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Dwight Howard is putting up career-best scoring and rebounding numbers, but he’s still not the odds-on favorite to win this season’s MVP award. Do you think he should be?

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Why should Dwight Howard be named MVP? If he shouldn’t, who should be, and why?

We’ll hook the two readers with the best answers up with a signed sneaker (see pics below). Good luck!

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  • Rene

    Dwight Howard should be MVP because without him, the magic are a lottery bound team. I argue that his presence on his team makes more of an impact than a Lebron, or Dwayne Wade because of the position he plays. Without Dwight making his presence felt in the center spot the magic are lost.

  • t-sizzle

    The Friendly Giant… Sadly, he will not be MVP this year with his team 4th in the East. He’s having a great individual season and his team should defer to him more in the post, because of his newly acquired legitimate moves down low. This year’s MVP gotta be D.Rose no doubt about it. He’s quiet, composed, deadly and has led his team to the best record in the East. Sorry Dwight, any other year when your team has better chemistry and a better record, you would be MVP, but this year, the award should go to your bff at Adidas.

  • http://Skullcrushas.com alex alvarez

    dwight is a freaking beast!!! just look at those number!

  • Prude

    He should be the MVP for the same reason’s Shaq has been because he the most dominant unstoppable presents on the court whenever he’s on the court.

  • Stephen

    Let’s see, he’s the most unstoppable player in the game while to clock is active, not to mention his supporting cast is far below any other MVP contender’s (This is coming from an Orlando fan). Aaaaand he’s way to good to never win an MVP, and this could be his only chance.

  • Chau-J

    The heart & soul of the Orlando Magic, probably the most dominant big man since prime Shaq days. Why mvp? Take him off the team and see if they’ll win half as many games as they have right now. Case closed.

  • Kenny Ng

    Dwight Howard is MVP this year because of the hard work he puts on the floor every single game to help this team clinch a playoff spot. Before the season, there was high expectations for the Magics and then the big trade happened. Obviously with a trade, there would be chemistry issues, but Dwight has proved night in and night out that he’s the go to guy to help drive his team to win by scoring, rebounding and blocking shots. Feed him the ball or try to score on him and he will show you who’s “Super Beast” as he’s been showing everyone this year.

  • http://twitter.com/DMNGZ Edgar Dominguez

    As much as I love Dwight, Derrick Rose deserves the MVP award.. he has managed to elevate his team with Boozer and Noah being out due to injuries for extensive periods of time. Dwight has dominated the paint but has not elevated his team from what it was last year, even with an aging Vince Carter out of the picture, he has not completely made it work with Turkoglu and Richardson. Rose has maintained the same level of elevated play the entire season. I would love to see them go at it in the conference final, that would be sick.

  • Jordan Sinkler

    Dwight Howard deserves the MVP because he basically has no backup but yet puts up 20 and 10 every night and blocking and altering shots on the defensive end while having 3 different bigs go against him every game. He keeps putting up these numbers even with the referees sometimes giving him weak charge calls and T’s for no reason. And the opposing defense sends double and sometimes triple teams at the guy, plain and simple he is putting MVP type number,is a beast and deserves the MVP.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    You might hear an NBA coach tell you that to win a chip, you need a big man and a point guard. Derrick Rose might be ahead in the votes right now, but ask those coaches who they’d rather build a team around and I think you’d hear Dwight’s name every time. He’s paid his dues, he’s carried his team, and he’s the dominant big man in the NBA on a chip-caliber team. What else do you have to do to get an MVP?

  • Ryan Baker

    He scores, he rebounds, he blocks/steals, his defends as well as anyone in the L, he’s unstoppable. He brings a squad of role players deep into the playoffs every year. ‘Nuff said?

    On a side note, adidas must be loving the fact that their 2 biggest ballers are competing for MVP!

  • Wu-T

    Dwight Howard should be named the MVP of the NBA because he is the heart and soul of the Orlando Magic. In my opinion, the center position is one of the toughest positions to play and one of the most important positions in order for a team to be successful. For Dwight to be able to play that position and play that position well is rare. Without Dwight, the Orlando Magic would be a sub-par team and would not be able to make the playoffs. In my opinion, Dwight is a definite game changer. He can go to any team and instantly change the way they play (even for a team as bad as the Raptors). He also should become the MVP because he is probably the most dominant big man since the days of a prime Shaquille O’Neal. It might be bold to say that Dwight is better than O’Neal, but Dwight still has so much time and room to grow, it will be scary when Dwight brings his game to the next level.

