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Mayor KJ: Kings ‘Likely’ Moving to Anaheim

Kevin Johnson strongly believes that Sacramento is about to lose its NBA team to Anaheim. From NBA.com: “Sacramento moved perilously closer Thursday to losing the Kings as Mayor Kevin Johnson, the most prominent figure working to keep the civic institution in town, conceded that it is ‘more likely they’re going to be in Anaheim.’ Johnson, the former All-Star point guard, used the word ‘extremely’ when asked about the likelihood of the Kings becoming the third NBA team in Southern California, before stopping in mid-sentence in an apparent attempt to interject any measure of hope. But he also noted of his hometown: ‘I don’t think Sacramento can influence the outcome of their decision.’ He meant owners Joe and Gavin Maloof, and he’s right. That the Kings zeroed in on Anaheim and considered Sacramento a Plan B has been apparent for some time, as the inability to secure a deal to replace the aging Sacramento arena dragged on. For all the reasons that is the wrong time for relocation, the message remains as it has been for weeks: the Maloofs only stay if they can’t get an arrangement they like to share the Honda Center with the NHL Ducks, and even that might be a temporary reprieve. Without any movement toward a new building, the Kings would almost certainly leave in a year, after the lockout and when they would have had another season to improve on the court and become more attractive to a new fan base. That it took the mayor of Sacramento three weeks to get a meeting with the Maloof brothers is the latest in loud statements that the Kings are simply waiting for the right deal in Orange County before making a decision.”

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  • Eric

    Are the owners really going to allow this? Why does SoCal REALLY need three teams?

  • Groves

    now the clippers need to move… to vegas, or seattle, or kansas city/St Louis

  • rubs93

    it not right that socal has 3 teams and Seattle has no supersonics

  • O.R Paperstacks

    We dont want em in Socal.. Fine with the Lakers/Clippers

  • roman

    We dont want em in Socal- Fine with Lakers- we dont want the Clippers either-

  • pioms

    Orange County and the inland Empire are large enough to support a team. THE OC market on it’ own is at least 3 times larger than the Sacramento market.

    I don’t know many people that can make it from South OC to Downtown LA at 7:30pm for a Clippers or Lakers game. Do you?

    The Ducks and Angels are well embraced. If you can get 40k people in to Angel Stadium 81 times a year, you can get 15k people in the Honda Center to watch basketball 41 times a year.

    It will work. I’m all for it.

    NY/NJ metro area has 3 hockey teams! The 10 million plus in So Cal can do 3 NBA teams. We’re rabid NBA fans!

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    it 100% happening. the reason they extended the deadline is because if they announced this on march 1, there are still games left in sacto and it would get ugly. deadline is now the day after the season and thats when they announce it…………………..as an L.A. resident, I want to know what station they’ll be on. Clips and Lakers have the 2 fox channels down here, and lakers dont have their new station til 2012-2013, which would be the second kings season in L.A.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    I hope they don’t move. The confrience is a mess right now anyway. Sacramento should be in the North West division, not the Thunder.

  • TL

    I grew up in Anaheim and I don’t want them coming here. I’m a Laker fan so there’s a conflict of interest.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    See TL’s comment above as exhibit A of why Anaheim fans do not deserve a franchise. Sacramento fans would have filled a good arena with a good team.

    Hey David Stern, thanks for letting that degenerate gambler referee the Kings’ Conference Finals against the Lakers! If it had been fair Sacramento might have felt like its worth it to have a culture of winning rather than a culture of celebrity.