this was a team with two great players, one good player, and a bunch of average and below average players. Second round knockout coming in the playoffs. Wade must be thinking about how good it would be playing with DRose right now.


    YES i am very happy what is goin on with the Miami Heat. Juss wait till the Lakers are in town…..YIKES!

  • vtrobot

    “I’m a big man.” Really, dude? You’ve been fooling a lot of us. Can’t believe that Dirk always gets called soft. This is the most delicate starting PF in the L. Are they still filming that lame reality show? It’s getting good now.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    Maybe they should cry some more. I’m sure that will help. Bosh needs to STFU & get in the post. Every missed shot is a pass to him.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    These three also need to move without the ball more.

  • Justin

    Bosh should have been more angry after the Chicago game. He had a very nice first half and all of a sudden they stopped going to him in the second half. What is that? They should have been going to him almost every time until the Bulls did something about it. I don’t think Bosh meant that he needed to get the ball in the low post to start backing his man down either. He can get the ball in the post, square up and then take his man, again much like he did in the first half. There aren’t a lot of 4′s that can stay with him when he squares up and he does have a nice touch on his shot. If you look at his stats, they aren’t that far off from where they were as a Raptor, which is actually pretty impressive considering he’s the third option now and not the first. Did anyone on the Heat or their fans think they were getting a vicious rebounder and defender when they signed him? If you did, you don’t follow NBA ball that much. That’s like trading for Ray Allen and thinking you’re getting a slasher to the hoop. And Wade needs to step up and tell Lebron that he needs to be the one taking the shots at the end of games. Wade is a much better slasher in the halfcourt than Lebron is and has done it much more often. Lebron needs to check the ego and see that for himself too

  • glovechops

    early in the season the heat were most effective when only ‘bron or wade was in the game… surrounded by bosh james jones j.anthony and chalmers or house… they play together more now than ever, which causes them not to be overly aggressive over the course of the game which in turn causes them to blow big leads late in the game due to complacency… besides erik spoelstra is a mediocre coach… the heat never run half court sets that get them easy baskets… they rely too much on the dribble drive/score from ‘bron and wade… and when the another team gets a quick 7-0 run or 9-0 run on the Heat he just calls a time out tells em ok we got to right the ship guys and puts em back on the floor… y dont u draw up a play, and come up with a defensive strategy… they will never ever win Chip like this… they dont want to be coached and if they did… erik spoelstra couldnt do it… i feel that way whether they win or lose…

  • glovechops

    agree wit dirty frank… when the ball is in ‘bron or wade’s hand its like the world is at a stand still in the half court… there are no hard cuts to the basket, no backdoor cuts, they may give you a ball screen but its only to get ‘bron or wade a better defender to dribble drive/score against… ‘bron and wade should work the iso pick and roll/pick and pop… i never see pass and cut implemented into their offense, its more like pass and stand still or pass a watch lebron dunk, or my favorite pass and jog thru the lane to the opposite corner(thats not offense) they dont even seem to have a basic motion offense with off ball screens unless its a screen on one block to get ‘bron open for the post up on the opposite block… they are so predictable and simple offensively… the pure talent of ‘bron wade and bosh has won them as many games as they have won… sure they sh!t on the peons in the league wizards, bucks ect. but you see what happens when they play the big dogs LA, Boston, Chicago, San Antonio call it what you want but they need more fire power to contend… they’ll lose in the divisional round of the playoffs

  • ClydeSays

    Bosh got 11 shots. In this offense, that seems about right. Their bench needs to come up with something though. 8 points is pretty anemic.

  • http://Mrjones21901@aol.com Run’n'Gun219

    Man all this is Eric”video man”Spolstra’s fault. He is a horrible coach. He has not set up a rotation, then he has not played james jones who has been nice this year and eddie house who is a nice change up for the second unit. he has no set plays at all. it seems like he is just throwing the ball to his starters and saying go out there and try and get a win. With out a freaking gameplan. PLEASE FIRe THIS GUY.

  • glovechops

    or maybe they’ll get matched up with New York first round… they’d be one and done

  • http://www.realgm.com Gman

    @ Justin… my thoughts exactly!

  • allenp

    This is sad. They are imploding and internal strife is rising. Thisbis the surest indictment orbs leadership skills on that team. Unacceptable behavior when much of the sportingnworld is against you. That is not the time to throw stones. Remember what Isiah Thomas’ mother told him about matches?