  • Geo Valdez

    I think Dwight deserves to not only be named defensive player of the year for the 3rd consecutive season. But although I am a Heat fan & employee, I believe D12 deserves to win his 1st MVP trophy. The numbers are there. Top 10 in rebs, fg % , blocks , 2nd in efficiency behind LeBron, and most VALUABLE player to his team. There is no one on the magic that can fill in or replace his production & value to his team. Lebron & dwade have eachother & d-rose has Carlos Boozer(former all-star) & Joakim noah. Dwight has a washed up Hedo, washed up arenas(now agent zero’s nickname makes more sense ), an inconsistent jameer nelson, & jason Richardson who’s a much better 3rd or 4th option than 2nd option. Without Howard the Magic might just have the worst defense in the league , without anyone able to protect the basket

  • Big boy dwight

    Dwight is the man! have u seen him play???????? haha i love him :)

  • Jenny

    Dwight is the MVP!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2011/04/giveaway-signed-super-beast/#4 DRoseMVP

    I Think Derrick Rose deserves it the most. He deserves it because he can take over when ever he wants to. He can score at will, find his teammates where ever they are. He deserves it the most. His team went from last years 8th place to this years 1st place and hoping to have the best record in the NBA. He also kept his team rolling even with the injuries to the team. No doubt he is going to get MVP. Even Jordan, Van Gundy, Kobe, Bosh, Wade, Lebron himself said that its “a done deal” that hes going to win MVP. Sorry Dwight maybe next year.

  • http://facebook.com/eddie.sinitsky Eddie Sinitsky

    Dwight Howard is a man of passion, in the sense that he outbursts his emotions during the game when necessary to fire up his team and finished the game with a Victory or a Win. Although Dwight puts in an incredible 23.2 points a game, snatches an unbelievable 14.2 rebounds, and even dishes out a surprising amount of 1.3 assists as one of the league’s greatest big man, those are not his most valuable traits on the court that may award him the Most Valuable Player of the year. He has the traits of an MVP because he has the ability, as the star of the Orlando Magic, to hearten and invigorate his team when they need it most. With one single dunk, he can revitalize Jameer Nelson and help him knock down his clutch threes and inspire him to dish out the highlight-worthy, crisp passes to any single player. With Dwight’s ability to knock down a lay-up as he is getting fouled, he can reenergize players like Hedo Turkoglu to play as if they were the star of the team, and they are a part of the whole team that will get the big W in the end. As if that was not enough, Dwight’s passion is so strong, that even when he gets a well deserved technical foul, his team knows that they have to finish the game with the same amount of passion that Dwight brings every single day to the game of basketball. As for the role of Most Valuable Player of 2010-2011 in the NBA, it is hard to tell if Dwight Howard will be the number one candidate. It is hard to say because every single team in the NBA has a player like Dwight. Chicago has Derrick Rose, Miami even has two, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. The MVP award is the hardest award to give out because it is not about the stats, but the ability of a single player to hearten his teammates into getting a Victory, whether its as a team or at the end of a game. With the mentioned, but not even close to being finished, description of Dwight Howard above, it is absolutely easy to say that the battle of MVP will be between Dwight Howard and any player who shows as much passion as him in the remaining games of April.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    Eight-best record in the NBA.
    Enough said.
    Rose is MVP.

  • AaliyahJ

    Dwight is ballin to the max. Enough said.

  • Anthony

    Dwight Howard. A monster on the court.! Once he gets the ball in the low post there is no stopping that 7 foot giant. Dwight Howard also leads the NBA. In blocks. Dont even try to shoot over him. People say aN MVP should have a highlight every game .pull up 50 points a game and get triple doubles. But what the world do not notice I’s that Dwight Howard is one of the best low post players next to shaq when younger. Dwight Howard is not just a defensive player he averages 20 points a game . Now if any one in the NBA deServer the homer MVP It should be the one and only #12 Dwight HOWARD!!!!!

  • Wendell Sweetland

    D. Rose should be MVP this year. He has carried the Bulls all year. Plus he also wears Adidas.

  • Ben

    Dwight Howard deserves the MVP because not only because of these numbers

    10-11 ORL 75 75 37.6 0.596 0.000 0.591 4.0 10.2 14.2 1.3 1.3 2.4 3.6 3.3 23.2
    Career 564 563 36.0 0.578 0.040 0.598 3.7 9.2 12.9 1.5 1.0 2.2 3.1 3.2 18.2
    But the years to come.

