Monday, April 11th, 2011 at 2:57 pm  |  23 responses

Eddy Curry Not Joining the Miami Heat

Despite some speculation, Eddy Curry will not be taking his talents to South Beach. Via Yahoo! Sports: “After several workouts with the Miami Heat, free agent Eddy Curry left South Florida without the championship contender offering him a contract for the playoffs, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Heat president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra weren’t sold that Curry, who hasn’t played an NBA game this season, could make enough of a difference to justify cutting a young player off its roster, sources said. Curry’s poor conditioning and more than 350 pounds of weight ultimately doomed his bid to join the Heat. After going to Chicago to work out Curry, who turned 28 two weeks ago, Riley was intrigued enough to bring him down to Miami for further evaluation and a medical physical. After working out a few days in the middle of last week, Curry eventually returned to his hometown of Chicago without an offer.”

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  • Fat Lever

    350?!?! It’s obvious he doesn’t care about bball anymore. Peace out.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    Smart move by Riley and co.

  • Jono

    sign that pat riley might be losing it. remember this people.

  • greg

    350 that plane prolly couldnt fly very high with curry chicken on it

  • greg

    actually i retract that comment, hes not curry chicken hes the whole damn Caribbean restaurant

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    Greg has me rolling right now ^

  • Yesse

    Is he even trying?


    350…Even shaq ain’t 350. I guess that’s what 10 undeserving mil a year does to people.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    Ha ha. The Bulls sending Curry to the Knicks for what wound up being Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah was a total steal.

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    why would you even want someone like him over a young player that could improve??

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Looks like the bottom just fell out of the South Beach Cuban sandwich market…

  • RunNGun

    Fat and skinny went to bed. Fat rolled over and skinny was dead. And so is Eddy Curry’s career.

  • mike

    On a positive note, concession stands will remain open at American Airlines arena…

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-bulls-talk/2011 Diesel

    In Eddy’s defense, he thought he was trying out for the “Miami Eat” of the National Competitive Eating League.

  • A.B.

    lol @ Diesel!!!

  • vtrobot

    28!!! holy he11. this dude couldn’t even be one of the talentless 7 footers who make a whole career out of nothing but being that tall? he had to go and eat the whole world. what a waste. did he at least get a free meal or two from the heat?

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    What a shame. Even Shawn Bradley could make a career out of being poster bait.

  • knickzvet82

    How about making a Wasted Talent League?

  • Jahidi White

    Eddy Curry is a poor man’s me.

  • Groves

    ^ lol at jahidi

  • givard

    Damn, i was hoping for a shaq vs. Curry cheeseburger eating contest in the second round… Best way to settle games going into overtime ‘wade send the game into overtime, we see curry warming up on the bench with a bucket of kfc, and it seems one of the waterboys just took severe damage to his back from carrying in the cheeseburgers’

  • Mike From Spain

    If I had a few million at stake I would try something like one of these crash diets to lose 20 or 30 pounds, hire a personal trainer and nutritionist to keep bugging me about what should I do and eat… even at 200 k each I’d still be making a profit. What happens to Eddy Curry? He made it to the pros, why does not he bother to keep it up? he’d be making tons of money, either he does not need it or he’s got some psychological / personal issue.

  • hoodsnake

    He kept on losing the ball with his KFC fingers! Nom nom nom…