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D’Antoni on Rondo: “I’d Like to See Him Play on Minnesota”

Rajon Rondo has been tearing up the Knicks the past week, but Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni thinks his Hall of Fame teammates are the real reason for the success. Via Alan Hahn:


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  • manny

    come on mike! quit yer griping. jus humbly lose game 4, get fired and go home! knicks cant get to the next level with you as their coach obviously.

  • Fat Lever

    Well he is a PG, so it is a possibility.

  • http://firespo.com KING

    I hate no d antoni but he ain’t lying

  • 2KInsider

    I’m sure the New York defense letting Ray and Paul go 14-19 from 3pt had a little bit to do with those 20 assists.

  • http://minnesotatimberwolves.tumblr.com donnycersado

    With Rondo in Minny, the Wolves could contend. Rondo dishing to Love and Beasley, instead of Rondo. They would still be in trouble at the 5, but just imagine if Rondo had been an original part of that KG trade, HE WOULD BE IN MINNESOTA. He probably wouldn’t be the star he is though. Those gaudy 15-25 assists in a game, just wouldn’t happen in Minnesota.

  • flipnoyce

    And thats why Rondo is Rondo because of his hall of fame company. Amare would have never been STAT if it wasn’t for Nash and Matrix. Rondo could definitely hold his own even if he couldn’t score and he becomes more of a menace when he does score…. Don’t hate cause he didn’t land in Phoenix.

  • Eric Ruggles

    Except he’s not in Minnesota, so shut up D’antoni. Just an assumption, but you’d probably say you wouldn’t want him on your team, right? You’d come in your pants that very moment if you heard he was joining the Knicks….
    Keep trying to grab that trophy on pure offense. It didn’t work in Phoenix, and it’s not gonna work in New York….
    On that note, remember game 2? Of course ya do. I mean Rondo didn’t get 10 fast break points in a row or anything….
    Superstar label doesn’t mean anything if you can’t play defense. Neither M7, or STAT are that great of defenders. Sorry, but it’s true….
    I wouldn’t go as far as to say Rondo’s a superstar, but he’s a VERY tough PG, a very good defender. What seperates him from all other PG’s in the league is he commands a team full of veterans. Definitely an All-Star

  • http://www.twitter.com/jtrain73 Jono

    IF??? Are you kidding me D’Antoni? If the Nuggets had Melo, Chauncey and IF LeBron chose to come to the mile high, we’d be winning left right and center. IF is the stupidest word we can use in sport because it clearly didn’t happen. That why D’Antoni is getting fired, idiotic thoughts like that are in his peanut brain of his. Why not concentrate of coming up with better defense schemes then wondering what IF Rondo wasn’t playing. How about this D’Antoni, what if the Celtics all got injured at halftime in game 4. If bet you’ve wasted time thinking about that…

  • Eric Ruggles

    What he said

  • http://ZOGS.COM ZOGS


  • Keith Bogans

    he should worry about stopping rondo on the celtics, instead of wondering what he’ll be like in Minnesota. I wouldn’t be surprise if he’s the timberwolves coach next season.

  • LeBron de Con

    Yea, Kevin Love lite up the Knicks for 30/30.

  • rich

    imagine if u coached 2 of the top 15 players in the game… oh wait u still suck . i wonder how good the knicks would be if u were somewhere else. after todays game i think we will find out

  • dahon

    rondo will play for the knicks if isiah comes back

  • EC

    @flip, Amare is STAT with or without Nash and Matrix… check his game pre and post Nash allstar numbers and a early MVP pick this year

  • Dana

    Post game 4……..Damn, I never thought I would say a first round sweep could be a successful season.

  • http://www.bet.com zoom

    I’d take Rondo over Chauncey on the Knicks 10 times out of ten, even though I hate the Celtics. I wonder what the Knicks would be like with a REAL coach. Sure the injuries hurt them, but D’Antoni is a sh*tty coach who cares about the one side of the game that doesn’t win you championships. D’Antoni shouldn’t be anything more than an assistant in the League. Hopefully his a** gets fired tomorrow!

  • andrew


  • Clydesays

    I hope Choppers has the class to praise Rondo after getting swept out of the 1st round.