  • kilo

    Dwight should be mvp over rose.

  • Alec

    I do not think that Dwight Howard should be MVP this year, although he is the best defender in the NBA and has been for a few years he has not fully developed a good offensive arsenal.
    I think that Derrick Rose deserves the MVP trophy this year because he has led his team, through injuries to key players like Carlos Boozer and many other dificulties, to the top of the Eastern Conference and not only has he led the team on offense by contributing over half of the Bulls offense through points and assists but also on the defensive end where he terrorizes the top point guards and creates fast breaks with his steals. That is why I believe Derrick Rose will be MVP this season

  • Jono

    I saved up for 3 months and flew all the way to the US and connected to Orlando just to spend 4 days there to watch Dwight Howard play the Suns. Nothing would make me happier than to win those shoes!

  • paul

    dwight howard is amazin defence is the number thing in basketball and hes the best at it

  • jesse

    I think Dwight Howard should be the MVP of ’11 because of the huge (and obvious) presence he is on the court. His numbers since hes been in the lead have been great and without him, the Magic would not be anywhere near where they are now (think lottery pick). He has a lot more impact on the game than any of his teammates and is always looking to improve, this year being a showcase of this improvement with his post moves and the occassional bank jumper. Vote Dwight!!!

  • Kevin Tran

    Dwight Howard is good but not MVP worthy. All he has to do is go into the low block and score.
    Derrick Rose is the MVP. He has resurrected the Chicago back into a basketball city since Jordan. He’s got the speed, hops, and creativity when he gets into the lane. With him playing point makes him so much more versatile compared to DHoward. All I gotta say is “THANKS D ROSE FOR A GREAT YEAR”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jhoops2312@embarqmail.com Jacob Harmon

    Dwight Howard BallisLife…Nough Said

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Take Dwight off the Magic and they’re no different from the Raptors. Dwight brings an interior force on the defensive and offensive end. Every opposing team’s game plan revolves around how to cover Dwight. He never gets single coverage anymore; not even the great Perkins can stop him one-on-one in the low block. On defense, he forces opposing teams into taking jump shots instead of layups. Guards are scared to drive on Dwight just like they were scared to drive on Big Ben. Is Dwight as good of a defender as Wallace? I think yes as his soon to be 3rd straight DPOY seals it. With the offensive arsenal of a young Kevin Garnett (yes, Dwight has a midrange jumpshot now) and the defensive moxie of Ben, Dwight has earned his MVP.

  • bryan

    Dwight Howard should be mvp. He can control a game more than any other player in the league without even dominating the ball like most other superstar players. The magic would be a horrible team without him considering there second best player is Gilbert “Hibachi” Arenas and the only way he gets hot anymore is from his heat he brings into stadiums. By the way have people seen were “the runaway mvp’s” field goal percentage ranks compared to Howard whose number 2 in the league. The man is a true beast but doesn’t play guard and isn’t signed with Nike or Jordan so he doesn’t receive the publicity he deserves.

  • ENDS

    I love Dwight and the Magic. Just give me the shoes

  • Ryan Abrams

    I KNOW that dwight howard deserves to be MVP because he is a tremendous athlete, a maturing player and is almost single handedly given the magic home court advantage in the playoffs. He is true to his fans and teammates and always plays with heart and intensity. He is playing the best basketball of his career and its paying off. The two time defensive player of the year is ready for an even better title: MVP. much respect to dwight.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    ENDS wins! LOL

  • JuanKh

    I love dwight but my mvp is rose simply because of the bulls improvement and how he elevated his whole game.Dwight is playing good but the Magic are struggling

  • Josh

    I think Dwight actually should be the MVP. Van Gundy had it right when he said D12 effects more possessions than anyone else. On the defensive end he is an absolute terror for the other teams perimeter players as well as their inside guys. On offense he will always have the pure advantage of being one of the most athletic dudes on the court, but he also clearly put in work and has a much more polished offensive game.
    The things he can do on defense, blocking/altering shots, rebounding the ball and being his teams anchor are what makes him the Defensive Player of the Year. On offense, his ability to demand double teams, rebound, and have more of an impact this season more than before thanks to a better all-around game that includes a short jumpshot makes him nearly unguardable. Couple his pure skill and athleticism with his leadership and his ability to take his team to the next level makes his a very real (although to this point, underdog) MVP candidate.

