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The Spurs’ Latest Injured Star: Manu Ginobili

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

The hallmark of the San Antonio Spurs’ magical season has been the team’s remarkable health. For such an old squad, they had managed to avoid major injuries for the most part … that is, until the stretch run.

Tim Duncan recently went down with a serious ankle sprain, and now a knee injury could have Manu Ginobili on the sidelines, too.

Ginobili injured his knee in the second quarter against the Memphis Grizzlies yesterday — the team is calling it a quadriceps contusion — and watched the Spurs lose their straight game for the first time this year.

The Express-News reports:

Ginobili suffered the injury with a little more than two minutes left in the second quarter, when Grizzlies center Marc Gasol caught him with a knee. Ginobili immediately came out of the game. He returned briefly in the second half, even scoring his first basket of the game, before calling it a night.

“At first, when I came to the bench, I thought I was going to be OK,” Ginobili said. “Then it stiffened up. I can’t put my full weight on it.” The injury, centered just above Ginobili’s left knee, is not considered serious, but it is considered painful. It is not immediately clear how long Ginobili might be unavailable to the Spurs, who are already playing without captain Tim Duncan.

Manu Ginobili hopes to play tonight against Portland, but it wouldn’t be a suprise if the team held him out just to be safe.

To make matters worse for the Spurs, the Lakers have roared back since the All-Star break (going 15-1 since then) and are now just 4 games back — with 9 games remaining, and a matchup in LA looming next month — breathing down their necks for the top spot in the Western Conference.

Things could get very interesting in the West before the Playoffs begin.

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  • Gatsby

    I really hope they get it together. Old, boring, say what you want, but the Spurs are good basketball. When healthy, they are so fun to watch. If they can get back to where they were early in the season, it will be a very interesting playoffs.

  • thyr rodrigues

    ai caramba!

  • T-Money

    things fall apart.

  • Jer dawg

    Lakers will probably clinch #1 once their showdown April 12 comes along. Get outta here SA

  • dsleepy

    good to hear it’s not too serious but man…mb they should keep tony parker out of the lineup until the playoffs just to be sure. their stars seem to be cursed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Oh, when it all, it all falls down…
    Injuries suck.

  • jav

    As a basketball fan, even if you hate a team, you never wish injuries on anybody.
    I would’ve loved for the Lakers to face a full SA squad!!!

  • rich

    old people dont get better they just retire so im not hoping for much, lets hope tony can carry them till the wcf

  • http://thahiphopcorner.com Kevin

    Ugh when it rains it pours

  • Ali

    @ jav, The Spurs and Lakers have battled many times over the years with full squads, what’s your point. S.A. fans are just getting a lil’ nervous cause the Lakers are creeping up on that #1 seed in the West, Hahaha… Personally I don’t think it’ll happen. The NBA season is not a sprint to the finish, it’s a marathon, S.A. came out the gate like Carl Lewis …then on that final Lap here comes Michael Johnson (The Lakers) down the stretch, Hahaha….

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    great, now spurs fans/laker haters have excuses. sigh. like Ali above me said. Lakers have too battled injuries. Bynum missed about 30 games this year, missed a ton last year and was playing the finals on 1 leg. pau has missed time. kobe cant be human with all the injuries he’s sustained and played through. suck it up spurs fans. this is what happens when your best players are 34

  • Mike From Spain

    Makes you think about mortality, when you hear 34 year olds are old folks. I am 33, and it’s kind of…depressing to hear that 34 year olds are ancient. the thing is , i feel just as strong or stronger than when 25, but if I get injured I know it’ll last for longer…

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com/ airs

    psh, guys its like a deep thigh bruise. its not even really his knee. he’ll be fine come playoff time. im sure they can hold on to first place with 9 games to go, 4 games ahead.

  • Cheech

    LOL @ considered painful.

  • Showtime Era

    Spurs are the biggest overrated team this season. Yes you read that correctly! Just because they stayed hot basically for the first 3 months of the season and because their new offensive system is working for them. But here is the Spurs weaknesses and will catch up with them in the Playoffs. First off they have turned into a team that depends and needs for their shooters like Matt Bonner, Gary Neal, George Hill to knockdown a bunch of 3 each game. Living & dying by the 3 point shot in the playoffs is bad news. Just see how that has turned out for the Suns the past 5 years. Spurs aren’t a great defensive minded team like they were when they won their championships before. Age is catching up with this team. Just look at Tim Duncan whose stats this season in scoring & rebounding are all down and will be career lows this year. Ginobili this year has not been as clutch as he’s been before in his career. Mcdyess is so old that he’s beyond being any help for them this year in the playoffs. As a Laker fan Spurs are less of a threat to the Lakers than the Thunder are. I expect the Thunder & Lakers to meet in the WCF this year.

  • http://aol keith

    Cheech you have lost your marbles. Out of the gate fast then slowed up, what the spurs lose 3 in a row and you say they are washed up. How many games did the Lakers lose when they took the slide this year? It happens to all teams, whats the spurs winning percerntage against the league? Pretty awesome I say, they are on pace to have their best record ever…Stats are stats my friend

  • blakos

    @Mike from SPain. Do you feel as quick and as explosive? Humans are supposed to reach peak in strength in their early 30′s.

    However, often with B-Ballers they have played so many games and logged so many minutes that their bodies are deteriotating once they hit 30-31.

  • jamXI

    did anybody even see that play he totally flopped it.I personally hate him and that whole team because they are so old and boring, when they are on tv i never watch.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    ^ wtf?


    i agree with jamxi the spurs are hella boring old farts and ginobli is the biggest flopper in the league that is why i hate the spurs and the ginobli i also hate dirk nowitzki and jason kid and jason terry i hate texas so much i hate you too

  • Mike From Spain

    @blakos -> I have never been terribly quick and explosive, but I see your point. I am training more than ever, it is only natural that I feel quicker… but I notice that I have to plan my training / ball games more carefully if i don’t want to risk injury. I feel like I am both stronger and more fragile… awww old age