  • mgballer

    id like to see you coach in minnesota.. that statement is the most irrelevant nonsense ive ever heard

  • mike

    Well Mike, if you are ever in the Minneapolis area when the Timberwolves are hosting the Celtics, come to the arena and catch a game.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    He ain’t lying. Rondo’s good, but looks great. That’s just the reality of it.

  • Heals

    Just weak, thought MikeD was smoother than that…

  • TheBarberShop

    D’Antoni is confirmed for being mad.

  • ernied

    With Kevin Love getting as many easy inside hoops as he does already? I could see Rondo dishing it inside to him for every play. He might even get more assists because of all the high % shots Love takes.

    He’s an idiot, and his team sucks. Celtics sweep.

  • Tony

    Im not a knick fan, but Mike is a better coach than half of the other team’s coaches, so don’t hate on him so much

  • Riggs

    if rondo was in new york you losers wouldve won. stfu d’antoni and get fired.

  • illadelph

    More Like:

    “Damn, I Wish I Have Rondo. Im Just Jealous.”

  • Riggs

    @tealish: how in the hell is that a reality? rondo on the bench before the big three still had flashes of being a great pg and thats playing only 9 and 10 minutes. You haters keep reaching i swear you sound almost as dumb as d’antoni does.

  • Riggs

    Put toney douglas on the C’s and see how quickly he gets sent to the bench.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jtrain73 Jono

    Fire him. Make it happen Walsh!

  • Josh

    He is 100% right. Rondo does not have a consistent jumper which would kill him on many other teams. He is fine in Boston because it allows him to pick his passing lanes with more room than any other PG in the league, and he is passing to HoF’ers. On Minny he is passing to a debatable all-star and Beasley.. teams would back off him completely and his passing would no longer be as deadly.

  • slamfan4life

    Rondo is good for the C’s and prolly would be on any other team…that has more than 2 stars

  • vtrobot

    Those HOFers help Rondo to get soooo many of those steals and rebounds too. You dumb, classless chump. They actually do make him better AND he makes them better. It’s called teamwork, Mike. You should try to incorporate it if some team is sorry enough to hire you again. Have a great summer, “Coach.”

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq

    First off, nobody was calling Ray Allen and Paul Pierce “future hall-of-famers” in 2006 and 2007. Although they have always been great players, they were never elite, top 5 or even top 10 players. I don’t believe either one of those guys has ever started an all-star starter, EVER. Point being, as great as those guys are, a huge part of their respective legacies as players and future HOFers comes from the deep playoff runs, Finals appearances and titles they’ve accomplished as a team. So I kinda wonder how those legacies would look like if they had Jonny Flynn running the show in Boston.

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq

    And again, I’m knocking Ray or Paul, I’m just saying that Rondo helped them get to the next level and solidified their HOF status. KG was always gonna make the Hall, but if, say, Paul Pierce was still on a putrid Celtics squad that, if I remember correctly, broke the record for consecutive losses in 2007, would he be a HOF lock? It’s not that easy to make the Hall of Fame. Just ask Reggie Miller. Both of those dudes deserve props, but they also better be thanking Rondo during those acceptance speeches.

  • r2j

    1 of the funniest quotes in the playoffs besides Indiana’s coach saying that D.Rose has the DNA of Billups, Iverson and MJ. Take it like a man, Knicks had a great season, you got Amare and Melo and they still have some cap room to get better. Play some freakin’ defense and a add a little poise then NY could be a contender in the East.

  • smoove

    angry hater, hes just mad that hes prolly gunna be jobless soon, go Celts!!, now bring on the small three from miami

  • http://360special.blogspot.com dev0


  • thetruth

    … then Minnesota would probably have swept your busted ass Knicks squad instead.

  • Ray

    Rondo is all NBA defense, top 2 steals, top 2 assist, broke Celtic and NBA records. Btw, Allen and Pierce have set personal records for shooting percentage since playing with Rondo. On another team his points would increase even if the wins decrease. Hey D’antoni, Rondo would make your system work except for that useless defense he plays.

  • irondan21

    You just mad your team didn’t draft him. Oh, and he’s the reason your going to be out of a job soon

  • Geek

    Instead of wondering how Rondo would be on another team, he should have tried figuring out a way to stop Rondo & the Celtics..