  • David

    Dwight should be MVP because he’s pulling double doubles on average per game, a terrifying offensive and defensive force. He can dominates the key, and posts up on anybody that comes in, and he’s basically the best center in the game, with leadership and every game he gets better and practices things hes not good at. (like his jump shots are getting better)

  • ai come back

    Drose should be mvp because though dwight is certaintly most valuable to his team but to the league no…the magic havel ost to the kings and the raptors just to a name a few…. drose has dominated every top 10 team in the league 42 on the spurs,29 and 9 on the lakers ,36 agauinst boston, 22 and 12 or 24 4 and 4 against orlando, hes averaging 29 against miami, drose is going to be in the company of mj, lebron , and oscar when its all said and done because hes top 10 socring and assists, on a team with 2 other guys very capable of averagin 20 a game hes droppin 25. Hes the mvp cuz everyone loves him hes flashy but smooth, drose has been clutch too hes always delivered when the bulls needed it (my favorite was when he hit that three against houston), and most of all drose WINS GAMES! Drose controls the tempo of the game more than anyone why else would he get double and triple teamed? Drose has got the first seed dwight howard is what people knocked on lebron for great personal stats but i mean really….hes got no competition at center, thi sisnt a knock on dwight simply showing that his fellow centers are gonna make him look amazing since theres nobody who can “stop” him drose cant be stopped no pt guard in the league has held him to under 20 pts dwights been stopped by utah hes averaged only 14 pts against them….drose is mvp

  • Sam J

    Yes, yes we all know his numbers are huge and the Magic are crap without him. Fact is, if they had the number of wins the Bulls have he’d probably be a shoo in, by they haven’t. That’s why Rose will win it.

  • Danny

    Dwight Howard should not be MVP in my opinion, Derrick Rose should. But if Rose doesn’t win, Howard definitely should. Without Howard, Magic probably would be a lottery team. However, what Rose has done this year is absolutely amazing. The Bulls 2nd and 3rd best players (Boozer and Noah) have both been out for multiple months this season. Though they were out at different times, it’s still crazy that he could bring a team with one of it’s top 3 players out at most times to the 2nd best record in the league. If you look at the top 5 teams in the league, all teams but the bulls have at least two all stars other than the Bulls: 1. Spurs (Duncan, Manu), 2. Bulls, 3. Lakers (Kobe, Pau), 4. Boston (Rondo, Ray, Pierce, Garnett), and Miami (Wade, LeBron, Bosh). Not to meantion that against the Spurs he got 33 pts. the 1st time and 42 pts. & 8 assists the second time. That’s just the Spurs, against the Celtics he got 18 & 8, 20 & 8, and 36 pts, against the Heat he got 34 & 8, 26 & 6, and 27 & 5, and against Lakers he got 30 & 8 and 29 & 9! All those along with the 2nd best record i the league? There’s no way Derrick Rose should not win MVP.

  • Daio

    You can see the Most Valuable Player now and then on his home court in Amway Center, warming up before another big game. You’ll recognize him instantly. Biggest and hardest dude on the court at 6’10″ and a rock solid 275 pounds. You can also just look for the widest set of shoulders on the hardwood.

    His name’s Dwight Howard, and he’s definitely put in the work to be considered the MVP for 2010-2011.

    From transforming his already athletic body into a superior physique to making the Magic relevant, none can deny his talent and work ethic. The walking double double averages near 23 points, and upwards of 2 blocks per game. He’ll clear the board with ease (rebounding 14 per game), deadly efficient field goal percentage (60 percent) and let’s not forget– his smile’s pretty shiny, too.

    On a serious note, what makes me believe that this man deserves it is the fact that he’s not gonna go out there and play a great game for stats or the highlights, nor, do I believe, is winning the MVP award even in his mind. Winning, period, is what he’s thinking about nowadays.

    Most Valuable Player? Eh, just another accolade to him.

    And that’s precisely why he deserves to win. A rare few have his combination of humility and joy of life. He is a role model, doing great things on and off the court, whether it be for NBA Cares, the Dwight Howard Foundation, or being the foundation of the Magic and locking down D and being an automatic double-team in the post; puttin’ in work for the post position, bulling aside seven foot centers as if they were a mere six feet. Or maybe you’ll appreciate the deceptively quick jab step to the right and the powerful hopstep to the left, or Dwight snatching down the orange on the offensive possession and jam it in the rim.

