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Scott Skiles: ‘[Bucks] Did Not Have Good Leadership This Year’

The Milwaukee Bucks had an up-and-down season, at times looking like a Playoff contender and at times resembling a Lottery contestant. As we know, they ended up in the latter category, and head coach Scott Skiles think he knows why. Via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “By now, we all now that the Bucks were a solid defensive team this season but one that was offensively challenged. And, we’re well aware of the rash of injuries that hampered the team all season. But it’s also the intangibles that contribute greatly to the success or failure of a team. Things like having a strong leadership presence among the players and a cohesive team chemistry. Those were two key areas in which the Bucks came up short this season. ‘It’s fair to say we did not have good leadership on our team this year,’ said coach Scott Skiles. ‘But that’s something you can’t manufacture. You can’t just say that guy is a leader. I guarantee you’d be shocked in all pro sports, when you’re on the inside of something like this and you know the league and players and coaches, and somebody in the media will say, ‘That guy’s the leader of that team’. Often times, it’s so far from the truth that it’s ridiculous. You can’t manufacture that. It just naturally happens. Some people are just natural leaders. Other people can cultivate it some themselves. And then you need both. If you have good leadership on the team you also need guys that will follow the leader. Chemistry and all those things are very fragile things.’ The Bucks have made it clear that they examine all facets of the team in an attempt to improve next season which sure seems like a good idea when one considers the team’s 35-47 record.”

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  • http://www.buttonmasher.co.nz TimProvise

    But isnt that the coaches job to develop and encourage situations where a leader will emerge?

  • hendry

    scott’s team always did good in his first year of coaching, but suck the rest of the way. just look at the bulls before thibs

  • hendry

    before vinny, sorry.

  • Stan the Boy Taylor

    Bogut was too busy growing Earth’s worst facial hair to become a leader.

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Always said that there was something about Skiles that rubs guys the wrong way.

  • Da Holy Karron

    IM a bucks fan and da dude skiles needs to go that is my vote

  • B-E-Z

    A Couple of thoughts about this……1)Skiles DOES rub people the wrong way thats why the Bulls got rid of him. Chicago said Skiles style doesn’t last because after the 1st year the team tunes him out.BINGO!!!! Bucks made the playoffs last year in Skiles 1st year & This year they suck. 2) Just come out and say Jennings is NOT A GOOD LEADER. Jennings & Skiles both have been taking shots at each other in the media lately….WHEN TO BE HONEST NEITHER ONE HAS ANY ROOM TO TALK. Jennings DID NOT IMPROVE AT ALL in his second year & Skiles still CAN’T CONNECT WITH PLAYERS WHICH IS HORRIBLE SINCE HE PLAYED IN THE NBA.Bucks actually might wanna CUT TIES WITH BOTH.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    i mean i think they had a lot of injuires too…seems like they would’ve made the playoffs otherwise.

  • flipnoyce

    well someone needs to grow an antler to be recognize as the true Buck! They need to get rid of Redd and get someone worth of that money.

  • http://nba.com whatitdo

    Uhh what happened to Fear the Deer? They had such a great campaign last year, all over the media, that was definitely inspiration for the team to compete at a high level. Now? They gotta scrap the old guys and look to rebuild in the draft, using Bogut to lean on (kinda like Kareem sticking after he got old, only Bogut is garbage compared to him). I say they trade Jennings for Landry Fields?

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    whatitdo – Jennings for Landry?? how will that trade make either team better?? Landry certainly cannot become the leader of the Bucks. He’s a blue collar guy.
    If Jennings is going to go I’d aim VERY HIGH and see what you can get. I like the idea you have of moving Jennings, but lets go for value for value and see if PHOENIX would be interested in moving STEVE NASH their way. Bucks get a great leader for the teams identity and Suns get ‘youthier’ in the back court. Okay, whether or not Steve gets a say (and even wants to go there is something else altogether…), but that kind of trade can be seen as moving both teams forward.

  • ab40

    ey brandon jennings stick that in your blunt and smoke it. this is the reason why you weren’t even considered to be part of team usa last summer. You are not that good. and Dacre you don’t know anything about money and a salary cap now do you? Jennings is in his rookie contract and nash is making 13 mil a year? so that’s not gonna happen

  • MLK4Life

    Brandon Jennings didn’t take the next step, period. Bogut does what he does. Salmons does what he does. But Brandon Jennings needs to take that DRose/CP3/Deron Williams step…if he has it in him.