  • Geek

    oh yeah —> GO CELTICS!!!

  • kunal

    The truth hurts, but it’s true. Rondo looks good only because of his team.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    @Riggs — that POV is hating? Okay, then. So your point is that playing with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett does NOT make Rondo statistically better?
    Let me reiterate, before you are quick to pull out the hater card again: I think Rondo is a good point guard, with or without the Big 3. But like any player, he and his numbers are made better by having those guys on the floor with him.
    You are free to disagree, but try to relax.

  • underdog

    I’d like to see D’Antoni coaching Minny. Good coach, though. (sweeeep)

  • Will Lee

    let’s see how well you do without Steve Nash

  • Dru Ha

    Didn’t D’Antoni draft Rondo. Then he dealt him to Ainge 10 minutes later. How does that tall glass of bitter taste, Mike? What a failure. He also passed on Pierce with Denver because he didn’t think Pierce would compete after a poor workout. D’Antoni is a terrible coach.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    And I’ll like to see my boy cp3 play on de Celtics.

  • DeeDre

    I’d like to see how any point guard plays in Minnesota. What kinda sore loserish comment is that?

  • celts4ever

    bad loser.

  • Clydesays

    Anyone remember the Nets before Kidd showed up? A talented but underachievers. Then Kidd (still with a shakey jumper) turns them around overnight by making plays, playing d and rebounding. RJ & KMart looked like All Stars then, but haven’t been the same players since. Think Kidd might have had something to do with that?
    To a lesser extent, Nash had the same effect on Matrix, Amare, JJohnson, GHill, etc.
    D’Antoni, of all people should know the value of a good playmaker.

  • RunNGun

    If Rondo played for Minny, they’d be among playoff contenders. D`Antoni needs to shut up and coach. Preach that offense to score more points than their opponents and forget defense… just play zone like the Syracuse Orange. LOL

  • riggs

    @tealish: it isnt black and white like YOU make it, he isnt good with them and then horrid without them as you make it. without rondo they would have never gotten to the finals last year. Now let’s see you try to argue against that fact.

  • paul

    I’m sure Minnesota would love to make that deal, and become contenders overnight.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Rondo actually played with Pierce before Garnett came. And they stunk.
    Garnett made everybody better, just like he did in Minnesota. People don’t really appreciate how much of an impact player dude has been his entire career. There is a reason why many people argued that he was a better player than Tim Duncan for years.

  • Chuck

    Mike can criticize him from ESPN next year. This guy is the most overrated coach in history. A pick-up Y team could score 100 on the Knicks. Their players needed a GPS to locate Allen and Pierce. He is a fraud.

    If he had Rajon on his team they would have won the series.


    Basketball is a team sport, which explains why Kevin Garnett didn’t get out of the first round with the Wolves but one time, and that was when he finally had a real point guard in Sam Cassell and a top wing player in Latrell Sprewell.

  • T-Money

    I get what Mike is saying but it’s not because it’s true that you should be the one saying it – especially when that pg is killing you. Rondo could not do what Rose is doing for Chicago or CP3 is doing for NOH. That’s what D’Antoni meant. He’s a very good player with a very specific skill set that is magnified by Boston’s roster.

  • dbestbball

    D’Antoni is a poor coach! He’s overrated and the Knicks are dumb for picking him up. They have been dumb and stupid for many years. Rondo is a great point guard. Knicks have no defense. Boston played pick and roll (basic basketball) and they don’t switch on defense. Anthony Carter keeps a mile distance on defense..WTF! where’s the coaching?

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  • riggs

    @allen: rondo wasnt even getting 1/3rd of the playing time back then that he is now.

  • Manu

    @IAMORANGE4EVER sprewell elite wing? lmao far from it….rondos overrated guy cant shoot from 5 feet away put nash on boston they win 10 titles n im a HUGE celts fan…guys playin wit two top 20 all time in KG n Shaq….playin wit two of the most clutch guys in history in pierce n allen…6 time all star JO…cmon

  • giogolo

    great read, awesome comments. like a shot of NOS.