    A carefree grin.

    The love of the game.

    Who else but Superman for MVP?

  • Daio

    (continued from previous comment) And if Superman don’t win it, Poohdini is the obvious choice. Derrick Rose has put in an MVP season and is responsible for an incredible record in the East Conference, whether with or without key players in Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah.

  • Mark Christodoulou

    Dwight Howard should win the MVP be cause when his team needs him he is there and his team always needs him and he is always there to lead his team to the finals and this year he can Win it. Dwight also is dominating the cout in two types of stats in points and in rebounding for his team and opponents and no other player can really do that as well as him. Every body knows he is “superman” but not everybody can admit it. And that’s why he deserves MVP this year.

  • Tokyo Baller

    Dwight should NOT be MVP this year so to leave him the chance to come back next season and dominate even more and win it more deservingly.
    He’s gotta prove us wrong about the DRose case this season.

  • http://- jameseson

    The man in the middle of the Orlando Magic has my vote for the MVP award of 2010-2011. He has the focus and competitiveness, and has the soft touch to score anywhere in the paint. His skills are clearly on another level, with the calibre he is playing on, nearly no one can touch the SUPERBEAST.

    It is evident that he has been working on his game during the summer, his shooting touch inside has tremendously improved, and his presence inside has opened up acclaimed shooters Nelson, Redick and Arenas. His determination to win is unmatchable, and you can see he wants to win with no other team, but the Magic.

    His loyalty and faithfulness to the Magic and Otis really sum up what Howard is, he should win the award because he is a humble young man who wants nothing else than to win a ring. He has pushed other teams to their limits, and as his hooks get better and better than it is already is, it will be impossible to stop Dwight.

    Again, his work ethic has really took him to new heights, and from his first game, you could see the man has effort.

    Apart from his offensive prowess, his defensive presence is matched by no other player in the NBA. His defense is so intense and smooth, he should be a MVP for his commitment and hard work on the other end. Dwight Howard was not seen slacking any time in the season, another reason why the man should deserve the MVP.

    The MVP was made for the players who not only had dunks or facials, but for the special ones who helped the team and other players and take them to the next level.

    Dwight, has done this. Arenas came from a halfway house to the Magic seeking a new home. People doubted his scoring abilities, and he was a forgotten star. Arenas was helped mentally by Dwight, and he has fulfilled his role on the Magic as one of the go to shooters.

    The appearance of Dwight in the beginning to the end of the season was clearly more intense than his former years, his work ethic has taken over his routine, and he is really starting to flourish. The MVP award is the Dwight Howard award.

    The time has come, D12 is the deserving candidate, and it is time for Dwight to get the Dwight Howard award.

  • Charles

    D12 should be co MVP with DROSE.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Good stuff so far, everyone. Just so you guys know, comments will be closed tomorrow around noon and then we’ll pick the winners. Thanks.

  • Max Geraci

    Dwight does deserve the MVP. Im a Chicago native and I love D-Rose and hes done alot this year to deserve MVP, but I dont think hes done as much as Dwight has to deserve it. Dwight came in to this season ready to play with a team he had adapted well with that included a second star, Vice Carter, a great PF/SF, Rashard Lewis, a solid back up center, Gortat, and a great sixth man, Mickael Pietrus. Then out of no where, the Magic made trades that got rid of all those players and brought an entirely new team. So Dwight now had to adapt to an entirely new team that, in my opinon, doesn’t have the elite team look that the old team had. Since those trades, Dwight has had to carry the scoring load and improve his already dominating presence on the defensive end because they don’t have a second star to take some of the pressure off of Dwight and they don’t have any other good defenders. And for those reasons, without Dwight, the Magic wouldn’t be in contention for even the 8th seed. And thats why Dwight “Superman” Howard does deserve the MVP over everyone else.

  • Max Geraci

    *Vince Carter, my bad

  • mike

    all dwight long!

  • Kas

    I don’t want the shoes

  • Hendy

    Dwight Howard is an amazing player. I strongly believe that he should become MVP because he has worked so hard with other basketball legends and players to improve his game. I applaud him on his efforts and stepping up to the plate when Orlando needed a player to bring them back. He is my favorite Basketball player and he inspires me to work hard and to be the best i can be. This is why i believe that Dwight Howard should be MVP.

