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Have a Favorite MJ Memory?

If it’s a good one you could win this brand-new Michael Jordan Mitchell & Ness jersey.

Everybody who spent years watching the G.O.A.T. play has a favorite memory. Now, all you have to do is share yours, and the crisp jersey pictured below could be in your possession for no cost at all.

In celebration of our new Top 500 issue, SLAM and Mitchell & Ness have teamed up and are offering a fresh Michael Jordan ’98 All-Star jersey to the reader/commenter with the best MJ memory. Here’s how it’s gonna work: Hit the comment section below, and explain your favorite memory of Mike—seeing him play live, watching a specific game in a specific location, a favorite moment, anything at all. If you don’t feel like leaving a comment, you can also tweet your memory (with one tweet or a few of ‘em) to @SLAMonline. (While your at it, go ahead and follow @mitchell_ness, too.) We’ll read through all of the comments and tweets, select the best one by the end of this week, and hit up the winner, who wins the jersey.

Take a look at the flicks below and leave us with your best memory. Good luck!

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  • Kevin

    Jordan’s 1998 game at Madison Square Garden exemplified the true greatness of MJ. It was Jordan’s last game as a Bull and he came out rocking the 1’s. Now for all the sneakerheads out there, that was epic in some many ways. He did work that night, dropping 44 on Houston, Starks, and whoever else tried to defend him. Despite the impressive line he posted, those throwback shoes signified to the world what possibly would be his last game there. Combining the revolutionary shoes and greatness made for an unforgettable night. He gave the NY fans a show and once again, showed his dominance that the Bulls had over those Knicks.

  • http://4point0show.com Wes

    It’s impossible for me to pick a single favorite memory, but growing up in Chicago and the Chicago land area I got to see every Bulls game for the last 20 years. MJ kept a lot of small subplots during games to keep himself motivated. He was constantly creating new challenges for himself since the game was so easy for him (i.e. shooting free throws with his eyes closed.) My favorite subplot accomplishment was when he finally dunked on Mt. Mutombo and got a tech for taunting for flipping Dikembe’s trademark finger-wag on him.
    Mutombo was at the height of the “greatest blocker ever” talk and was hyping his claim the MJ never dunked on him earlier that day, and Mike was just determined: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZLqrdxvCGs&feature=related

  • Niko gaspar

    My favorite mike moment was when he hit the game winner in ATL and fist pumped the floor, red kerr called the game…and shouted “he is now back”…the best part was the crowd was going bananas in an AWAY game, but thats how big he was… Crowds go nuts for him no matter where he played

  • Caitlin Walbert

    Michael Jordan has provided so many memories, but there’s one glimpse of him I picture that makes me smile. When he’d go up for a lay-up from what seemed like the 3-point line, and his tongue was hanging out, and the shot was in what seemed like smooth, slow-motion…that’s Michael Jordan. A phenomenon and the greatest basketball player ever to let his sneakers touch the court.

  • rob stewart

    My favorite memmory of MJ is his “For the love of the game” clause he had placed in his contract. That clearly says it all. In a world where you hardly see college stars, let alone NBA greats, willing to mix it up on the court with common people Michael Jordan wanted to be sure that he was cleared to play anywhere at anytime. There are so many great recorded/documented great games by Jordan. But there are probably countless amounts of other great performances that only eye witnesses are aware of, all because Mike’s passion for the game pushed him to demand a clause titled “For the love of the game”

  • http://www.slamonline.com Orvall

    “Still gotta come through Chicago”


  • John

    I was 6 years old and I was at my aunt and uncles house with my family for a few days. It was the first year I really was able to understand and enjoy NBA basketball but something was missing. It was mid June, and that night I had to take a bath right in the middle of the game… When I got up there I found they had a small 13 inch TV set on the shelves across from the tub. So frantically I worked to find the correct frequency to get rid of the fuzz and give me a clear picture. I finally got one and watched mid way through the 3rd quarter to the end. I remember seeing Stockton hit a 3 with about 40 seconds left and with how crazy the crowd was I thought for sure it was over. MJ seemed to score all the points for the Bulls and I thought he might be burnt out. But he hit a layup to cut the lead to 1… Next he stole the ball from Malone, dribbled down, I felt so nervous… Next he drove through the 3 point line… Pushes off Russell… Rises… Perfect form… Releases… Follows through… SWISH! And the Bulls had the lead, and would win the game.
    Little did I know that it was this shot, this series of plays that would cause me to forever love NBA basketball. Thank you MJ.

  • Kenny Ng

    My favorite memory of Jordan was winning his first championship since his father’s death, which was the start of the 2nd 3-peat. What made it special was that the 95-96 season was that he also helped the Bulls win the title on Father’s Day and because of this, Jordan reacted emotionally and I’m sure everyone who witnessed the game was touched by this. What made it even more emotional was seeing him in the locker room crying on the floor with the game ball wrapped around his arm. This proved that even the greatest basketball to ever play this game is just as human as all of us.

  • Justin

    My favorite memory of the G.O.A.T. is from my childhood and doesn’t even involve him playing. I remember coming home one day and my mom told me to clean my room. Of course, I didn’t do it right away and continued on playing Sega Genesis (Bulls vs Blazers). She called me to her and said, “Did you clean under your bed?” I said yes and she asked me if I was sure. I said, “Nah, mom. Who cares?” She said well go clean it again and let me know how dirty it is. Next, I stubbornly head over to my room and check under my bed. It was my first ever NBA jersey that I ever owned, Mr. Michael Jordan #23. It was red with the classic black writing and I wore it to school everyday for like two weeks (I was a kid, nobody cared I guess). From then on I always check under my bed and will always remember the first time I had something of Michael Jordan in my house…

  • jay

    my favorite jordan moment was his shot in game 6 of 1998 finals, which was a bitter-sweet moment as it was the shot that i saw when i was 9 years old that got me more into the game of basketball than ever before and also a sad moment as this was his last game as a bull. i remember watching it as it happened and everyone in my house jumped up when he hit that dagger.

  • justin

    My memory comes from the first and only time I was able to watch him play live. It also happened to be the 1996 All Star Game. Sure my seats weren’t exactly courtside, but the fact that a little boy could finally witness his idol in person made up for it all. They were also wearing the greatest all star jerseys of all time. Even before the opening tip, it was Jordan’s night. From pulling down Penny Hardaway’s shorts to dropping 20 points and winning the 2nd of 3 All Star MVPs, Jordan was back.

  • memyselfand9

    Too many favs but if i had the chance to relive just one MJ memory it would have to be the last shot of game 6 of the 1998 Finals. The buildup to that moment was just perfect as if it was scripted. The world talking about the Bulls’ last dance, while they go for another 3-peat.
    Throughout the playoffs you could sense that this was the end of the legendary dynasty, the team and MJ playing inspired.
    This probably was MJ’s most viewed game since he, the Bulls and the NBA were on an all time high in popularity. I was one of the millions tuning in live in Europe. It was about 6 in the morning CET when he hit that shot. I could not believe what i just had witnessed…it felt surreal. People still talk about this game today and rewatch the DVD.
    It was the perfect ending to me after watching him on the Bulls all those years.

  • Ozair Abbasi

    First of all, I just want to say I hate Jordan, hated him then, hate him now. I’m a huge Knicks fan, and anytime Mr. 23 faced “us”, my room was set-up like a Knicks shrine. I had my Upper Deck Knicks cards placed in every corner, my John Starks jersey on fresh from the dirty clothes pile. To you, it may seem weird, but to me it was war. Which brings me to my most memorable Jordan moment, which was on January 21st, 1997 when Jordan lit the Knicks for 51. To most, it was just another regular season game, and another 50pt performance. So, what made this game special? It was Jordan’s vendetta, Jordan’s hunger to have Van Gundy’s head. You see not long before, Van Gundy, in all his wisdom, decides to call MJ a “con man”, he said he abuses his friendship- and dude took off! This day wasn’t memorable to me because I stopped hating him, no, I still abhorred the guy, this game was memorable because now I respected him. And the day you respect a guy you truly don’t like is the day that you remember the most.

  • G$

    AI’s ankle-breaker 4 sure!
    “My heros don’t wear suits.”
    Thank you AI. Thank you.

    My second favorite MJ memory might be everytime GOAT had Bryant Gumbel hold his pocket in the yard.

  • Jose

    His whole career was my favorite moment, least from when i was old enough to understand the game

  • RV

    My favorite memory of MJ was the first time I ever heard his name. I was 12 in 1989 and I was actually hanging a poster of Magic Johnson on the wall of my room. I had recently become a basketball fan. I was listening to my favorite radio sports show when the commentator said: “Tonight the Pistons play against the Bulls and the tremendous Michael Jordan” There was something about the combination of “tremendous” and “Michael Jordan” I don’t know, it oozed greatness. I forgot about Magic Johnson right there and from that moment I lived an affair with the Bulls from 1989 to 1998. I kept Magic Johnson’s poster on the wall…surrounded by 100 MJ posters, jerseys, magazine clips, gatorade cans, wheaties boxes etc etc…

    MJ’s approach to the game, the way he took challenges and vision of life have been as useful as my own father’s advices. MJ’s been more than a basketball player to me.

  • logues

    his last shot ever with the bulls because of how it truly displayed his overall greatness and how great he was at all aspects of the game: the defense to steal away the ball from malone, the determination, leadership, and will to win, the clutchness, the crossover, the ever-so-pretty, smooth j. he put his whole arsenal of greatness into the last possession of his great bull’s career to win a 6th championship. the greatest part of it all: as amazing as it was, nobody was surprised it happened, cuz thats just mj

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    One of my favorite moments was actually when he hit his first home-run in a real pro baseball game. I was one of the few hoping he would do well. When he hit that homer I just imagined how vindicating that would be for Micheal, and what he was thinking about his Dad as he rounded the bases. His baseball career was all about his Dad, and as awkward as it was, I think its an important part of Micheal’s story.