    @Manu: Perhaps my definition of top and your definition of elite don’t align. Hmmm.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He played 24 minutes as rookie.
    The next year they got Garnett and Allen and he played about 30. And put up 10 and 5. He went from shooting 42 percent from the field to shooting 49 percent.
    Garnett makes that team great. Allen and Pierce make Rondo look better. Rondo is still driving the car, and without him playing at a high level the car has a lot of problems getting where it needs to go.
    Mike D is a hater. And he’s right that Rondo might struggle more with lesser players. But Mike D has had great player much of his career. He needs to shut up because his rep is built on the fact that he had one of the best starting fives in the league run his offense, and he had a point guard perfectly suited to that system. That’s it.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    I love how truth harshly rubs some fans the wrong way. Co-sign tealish and AllenP, I’ve made that arguement before concerning Rondo. Let me pass the ball to Ray Allen off a KG screen 10 times, and you pass the ball to Beasley off a Love screen 10 times, and we’ll see whose deemed the better PG. Most things are very much so in black and white.

  • celtic #1

    YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING DANTONI?? he s getting fired and rondo just helped bury him and his team by getting the big BROOM !!! lmao the truth is that all the Cs play as a team and thats what makes them ALL look good ,, HEY DANTONI ,, ITS NOT JUST A ONE PLAYER TEAM DUDE !!! THATS WHY YOUR HOME NOW !!! AND RONDO IS STILL PLAYING !!! 20 ASSIST IS NOT AN ACCIDENT PAL !!!! I SEE WHY HES GETTING FIRED !!!LOL

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    @Riggs ……………..
    Please point to where I said Rondo is “horrid without the Big 3″
    I seriously reiterated the opposite of that, at least 3 times, just so we wouldn’t have this confusion…

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Let’s not go the way of strawmen. It’s never productive.

  • celtic #1

    the fact is thats how all point guards make assist by dishing to the open man or the hot shooter ??? whats your point ?? you guys are really laughable just cuz its rondo that does it makes it some how differant ?? wow there sure is lots of haters out there that dont really make logical comments about the game of basketball ,, i guess the celts won the last 2 games AT NY on the road cuz of the REFS ??? lol wow all i can do is lmao !!!

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    And Co-sign T-Money. D’Antoni shouldn’t have said this, despite the fact that it’s true. And he’s silly for doing so.

  • robb

    I’d like to see Rondo against a good defensive team.

  • Bill

    I finally agree with something D’Antoni says if it wasn’t for the pressure the Celtics big 3 put on you offensively and defensively he would be an average guard. He can’t shoot and depends a lot on Garnett’s defense if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t even be having this discussion but D’Antoni needs to learn how to coach and hopefully for the Knicks it won’t be in New York because he has shown he doesn’t know how to use his players and how to communicate with them the last 3 years are evidence of that. It showed with Marbury who was trouble but he told him it was a clean slate when he took over then taught him how to sit on the bench all the time saying there was nothing wrong just like Isiah a complete liar.

  • steven

    boston suck no one on that team is great rondo really sucks cant score cant defend cant make simple plays cant dribble the ball minn would turn him down rubio is more talent and he aint even here yet

  • steven

    Yes refs do what nba wants thats why teams like boston and la went to finals neither team is great

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq


    I agree with you that KG is basically the foundation of this team. He (and Thibs) made them an elite defensive team (which really undermines the argument of whoever said Nash would be better suited for Boston).
    All I’m saying is that Rondo has undeniably developed into an elite PG, and that without him there’s no way they win a title or make it to the Finals. The notion that Rondo’s ability is entirely dependent on the quality of his teammates, that he’s basically a mirage which would be exposed with lesser teammates, is ludicrous.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Perhaps it’s just a sign of the times; Truth=Hate these days. “Rihanna can’t sing to save her life.. But in me stating so, I am a hater that does not wish to see Rihanna succeed in life.” Yikes.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    @ Tariq; not necessarily.. Rondo is an exceptional defender and facilitator of the Boston offense. However, to not think that Rondo is able to get in the lane and do what he does becasue his teamates aren’t more than viable threats is ridiculous as well. D’Antoni damn sure isn’t the right guy to say it… But he’s right nonetheless.

