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Scottie Pippen Wants Carlos Boozer to Be Tougher

Head coach Tom Thibodeau doesn’t believe in this idea, but Pip thinks the Bulls — Carlos Boozer, specifically — need to commit harder fouls, and dish out some payback for the hits Derrick Rose has been taking in the Pacers series. From the Chicago Sun-Times: “In light of the way the Pacers have been hammering Rose, Pippen is among the fans and media who believe the Bulls aren’t matching Indiana’s rough stuff. ‘You don’t give up layups in the playoffs,’ Pippen said. ‘You knock a guy down and you make them go to the foul line and earn it. That’s what Derrick’s doing for the Bulls. And to me, it’s an eye for an eye.’ Thibodeau is counseling against that. ‘In this league, you can’t do that,’ [Taj] Gibson said. ‘Nowadays, you look at the fines, the technicals being called. You can’t afford to lose players late. Thibs has been telling us to play with aggression. Don’t worry what the fans are saying. Just play our game.’ Pippen, though, wants to see Rose backed up by his teammates. ‘They’ve all got two legs and two arms,’ the six-time NBA champion said. ‘You’ve got Carlos Boozer out there who’s spending fouls and a lot of his fouls are not needed at the time that he’s giving them. Those could be hard fouls. Those could be fouls that you knock a [Darren] Collison to the floor, you knock a [Jeff] Foster to the floor. ‘Utilize your fouls and make them more valuable for you and your team.’ Thibodeau wants to see all-around aggressiveness, rather than retribution. ‘It’s playoff basketball,’ the coach said. ‘You have to play hard all the time. You have to have great urgency. And we have to be ready at the start of the game. That’s the big thing. We have to do a better job of starting the game.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy


  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Popcorn Muscles!!!!!!!!!! That’s like asking Chris Bosh to be manly. GTFOH Scottie!

  • JTaylor21

    The same way you were, oh wait……

  • 1982

    Maybe he’s commenting from the viewpoint of someone who’s been tossed to the floor multiple times in his career, not from the pov of the aggressor.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    I was saying all regular season the Bulls needed to back up Rose more and bve tougher…but Thibs is right.
    In the playoffs, that kind of stuff doesn’t fly anymore. Fines, technicals, suspensions is all it gets you.
    And ALL OF CHICAGO wants Boozer to be tougher but it ain’t gonna happen.
    You ask him to toughen up, he’ll just scream louder…

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com/ airs

    im with pip on this one.
    there’s absolutely no reason the bulls can’t be dishing out the same treatment – maybe not as Jeff Foster-ish to warrant flagrant fouls – but still.
    bulls big men need to lay some of these dudes out,
    fouls are valuable and boozer getting 3 of them for handchecking is ridiculous.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Charles Oakley approves this post.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    airs, that works in theory.
    But come on now, the only Bulls big man who has it in him to dole out punishment like that is Kurt Thomas.
    Noah is tough, but he’s not an enforcer.
    Gibson’s no enforcer, Boozer sure as hell is no enforcer.
    Asik might have it in him, but I think he’s too tentative being a rookie.

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com/ airs

    yeah, but when i see Jeff Foster’s accountant looking a*s i hardly think “enforcer”.
    bulls got it in em, i think so at least.


    Co-sign pip. Altho this ain’t 80′s or 90′s ball no more. Thank u David Stern for the pussification of the L!

  • http://slamonline.com Yknot

    @Enigmatic I thought I was the only one who noticed Boozer channeling his inner Anderson Hunt. Lol

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    Foster’s been putting in work on the low for years, airs.
    When he actually gets playing time.

  • Klaustophobik

    carlos boozer never been a banger but on another note he plays with a point guard that shoots first but he still shud be stronger i guess

  • Sean

    Completely agree…dude needs to stop charging and fouling on offense and man up on defense. Hes killing the Bulls.

  • Roger

    On the point that the bulls shouldnt do it because they dont want to lose players, the pacers havent lost much doing what people want you to do.

  • http://www.walshsportsblog.com Darren

    I think Scottie’s head has only just stopped ringing from what John Starks did to him. I wouldnt put it on Boozer, just bring in the twelveth man to knock a few heads, then if he’s ejected it doesnt matter.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    ^ Or activate John Lucas for the night and have him dropkick some Pacers!