  • ENDS

    I’m not gonna front I always hated MJ, and it all started from the moment He Did the “Spectacular Move” against my Magic-Led Lakers. Even at that early age I realized it was an amazing move that would lead the Bulls to the title. I learned (Much) later to appreciate the talent of the man who would later torch my Magic and end our title hopes for at least a decade. But I also now own a pair of elevens and it would look amazing with that jersey. Let me get a penny ASG Jersey too, I’ll Write something for that…

  • Dc

    I love watching MJ when I was kid, I didn’t care how many point he scored or what shoes he was wearing. All I care about is that I can watch him play the sport that i love. It was consider a luxury for me to watch any game that he played, due to china didn’t have much NBA coverage back then. My dream was to wear his jersey and watch him play one game on TV. When the coverage finally imporved, MJ retired for the 2nd time. I felt sad that I might never watch him play again. When I moved to a country that dont care about bball and only have one channel on cable tv that plays 2 NBA games a week, I had to ask my friend let me go to their house to watch it once a week; hoping that one day he will return to NBA again. Well, my pray was answer on September 2001 when MJ comes back for the 3rd time. And use the money I saved from buying less food, bought a 2nd hand repilica MJ CHI jersey off my classmate. For the first time in my life, I finally did it: wore MJ’s jersey and watched MJ play on tv. I was too excited to able to watch him held the ball back with his right hand again, my mind was zoned in every time he had the ball. That was my favorite memory of watching MJ. Thank you for reading.

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    My comment isn’t showing up… I’ll keep trying though.

  • chris

    Watching the ’98 championship run, after MJ hit the series clenching shot, my friend a die hard Karl Malone fan, ripped up his Karl Malone jersey and started crying. Thanks Mike, always going to remind me of my dude crying.

  • Eddie

    My mom’s was a Bulls groupie. One night I woke up after the Bulls murked the Magic during the regular 96 season and found MJ housed up with my mom. My dad was in the living room crying. Good times.

  • Scott Ahmed

    As a guy born in ’88, I missed out on a lot of live Jordan moments during my early childhood, and to be honest didn’t really follow MJ (or the NBA for that matter) until Space Jam came out. Upon seeing him play during the second three-peat however, I became absolutely hooked on the game of basketball.

    My favourite moment came during the ‘Flu Game’ against Utah – an absolutely iconic game which can be described in two simple words. Seeing his determination and ability to rise up and still dominate even with huge physical limitations showed perfectly why he is the G.O.A.T.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    I was a young’n in ’98, but I had already grown to love Mike’s game for more than the dunks, but just everything about it. The moment that sticks with me through these years, happened just after The Last Shot in Utah. He had that quick layup to cut the deficit to one, made a huge play on defense, and stuck that shot over a fallen Russell.
    5.2 ticks left on the clock, with NBC rolling video replay of MJ’s last shot, Bob Costas as only he can, narrates:
    That may have been…who knows what will unfold in the next several months…but that may have been the last shot Michael Jordan will ever take in the NBA….if that’s the last image of Michael Jordan, how magnificent is it?

    I was happy, I was sad, I had chills. I miss the glory days.

  • http://chadlhunt@yahoo.com Chad Hunt

    My favorite MJ moment is when he started his freshman year at UNC till his last year with the Wizards. I have so many favorite MJ moments that I can’t pick one. From the game winning shot against Georgetown,and him being the oldest to drop 50 in a game as a Wizard, MJ put his mark on the game of basketball on every level he played. You know your great when other players admit to just watching him while they were playing. 6 time MVP, 6 time Finals MVP, defensive player of the year, rookie of the year,slam dunk champion,ncaa champion, olympic gold medalist, MJ’s career is on another level. I’m glad I can say when I get older, that I watched MJ play and he is by far the Greatest Of All Time!

  • Addam

    MJ calling calling Stacy King a “Powerless Foward”

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    Still. Not. Showing. Up.
    And I keep getting that “duplicate comment detected” error message, when my initial comment still hasn’t shown up.
    I’ll either look like an idiot later on or I’ll have to keep trying all week to get it posted…

  • Rahul Chatterjee

    At 11 years old, I moved to Canada from Libya in the summer of 1990. The 1990-1991 season was the first time I had ever watched basketball in my life and all I knew was that some guy named Michael Jordan was something special to watch.

    I remember watching (and videotaping) the 1991 NBA Finals series versus the Lakers. Watching Jordan switching hands in mid air in Game 2 had to have been the most amazing thing I had seen. The theme music to “The NBA on NBC” still rings clear in my head…..

    Soon after I got a Jordan Jersey and to this day bust it out on occasion……

  • Rahul Chatterjee

    At 11 years old, I moved to Canada from Libya in the summer of 1990. The 1990-1991 season was the first time I had ever watched basketball in my life and all I knew was that some guy named Michael Jordan was something special to watch.

    I remember watching (and videotaping) the 1991 NBA Finals series versus the Lakers. Watching Jordan switching hands in mid air in Game 2 had to have been the most amazing thing I had seen. The theme music to “The NBA on NBC” still rings clear in my head…..

    Soon after I got a Jordan Jersey and to this day bust it out on occasion…..

  • Darius

    By far game 5 of the 97 finals. The greatest performance is sports history. To tired to do interviews or even walk off the court but Mike used every single inch of his body & mind to win that game espically when he missed a free throw in the clutch & got his own rebound. That moment also is great when adding the NBA on NBC telecast to it

  • JTaylor21

    When I found out that MJ wasn’t the G.O.A.T., they look on my face; priceless!

  • JTaylor21


  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    I’ve shared this story on here before but I’ll share it again –
    One of the worst days of my life was February 4th, 1996. The Bulls lost to the Nuggets that night. It was only their fourth loss of the season.
    Later that night my house burned down.
    Next day, I’m at school wearing some neighbor’s borrowed clothes, looking depressed as hell when my teacher pulled me aside and asked me what was wrong.
    I said, “The Bulls lost last night……oh, and my house burned down.”
    Life sucked having to start all over, basically, with no real possessions but my Bulls Starter jacket I managed to save, but I personally got through it by watching the Bulls and how they kept winning and persevering through their own personal challenges.
    My birthday was on April 17th, I turned 12 that year. My parents expressed great sorrow to me in that they couldn’t buy me a present that year cause of our tough times.
    I told them not to worry; Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls had already given me a wonderful present the day before.
    The Bulls had won their 70th game.
    And as Tom Dore famously proclaimed “Seventy has become a reality for the Chicago Bulls!” I remember beaming with pride and, in my young mind, it almost seemed as if they went out and had this magical season just to make what would have otherwise been a very hard time, seem like a wonderful time in my life.
    I stayed rooting for Michael and the Bulls, and still root for the Bulls to this day.
    Michael Jordan had such a huge influence in my life that I eventually named my son after him.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Finals Game 6 1993, I was 6 years old, waiting with my family (Dad + 9 Uncles & all the non-sports related family attached to them) for the game to end to go on our yearly camping trip. I as a 6 year old had no sense of hometown loyalty, I just took a liking to the best players. SO I as a very young basketball enthusiast put on my Bulls Uniform (Red Mj Jersey, Bulls Shorts, Jordan’s) and began rooting against Phoenix. Every time Jordan hit a jumper in the 4th quarter of that game Barkley looked like he had just been punched in the stomach, the fuming anger from my family as I cheered when Paxson hit the game winner will be with me forever.

  • E_Towey

    My memory was getting an autograph jersey after graduating high school. That was the hardest part of my life and I was able to graduate and my parents scratched money together to get this jersey. It was truly a memory that will not be forgotten ever. I feel so bad of myself and i knew my parents sacrificed so much to get this for me. He meant the world to me as a kid and I have been collecting for over 15 years and with all the memories that I had of MJ as a kid/teenager that one meant the moment so that you MJ for being an ideal of mine through thick and thin.


  • Chris

    My favorite memory of MJ was in the 92-93 season. I grew up (and to this day, am) a huge Suns fan. I *hated* Michael Jordan. He was the cause of all my problems as an adolescent.

    I remember seeing him play in Phoenix, on one of those nights where we just couldn’t do anything right. MJ was killing us. And there was a little old lady directly behind me, in such a high pitched shrill scream, yelling “Gooooooo Miiiiiichaeeeeel!” Drove me nuts the entire game and sent me home angry when we lost.

    It wasn’t until I grew up that I became a big fan, and thought back to all the amazing things I had witnessed. I am a Suns fan first, but became a true basketball fan because of Michael Jordan.

  • Kyle

    My favorite moment was probably when Nick Anderson said Mike “didn’t look like the old Michael Jordan”, which prompted Michael to switch back from 45 to number 23.

  • Jeremiah

    It had to be the last time I ever saw him play live. It was early in the’97-’98 season. The Bulls were on a west coast road trip and Pippen was out hurt (not to mention he had also requested a trade earlier in the day through the media). The night before, MJ went for 49 in an OT loss to the Clippers (yes those Clippers). The Bulls were flirting with a .500 record at that point, and the “repeat three peat” wasn’t looking all that great. I made the two hour drive to Sacramento both excited and saddened knowing that this would proboably be the last time that I would ever get to watch MJ live. The atmosphere outside of ARCO was electric. The Bulls were the Beatles at this point. Their bus had police escorts to and from the airport, and crowds followed them wherever they would go. The strange thing was that although there was that electricity, you could pick out the long time Bulls fans in the crowd from the new ones because you could detect a little sadness from them as well. In the gym, the place lit up when MJ came out. At this point the Kings were up and coming, but there were easily as many Bulls jersey’s in the stands as purple and black ones. Mitch Ritchmond was still king of the court in Sac back in those days, and judging by his body language, he had something to prove. MJ would have none of it. He came out for warmups, and he looked so much older than I remembered. He was clearly cranky as well since the Bulls were floundering at that point. To put it simple, he abused Mitch that night. Not so much on the offensive side (although he went for the usual 30, and he even got a breakaway dunk off of a steal, which were becoming rare at that point), it was the defensive side that stood out. Mitch couldn’t even get a shot off. I remember Mitch looking like he was going to tear up out of frustration at more than one point. It was unbelieveable to watch MJ dominate the game in a completely different way than the first time I saw him play against the Utah Jazz 10 years before that night. It wasn’t as flashy as it used to be and it wasn’t going to make Sportscenter’s #1 highlight, but it was complete domination with his heart and will, and it was an utter thing of beauty. It’s something that I will never forget, and I bet Mitch Ritchmond won’t either.