  • glovechops

    wade shoulda went to chicago, ‘bron shoulda went to New York… Bosh should have signed with the Lakers… league would be much better that way… Melo would have had to stay in Denver

  • westeves25

    here is something i never thought i would be saying about the Heat…. I liked at first seeing them struggle, but now…. this is pathetic… i almost felt bad for them….. the schedule has them playing weaker teams starting March 18th…. ATL,DEN,DET,PHI,HOU,CLE,MIN,NJ,MIL,CHA, then BOS… by the time they get to Boston they should be on at least a 8-10 game win streak and all media attention swaying them back to getting right for the Playoffs….. (Granted… some of these teams in that stretch are Playoff teams but non of which i see causing any major threat……. I still wouldnt want to play them in the playoffs in any round……..

  • westeves25

    (in Garnett’s Voice), “ANYTHING’S POSSSSSIIIBBBLLLLLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    just watching the contrasts between Portland’s offense and Miami’s offense its readily apparent which team is better coached. You see how well the Blazers move the ball, made the extra pass, and passed guys open. Miami’s offense is just so primitive, its like what Chris and Kevin were saying you play 1 up top and 4 under and its just too easy to defend. The successs I see is when DWade and Lebron work the pick and roll together, its confusing for any defense. But for some reason they don’t do it but a couple times a game, then everything is iso iso, dribble drive, you can’t get away with that crap in the NBA. Then not to mention them boys are tissue soft on the inside. Whenever somebody misses a shot the opposing team will have all 5 guys in the paint for the rebound and the rest of the Heat have already made there way backcourt. In the beginning of the season they were able to simply play good defense, force turnovers and burn squads in transition. It ain’t that easy no more. You gotta play halfcourt basketball to win in this league period. And through however many months the Heat still haven’t gelled and learned to do play it……somethings gotta give. I know its ‘taboo’ to put the blame on Spoelstra but Imma have to do it. He hasn’t lived up to his side of the bargain at all.

  • Red Star

    Where does Bosh get off!! Clown!

  • http://nicekicks.com meloman2.0

    How can u blame this on the role players? or the coach?? the truth of the matter is that this team has 2 of the top 3 players in he world… and 3 of the top 15 players in the world… Triano could coach them and they still should win 60 games… this is 100 percent on the “big 3″

  • bill breedley

    blame it on queen sidekick! holds the ball too long. i thought he was supposed to make his teammates better? why are superstars dwade and bosh sucking? bron is a media created hype.

  • kuya

    this is the first comment that i read that run’n'gun doesn’t say that trade them to the nyk and get it done walsh.

  • bill breedley

    coach always gets the blame. not even phil can coach a 6 foot 9 crab dribbling crybaby who cant make a bucket in the clutch. dwade has to control his team and put the sidekick in his place. only then will the heat actually manage to be respectable again.

  • hare

    Bosh for Dwight Howard! Make it happen in the offseason PR!

  • robb

    This “big three” is truly “two and a half men” I mean, Chris “RuPaul” Bosh, is such a weak player, and he dares to say he’s a big man??? and he complained about a lack of touches in the post??? this guy never plays under the basket, he’s too scared to do that. Seriously Bosh you think you’re a big man? 4 rebounds and 0 blocks are not big man’s numbers p*ssy!

  • http://Mrjones21901@aol.com Run’n'Gun219

    @kuya thats cuz im the real RUN’N”GUN the other dude is just a clown bitting my name

  • http://www.stateoftheceltics.com Ryan

    Bosh is a big man? Since when? So now he wants to get the ball down low so he can get pushed out of the paint and be forced to take jump shot anyway? Or get the ball on the box and take a turnaround fadeaway jumper? C’mon now.