  • Liam

    Rondo is good and done his job, getting the ball to the open man. The Knicks are coming but probably without Billups. Chauncey is at the end of a brilliant career. It was the Celtics who drafted him first.

  • O’G

    …Of coarse no point guards stats will stay the same if you give them inadequate players….This goes with out saying…. Cris Paul would not be great if you give him inadequate players…DUH… the argument is mute…the C’s have had several point guards that have played with this line up and NONE have shined like Rondo…so except that he IS that good….GO CELTICS

  • J. R. Shaw

    Predictable griping from the loser of a playoff series.

  • Terrence

    Seems to me D’Antoni is still trying to figure out why he got rid of Raymond Felton because for real Rondo abused toney Douglas. Oh, by the way, Rondo is one of the top 5 point guards in the league. And he’s better than any of the point guards on the Knicks roster, Chauncey Billips included.

  • dr.sekret

    Most have u just talk without really saying the truth just like d’antoni…michael jordan who’s arguably the greates player had to get help from pippen and rodman…kobe bryant whined and cried when he didn’t have help…lebron couldn’t do it alone, nash can’t defend so y would boston win ten in a row with him?? Basketball is a team sport I make u better inturn that’ll make me much better duuuhhh??

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Wait… So CP3 has more adequate players than Rondo? Cause he just slapped the Lakers last night with a triple double. Think… then type.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    You know what, you guys are right. I just remembered Rondo’s great team facilitation and PG skills in the FIBA tournament awhile back when he had different teammates, which proves how good he is without the C’s system or players. Ok I’m done.

  • M Swartz

    Rondo just ran rings around the the Knicks, taking it to the basket at will and that’s the best D’Antoni can come up with. Get real.

  • jackebl

    I’m Chevy Chase and You’re not! We have Rondo and You Don’t!

  • Fab-5 Elite

    Haha, No lie, I told that exact same thing to my boyz like a yr ago when they was comparing him to D-Rose… If you think about it, he wont do as good with the Wolves cause he’s a distributor and not a scorer, and his stats will go down dramatically cause he wont have no-1 to pass the ball to anymore, well he does but they not as clutch as KG, Pierce or Ray Allen. If u a true baller, you know this is so true… He will have to elevate his game by alot!

  • jesse

    Rondo couldn’t make the USA team ill get 20 and he has no chocie but to pass the ball

  • HallEC

    Look at how many of you fools that are entertaining that dumb question/comment from Mike D’antoni. I truly loved how Paul Pierce refused to comment on that same foolish question the media asked him and Rondo after game 4. Jealous and hurt! That’s all D’antoni is at this time Jealous and Hurt! Get over it and enjoy your Fishing trip!

  • Stickslm

    Rondo fits in because he knows how to play “Celtics”
    Basketball. When the Celtics are playing the way Doc wants them to play (Celtics way) then there is no stopping that team. With or without Shaq!

  • terry

    Typical new york.

    “Rondo fits in because he knows how to play “Celtics” basketball.”

    mikie – what part of “4-0″ don’t you understand?

  • http://facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    So stoked for a coaching change. You work with what you have Mike, looks like Rondo got that memo. You however refuse to believe that defense wins championships.

  • BostonBaller

    I agree that if you were to put someone like Douglas on the C’s he wouldn’t do what RR does which tells you that it’s not just the future HOFers that make him look good ..If RR went to Minny or the Clips both teams would improve significantly. It does help him to play with those three but he sets up the other players as well. It also benefits those three to have RR so it’s a wash…STAT was STAT before but Nash made it so much easier for him and with NY he was getting the ball a lot more which meant his stats would naturally go up… He’s a beast and I’m sure he’d love to have RR instead of Melo. Peace and have fun 2nite.

  • Mario Chalmers


  • Jer dawg

    D’Antoni can’t coach any defense. As much as I don’t like Celtics I’ll give props to those who can play. Rondo is disruptive defensively. He would absolutely do well anywhere. Not only C’s. Hey, D’Antoni! You can use a defensive player that plays fast. He’ll average 14 apg too running your undisciplined, defensive team. Rondo would be your one man fast break, too. Have another GREAT year, coach! see you in the next round. Oops…