  • Ed

    Sunday, June 16 is a day I will never forget. It was Game 6 of the Finals and Father’s Day. The Bulls would go on to win, but what happened at the end brought me to tears as a young kid. I saw MJ in the locker room crying and filled with thoughts of his father smiling from Heaven. You could see the emotions he was going through. I I turned to my dad, gave him a hug, and told him I loved him. He smiled and we continued to watch the MJ and the Bulls celebrate. MJ was back on top and His Airness reigned supreme.

    It’s a simple moment, but sadly it was the last time my dad and I would watch MJ in the Finals. He would pass away a few months later.

    So every time I see that moment not only do I think of MJ, but of my dad as well.

    Thank you Michael for all the memories.

  • cab

    Gerald Wilkins was playing 2 guard for the Knicks and the media decided they want to dubbed him the Jordan stopper as the Bulls were in town for a game. This is year 85 or 86.. Anyway Gerald decided he wanted to play it up for the media and allowed them to blow up his head.. I was 16 or 17 at the time and paid my money for the nosebleed tickets at MSG.. Jordan came in and scored 55/56 pts and made Gerald look like a fool. That was Jordan. He let his game talk, no his mouth.. The Greatest of all Time. Hands down.

  • http://Slamonline.com LakeShow

    Playing vs Kobe in the all star game was a fun moment for me personally.

  • John W.

    My favorite MJ moment? Too many to name (killin Cleveland, Double Nickel in MSG in his 1st return, 63 as a rook in the PLAYOFFS in Beantown, etc., etc.), but the one that sticks to me the most was when he won his 6th title over the JAZZ (the poster shot over Byron Russell).12 years old, sitting in front of a mini tv with a blanket over it, plain and simple watching GREATNESS. If he would have retired there (again) I would have not minded one bit, because I thought it was perfect timing.


    @ Egnimatico. I know how u feel man. Its effin frusturating

  • Lorenzo

    On my first trip to the U.S. I went to Chicago to see mj play. I saw a crowd outside the building but I was late and I went back: it was Scottie Pippen who came to the field. disappointed at not being able to get his autograph, I started to go back but I realized that it was getting a car license plate mj. My heart went crazy, he stopped, rolled down his window and asked, where are you from? and I: Rome. he smiled and said: to a fan who has endured such a trip, the minimum is an autograph. He signed my jersey and I stood there, shocked. Thanks Michael, you’ve allowed so many ordinary people to dream. We miss you.

  • http://www.quakegriffin.com Patrick Hodgdon

    My favorite memory was my 10th birthday present. It included 4 tickets to the Bulls game at the United Center on Dec. 28th 1996. My dad drove my 7 year old brother and I down from Minneapolis and we had dinner at Michael Jordan’s restaurant. Afterwards we went to the game, my brother and I in our matching Chicago Bulls Starter jackets, and got our picture taken in front of his statue outside. Then we went in and watched MJ drop 45 on the Cavs that night. He got to the line so much that night (19-20) that Bobby Sura who was guarding him got thrown out of the game. Unbelievable MJ performance, unbelievable birthday. I will forever cherish being able to tell my now 7-month old son about the time I was lucky enough to see the G.O.A.T. drop 45 in Chi-town.

  • treetrunks

    Best memory is definitely THAT 55 points game vs the Knicks in NewYork..Double Nikkle!!! tha man just came back and showed the basketball world he still has it…and he did on the biggest stage of all..true champ

  • shane murphy

    when he played in the 1996 finals great series to watch you knew you were watching a legend. also i like some highlights that i didnt see was the mj free throw dunk i was too little to get to see it so i saw the highlight great dunk to watch.

  • S_kemp

    back in the mid 80s when he was rocking his Jordan 1s and his gold chain. look up cool in the dictionary and theres a photo of a 21 year old MJ in his rookie year with his gold chain.

  • mark

    Jordan falling down in the locker crying after winning his 4th title


    My fav memories r the 6 times that mj and chi won the title and whenever they beat the knicks. Why? Cuz my dad was a knicks fan thru and thru. 2 say he despised chi and every1 who ever played for chi is an understatement. So 4 me, n my young life, 2 c the look of dissapointment on my dads face when we would win a title or beat the knicks, was priceless. He would talk alot of crap bout mj and chi. He would piss me off. But for 6 yrs i would have the last laugh. 2 this day, I give him hell bout it. Haha

  • http://neutralfeatures.com neutralfeatures

    My favorite MJ memory has to be the only Bulls game I have ever been to. It was in 1996, I think, and they were playing the Pacers. My dad spoke in broken English and pretended to be part of the Indian Press. We got to go down to a lower section and he snapped a picture of MJ dunking on Dale Davis.

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    The reverse lay up against the Nets.
    And the reaction on Tate George’s face afterward.
    The greatest reverse of all times…

  • Chris Litwicki

    My favorite Michael Jordan moment was in Game 1 of the 1991 NBA Finals. I was 8 years old and, thanks to a friend, it was my first and only Bulls game at the Chicago Stadium. I don’t remember a lot about the details, because I was only 8 at the time, but I do remember this:

    I remember Sam Perkins hit a jumper with only a few seconds left and the Bulls lost. Our seats were by the Bulls exit and as Michael was walking off, I remember yelling at the top of my lungs “It’s ok M.J., you’ll get em next game”. At that point in time, Michael kind of looked at me and I remember him giving a little smile and a wink. It was almost like he was saying, “Your right, we’re gonna do this”. I didn’t think anything of it then, and really didn’t think anything of it until I got older and really started to understand Michael.

    I just think that that moment really sums up what Mike was all about.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I respected Money, like the rest of the basketball world, but I was never a die hard fan. I rode with Hakeem. In fact, I rooted against Jordan in the Finals when they played Seattle.
    But, against Utah, I had to roll with Jordan. Utah just irked me. I remember watching Game Six in 1998, and feeling that Money was going to lose that game because he just didn’t have enough help. I remember the sickness in my gut, the sadness that Utah, effing UTAH, was going to end the dynasty.
    Then comes the slashing Layup to cut the lead to one, followed by the incredible steal on Malone.
    There Money, left side of the court, right hand bouncing the ball, watching and waiting.
    He squares up Russell, goes hard right and then executes that beautiful right to left crossover, with a little push for good measure.
    I remember watching that moment with my pops and brother late at night and running through the house screaming “He’s the best. He can’t be stopped” as I just marveled at his ability to rise to the moment.
    I wasn’t always a Jordan fan, but I was that night.

  • Jared Zechnowitz

    Easy one for me….. I grew up watching MJ dominate the NBA. My earliest memories are of him in the 92 Finals vs. the Blazers….. My best MJ moment was a few years ago. One week after I got the Jumpman logo tattooed on my leg I met MJ for the 1st time in my life. I shook his hand, showed him my brand new tat, and told him how incredible it was watching him throughout my childhood. I spent the next 3 hours calling and telling everyone I know. I will never forget that day as long as I live.

  • http://myspace.com/teacupt Itai B

    My best MJ memory comes from the summer I turned 16 years old. My girlfriend had just broken up with me, and as a teenager, I was devastated. A day or two after the breakup, my friend Jason invited me to go to Lake Tahoe with him later that week. It was a spur of the moment decision, but I decided to go.
    The reason we were going to Tahoe is that his dad was invited to the Celebrity Golf Tournament. Jason told me that a bunch of athletes would be there, and after researching it, I discovered that Michael Jordan would be there.
    I quickly rushed to my closet and grabbed my Jordan jersey and a sharpie and threw it in my suitcase. I then turned to my older brother, who was going to have his birthday when I was gone, and told him to give me anything he wants signed by Jordan.
    Later that week, we’re in Tahoe on the golf course, and I get close to Michael Jordan as he finishes the first round. I am wearing my Jordan jersey, and have my brother’s #45 jersey in a big. I hadn’t thought out how I would get either jersey signed, or which I’d get signed first, but when my turn came, I instinctively reached for my brother’s jersey and handed it to MJ to sign.
    I knew this would be the best birthday present I could ever get my brother.
    I thanked MJ and walked off with a smile covering my face ear to ear.
    The next day, I returned with my unsigned Jordan jersey, but I couldn’t get close to Michael Jordan but I still met a bunch of other cool celebrities. The day after that, the last day of the tournament, I returned to the green once again with a Jordan jersey, and finally assured that I’d have no regrets by getting my own Jordan autograph.
    It was this day that I realized how sweet an autograph is- it isn’t just about finding one for a good price at a card show or store, etc., it’s all about having the one-of-a-kind story to tell, of how that autograph was obtained, which adds most of the value to it.

    Jordan, #23, #45, and #23 again…. FOREVER

  • L

    It was in 98.Game 1 of the NBA Finals. I was watching it live from my hometown Marseille, France. It was so early in the morning something like 5 and i was fighting with myself to stay awake. The game was close, MJ hit the winner at the buzzer. I just stood up and had all my body shaken up. His airness just raised his fist while everyone went crazy.I saw that game a 100 times as i still have a VHS tape of that game and know all of the words by heart from the famous french announcer Georges Eddy. The feeling that i had when i saw that play is my ultimate memory from the greatest to ever play the game. L

  • L

    I meant 97

  • the nerve

    fukk mike

  • Howard

    On,April 16, 2003, Michael Jordan played his final game. I was a small child, and was staggered to find out that even the GOAT of basketball was human. He was slower, with not as much bounce, and had scored just 13 pts. It puzzled me that this man was the same guy I watched in highlights with his tongue flying along with him, soaring over defenders with ease. I saw him leave with a few minutes left in the third quarter, and thought: What? How can he end his CAREER like this? But with a few minutes left in the 4th, the crowd started chanting: “We want Mike, We want Mike!” I felt goosebumps, and watched as Eric Snow fouled Michael for no reason except to help him score. Then as the crowd started a several eternities long cheer, I stood frozen watching the greatest of all time walk off into the sunset like a storybook hero.

  • Ronan

    I remember beeing a teenager, loving basketball in the 93 summer, trying all of MJ’s moves.. Crying because father passed away..
    My best memory : “I’m back”, a pure moment of joy and excitment.

  • JJ

    Game 5 1997 Finals led the way with 38 points while sick…GOAT and inspirational!