    And I don’t get why people r upset w/Foster. That’s what he’s been doin the past 12-13 yrs. And Rose shouldn’t have gotten upset w/Foster @ all. That was a good hard foul. It wasnt warranted a flagarant by any means. I just kinda liked the way Foster just looked @ Rose like “Hey man. Its business. Its not personal”. Haha…

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    HAMMER, I’ll give you the Rose foul.
    But the foul on Deng was just downright dirty.
    No play for the ball at all.

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com airs

    i know matic, but i think jo is very capable of giving hard fouls. even Lu
    boozer? i don’t know what the hell he’s doing on defense half the time.


    The foul on Deng was harder than the one on Rose. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was “dirty”. Not when MJ and Pip had to go thru much tougher ish back n the day. I know its diff eras, but still

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    OK, let’s call it “21st century P*ssification-Era” dirty, HAMMER
    airs, the Bulls just aren’t that type of team.
    When Shaq laid out Rose in a Bulls/Celtics game, I was SCREAMING for the Bulls to retaliate.
    It didn’t happen.
    There was another game, where another Bull got into it with another player, and you see the other four players from the other team back up their guy, and not one Bull got in the mix.
    And I was livid that time too.
    I been screaming for them to have each other’s backs all season.
    The problem, I think, is Reinsdorf/Paxson/Forman/Thibs wanted certain types of players on this squad.
    They wanted guys who would work hard, be willing to play team defense, and not be headcases.
    What they ended up with was guys who are tough, but not mean – Thomas excepted.
    They just don’t have it in them to retaliate after a hard foul or foul the hell out of someone getting in the paint to send the other team a message.
    Might be something they should look to add for next season along with an upgrade at SG, especially if Thomas retires.

  • Yesse

    So he wants Boozer to continue his legacy?


    Exactly. Muchas gracias

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com airs

    yeah, seems like rose, Lu, and thomas are the only ones who take exception to any hard fouls.
    and the fans too, cuz i’d be ready to throw down if i was on that squad

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It’s funny to hear this from Scottie.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    Yeah, but we’re Chicago fans.
    As in, fans from Chicago.
    We’d be ready to throw down over the last beer in a 12-pack. lol

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    I agree with 1982.. I think Scottie is speaking from a victim’s perspective.

  • All Day

    Memo to Pippen: Boozer is not that type of player! Noah and Boozer are too busy fighting each other for rebounds and seeing you can scream and yell the loudest! I will say it’s painful to watch D-Rose getting roughed up by Foster and Psycho T and not seeing any of his teammates come to his defense. Deng tried once, but he got T’d up. I thought Kurt Thomas was an enforcer..he needs to start enforcing some hard fouls one Collison and Granger when they drive into the paint.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It’s really pretty rude for Scottie to say stuff like this about another player.
    You would imagine that given all the flack he caught and all the questions about his manhood, he would be hesitant to do the same thing to another player, but nope, he jumps right in. True or not, it’s not really something that Scottie of all people should be saying.

  • larrylegend

    pip learned it the hard way from the pistons and knicks…no open lanes, no layups. fouls are there, to use them. and if a pro can’t commit a hard/no flagrant foul…oh my.

  • larrylegend

    if u commit a foul, the fouled player should not make 2 out of two and has to think about you, next morning he wakes up.

  • mj23

    its playoff basketball when dude comes to the basket you got tho knock him on his ass no dumb and 1 and make them think the next time the try atack the rim

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics lights out

    first, scottie’s right. popcorn muscles ain’t getting the bulls nothin’. second, this seems like as good a place as any to say that carlos boozer is one of the most annoying players in the league to me. i hate his grunting, i hate the way he screams “gimme that!” every time he grabs a rebound, i hate his perfectly-groomed, possibly drawn on with a marker mustache. whew. that feels better.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    LOL @ lights out.
    Was he always this loud though? I don’t remember him always yelling when he was on the Jazz or the Cavs.
    I remember when he was coming back from injury and started practicing with the team, a reporter asked Noah who was louder on the court, him or Boozer.
    He said “Boozer, BY FAR.”
    And I remember thinking he can’t be THAT loud.