  • Tyra Grayson

    Dwight should be MVP, because the way he attacks the rim, block shots, and hustle for those rebounds! that shows you how much he loves the game and his fans, he goes out there and gives 100% every night and it shows you how much he wants to win games. But if not him, It should be Kobe Or Derrick Rose, Because they are are soft players and scorers. derrick attacks the rim, those layups are amazing, and so Is Kobe Bryant,And LeBron James! lebron pretty much knows how to play every position in b’ball! But Dwight Can Be MVP anytime! His Emotion, passion, and hard work strives for him to be MVP! so he Has a good chance to Win It This Year.

  • Antonio

    Orlando is one city reunited by the performances of dwight howard and the orlando magic.He reunites total opposites,rich and poor the sucseful and the failures.Dwight isnt just the most dominate player in the game today he reunites a city,a brother hood a way no other person in the nba today can.Dwight Howard a name that brings smiles to people not just over orlando but florida.an overlooked player for an overlooked city.Defence and Offence flow through his veins to his heart.he loves people and loves the game.Me,Dwight and orlando our a brotherhood.hes the mvp

  • Mehdi Chetouane

    Dwight for MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. Hands down…!

  • Jasmine

    Dwight is a very good defender probably one of the best ever! He for sure is MVP for his team. He’s the reason there going to the playoffs bt personaly I don’t think he should get MVP this year. I have 3 guys in mind that deserve MVP. First D-Rose. Rose has just been incredible this year! He no doubt has improved so much for last year on pretty much everything! If you look at his shooting percentage from last year & this year it has gotton a whole lot better. This guy just is amazing. the problem that lots of teams have vs him is that when he’s going to the basket there aint no stopping him! He’s the reason why the Bulls are first in the east. That’s why D-Rose should get MVP. On the other hand I am very impressed by LeBron. This guy is called “King James” for a reason. I think he should get MVP because this guy can pretty much do anything when he’s going. He’s a very good shooter. A GREAT passer he helps his teamates out a lot! You can’t stop this guy when he’s going to the basket. He’s a very good shot blocker on a fast run also. He averages 26.7 PPG which is very good because there is another very good ballhandler on the team ;) Thats why I think LBJ should get MVP. & last bt not least D-Wade. This guy is just so explosive on offense! Very good inside & he has improved a lot this year from the beginning of the season. One thing that I saw he improved on was his shot blocking! Even little guys can block shots right? Well we sure learned that this season. His points have gone up this season also. He averages 25.7 PPG which is very good. He’s second in the league that gets to the free throw line that much. Dwight first. Dwayne is another good choice to get MVP.

  • D12

    Dwight Howard should be the MVP,Derrick Rose is a great player,But Dwight’s carrying the Orlando Magic.

  • Jerome Turner

    Derrick Rose is the MVP. Dwight Howard does do some things well, but as far as this season goes nobody has as much to do with their team winning than Rose. Howard needs to improve his attitude (13 technical fouls) and ability to make those around him better instead of complaining about having no help on defense. Aside from rebounding Rose is better statistically. As a director of offense Rose has the ball a lot and still has fewer turnovers than Howard. Rose lets his game do the talking, while Howard too often is involved in “discussions” with the refs or other players. Rose is just better.

  • Michael Kowalski

    Dwight Howard should be the MVP because of the way he leads his team. He leads with a tremendous amount of passion and who knows where the Magic would be without him. He is one of the few players in the league that can guard anyone yet cannot be guarded. He plays with a very large amount of confidence and authority and at his young age still has great potential to become one of the best centers of all-time. With the numbers he averages some may look at him as a super-human. He is by far the best center in the league right now and he shows amazing strength in the way he carries his franchise on his back. No player in the league has a greater impact on his team than Dwight Howard in my opinion. He is easily averaging a double-double and there is very rarely a game that he doesn’t play with his full ability and effort. The reason I am such a fan is because he plays every game like its a game 7. He is truly one of the most passionate players in the league and in my opinion the best this season.