  • Carson James

    My favorite memory of Michael Jordan is that he had the courage to stop playing basketball, and pursue baseball. He knew that he would receive so much flack for this move. He did not care though. Playing baseball would make his dad proud because his father always enjoyed baseball. Most people could never do this. Many of us have a dream or goal that we would love to reach, but we are too scared to go for it. Michael made it in the NBA, then he had the drive to try his hand at another sport. He did not know if he would be as successful, but he was not afraid to try. This speaks volumes about his character. This is my favorite memory of Michael Jordan.

  • cc

    In 96 against the 76ers Stackhouse and “Madman” Maxwell had been talkin trash to the media with Stack saying he’d held his own against MJ during the summer and Maxwell chiming in saying “To hell with Michael, to hell with Pippen, those guys haven’t done nothing for me and you can print that”. Money came out and dropped 48 on em in 3 quarters and added 10 boards just cause he could. Stackhouse and Maxwell got the clamps put on em by Jordan shooting a combined 5 of 19 and MJ rested in the 4th to watch the rest of the blowout. Michael always used to take what guys said about him and use it as motivation, kind of like when Van Gundy called him a con man and Michael lit the Knicks up for 51.

  • Christopher Waldo

    I was nine years old on the first of June 1997. My dad was watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and, for some reason, had decided to let me stay up with him. I hadn’t watched much basketball in my life to that point, but the drama was easy to follow. The players in white were the good guys. This was obvious because my dad cheered them, and they were led by a super hero wearing number 23.

    The contest was extremely close, and near the end, a massive man in purple stepped to the free throw line. One of the men in white whispered to him, “the Mailman doesn’t deliver on Sundays.” There was something utterly thrilling about all of this which I didn’t have the ability to articulate or even fully comprehend at the time, but after a missed foul shot, everything was in place. 7.5 seconds left. Pippen to Kukoc. Kukoc to Jordan. Jordan dribbles left and fires over Bryon Russell, and from that moment on I was a basketball fan for life.

  • Ali Saadat

    Do I have a favorite Jordan memory? *Shrugs* I have six in one half. That was an incredible performance. Nothing ever goes Portland’s way does it?

  • Fat Lever

    Just give the jersey to Enig. Sad story dude, sorry to hear.

  • SunkangHer

    MIKE? MIKE who? Michael Jackson? or Michael Jordan? Well i gotta say Michael Jordan, in my opinion, he Is the Greatest player to play this Greatest sport.Well Seriously, he is the only one who inspired me to become a CRAZY Basketball Fan and especially CHICAGO BULLS FAN!!!!
    in 2003,I was flipping channels and there was an Allstar Game on ESPN and that was the first game that i watched jordan playing on live. He was 41 and still had moves and played like anyother superstars. the game made me soooo intense that i nearly had heartattack because both EAST and WEST were competitive (EAST 136: WEST 136).There was less than 10 seconds left in overtime and both teams were tied. Jordan gets the ball from J.Kidd. The whole crowd stood up and the stadium was filled with silence and chill. Jordan against Marion. he drives to the side and performs legendary fadeaway and UNBELIVABLY the ball swooshed like a rainbow. OMG i screamed and that, THAT MOMENT! I knew MJ was, is and will be the GOAT in the History of all Sports!!! Thanks MJ

    PS. if this goes on the magazine, Would you check some grammar, . Thank you i really hope that others can read this. and more and more people can be inspired by todays NBA stars and legends

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    This one still gives me goosebumps every time I see it. When the Monstar’s spaceship lands on the baseball field in Space Jam. With “I Believe I Can Fly” playing in the background, Stan runs excitedly on to the field, ready to make the ultimate announcement. Stunned, the audience eagerly watches and listens as Stan addresses the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen!” We all sit in anticipation of the sweetest words we could possibly imagine. Those 4 legendary syllables reverberate around the stadium and in our minds, “Michael Jordan!” The man himself then descends down from the blinding light, as though the world is truly complete with the arrival of him. The arrival of Michael Jordan. That feeling, right there, sums up what we all experienced whenever His Airness stepped on the court.

  • http://www.angryarab.net Tariq

    I grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I transferred to a new school when I was in 8th grade, and there I got to know this Palestinian dude who became (and still is) my best friend. The first time I went over to his house, I brought my copy of “Axelay” for the Super Nintendo, thinking that this– my favorite video game at the time– would blow his mind. The first thing I saw when I entered his room was a life-size cut-out of Michael Jordan. He told me that Jordan was the greatest athlete to ever grace the globe. My sporting interests at that point began and ended with futbol, so I was skeptical. He showed me “Come Fly With Me,” and I was instantly hooked. Over the course of the next year, we played “Around the World” in his back yard, stayed up late to watch Bulls (and Knick, Sonics, Rockets and Pacers) games. I even got Kareem-style goggles made so I wouldn’thave to wear my glasses (Pre-Lasik!). Almost a year later, we watched Isaiah Rider win the 1994 Slam Dunk contest, which completed my basketball indoctrination. I was hooked for life, and it all started with that grainy VHS tape he showed me that afternoon. We never did get around to playing Axelay.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Great story Enigmatic… I was on the opposite side of those days. Being from the Portland area, we lost to the Bulls in the finals, and they were kinda public enemy #1 up here (similar to how the Lakers are to most TRUE Blazer fans) I am glad the Bulls winning so much helped you through some very tough times.. I believe Mike is the G.O.A.T., but I wouldn’t admit it back then, I always rooted against him no matter who he was playing (similar to Kobe), until he joined the Wizards, at that point I gained alot of respect for him because Wash. was NOT a winner, or even close, he could have very easily turned down that offer.

  • Paul

    My girlfriend flew in from Hawaii for my birthday. The eve of my birthday we decided to have some birthday fun and it happened to be the Bulls vs. Lakers that night. I really wanted to see Jordan versus Kobe. I had one eye on the t.v. and one eye on her. I thought I had the best of both worlds. When the fun was over, and Jordan showed Kobe his place, I soon realized why it was so quiet. Let’s just say that while Jordan was taking care of business, I was taking care of mine, and the 3 days of hell that followed it was….well, worth it.

  • M. F. Paolucci

    “Be Like Mike”

    This might sound funny, but my favorite memory of Michael Jordan is the “Be like Mike” Gatorade commercial. It was the summer of 1991 and the Bulls had finally captured their first Championship defeating the Lakers in five games. I was nine. The commercial starts with the percussive beat of the congas, “ba ba ba ba bum” then, the verse, “Sometimes I dream…that he is me.” We see him interacting with some kids, playfully keeping the ball out of reach high above their heads. In another shot his arms swing in step with the music, right-left-right as he defends a pint-sized dribbler, “bum ba bum bum bum…” Who didn’t want to be one of those kids? We see Mike laughing and clowning with some amateurs who try to copy his moves. One guy, with a Gumby cut, attempts a dunk, his tongue hanging wildly from his mouth. He certainly wouldn’t be the last to emulate his hero in that way.

    A children’s chorus kicks in, “I dream I move…I dream I groove” and we see Mike amongst the masses sharing lighthearted moments, even fumbling a pass that hits him in the head. He was human after all. Yet, clips of Mike, with the Bulls, shredding opponents, leaving cadres of faceless defenders standing helpless in his wake, prove he was so much more than that. Indeed more than America, the NBA, or even the world, could discern. Undoubtedly, more than a skinny fourth grader in South Jersey could wrap his head around.

    Those images captured our collective imagination and made us feel like the sky was the limit. For Mike, it literally was. Back then it all seemed so enchanting to me, but the amazing thing about number 23 is that twenty years later, it still feels that way. Watching that 30 second clip lets me relive the innocence of my childhood and replay it over and over again. Sure, the utopia of imagination and possibility rendered in that Gatorade ad would stand in stark contrast to the realities of everyday life. Three months later, Magic Johnson would announce he had HIV, and it wouldn’t be too long before Michael Jordan’s own fantasy world would collapse after his father was found dead. And for certain, every wide-eyed kid who dreamt about being like Mike had to grow up. But being like Mike meant defying expectations and soaring to new heights. Realizing one’s full potential. Perhaps that’s why it seems even more important now than it did then. We need to hold onto those memories as we forge ahead with our lives. Moving. And Grooving. Like Mike…

  • Sem

    Who can forget Marv Albert’s famous “Oooh what a move by Jordan” announcement during the 1991 playoffs when M. Jordan spinned off the baseline away from C. Okaley and J. Starks of the New York Knicks and rose up tongue wagging and delivered an emphatic dunk over the 7’1 Knicks Center P. Ewing.

  • Young Ae kim

    Few fans dispute the fact that Michael Jordan is basketball’s greatest all-time player. During his career , He averaged an amzing 31.1 points per game. After being name Rookie of the Year in his first NBA season (1984), Jordan led the league in scoring for the next seven years, During the 1986 season, he became the second person ever to score 3000 points in a single season. Jordan retired from basketball in 1998. However, in September 2001, He announced that he would come return as a player for Washington Wizards. When he said ‘IAM BACK’ this shocked the whole media and it still goosebumps me. This is my Memory of MJ.

  • Hugh Jass

    As a Knicks fan, I have no favourite MJ memories. He was that good.

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    My favorite Michael Jordan moment occurred only a few weeks ago. While watching a modern day NBA game with a friend, we were discussing how great basketball was in the 80s and 90s compared to our era. Seeing we are teenagers, we didn’t quite understand how great the G.O.A.T. was. We’ve seen highlights, we’ve read stories, but we’ve never actually watched him play. So we decided to turn off the generally boring NBA game and put in a DVD of Michael Jordan’s 63pt game against the Boston Celtics in the 1986 Playoffs. By the first 10 minutes we were mesmerized, in awe because this is what we’ve been missing over the years. That game, that moment, that was the most special because it actually made me aware of how amazing this man was.

  • Dylan P.

