Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at 9:54 am  |  8 responses

Pistons May Keep Joe Dumars

Whether Pistons fans are pleased with the team’s GM or not, it looks like Joe Dumars won’t be leaving any time soon. From the Detroit News: “Joe Dumars isn’t going anywhere. It’s believed Gores has told him that he can remain president for as long as he desires. It’s difficult imagining Dumars walking away after getting an owner who is as committed as he is in restoring pride to an organization reduced to rubble under Davidson’s two years as keeper to Bill Davidson’s basketball legacy.”

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    Dumars keeps getting mulligans.

  • wasabi steak

    I think he deserves a year or two under the new ownership to at least test and see if he still has it.
    His first 8 years on the job, he was considered one of the best GMs in the league (even with the Darko pick, I mean they won the title the next year and who’s to say Larry Brown would have accommodated Melo or Wade, rookies into his system?) and as disastrous as the last 3 years have been, one could argue (as many in Detroit have) his hands were tied by the lack of ownership sale.

    He still drafts decently in terms of finding gems here and there (Monroe, Jerebko). The real test will be how he fares in the first season under new ownership and the moves he makes (like moving Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince)

  • dannyb

    Joe Dumars is a good GM. Detroit has a risky strategy of building around non-stars who have been underappreciated in other systems. It works great sometimes but has to backfire sometimes. Harder to pull off when you’re working for ownership that is one step out the door. Joe knows what he is doing and is a Detroit legend. He will turn it around.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    They should keep him!! Dude is str8 money from downtown!! Oops, I need to quit drinking vodka and energy drinks in the hot-tub…

  • Charles


  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    He needs 2 years to try to fix hismistakes…after that if nothing is done, give him the boot.

  • al

    @bossTerry.you need to quite thinking in the hot tub. yr straight rettarddded

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    ^ Tell ya girl to quit dragging me to the hottub then…