  • Ron Olmstead

    Dwyane Wade, Last night when playing Portland, you were having a great game,almost thought it was time for you to say this is your house,but the team fell short again.How can a team relie on just 3 players, all year the team was all together,LeBron James, let me stop for a minute and say i am a Heat fan,every game i watch.But LeBron you are trying to much,and at the end of a game,Wade has been proven to make the big shot. Mike Bibby,Sad to make this move,no defence,And Erik Spoelstra, my thought,He can’t lead leaders to the finals,he has no control. Miller, House, Jones,Get out on the court and get your game on track.Chris Bosh,need to get your mind right, prove yourself, and start making your shots,Dwyane Wade needs a great game Win At home and bring out (This is his House),this team needs a lift,Wade can lift this team.The rookie center,young very talented i feel should have given a little time on court,possiblly a much needed player if needed. Udonis Haslem Will be needed, All the centers on the team,you all are NBA players, start showing it.Some players have to step up,pull together and play better defence,stay on your men in the forth quarter,the 3′s are killing this team.Pat Rilly, Have a team meeting show your concerns, this year the Heat has a great chance,don’t blow it,The NBA is about the RING, Unless you all would rather be fishing this summer.

  • http://Mrjones21901@aol.com Run’n'Gun219

    ok this is a serious question. For all the studs on this site bashing bosh’s game. what would u like him to play like. im being dead seious. cuz from what i see is him as a good player. He is averaging 18 and 8 as the third option on offense and he never gets the ball where he should get it. Also he has no help on the defensive end of the floor crashing the board or ancoring the defense.Tell me what any of there centers do to help the front court. The more most of you guys talk, the more it shows u really dont know basketball. You want a guy who is very thin and his best attributes are taking other big men off the dribble and his nice mid range jump shot to get down low and bang. Why? Wouldnt that take away from makes him good? And if being skilled makes u soft i would take a soft player over a hard player who is tough cuz he screams or pounds his chest anyday.

  • kuya

    for me i just want him to focus on rebounding and defense, he already got 2 of todays best scorers. but im a lakers fan, he better just shoot jumpers and camp out of the lane. lol!

  • http://Mrjones21901@aol.com Run’n'Gun219

    @meloman. how isnt this on the coach? it is his resposibility to put his players in the best position to win.(setting game plans, having a system for the team to play in, having control over his team, etc) spo has not done any of those things. i dont care if yo had the top 4 player in the league on there team if there is no stucture u wont win. especially if u just play one on one ball while other teams are playing team ball. thats why it 5 people on the floor and not just 1

  • robb

    well Run’n'Gun219 Bosh calls himself a big man, if he’s gonna claim he’s a big man he should play like one. Hey I think he’d be a terrific SF, his midrange jumper is pretty good, he’s got pretty good moves and he can definitely score, but he doesn’t play a bigman’s game, he’s tall alright but he’s no PF, so I kinda agree with you, coach should set Bosh as an SF. Being a tall guy is one thing but a big man is another.

  • Omar

    Is there an invisible dude in the post keeping Bosh from playing more there, he seems to be willing to play further out. I think if he were willing to play in the post, they would be more than willing to give him the ball there cause they need someone, anyone to play inside.

  • HeavenCent

    Hey, where’s EBoy???

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    Bosh is going through an identity crises.

  • dsleepy

    just conjecture, but imo, a lebron for dwight swap would fix much of the heat’s problems.

  • Jose

    Wade needs to lead the offense. . . nuff said. . . .he has the rings, he has the better killer mentality, he should be the man in Miami

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    Mike Bibby has been on the team for like four days and they’re already looking to make him a scapegoat for the crappy team chemistry? Ummm…maybe the first clue they weren’t going to click was when everyone said “How are three first options going to distribute the ball without stepping on each other’s toes?” Yeah right Wade, if Eddie House was out there Lebron would make those terrible last second fadeaways.

  • sandra merritt

    I have to say all of you collectively have some good points. I wish that the coach and team could read these comments. Bosh, oh bosh, that poor man is so lost my blood pressure rises watching him play. Dwade my son, you need to contol this game, you are the hardest working person on this team along with james but you can’t do it alone, every and i mean everyone has to step up and help. The team needs to show more inside presence under the basket don’t assume that wade and james will always make the shot wake to hell up bosh you look half the time like you are asleep. Pat Riley needs to step up because God know coach hasn’t a clue. Lets all support them in love because we know we have a great team just need some guidance. Tonight we are going to show all those critics who the miami heats really are.

  • Davis Love

    The Heat’s falling apart is a major victory for all of the sporting world. It proves true that real teams, not mega teams and money, are the true winners in team sports. The Heat created their own dilema by having a victory party before the season even began. They put a target on themselves, and made everybody outside of Miami hate them. The Heat are so far away from being a real contender, and sport’s fans couldn’t be happier about that.