    To me, “I’m Back.” is the most memorable thing about Mike. He transcended basketball for the year and a half that he was gone then he did it agian when is said that. When he came back, a lot of people doubted his abilities that he once had. And for him to prove that he was still the best, 3 more times, that’s the memory that I will have every time I think of Mike

  • http://twitter.com/aif03 aif03

    It was 1991 when MJ got his first championship the very exact day that our Mt. Pinatubo here in the Philippines erupted. I can say that it was my most memorable and most favorite Michael Jordan moment. I was only 12 back then and we were excited to watch the Lakers and the Bulls go head to head for the NBA World championship my grandpa and my dad (who were still alive back then) well they were both Laker fan and i guess i was the only Bulls fan in our house because of Jordan, we all liked him, because of his passion to play his dedication to the game and off course his talent, one of a kind. As the day game 5 goes the clouds in our country is becoming black and really the skies are darker and darker like everyone is panic-struck it looks like the end of the world for us here in the Philippines people are crying,our American friends inside the US Clark Air Base in Pampanga evacuated and went to our house here in Manila, we took a look at our surroundings outside our house there were ash falls from the skies and ash fell onto the grounds but that does’nt stop us from watching and witnessing how MJ play for his first ever NBA championship. I felt like if my world was gonna end that day well might as well see MJ win that championship first. So as years gone by i am now 32 years old and until this day i will never ever forget his first ever championship it was death defying for us but because I love MJ so much I would’nt care much about anything that was happening around but just to watch him play and win, wow man! it was a great feeling. Until now i felt like i was so blessed to have experienced and witness the G.O.A.T. and live in that time because there can never ever be another MJ.

  • computerdude

    There are not enough verbs,adjectives,pronouns to describe MJ. His trash talking was legendary. Like the time when a young rookie named Gary Payton saw Mike in a club and said “Yeah Mike I got my Ferrari’s now” and Mike replay “Oh yeah ,I get mine for free” Or the time he was playing the Timberwolves and this guard, I believe his name was Darrick Martin, was playing him kinda of dirty and Mike said “I’m going to send you back to the CBA.” For the rest of the first half Derrick got abused. Derrick didn’t start the second half and Jordan walked by and said “I didn’t know I would do it in a half.” What I really appreciated about Mike was his competitive fire. There was a game around ’91 or ’92 where the Bulls played a Home and Home against the Washington Bullets. A Home and Home is when the teams play each other on their own home floor on consecutive nights. The first game was in Chicago and the Bullets had a guard named Labradford Smith. Labradford had the game of his life and scored 37 pts on MJ. The Bulls won but Jordan was fuming that someone had scored so many points on him. Too bad for LaBradford that they had to play Chicago again the next night in Washington. From the start of the game Jordan attacked with dunks,fade aways, 3 pointers and other moves. When the smoke cleared Mike had 36pts….in the first half. He was still pissed that he missed the free throw to give himself 37 in the half. Jordan will always be the standard for the complete athelete.

  • Sarah

    My father’s assignment had us all living on Guam during the height of Jordan’s popularity in the midst of the Bulls’ second 3 peat. We were pretty literally disconnected and isolated from the goings-on of the mainland but, if anything, I think it only enhanced the Jordan mystique. My favorite Jordan inspired moment is searching the tiny island’s BX for a Bulls road black with red pinstripes #23 jersey. Needless to say, that was an exercise in futility. But I always remember my mother dutifully holding my hand through our doomed quest. Eventually I did get my own Bulls jersey to wear as I wreaked havoc on my local youth league. For some reason it was still oversized. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d55/UniVerseSoul/22/BullsGuam.jpg Ballers – my best friend played for the Jazz haha.

  • Richard smith

    I remember watching Michael Jordan for the first time as a nine-year-old during game one of the 1992 NBA Finals when the Chicago Bulls took on the Portland Trailblazers. It was in that contest that Jordan nailed six three-pointers in the first half of a performance simply known as the “Shrug” game in NBA lore. At this point I became perpetually hooked on watching Jordan play and am thankful that I was able to during his unbelievable prime.

    I was as excited as millions of others when his likeness in a Bulls uniform finally arrived on the cover of the NBA2K video game this past year, despite the fact that several legends including Rick Barry, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain are not featured.

    Instead of just writing a tribute piece on Michael Jordan, reverberating the same old praise and statistics, I decided to put down my five favorite games I ever watched MJ play. A couple of them don’t register as his greatest outings but hold a special place in how I felt while watching them.

    For instance, since I rarely watched NBA games for a variety of reasons from 1996-1998 they are not among those listed. I regret missing those, believe me!

    Before I continue, is the look on Clifford Robinson’s face in that picture absolutely priceless, or what? Talk about an incredulous and defeated expression!

  • Richard smith

    I remember watching Michael Jordan for the first time as a nine-year-old during game one of the 1992 NBA Finals when the Chicago Bulls took on the Portland Trailblazers. It was in that contest that Jordan nailed six three-pointers in the first half of a performance simply known as the “Shrug” game in NBA lore. At this point I became perpetually hooked on watching Jordan play and am thankful that I was able to during his unbelievable prime.

    I was as excited as millions of others when his likeness in a Bulls uniform finally arrived on the cover of the NBA2K video game this past year, despite the fact that several legends including Rick Barry, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain are not featured.

    Instead of just writing a tribute piece on Michael Jordan, reverberating the same old praise and statistics, I decided to put down my five favorite games I ever watched MJ play. A couple of them don’t register as his greatest outings but hold a special place in how I felt while watching them.

    For instance, since I rarely watched NBA games for a variety of reasons from 1996-1998 they are not among those listed. I regret missing those, believe me!

  • 2KInsider

    After winning the 1996 NBA Championship on father’s day, crying in the locker room thinking about is murdered father. That was the rawest human moment I ever saw during an NBA game.

  • andres

    One of the most mj memorable moment for me was when he retired the first time. It was unexpected, I don’t think anybody was prepared for that. His attempt to play baseball was something to respect, he showed that he was not afraid to try and make your dreams come true. That takes courage. I saw him take batting practice at the old Comiskey Park, who knew then what was coming.

  • http://www.jerseycentral.org Mack Wilson

    It was April 1995 – time for Playoff basketball, something which for the first time since his initial retirement Michael Jordan.

    Since his fax heard round the world, MJ had been playing himself from diamond shape (as in the baseball diamond) to basketball shape. There were buzzer beaters…there were graceful glides to the hoop…and of course, there were Bulls victories.

    The Bulls found themselves in a familiar setting – in the plaoyffs, and everyone wondered if Michael would still have the magic that brought the city of Chicago three parades in Grant park.

    My Dad and I prepared to make the trip to the Charlotte Coliseum to watch the Hornets take on the Bulls in Michael’s first playoff game after his baseball sabbatical.

    The Bulls seized the momentum in Game 1 and ultimately won the series 3-1. Although he was wearing an unfamiliar # 45 and showcasing some new tools in his offensive arsenal – his stat line was nothing short of what we had come to expect: 48 pts, 9 rebs, 8 assists, 1 steal and a block.

    It was the beginning of the end for the rest of the NBA – while the Bulls run in 1995 fell short against the upstart Orlando Magic, they went on to set the single season record for wins the following season and went to win 3 more titles.

    Of course MJ came back with the Wizards – seeing # 45 on the court doing the things he used to do as well as some things he hadn’t been able to do prior to his retirement served as a harbinger to what the NBA was going to see for the next 3 years. It also was the stamp of a truly great athlete who didn’t rest on his talents and always looked for a way to gain an advantage and remain the best player in the world.

    Of course the return of the familiar # 23, the father’s day win to get ring # 4, the flu game and hitting his final shot as a Bull to win ring 6 would follow…but I will always remember the return of greatness that I witnessed that April day in North Carolina.

  • J-Chau

    I was 7 years old. First complete live game I ever watched of Mike, and it’s the Game 6 of the 1997 Finals. Most memorable moment? I saw how he runs up on the PA announcers table after the game, palming the basketball on one hand, celebrating the glory with the fans. I won’t forget that moment.

  • joeGuinan

    1998 nba all star game, he was sick and still showed kobe who was boss. MVP NUFF SAID!

  • Josiah Taimatuia

    It’s actually really difficult for me to even select my favorite memory of MJ’s. There’s so many memories: the switch-up in the air, the dunk on Ewing, buzzer beater over Bryon Russell, dunk from the free throw line in his rookie year or the one that crowned him champion versus ‘Nique. But MJ had so many moments in his career that opened eyes and changed the game, that it isn’t easy to pick one. But personally, the one memory of mine that I would call favorite and actually had an impact on my life, was in his Hall of Fame speech. It was when Michael said, “Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” To hear those words from one of my lifetime idols forever changed my perspective on life challenges and became my favorite memory of Michael Jordan.

  • Jose Dero

    His Hall of Fame Speech….It was Classic MJ and sums up his career perfect !

  • Richard Hernandez

    My favorite Michael Jordan moment would have to be the shot he made in the 1982 NCAA championship game Vs. Georgetown in his rookie year of college.This was the defining moment that projected Michael Jordan into a superstar.Prior the shot Jordan was just a kid from Wilmington,NC that got cut from his high school varsity basketball team as a sophmore.That very moment Jordan made that shot,I think really opened alot of eyes.And the rest is HISTORY!

  • tom zhu

    There was 7.5 seconds left on the clock and the score was knotted at 82. I remember looking over to my father and seeing the silence and composure on his face. The phone was ringing and my mother was screaming directions in the kitchen, yet my father didn’t even blink; the entire building could’ve collapsed and he wouldn’t have moved an inch. As the ball was inbounded to Jordan, he did what he had done his entire pro career. He isolated his man, set him up, crossed over and got to exactly where he wanted. Before the ball was even released, my father, in the most nonchalant manner raised his arms into the air. Jordan would hit the shot and take game 1 of the 97 finals. Even though I was 7 at the time, I expected, just like my father, for the shot to go in. Jordan’s simple fist pump afterwards told it all; “Did you expect anything else?” To this day, there has yet to be anybody, at anytime, come even close to capturing the audience and instilling that type of confidence in their fans as the G.O.A.T.

  • Jamie Brunson

    I get two joints, my 1st is the craziest lay up he ever made. It was 1992 or 93 not sure on the year but the game was against the New Jersey nets when they had the little blue jerseys on. Mike get the ball on the left wing and took off from there and moved the ball from right to left back and fourth around 3 jersey defenders and kissed it off the bottom of the glass crazy. The 2nd moment was against the knicks in 1996, MJ was guarded by Willie Anderson and he hit him with the dream shake and short the sweetest fade away jump short. What makes this move crazy was willie anderson shaking his head like how did he do that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joellozada Joel Lozada

    Michael Jordan after winning his 4th NBA Championship on fathers day. Where MJ grabs and hold the ball at his chest in remberance of his father who died…that part always brings tears to my eyes

  • James (N.Z)

    The day he bought the bobcats to try and continue his legendary status by trying to win a championship without playing

  • Howiej23

    My favorite Michael Jordan moment was when he made what was thought to be his final jumper at Utah. I was 8 at the time, and had just gotten into basketball at the start of that season. MJ was immediately my favorite player, and for the entire 98 season my parents got me all his home videos and recorded his games so I can imitate him. When he made that last jumper, I started crying, because he was leaving the game, and I just started playing. I was so sad I wouldn’t see him play live again (the Washington years were alright). From then on I’ve collected so many videos and highlights to enjoy who he was as a player, simply the best ever. Thank God for Youtube.