  • Innsu Kim

    Both Dwight and D.Rose are key components of their team. However, if Dwight was not playing for a game, the Magic would not lose as many games compared to a Rose-less Bulls team. The Bull’s MVP is no doubt Derrick Rose. He has risen to the challenge for leading a young team, not to mention that the Bulls are now one of the top defensive teams in the league. Of course, their coach is the defensive mastermind, but Derrick’s competitiveness and full throttle mentality makes him spur on other teammates. Actions speak louder than words, and Derrick Rose is a soft spoken individual. But his actions are demonstrative of a true leader and an MVP award.

  • Jacob

    Dwight this year he’ll not be the MVP.
    But he is the defensive player, garanteed.
    Without him, orlando wouldn’t be such a great team.
    I love that every night he fight’s for every possesion, every point…
    He never gives up.That’s what i like about him.

    Keep it going:).And who knows maybe next year you’ll be the MVP.

  • http://facebook Greg Eloge

    If it wasn’t for Derrick Rose I would say “Yeah, Dwight Howard deserves the MVP” he’s helped the Magic to yet another playoff birth while being surrounded by a different supporting cast for like the thrid straight season but you’ve got to give it to Rose because he’s took a team that has been in Michael Jordans shadow for the past 12 seasons and carried them on his back to the best record in the East. Rose has improved his 3 point shooting, FT shooting, highest assists per game in his career, highest rebounds per game in his career, highest ppg in his career. Basically the dude is playing like superman out there(Howard pun) haha, but 25.1ppg and 4.2rpg 7.9asp is so gross

  • Charles Breen

    Dwight Howard is a very good player, but I don’t think he deserves to be the MVP for a few reasons. First of all, how can he be the MVP if he’s not even his team’s closer. When the game is on the line, SVG chooses to give the ball to usually Nelson, Richardosn, or sometimes Hedo mainly because Howard struggles with free throws. This makes him unreliable in money time. Secondly I don’t think Howard should be the MVP because of his rebounding. He should average way more RPG, I think if Kevin Love can do it, so can Howard. The main reason he shouldn’t be MVP is consistency, his team hasn’t been playing solid all year. They’ve gone through really bad stretches (which is normal), and they’ve really dropped in the 2nd half of the season, letting Miami, Bulls, and the Celtics really get ahead of them. So who should win MVP? I feel like Derrick rose should (not just because he’s my favorite player). Derrick rose does everything for his team. When you think about the bulls right now, you think about DRose. What that man has done this year is unbelievable. All the injuries, the thing with the ulcers a while back. wow. And then you look at his 3 point shooting improving this year. His scoring, how well his team is doing, his leadership just everything. And in the end of games, he’s their closer. You give Derrick rose the ball, he’s unselfish so he’ll either win the game (like he often does) or he’ll make a play. And above his stellar season, his team is number 1 in the East. AMAZING!! Derrick Rose has a killer instinct, and he just has that x factor, so much fun to watch. Although Dwight Howard is a very good player on a good team, I believe Derrick Rose should be MVP.

  • manny

    Dwight’s the MVP for one reason and one reason only, Defense. No other player has a bigger impact on the defensive end. When Dwight’s on the floor the magic are a completely different team. Don’t believe me? then picture your team with Dwight, no matter what team hes on or what league hes playing in hes the MVP just cause his presence on the court makes people have to change their shots, and improves any teams defense significantly.

  • jose

    As much as i got love for D-12, i gotta give the MVP to the Villian. . .LeBron James. . . Here is Why. . .He made 6 or so teams pretty much bow down before him and plead thier case to get him to join their team during the summer, He left His prior team so downtroded that now even the mention of his name makes most ppl in Ohio spit after hearing it. . . He left a team that had the best regular season record in consective years at the top of the L, and for one man’s departure to cause a fall down to the bottom of the cellar in the NBA, that shows me LBJ is the most valuable player in the league right now,And LBJ’s numbers have not taken the drop we all assumed either. i know this isn’t how the true MVP race is decided but Lebron’s effect on this departure, his new team, and the L in general makes him the most valuable player in this league,because with no LBJ, i very much doubt all that has happened from summer up to this point would be reality

  • jose

    Dwight does deserve/should get/will get DPOY. . .i mean cuz you can’t spell Dwight unless you got D

  • http://Facebook Dheaven Baum

    Damnnnn I need a pair of those. Do you have a pair i could have? Do they come in a size 16 cuz not too many ppl have that size. Let me know if you have a pair that could fit my feet. K Thanks

  • http://slamonline.com/ Adam Figman

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Closing comments now. We’ll have a winner early next week.