  • Klav

    Most of the Miami faithful are keeping quiet right about now. The only regular I see who even posted was Cheryl, ironic how a twist of events changes a lot of comments. But as someone said earlier, Bron and Wade P&R…aka unstoppable. Even move Bron to the 4 and Bosh to the 3. It would create all sorts of problems defensively. Spoelstra is starting to bring shame to the Filipino community, step up guy. The Heat need cohesion more than ever with playoffs coming up.

  • bashmo


  • matt

    as a raps fan i know that bosh is not an elite PF. There are guys who can average the double double: Boozer,Lee,Millsap,Bosh,etc. countless guys who can get 18+pts and 8+ boards. BUT Chris is not an elite man to man defender or help defender. He is a 1blk/game guy. Bosh will get abused by other bigs. boston and chicago could beat miami in the playoffs. ATL, orlando and NYK would give them a run for their money.

  • feez22

    1. Chris Rupaul Bosh needs to STFU and rebound. How are you going to complain about touches? you took 11 shots and made 3. You completely got owned in the paint getting sissied and on top of that your defense is ATROCIOUS. no wonder the bargnani/bosh defensive tandem was one of the worst in nba history. I thought this was about sacrifice? all bosh has done since going to miami is shedding 15-20 pounds becoming their 2nd SG on the floor.

    2. I know people don’t like blaming the coach. I know people are going to say “well lebron is the common denominator in offenses with no ball movement”. You may be right. Lebron is a ball stopper. But that does not excuse spolestra for having the most limited offensive playbook in the NBA today. How many “screen the screener” plays or “double picks at the top of the key” plays are we going to see until we realise the real problem? how many clearouts and isos are we going to see until we realise whats really going on? The big 3 (or 2 and a half) were not brought to the heat to play 1 on 5 basketball. So why are they seemingly doing it? The COACH. People wonder why this team does not do well in the clutch. Well when all you do is iso and screen the screener it becomes predictable and EASY to load up on & stop. Maybe if the heat had a base offense they could do something. So far they don’t.

    3. I touched on this in my first point but wasn’t bringing this team together about “sacrifice”? As far as i can tell they haven’t sacrificed anything. Lebron still dominates the ball. Wade still takes ill advised corner spinaround jumpers on the baseline. Bosh sacrificed 15 pounds and is now the softest player in the NBA. This is not sacrifice guys. This is selfishness @ its best. Lebron, wade and bosh basically stand around if they don’t have the ball, don’t move, don’t cut, don’t do ANY of that stuff. They do hustle sometimes but its not enough. I have to blame that on the coach and the players. The coach is supposed to DEMAND that from their players. The players whom say they want to win are supposed to be playing that way to begin with. None of that is happening. Therefore, losing streak. IMO, spolestra needs to be fired. When you have a guy that doesn’t garner the type of respect needed to coach 2 and a half stars + a team, that doesn’t have a base offensive set and gives high school pep talks after EVERY GAME on the same BS hes been saying all yr its time to go.

  • Cizzo

    Like I said the Heat is garbage.. Chris Bosh is a Real piece of nothing…. Wade is a glory hound type of character that be in the Mirror too much… Bron read his own press clipping and drink his own Pee-pee…. I’m having the time of my life watching those Million Dollar beach Bumms….

  • http://Mrjones21901@aol.com Run’n'Gun219

    Most of you are the definition of HATERS. It is so funny. And im not even a heat fan, and this is ridiculous

  • Dagger

    The problems with the Heat are pretty simple. Offensively Wade and Lebron are actually playing very well individually, but they just don’t play off each other as much as they should. As a team the Heat don’t get many offensive rebounds, don’t make threes and don’t get any consistency outside of Wade and Lebron. The Heat have little inside-outside game (and very little post game). On defence the Heat are good, but from what I see they tend to get abused in the paint and, again, tend to get outrebounded. The bottom line is that two perimeter superstars, no matter how good, can’t carry a team to greatness by themselves. The Heat brought in Bosh thinking he was a “big man,” but they’re realizing late that Bosh doesn’t rebound and doesn’t defend. They’re compounding his weaknesses as a big by not feeding him the ball where he wants it. Overall Wade and Lebron are great enough to give the Heat a good record, but to beat good teams the Heat need to be much more than they are. Honestly they would have been better off trading Bosh for Nene and Chris Anderson, but oh well.