  • http://www.servedfreshdaily.net Chris

    I was born in 1991 so many of MJ’s greatest on court performances are blurred in my memory. Rather than having my favorite MJ memory be of watching him play, it came in a very unexpected way.

    I was about 12 years old (2003) and home alone when a plummer came to my house to do some work. My mother had warned me that he’d be coming, so I gladly welcomed him and helped him move some tools into my basement. He was grateful for my cooperation and decided to give me a gift. He told me to go out to the driveway and stand behind his van with my arms out and my eyes crossed. Naturally I was scared by his request and his stranger-like van, so I kept one eye open while he reached into the back of the van. What he pulled out changed my life forever. It was a framed poster of MJ’s 6 NBA Finals MVP awards. The plummer told me that his son didn’t want it, so he gave it to me. He also told me that the autograph on the right hand side of the poster is authentic. I was appreciative of the gift, but didn’t truly respect it until I managed to check out it’s content. SIX NBA FINALS MVP AWARDS!! SIX!! As a snowboarder and soccer enthusiast I was amazed and stunned to hear of this accomplishment. It was at this point in my life where I gained a true love for the game and the game’s greatest player. I had seen MJs final shot many-a-time before, but it was at this point in time that I was determined to imitate it’s every second until my mother called me in for dinner.

    I’ve been told by numerous people that the authograph appears to be authentic and that I should look into finding out the truth to see if I can cash in. However, the memory of this poster and all it means to me is far more than any monetary value can amount to. I learned two things this day, a small act such as helping someone move their tools can go a LONG way, and I learned that basketball is far more than just a game.

  • http://www.slamonline.com ahmed


    when the raps beat the 96 bulls, Jordan STILL made his last shot even though he didn’t release it in time. just saying.

  • http://slamonline.com AllBall

    Enigmatic, that was a great story man. You have my vote.

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    My favorite Michael Jordan moment was in the 1992 NBA Finals against the Portland Trail Blazers. I was just 5 years old. The famous game that Jordan made 6 3 pointers in the first half was the very first time I was introduced to “His Airness” and the game of Basketball. My dad and family were playing cards while I was by myself watching TV in the living room changing channels until perhaps by accident, I found myself watching in amazement this wonderful game and this impressive player who kept making shots after shots that night. I recall running to my dad and asking him who was that amazing player and he reply “that’s Michael Jordan, son. The best player in the NBA”. Ever since that moment I fell in love with the game of Basketball and became huge Michael Jordan fan. That moment, simply changed my life.

  • Tim (NL)

    All Star games are probably the thing I used to look forward to the most. Watching old dunk contests and clips from previous All Star games is something I catch myself doing quite alot. However, these last couple of years the All Star game has been reduced to some corporate circus. In stead of (at least a little) defense and hardwork, players role out red carpets for each other which either resultst in crazy dunks or even crazier turnovers.

    There used to be something that set the NBA’s All Star game apart from the Proball or MLB’s All Star game and that thing was competitiveness. That’s why my favourite moment of Jordan is him hitting that ridiculous turn around jumper over Shawn Marion in the first OT of that 2003 All Star game. There are alot of reasons to like this moment. Think of the difficulty of the shot, the chest bump Allen Iverson gives Jordan after the shot, or the whole arena exploding. What I even like more is that the East didn’t even win that game. Competitiveness stood in the way of the loyalty and respect you’re supposed to give to His Royal Airness.

    That year is the year MJ ended his career and finally laced ‘m up and he took the All Star game with him.

  • Justin

    Enigmatic and I are similar in that we named our sons after him. Like others have said, hard to point out one memory but I’ll go with this one. I live in Vancouver and had never had the chance to see MJ live. It was always my dream to see him play live, as I have about 200 games on tape from mid 80′s on. One day my GM at the restaurant I was working at said he had tickets and was offering them up. Another manager wanted them too and a bidding war ensued. Finally I told him that my rent will go unpaid, you will never outbid me. He saw I was serious and I won. This was Michael’s first game in Vancouver after his first retirement. He didn’t have a great first 3 quarters, only having 10 points so far and was still on the bench with Pippen and Kukoc with 6:00 remaining and down by about 8. All of a sudden the three of them stood up at once and what happened next was amazing. First play was Jordan iso on the side, around Byron Scott and a dunk on Big Country. You could hear the buzz in the crowd as they were thinking…”Uh oh”. For the next 6 minutes we got the entire repertoire with dunks, fadeaways vs. double teams, leaning so far back he looked parallel to the floor, talking trash to the Grizzlies bench and scoring 19 points in that final 6 minutes. I remember my son, who’s 10 years old now asking me why I had named him after a basketball player and why I had a tattoo of the jumpman symbol as well as his name on my arm. I said “Let’s sit down and I’ll show you.” I put the game where Jordan scored 35 in the first half against Portland in the ’92 Finals, put my arm around him and we just watched. When it was over he said “OK, now I get it. And people really think Kobe or Lebron are better?” We just laughed and popped in another game. Great little bonding moment

  • Jose Sanchez

    To choose just one of my favorite memories of Jordan is one of the hardest things ever but my personal favorite has to be Jordan’s final shot as a Bull in 1998 against the Jazz. I’m going with this moment because Jordan rides out a 6-time champ and was I was with my grandfather who also loved the bulls before he passed away just two months later. He loved to root for our Chicago Bulls and had me wanting to be like mike since I was little. We rooted against the Jazz and I still remember how much my grandfather loved the Bulls lol I just love the momories Jordan gave us!!! R.I.P. To my Grandpa Arturo

  • Joe Tozzi

    My great MJ moment had to be the layup against the Lakers in game 2 of the 1991 Finals, where he switched hands in mid-shot in mid-air…it was like almost every other MJ moment in the sense it made you feel slow motion replay was created for the very purpose of just showing his spectacular hightlight plays. One of the best parts of this highlight is the pan over to and younger Phil Jackson just watching in disbelief like they had a conversation earlier at half time to the tune of:
    Phil: Don’t do it!
    MJ: Why not! You don’t think I can?
    Phil: I didn’t say that!
    MJ: Watch me do it!
    And well we all know he did it!

  • Akos Beems

    My favorite MJ moment is him doing the mid-court statue of liberty dunk in space jam. My lord, what an athlete!

  • http://www.jewelzlopez.com -Mas-

    I was in Costa Rica watching the Finals in 1998 Bulls vs. Jazz with my best friend and Varsity PG teammate. There was a small hurricane outside and I knew the lights would go any second. Being a Knicks fan I was crossing my fingers that there would be a game 7 just to make my buddy suffer for one more game. The thunder outside grew stronger and halftime approached.
    We decided to create a back up plan that consisted of hooking the small ass TV we had to a electric generator that didn’t have enough gas to last all night, not even all of the second half. By the middle of the 3rd quarter the lights went out as MJ was making a fadeaway and as quick as the ball went in the image faded away too. We began our attempt to get the generator going but with no luck.
    The clock was ticking and the pressure was unbearable. As we tried one last time to get the power back up for at least a few minutes the generator began to work and the TV went back on. It was a split second but just enough to see MJ foul off Bryon Russell and hit the game winner.
    We didn’t even get a chance to see the celebration because we ran out of gasoline but that was my Jordan moment that I’ll never forget. Mas.

  • http://www.nba.com Gman

    I have too many favorite moments of Jordan. I believe there are players with the same skill set as MJ, but what really puts MJ in his own category, in my opinion, was his passion and will to win. Having said this, while I was in the middle east they replayed the 91′championship game and MJ really showed me what passion for the game was when he was crying holding the trophy. When Michael returned and won his 4th championship on fathers day it really touched me because you realized that this basketball-god was just a man with a passion for everything he loved. He had such an intense will to win despite holding in these feelings for his dad which we saw later when he was hugging the trophy. Really great. As for a memory on the court, I would have to say… every moment since the Barcelona Olympics has been a great moment to watch MJ.

  • Yesse

    Definetly the flu game against Jazz in the 1997 finals. It was just amazing, something that you will probably never see again and something that i doubt any athlete today would do. After you saw him walking to the Bulls bench in the last timeout you could really tell he was sick. It was probably the greatest performance in the history of basketball.

  • Yesse

    The flu game in the 1997 finals against Jazz. Michael Jordan didn’t get alot of sleep and was in the bed the whole day before the game and did not even participate in the shootaround. The game was still one of his best performances ever made, even when he was sick. Just looking at him walking to the Bulls bench tired in the last timeout really showed me how bad he was feeling and yet he still managed to put up 38 points.

  • samo

    Jordan, at age 40, scoring more than 40 points against the Nets back in 2003. The Nets went back to the Finals that year, as they had the previous year. They were one of the best defensive teams in the league but on that night Jordan shredded them. He started off hot and scored in a variety of ways: midrange, long 2s, fadeaway, post up. The ONLY 40 yr old to score 40, probably an achievement that will never be matched. That wasn’t the only 40 point game Wizards Jordan had and those were before the hand checking rules.

  • Jun Ancheta

    I have too many MJ moments so I couldn’t single out a favorite. It started when I saw Come Fly With Me when I was 9 years old. That’s when I fell in love with basketball. I tried to copy MJ’s moves every time I got the chance to play and when I was in fourth grade, I was invited to my school’s delegation to a national basketball camp. He was that good that copying his moves made me better than other kids. And when the Philippines started covering the NBA Finals, I saw MJ come in before games as classy as they get. Sometimes he jokes around before the game, but when the ball goes into the air, his opponents know that they’re in trouble. MJ’s greatness would never be surpassed even if you make a Kobe&Lebron hybrid. He wasn’t the most athletic person to play the game but he was the most determined to be the greatest of all time.