  • T-Money

    “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh” “punk that mofo, kurt!”

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp


  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com airs


  • vtrobot

    carlos might get tougher, and he also might get less ugly. i’m not betting on either. go to kurt for enforcing, pip. those “hard” fouls on rose are some of the most gentle “hard” fouls that i’ve seen in a while. remember when people would just get straight-up clotheslined? think scot williams on AI. i can’t remember (sorry, it’s been 10 years), but i doubt that one was even called a flagrant back then.

  • http://wwww.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    hard fouls needed? danny fortson is applying for the job.

  • tRay

    Was I the only one who saw Boozer tell Hibbert to “sit yo punk a$$ donw n*gga” LOL priceless

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics lights out

    Boozer punk ass tells the softest center in the league that but last yr Bynum and gasol told him that

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Tarzan Cooper sighting.

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics lights out

    the last lights out wasn’t me. odd. damnit, slam.

  • mj23

    they need to sing denis rodman and charles oakley :P

  • burnt_chicken

    Pip is just thinking nostalgically back to his days as a late 80′s/early 90s Piston

  • LeBron de Con

    Or like asking Eboy to be manly and not lap dance for me.

  • T-Money

    Should have never traded James Johnson. Y’all could have had him to put Foster in a chokehold.

  • animalxxx14

    Seriously the Bulls fans and Rose need to shxt up and take the foul like a man. This is the playoffs and if you cannot take the hard foul, get outta of here

  • larrylegend

    hello tarzan!

  • thawindy

    I thnk hard fouls not only send a message of its gonna be a long nite for you but also is mental and wears on players. Like its doing Rose. It makes them second guess. Plus I’m not finna watch u knock my player to the ground and not do anything. Specially against Froster. But I’m old school.

  • thawindy

    And you can give a hard foul without getting a T or flagrant.

  • http://bugmarley.com Bug Marley

    We all have our wants Scottie.

  • DNz15′s

    Wouldn’t hurt for him to play a BIT tougher… he cant be playing any softer than he is now

  • http://www.twitter.com/comediantheDA DA

    Am I the only one who finds it a tad bit ironic that Michael Jordan’s lackey aka Scottie Pippen is telling somebody to play tougher?

  • PeteRocks11

    So ture! Its the play-offs. You pay,you come in the paint. Carlos has always been a soft player. He should go to the WNBA…lol I’m sure they would bust his ass there too! Hard fouls is a must as long as you not trying to hurt nobdy. Most players will not come in if they know thier going to get hit hard. Boston is old school they know what scottie is talking about.

  • T

    Boston in 6

  • dsleepy

    dennis rodman ain’t walking through that door…

  • Mr B

    I always hated former players running off the mouth because their as* is not on the line. This is not the way it use to be with the fines,tech, and suspension. Pippen needs to keep his garbage mouth shut. No one, with at least half their brain working, can be serious in listen to his trash.

  • giogolo

    Scottie was tough,he was just a finesse and classy player. I’d take him over lebron right now in his prime. like ’94.

  • eustace

    scotie is in a dream scotie really believe that this year bulls can bring back his jordan days take a hike scotie

  • RIchieRich

    Scottie Pippen, talking about someone’s heart Does he remember when he sat out playoff game cause he didn’t feel good or when he sat himself down againist the knicks in a play off game because he didn’t like Coach Phil Jackson’s play. SHUT UP SCOTTIE PIPPEN, BY THE WAY I WAS CHANNEL SURFING AND SAW SONEONE WHO RESEMBLED YOU MIAMI HOUSEWIFE SHOW COME ON REALLY !!!!! DOESN’T MICHEAL NEED GOLF CLUBS TO THE NEXT HOLE.

  • andyyeager

    Xavier Mcdaniel read Scotties quotes and has been laughing for 8 hours straight.

  • http://smaugsmusings.blogspot.com Wasatch Rebel

    Why do you think many people in Utah were glad to see Booz go? Because he played matador defense that’s why. BTW, he yelled in Utah all the time.

  • http://yahoo MordiganX

    I see Anthony Mason laughing his heart out too, sayin’ “hell yea! just like what I did before to you, Pip!…but I’m with ya!”