  • http://www.nba.com Gman

    Most def haters. Bosh like Amare are PF’s end of story. Also, players like Bosh have their shots generated. He can create his own shots, but needs the ball dropped on the free throw elbow aka post area. Before you guys continue bashing Bosh, just remember on a Toronto team with him as the #1 scoring option he shot almost %50 percent, which i think only rings true for Wade. Right? He is skilled, and he is sucking, but he is not being used properly.

  • DeeDaw

    We still have ESPN when we want to watch “Two and a Half Men”…

    Lol.. #winning!?!

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ speedy

    To blame this on one person is always wrong because there are so many persons and egos on a team.
    Right now Miami has the situation that they don’t click on the court.
    They have to be patient and work it out together.
    If Haslem comes back(I don’t know when this will happen)they will play a lot better.

  • Ajamu

    No one from their bench has stepped up as a pro. They’re just collecting paychecks to watch the game.No one is making baskets, geeting to the line, steals or technical fouls even.where is their pride? Being outscored 41 – 6 is ridculous and shows a lack of desire.Everything is a jumpshot.They shouldn’t be waiting on Haslemto come back and steal playing time.Spoelstra better find someoneon the bench thatcancontribute real quick!

  • Kourtney

    Ya Blazers are beasts. I’m a huge Portland fan and i watched the game against the Heat and they just out played the big 3. The heat have no bench players to help. The Blazer bench outscored the Heat bench 41-8. That’s sad. But i do hope they kill the Lakers because i hate them.

  • SpursFan

    Two and a half men, haha made my day

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    Wow, Portland really stepped it up.. Portland is a great team they have had trouble in the past but i see them taking it far this year. Any how, Heat have no big man just becuz of bosh always taking them jumpers. If they had a reliable big man they could be winning way more games. BOsh gettin 8 rebounds? What a stupid move for him he should be back at toronto..

  • http://www.sonicbids.com/shaemorin Mr. S

    Trade Lebron for Dwight Howard!! I know it sounds crazy, but Bosh is not the problem. DWade and Bosh together with a pass-first point guard who can spot up, and a big physical center would be awesome. Bosh is a high post guy don’t forget.

  • http://slamonline.com Michael

    Bosh is the problem. Dumb ass fools thinking lebron is the problem, COME ON NOW. The team needs to get back to its focus on the defensive end. Bosh needs to worry about rebounds and defense, not getting points. Actually Bosh can fark off

  • ogog

    everyone is talking about the starters but thats not the problem its their bad bench…..aka mike miller, ilgauskus, bibby …none of them do anything..! they need to use magloire or howard too……..things will get better too when haslem gets back

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I have a feeling Miami will beat LA tomorrow.

  • BostonBaller

    The Heat will be ok….I don’t know why people are trying to piss them off?

  • http://slamonline.com Bart

    The Heat suck worse than a Toowoomba drain mates

  • Miabigz

    C’mon people the Heat has lost 5 in a row and only one of them bosh underscored. First it was coach, then it was the bench, then ego, now Bosh.,ya dnt know what the PEEEP yall talkin about. Coach need a better/more than one rotation and he need to put pressure on the bench thats all. Bosh is a big u ducks but he is a big PF not a center use him right untill D.pitman our young big body center arrives. TRADE NO ONE!!! Relaxs for now our success rely on how coach Spo do things. Just remenber how bosh out played Gasol on christmass. Even Magic johnson said it. And watch how bosh bang on people in his torronto highlights: youtube it he bangs USE HIM RIGHT! Pitman and Ud are comin relax. bosh is 26 young and talented with good coaching he will become amazing. Get smart people.

  • Jay Reyes

    hmmm… i guess when Spoelstra tried to mold them into a team, they didnt want to.they didnt like his plays and they whined about it actually.

    when they reached an agreement that whoever made a defensive move, they can do whatever they like on the offense and now they’re suffering for it.

    despite him being a mediocre coach, he’s not orchestrating the plays inside the court. that would the team captain’s job and i blame the coach and the team captain for not putting the foot down and telling everybody to step up.

  • Jay Reyes

    oh and btw, Bosh is lucky that he’s not Garnett’s team mate or else he would have been yelled at most of his playing time…

  • Michael

    man up and win some games pussies.