  • http://Hotmail.com Wayne Tuggle

    My favorite MJ moment was in 1989, when he hit the shot over Ehlo at the last second to win the game. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the living room at my aunts house, watching the game with my father and uncle. We all new who would get the ball, so did Cleveland. As soon as MJ caught the inbound pass our eyes got wider and wider. He went up over Ehlo at the foul line and sank the shot at the last second to win the game. We were all yelling and jumping around the living room amazed at what we just witnessed. I think I jumped higher than MJ did after he hit the shot…owe yeah, did I mention I had a broken foot at the time? MJ will forever be the greatest.

  • Peat

    1992 playoffs. When the Knicks weren’t supposed to give the bulls any opposition. That’s when he decided to get mad and play like his life depended on winning the serie. Oh boy was he great to watch when playing angry. just like his usual self. Only better.

    Can’t stop watching AIR TIME because of that.

  • burnt_chicken

    does it count as a memory if it’s a quote? My favourite Jordan moment is an aphorism he offered:
    Phil “there’s no ‘I’ in team”
    MJ: “but there is in WIN”
    microcosm, right there. The man was always figuring himself into the center of the moment, always putting it all on his shoulders. Picking a favourite game moment is impossible with one of the greatest of all time. Picking a moment that sums him up perfectly seems a bit easier, and a bit more fair to all of the awe-inspiring moments he gave to us.

  • N i r v a n a

    1. Winning 72 games and his 4th title in 96 (plus he’s wearing the jordan 11′s, my fav. j’s of all time).
    2. Dunking on Ewing in 91.
    3. Dunking on Mutombo in 97.
    4. Game winners vs UTH (buzzer-beater in 97 & the title clinching shot in 98).
    5. “The Shot” vs. cleveland in 88
    6. “The Flu Game” in 97 finals.
    7. Being “In The Zone” during the 92 finals.
    8. Crying and hugging his 1st NBA title in 91.
    9. 51 pts. at 38 yrs. old.
    10. 40 pts. at the age of 40

  • Kyle

    My favorite memory of MJ was in NBA 2K11 when I dunked on LeBron James 3 times in 1 game.

  • bbubbs

    1. taking the coach to london from bristol (about 100 miles) with first paycheck of first job to buy jordan 5s, last pair too. put them bad boys straight on
    2. baseline dunk on ewing and starks (i’m a knicks fan too)
    3. crazy take off near freethrow line-double pump-thru whole clippers team-come out on the other side of the basket-with the “english” basket, impossible shot for ANY other player

  • http://N/A Nick V

    Specific game memories are easy to come up with, for me the memories lie within his game itself…

    His ability to fly through the air with his body practically horizontal to the floor with the ball in his left hand, weave through the center and power forward with utmost ease, then somehow have the ability to switch hands and lay the ball right in, all while somehow getting hacked, and doing it all in the air.

    The fact that he would take a fade away jumper with 2 guys in his face, and before the ball is even in the basket, he already is trotting back to his half of the court while others wait for outcome….SWISH!

    His ability, combined with his leadership, swag, composure, and mostly respect for the game makes me remember all of my memories or MJ.

    There will never be another Michael Jordan, only those LIKE him.

  • Desert Storm

    1997 NBA finals. Game 5 vs the Jazz. MJ looks like a ghost of a man in the 1st quarter. Then, in the 2nd quarter, after trailing by as much as 16 points. His Airness explodes with 17 points. Lost a little bit of focus during the 3rd quarter, but miraculously lights up in the 4th. Leading the charge for a 10-0 run after trailing again. The man would barely drag himself out of the court, yet managed to score 38 points, along with 5 assists, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks. This performance was basically the icing of the G.O.A.T. argument. IMO

  • hops

    watching old footage of his game against the heat in 1992 playoffs 56pts!!!!! chicago 3-0

  • Daniel Nunez

    My favorite Jordan memory is a tough one as there has bin so many it could be from scoring 63 in the playoffs against the Celtics all the way to when He hit the game winner against the utah jazz in game six after stealing the ball from malone. But with those great performances my favrote of all time was his return to madison square garden and dropped 55 points. It was such a great day to me i was so exited to see Jordan in the Garden after i thought he would never return and many people duetted that he was still the same great and dominant player. I new nothing had changed and when he dropped the 55 points i knew and everyone else knew the greatest was back and ready to win 3 more championships. To me that was my favorite Jordan moment because it was his return to basketball when basketball needed him back.

  • http://Mitchell&Ness/SlamOnline Michael

    My favorite Jordan moment??? Simple. After winning his first ever NBA Championship in 1991 – the Bulls were all celebrating inside the locker room at The Great Western Forum (where the L.A. Lakers used to play at). NBC reporter Bob Costas was conducting interviews with various Bulls players inside of the locker room. During all of the “hoopla” – Bob Costas kept asking one simple question, “Where’s Michael???” Well, Michael was in the corner of the locker room clutching the Larry O’Brien Trophy (the NBA Trophy). With tears in his eyes, and his father’s arm wrapped around him – you knew at that very moment – how much he truly loved the game of basketball. For all of Michael Jordan’s physical attributes – one stands out above the rest: his heart.

  • Roberto

    I am not going to reply and say my favorite time was watching him play on TV because as we all know, watching a player on TV does them no justice when in comparisson to watching them live. I was never able to so Michael play live. I wish I was though. I will admit, although I was a Bulls fan I was much more of an Indiana Pacers fan, but that is to just preface my moment of Michael and still how much he can mean to a rival and just a basketball fan in general. When I was younger my family had the chance to go to Chicago for a conference my father was attending. While there we saw the normal sites…museums, Navy Pier, Nike Town and so on. I refused to leave without going to the United Center and seeing Michael’s statue, suprisingly even a snot nosed little kid can get their parents to say yes to somethings. To me seeing the statue was something that was once in a lifetime, even if you saw it 100x you would never forget the 1st. It is made of the same materials of many other statues, but just knowing you are in the presence of the G.O.A.T. is just so powerful that it has to move you (in a basketball sense). I couldnt stop walking around it and staring and looking for something on the statue I had missed the previous tim walking around it. I was just in awe of not only that, but also what it represented. Standing next to it just broughtback the memories, of the 63 point game against the Celtics, the double nickel against the Knicks, the dunk contests againt ‘Nique, the Olympics, the retirement and championship after, and seeing him on the floor weeping in rememberance of his father after winning the chip. It was all so much to take in. It was a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Alanpg A l a n

    I only saw MJ playing live once. I was 15 years old, and I had been following the NBA for a couple of years from Spain, which at the time wasn’t that easy (no slamonline, no youtube, no dailyzap on nba.com, just some games late at night on TV, and I mean really late at night) (the ‘98 All Star weekend in NY I still remember waking up in the couch after sleeping a couple of hours, and going straight to school because it was monday, but it was worth it, I had the Adidas Kobe sneakers of that year and Kobe went face to face with MJ, amazing to see my 2 favorite players ever going head to head) It was April 1998, and I was on holidays with my parents in NY, and we were to spend 10 days there, but my passion for the NBA (and be extremely annoying, haha) made my father take us to Chicago, and then find some tickets. So there were we, with my crappy English back then, at the United Center on 11th of April, 1998 (I still remember the date,9 days after my birthday) and man, I was sooo excited… the game was versus the Orlando Magic, and the Bulls won 87-78, not a big deal, earning their 60th victory of the season, and making them the best in the East, and 2nd spot league wide. MJ had one of his classic games, controlling the tempo of the game from the beginning, 19 points by the end of the first quarter, and 35 by the end of the game, and 2 assists, not much you may think, but one of them was his career 5.000th assist!! It was announced in the big screens of the United Center and I still feel lucky to see that moment. The Bulls were rolling back then and the game wasn’t that exciting but I can tell you, I will never forget that night in Chicago. MJ really made each and every game he played something unique and special, playing always 100% to make sure everybody could witness his greatness, even if you only got to see him once.
    And if you were wondering, yes, Rodman was expulsed from the game because of a flagrant foul ;)

  • Tiel

    My favorite moment has got to be the moment I read or heared about MJ smacking Steve Kerr for not trying hard enough on practise. That, ladies and gentlemen, is insane. We talkin’ bout practise…
    You see, every great player in NBA history has had the gamewinners, insane games or heroic actions you have alle described earlier. But how many were that demanding, willing to litteraly hit a teammate for not working hard enough.
    We all respect Kobe Bryant because he’s such a hard worker, such a competitor. We all have to agree that’s what’s lacking in LeBron James. But if Kobe’s a hero for all that, what does it make MJ?

    The greatest of all time, that’s what. No one, ever, has come close to the intensity and the attitude Jordan had. Him getting physical on Kerr symbolizes that better than anything, at least for me.

  • Madterps

    Gotta say that the most memorable moment has to be the flu game where he caught some kind of stomach flu from eating bad food. Still remember that in a timeout Michael had to lean on Scottie in order to get back to the bench and you can see he was just out of it on the bench. Then at the end Michael collapsed after playing 44 minutes while he was battling the sickness. That says GOAT to me more than anything else.

  • Swagger much?

    True greatness on the basketball court is when you can make your generations dominant players look second rate. Its what Hakeem did to Robinson after he took MVP… it’s how MJ did Clyde Drexler during the 92 shrug game.

    The media had the audacity to compare Drexler to the GOAT, by pointing out 3point% stats. So what does MJ do he goes on fire from range throws out 6 threes in the half and mimes his way to one of the biggest trash talk gestures ever.

  • Aristotle

    I was 10 and basketball was never in my life until I saw the 1991 NBA Finals between Chicago and Los Angeles. I didn’t know who Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan were. Why? Because being Australian our game here was Rugby League. Watching that series is what changed my life and turned me into an obsessed basketball fan, to the point that this year I paid $1000 for a ticket to the Christmas Day game this year between Miami and Los Angeles (I also won’t go to weddings or birthdays if it’s a big game). Anyways, my favourite memory came the year after in the 92′ NBA Finals. Michael Jordan one year earlier made me fall in love with him, the Bulls, and the game of basketball. Seeing him cry, just made me feel how special this game was. I’d never seen an athlete cry till then. I asked my dad for a basketball and all he would hear me talk about was Michael Jordan and the Bulls and watch me play in the carpark on an imaginary spot as a ring. Now to get you to understand my favourite memory I need to quickly tell you bout my father. He would work his arse off and that included weekends. I never got to see him or enjoy time with him because he always worked to make sure I had everything. He was that old school mentality that he’d need to be dying to stay at home. But he finally did, and that was during the Bulls vs Blazers 92′ NBA Finals. After a year of me talking to him about Jordan and the Bulls and wanting to be like Mike, etc. He took his annual leave for that fortnight of games to watch them with me. So my favourite MJ memory is watching him carve up the Blazers while I finally spent some quality father-son time. My old man signed me up at the local junior league the very next weekend, and since then I still play to this day which I’m now 30, and my dad still comes to watch me play in the amateur competitions. Michael Jordan gave me a father again!

