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Doc Rivers: Derrick Rose Is This Year’s Best NBA Player

With the Bulls now holding on to the top spot in the Eastern Conference, Doc Rivers has hopped aboard Derrick Rose’s swelling MVP campaign. From ESPN: “Doc Rivers, who grew up in the Chicago suburb of Maywood, agreed with Austin [Rivers] and the growing consensus who believe Rose has earned the nod as the league’s best player. And although few expected the Bulls to be battling the Celtics this late in the season for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, Rose’s development made Doc a believer. ‘I’m not that surprised [the Bulls are contending],’ Rivers said. ‘Derrick Rose is the best player this year in the NBA. I think he’ll be the MVP, and when you have the MVP on your team, you’re usually pretty good.’ Rivers also credited the coaching of Thibodeau. ‘I talked to Thibs this afternoon for a long time,’ Rivers said. ‘We’re still very close. We want to beat each other’s brains out when we play, but right after that we’re very close friends. And I respect the world out of him. He’s the hardest working guy that I ever had on my bench.’”

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  • Scott

    MVP is not the same as the best player.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    lmao @ Doc tryna further heep the pressure on him now that they’re #2 in the East

  • burnt_chicken

    conversely, ‘scott’ is the same as ‘mentally challenged reader of quotes’

  • JTaylor21

    I hope y’all know that MVP doesn’t always mean “best” player, SNash, CB34, KMalone anyone?

  • Scott

    Burnt_chicken that was almost funny.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    Saw this on ESPN, Rose is getting support from all corners. I love it! Countdown to MVP: 16 games to go.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    The MVP should go to the player that had the best year. I’d agree with a lot of others that D-Rose is having a better year than any other player, which could be translated into the best player THIS year. Part of it is really symantics and trying to give a player credit for his current year performance versus his body of work over the last several seasons. Eventhough D-Rose would not be my first pick next year if I could draft any NBA player, I would say he was/is the best player in the league this year.


    Bulls fans should be more concerned about getting out the first round, than Rose winning MVP.

  • Eddie

    Scott and burnt chicken, y’all kiss and make up now. ROSE.

  • JTaylor21

    Also rose is not having a better individual year than Bron, Wade, and DHow, so let’s not act like he’s putting up the best numbers.

  • Cizzo

    Dock Rivers is a great coach and a classy indivisual… You got to love him!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    Getting out of the 1st round? Do you even know who are contending for the 8th seed?

  • http://nba.com gp23

    Rose – MVP
    Luol Deng – MIP

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic


  • Eddie

    Doc Rivers playin’ mind games with Rajon Rondo

  • DeeDaw

    Lol hahaaa @EDDIE

  • Red Star

    DR1 is the MVP hands down!!

  • capostat

    Doc Rivers missed an opportunity for a “Pause…”

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    Rose should get MVP. It would be cool to see Lamarcus on first team alteast. But as long as Kobe doesnt get MVP im good.

  • robb

    @JTaylor21 Rose this years MVP, MJ is the G.O.A.T. and you are ridiculous.

  • vtrobot

    2nd what the Nupe said. kobe/bron, always gonna be hard to get it when you’re playing with numerous other great teammates. dwight is pretty deserving too. both for numbers and for what he means to his team. good for drose and nice job thibs.

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  • Ron

    Derrick rose Is the mvp and top 5 in nba second best record in league only 22 in third year he will be best sooner than later

  • larrylegend

    He is not!

  • Desert Storm


  • ThaWindy

    I know its hard for people to believe it. He’s not what you picture. The shadow of Jordan is huge.

    “I just wanna win…. Winning gets you everything in this league…label me as a winner… I dont care bout no triple double…as long as we win” D. Rose

    Its okay to say it. D.Rose… Youngest MVP in NBA History!

  • BostonBaller

    Doc IS classy, Doc was not trying to play mind games and RR does not need it to get amp’d to play Rose.

  • BostonBaller

    Oh yeah, Rose (or anyone else) can’t complain that people (MJ) are putting pressure on him b/c Rose himself has said he wants to be the best and if he plays hard he will be the best. When you make a statement like that and play the way he has played all year then you have to expect the chatter. rose is a beast!!

  • monkeyball

    Dwight Howard also deserves consideration. And if it wasn’t for a certain disastrous playoff collapse a few years ago, Dirk would also be in the conversation. But in the NBA once a players’ name starts to dominate, the debate is over. That being said, I love DRose. Good for him.

  • monkeyball

    Even if he did cheat on his SATs.

  • monkeyball

    Even if he did cheat on his ACT.

  • monkeyball

    Rose is awesome!

  • http://deleted BeZ

    IF the best coach in the nba says it, im all with it.

  • http://deleted BeZ


  • Jono

    Chris Bosh is the MVP.

  • jay rose

    Dam right DROSE 4 MVP!!

  • flipnoyce

    DRose is definitely the MVP!Specially with the bulls team taking turn on injuries but still winning shows leadership and commitment from him. Sometimes the best player don’t always win MVP. It’s not always about scoring points. Its the overall achievement as an individual that makes your team successful and better when you’re on the court.

  • http://slamonline.com Michael

    Luol Deng: Where underrated happens

  • Zabba

    co-sign Jono

  • http://www.slamonline.com Mars

    MVP is not the same as the best player.

  • Justin

    Wow, for those saying the MVP is not the same as MVP, thanks for stating the obvious. It’s the only reason Michael Jordan doesn’t have about a dozen of them

  • Justin

    Whoops, I meant “for those saying the MVP is not the same as the best player…” And Doc Rivers is the best coach in the NBA? With the greatest coach of all time in Phil Jackson still around as well as Gregg Popovich? I’m thinking no.

  • Yesse

    I don’t agree with Doc. Derrick has had a huge impact for his team that’s for sure, but his stat sheet still does not make him look like the best player. An MVP, yes.