  • http://slamonline.com Bart

    Chris Bosh is softer than a bag of marshmellows in a cotton field

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    The Heat are out the light in Bon Amici’s, eh Bart?

  • Justin

    cosign RunNGun @ 11:34. FINALLY a voice of reason!

  • Joosh

    trade bosh for shaq and KG

  • LegendMaker

    Sign Jerry Sloan next season!!! He is a great coach who can lead this. Bosh as a high post player is not a problem. HE IS NOT SOFT!(Still remember his monster jam on Christmas Day) Players like Ilgauskas, Magloire, J-Howard & Dampier should be gone & make way for players like Dalembert, Humphries, Chuck Hayes, Reggie Evans, Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan, Oden, Mohammed & many more. QUALITY BIG MEN WHO ARE GREAT REBOUNDERS & BIG-TIME PLAYERS

  • Niyagirlfresh

    It’s common sense, you have 3 starters who are first option players and franchise scorers that’s a situation all in it’s self to have to tame. The simple answer is there’s no balance anywhere. Not in the starting line-up the bench anywhere. And it seems like their coach is thinking it’s rocket science to get this team to mend or mesh together it’s not heard. Riley, Sloan or any other tough minded coach would have had this team undefeated going into the playoffs. Neither one of them are willing to take a backseat. Their bench has some quality 3 point shooters. Eddie House who won a title with Boston several years ago, Jones who is Reggie Miller’s protege, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller right? Also the addition of Bibby he can turn that bench into a 3point shooting defensive bench kind of like what D’antoni did in Pheonix with the Suns.

  • kudos

    It’s not solely the big 3. It’s the role players that stop the heat from winning. In all of the heats losses, add 10 to 15 more pts to the bench, and the heat win. If Bosh wants the ball more, then he should come off the bench with the role players and let the offense run through him. Like they did with M.Beasley last year. This is a new team with high expectations, however don’t let them fool you. I believe everyone is falling into their trap. The trap would make one believe that this team is pure garbage, but they surprise all and become better then all imagined.

  • truthteller

    The heat will eventually have to figure it out. And I think they will either this season or next. They have to go through this in order to become the team that ESPN thinks they can become.

  • john

    lol at the dude callin bosh top 15 what are you smokin. he’s barely top 5 at his own position, he’s been exposed. he’s a black, more athletic version of david lee

  • OvaChiken in G Major

    So what Johnny Bag !! That aint too bad ? & Youre just a whack version of your Female Parent suka !!

  • MeMe

    The problem with the Heat is their defense and missing players in the PG and C positions. Ilgauskus and Dampier see as much balls combined as Bosch does on the offensive end. It would also help if we had a power forward that could jump. I swear D wade with his 36″ vertical can probably reach higher than puss cake. I’ve watched Bosch miss a standing dunk under the rim. He’s 6’10″ for crying out loud. On the defensive end it would be great if The King could dirty himself and try playing a little defense. The heat can’t contain scoring teams. Last month they were ranked 2nd in points scored per possession but 14th in defense. We can’t play defense like low seed teams and hope D Wade or LBJ have a fiery night. I have no complaints about Wade though. He’s good and personally, I think underrated. He grabs a couple of boards gets a shit ton of blocks for being the same height as D Rose, and has one of the most aggressive drives. His shooting percentage isn’t bad. Having didley squat in the post really hurts the heat. Wade is the backbone of the Heat. The bench could also be played a tiny bit more. We beat the Celtics by 23 points because the bench were allowed to contribute and left the big 2 and a quarter fresher

  • http://www.onitsukatigermexico66.us onitsuka tiger mexico 66

    Heat need to do better on their defense and missing players in the PG and C positions.

  • http://www.onitsukatigermexico66.us onitsuka tiger mexico 66

    I really agree with Morgan’s words “Miami’s biggest problem isn’t where Chris gets the ball or what DWade thinks of the rotation – its the bench and supporting players.”

  • Marshall Saperstein

    Why is this stupid column and the idiotic comments from Heat Haters being published the night before the Big 3 and company are getting ready to defend their home field advantage in the NBA championship series after beating the Bulls in five games????

  • geee

    Bosh defense if garbage! Just on that FACT he aint NO all star in my book. Yea if he wants to win guard somebody, Dirk made him look like a development leave shrub. Yea Diesel the BIG 2. Talking about over payed