  • el_larsen

    john starks dunking on the bulls.

  • Zander Brown

    I was born in 1994 so i did not see jordan in his prime. However my favorite memory of Jordan was at the 2002 nba all star game and when he missed a dunk. It showed me that he was human which is the most impontant part of him is that he was human even though he had unreal stats and amazing grace on the court and he was the goat of the nba air jordan is still a man.

  • SLAM fan

    Growing up idolizng Mike as an athlete, he inspired me to be a hard working basketball player. Off the court, he also inspired me to push myself to a career (NBA wasn’t exactly knocking on my door). After pursuing a design degree, I spent 5 years working for various footwear companies in hopes of one day working for MJ. 9 months ago, I got a call to come join the footwear design team for Jordan. 4 weeks ago I get to meet Michael behind closed doors at our office and was personally thanked for my contributions on the air jordan 2012 that we pitched to him. Absolutely surreal moment.

  • Neil B.

    I was a big fan of those late 1980′s/1990′s Bulls teams and Jordan growing up. I have a lot of favorite Jordan moments from his game-winner in game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals to beat Utah, to his shot at the buzzer to beat the Cavs in the late-1980′s, to his great games and battles against the Knicks, to his shoulder shrug move against the Blazers in the 1992 NBA Finals and even the shot of him lying on the floor overcome with emotion thinking about his Father after winning the 1996 NBA Finals. However, my all-time favorite Jordan moment was one that I saw live in person, though it might not be one of his. My Dad and I used to go to watch the Bulls when they used to come to Philly (which is where I am from) to play the Sixers. We used to get a 5-game home Sixers game plan that they used to call the “Super Star Pack” which was a 5-game plan to see the Sixers play against some of the better teams/players in the NBA at the time (the Sixers were not a very good team during those years). We got that ticket plan so that I could see the Bulls and Jordan live in person once a year and we saw Jordan and the Bulls play the Sixers in the old Spectrum and what’s now known as the Wells Fargo Center (it was the CoreStates Center back then). During the 1996 season I attended a Bulls/Sixers game at the (then) CoreStates Center with my dad and this was during Allen Iverson’s rookie-year (I guess the reader knows where I am going with this at this point). My dad and I were there to watch Allen Iverson cross over Jordan and hit the jumper. The place went nuts! I consider this to by my favorite and most memorable Jordan moment (though I’m sure that it’s one that he’d like to forget) as it’s a moment that people still talk about a good amount and I can always say that I was there to watch it live in person.

  • Sakuragi

    Favorite MJ moment??? Have to be 1992 Olympic Games

    1.) Gold Medal, 8-0 record
    2.) AJ VII (Olympic edition), #9
    3.) Dream Team – playing along with Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing,Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, Scottie Pippen , David Robinson, John Stockton & Christian Laettner

    Nothing better than seeing those Superstars played.


    My favourite MJ moment hasn’t happened yet. It probably wont happen for another 20 years. It’ll be the day one of my kidds trys to tell me the star of the league at the time is the best player they’ve ever seen. I’ll be able to dust off the dvd of game 6 of the 1998 Finals, sit them down, blow their minds and say ‘yeah? well he’s got nothing on this guy.’

  • Jake Munckton

    During his 63-point game in 1986 playoffs. Just one of many special buckets in that game. To start it off, he dribbled between his legs then flew by Larry Bird, went as fast as a bullet past Dennis Johnson, took off over Kevin Mchale and double-pumped a layup with Robert Parish flailing away and epically failing to block him. One vs four is a mismatch in favour of Jordan.

  • Pyongkang Her

    I couldn’t actually say I have my one true Michael Jordan Memory because come on I’m only like 13 and school gets in my way. I have one older brother whose 20 and he’s like a NBA freak fan and when he hears Michael Jordan well he goes all ‘koo koo’. The first time I saw Michael Jordan play I couldn’t actually believe myself the swiftness of his body, the perfect accuracy of his swishes and his will to win.
    For all those MJ fans you guys will know this that when MJ won his first NBA Championship in 1991 he wept while clutching his hands on the NBA title as his dad comforted him. But In 1996 Finals the Bulls won on Fathers Day and I could see him weeping again his thoughts about his dad still living within him.
    “…I can’t even put it in words…I know he’s watching…This is for daddy…”
    That part about MJ probably was my Best Memory (Memories) and when I was watching it on You Tube as soon as he cried I just fazed out and felt like crying, my spine electrified with sadness and sorrow but also happiness as I realized his duty and goal he had overcome and I believe that MJs father will be proud of him.
    Thank you guys for the opportunity and hope everything goes algudy.

  • http://Boom Aaron Laucke

    The last shot that Jordan had in a Bulls uniform. 1998 NBA finals game 6 against the Utah Jazz. Down by 3 Jordan comes down the lane and gets a layup. Next posession down Karl Malone gets it down on the post and MJ gambles and comes from the blind side to swipe at the ball and manages a steal with 16 seconds left on the clock with Bulls down one. Michael against Russel with 12 seconds left, MJ drives down the middle of the lane and crosses over. Russel falls down only able to watch as Jordan raises up with his jumpshot. Utah fans have seen it enough to know that their hopes of a championship are about to be teared from them. The shot is money. The last shot of his true career. The last game. He is no longer a man but a symbol. The end of the greatest.

  • idrees

    I have 2 favorite MJ Moments. I was born in ’98, but my favorite memory was on youtube. at only 10 years old, i only heard of how good he was, being the best. i watched a youtube video of michael dunk on Patrick Ewing. i was like “oh, damn. sorry patrick, next time you should move aside”. My 2nd one was when I first got NBA 2K11 for PS3 and dunked and used Jordan to dunk on Ewing myself.

  • Dan

    Being Born in 1997, I hadn’t seen any MJ. I lived in a country that wasn’t very involved in the NBA. Although, my first Basketball memory, and favorite MJ memory was seeing him in the press conference, announcing his comeback. Being only 4 or so, All I basically understood was that he was working to benefit others rather than himself. That was what made me like basketball and the NBA. That is why I follow basketball news, whether it’s the NBA, NCAA, or simply who won my middle school’s game. That is why I subscribed to Slam. If it wasn’t for Jordan, I wouldn’t be saying this right now.

  • http://http//twitter.com/iamdayeezy Dayvon Ellis

    My favorite G.O.A.T. moment was in the 1991 NBA finals when Jordan Drove down the middle of the lane..went up to dunk the the right hand and then change his mind in mid-air to switch it to his left hand to finish the lay up! Unbelievable move!

  • Raymond

    of course everyone will talk about Jordan the 6 Time champ plus all his accolades. I loved everything about the man, enough to buy multiple colors of the same shoe.But my favorite moment of Michael is last year during the bobcats first visit to the playoffs. just the clips of him on the sideline, showing his eagerness for the winning mentality, the face and reaction of a champion who has to watch from the bench. Michael Jordan still inspires me to this day, off the court because of his ever lasting desire to win and nothing else. i actually painted a picture of the famous dunk contest dunk that everyone knows. i painted it on PAINT on the computer. I came on here to send it to the editor. If i dont win this drawing i’d still love to share that pic i painted. SO CONTACT ME! lol.

  • jP

    In high-school, met him on the golf course. Totally star-struck. He asked me, “So, what’d you shoot?” Mind blank. Just handed him my score card. He signed it and drove off in his cart.

  • Liam

    As a kid in Australia, I never had the honour of being able to see MJ play in the flesh. So we had to settle for watching on late-night TV. Remember that this was the days before youtube and when even MJ didnt get on the news in australia all that often.
    The only time full Bulls games would get on TV would be during the Finals. When they were on, my Dad, brother and I would sit glued to our little TV at some ungodly hour of the morning, just to see Jordan.
    Not only does the great play of MJ make those late nights/early mornings great memories, but the time I got to spend as a little kid with my Dad and my big bro, the two people I look up to most in this world, make them precious memories that I’ll cherish forever.

  • Oh Nose

    A baby of ’89, although I didn’t know all the technical aspects of basketball, thanks to my dad, the city of Chicago and of course MJ and the Bulls, my love for the sport has been growing since.

    The fondest memory of the Jordan Era was when Jordan hit his last shot in a Bulls uniform in Utah, as well as the celebration in Grant Park that soon followed.

  • twahc

    jordan reminded me he is still human when he made an airball during a game.

  • amrit

    “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying”
    -Michael Jordan
    From head to toe in pain, still the desire to win running down every vain.

    Game 5 of the 1997 NBA finals, Michael jordan would not let the flu defeat his passion and love for the game. He overcame the flu and scored 38 points to give chicago a crucial 3-2 lead.

    The flu game would have to be my faviorite michael jordan memory

  • http://mrwerkz@yahoo.com jermaine

    1998 warning ot the rest of the nba to get their leads now because when pippen comes back from injury we gonna damn near run the table

  • Luke

    All time favorite Jordan moment has to be the lay up on the Nets back in ’91. Jordan gets the ball on the wing on the left dribbles towards the basket. Time stops. There is no other explanation for it. Jordan just seems to float. He just glides effortlessly past Derrick Coleman, Chris Dudley, and Chris Morris. He goes inside then outside then around back and then lays up. Watch it on Youtube. You can’t watch that play and not have your jaw drop to the floor. Truly a remarkable moment by the greatest player of all time.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Adam Figman

    Thanks to everyone who participated and left a comment. We’re closing the comments now, and we’ll have a winner early next week. Might be you!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Adam Figman

    Unlocking the comments for a second to give a big congrats to Enigmatic, who won the jersey with his touching MJ story above. Congrats! And a big thanks to Mitchell & Ness for helping us run this contest.