Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 2:00 pm  |  15 responses

Kevin Durant: Sonics and Kings ‘Mirror Each Other’

It’s been three years since Kevin Durant played his final game in a Seattle Supersonics uniform. And after coming away with the W following what could have been the Thunder’s last trip to Sacramento, KD sees similarities between the current environment in Sacramento and his franchise’s final days’ in Seattle. From SB Nation Bay Area: “‘When you compare, it was very similar,’ said Durant of the atmosphere in Seattle’s final days as an NBA city in contrast to what he saw Monday night in Sacramento. ‘They mirror each other. The last few games (in Seattle) – they were loud.’ Teammate Nick Collison weighed in as well. ‘They have a nice group of young players,’ Collison said of the Kings, who possess Tyreke Evans, the NBA’s reigning Rookie of the Year and DeMarcus Cousins, one of the League’s most skilled young bigs. ‘I think they’re in a good cap situation so they’ve got a bright future. It is kind of similar to what we had.’”

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  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    Except people aren’t b!tching about this nearly as much as they did when the Sonics left.

  • Brandon

    They don’t mirror each other. Tyreke is the next Michael Jordan just wait until he gets healthy. That’s next years MVP


    The Kings/Royals will be the anti-Thunder, reminiscent of the “Jail-Blazers” from yesteryear. lol

  • http://www.anaheimroyalty.com/ Anaheim Royalty

    The Anaheim Royals and OKC Thunder will dominate the league in 3 years!

  • Eric Ruggles

    I’m sorry, what?

    What makes you think the Royals will dominate the league? The Kings front office is composed mostly of idiots. They have only made 2 good moves in the past 4 years since drafting Spencer Hawes. And that was to move Hawes and grab Dalmebert, and trading Landry for Thorton.
    Which you have to admit, no one thought Thorton was going to be this good..
    The Kings are only hoping to grab lottery picks, and they refuse to make any real moves for veterans and good players.

    But to call the Kings office idiots is redundant. Afterall, they want to move to the greater LA area in which there’s already 2 NBA teams. One of which is one of the greatest franchises in sports history, and the other possess’ one of the most electrifying players in recent NBA history.

    Sorry even if I lived 30 miles away in Anaheim I’d much rather go see a Clipper game than a Royals game. And this is coming from a ’02 Kings fan..

  • http://www.slamonline.com c_cantrell

    this is exactly what i was saying just the other day.. good read bro

  • http://firespo.com KING

    @brandon tell me you’re joking

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    Similar but not the same. Like comparing Mathers to Asher.

  • robb

    lol@Brandon are you drunk?

  • ogog

    why dont they just stay in sac??
    it seems so f**king dumb to move them to La
    can someone who knows y tell me please

  • rich

    LA Huey thats from as i em . great track.
    whhy dont they move them somewhere where there isnt basketball already sheesh always in the same area

  • Walt Williams

    an 02 kings fan… u mean a freaking bandwagon fan!! you just discredited yourself, moron

  • Hugo

    brandon how you gonna say tyreke isnt healthy after his jam vs the spurs??? you must be on crack son

  • Brandon

    He’s suffered from plantar fascitiis all season. If he’s so healthy why his stats dipped 4 the season son?

  • Eric Ruggles

    Right Walt, I’m a bandwagon fan. Which is why I’ve been reading up intensively on this situation, attending home games whenever possible, and doing whatever I can to help the Royals stay in Sac.

    Tell me what exactly have you done to support the Kings lately? My guess is none.